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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ted Padova, 14 books
Doug Sahlin, 9 books
Adobe Systems, 9 books
Donna L. Baker, 8 books
Adobe Systems Inc., 8 books
John Deubert, 5 books
Adobe Creative Team, 5 books
Garrick Chow, 4 books
Jennifer Alspach, 4 books
Mordy Golding, 3 books
Ted Alspach, 3 books
Jennifer Smith, 2 books
David L. Masters, 2 books
Merz, Thomas, 2 books
Bruno Lowagie, 2 books
Anita Dennis, 2 books
Christopher Smith, 2 books
Bob Connolly, 1 book
Mark Gatter, 1 book
Katrin Straub, 1 book
Carl Young, 1 book
Shari Nakano, 1 book
Pattie Belle Hastings, 1 book
Frank Romano, 1 book
Donna Baker, 1 book