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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
United States. Dept. of Agriculture., 6 books
Joseph Batty, 6 books
James Blake, 4 books
Food and Agriculture Organization of the, 4 books
Ian Elliott, 4 books
Orville Wolsey, 4 books
Pearson, 3 books
Duane T. Gardiner, 3 books
Jack R. Plimmer, 3 books
Nancy N. Ragsdale, 3 books
Derek Gammon, 3 books
Raymond W. Miller, 3 books
Ronald Kay, 2 books
Katie Thear, 2 books
Nigel Davis, 2 books
H. Evan Drummond, 2 books
Ian Elliot, 2 books
J. Moorby, 2 books
F. L. Milthorpe, 2 books
Alistair Sutherland, 2 books
Richard Kuper, 2 books
Michael Roberts, 2 books
Duke, 2 books
Graham Smith, 2 books
Patrick Herman, 2 books


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