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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Laura Davis, 4 books
Ellen Bass, 4 books
Marilyn Van Derbur, 3 books
David Harrower, 3 books
Vernon R. Wiehe, 3 books
Alice Walker, 3 books
Kim McGregor, 3 books
Mic Hunter, 3 books
John Napier-Hemy, 3 books
Rachel Lev, 3 books
Nancy W., 3 books
Lynn Heitritter, 2 books
Magie Dominic, 2 books
Stephen King, 2 books
Beverly Engel, 2 books
Christine A. Courtois, 2 books
Diane Langberg, 2 books
Richard B. Gartner, 2 books
Joan Johnston, 2 books
Sheri Oz, 2 books
Sarah-Jane Ogiers, 2 books
Alexander Chee, 2 books
Staci Haines, 2 books
Nicole Braddock Bromley, 2 books
Walter De Milly, 2 books


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