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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rachel Wise, 8 books
Katarzyna Grochola, 4 books
Nathanael West, 4 books
Roberta Isleib, 3 books
Margo Howard, 3 books
Denise Hunter, 2 books
Donna Kauffman, 2 books
Glen Albert Ebisch, 2 books
Sarah Mayberry, 2 books
Angela Elwell Hunt, 2 books
Garrison Keillor, 2 books
Susan Hubbard, 2 books
Sheryl J. Anderson, 2 books
Amy Dickinson, 2 books
Derrick Barnes, 2 books
Krista Davis, 2 books
Harnett Thomas Kane, 1 book
Judy Astley, 1 book
Deer Man Antlers., 1 book
Donald Lehmkuhl, 1 book
Terry Fowler, 1 book
Carly Phillips, 1 book
Aisha Ford, 1 book
Barbara Bretton, 1 book
Natalie Krinsky, 1 book


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