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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hari Krishna, 1 book
Toshihide Ibaraki, 1 book
T. Nishizeki, 1 book
Michael McMillan, 1 book
G. Ausiello, 1 book
Barbara Jensen, 1 book
Gerald Jay Sussman, 1 book
David Harel, 1 book
Richard Johnsonbaugh, 1 book
Marcus Schaefer, 1 book
Habib Youssef, 1 book
Y. Siret, 1 book
E. Tournier, 1 book
Laurence Boxer, 1 book
Ricardo Baeza-Yates, 1 book
Klaus H. Hinrichs, 1 book
Ananth Grama, 1 book
Vipin Kumar, 1 book
Anshul Gupta, 1 book
Panos M. Pardalos, 1 book
J. Diaz, 1 book
John Turner, 1 book
Ding-Zhu Du, 1 book
M. H. G. Anthony, 1 book
N. Biggs, 1 book


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