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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
iUniverse, 35 books
Toshu Fukami, 21 books
Igone Marrodan, 15 books
Anne Hart, 14 books
Janet Rosenstock, 11 books
Victor Sasson, 11 books
Alan Caillou, 10 books
Simon Brett, 10 books
Louis Untermeyer, 9 books
Irving Shulman, 8 books
Alice Heaver, 8 books
Yasuto Nishitani, 7 books
Arelo Sederberg, 7 books
Dennis L. Siluk, 7 books
Soren Narnia, 7 books
Adair Rosenstock, 7 books
Dennis Rosenstock, 7 books
Alan Simpson, 7 books
Vincent Mountjoy-Pepka, 7 books
Jim Hatfield, 7 books
Luther Butler, 7 books
iUniverse Publishing, 6 books
Lee Martin, 6 books
Robert H. Rimmer, 6 books
Riccardo Cavallero, 6 books

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