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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Andrea Parrot, 5 books
Barrie Levy, 4 books
Toby B. Simon, 3 books
Robin Warshaw, 2 books
United States, 2 books
Tom Wolfe, 2 books
Jon Krakauer, 2 books
Scott Lindquist, 2 books
E. Sandra Byers, 2 books
Lucia F. O'Sullivan, 2 books
Jan E. Stets, 1 book
Shirley Moore, 1 book
Clementine Cannibal, 1 book
Py Bateman, 1 book
Bruno Leone, 1 book
James D. Torr, 1 book
Christine Hurley Deriso, 1 book
Rana Sampson, 1 book
Keri Baker, 1 book
Nancy N. Rue, 1 book
Laura Kaminker, 1 book
Vernon R. Wiehe, 1 book
Gloria D. Miklowitz, 1 book
Katie De Koster, 1 book
Jeff Benedict, 1 book


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