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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Stephen King, 14 books
Isaac Asimov, 8 books
John Grisham, 8 books
Dean Koontz, 7 books
Marion Zimmer Bradley, 6 books
Alan Burt Akers, 6 books
Alistair MacLean, 5 books
John le Carré, 5 books
Robert Allan Silverberg, 4 books
Terry Pratchett, 4 books
Georges Simenon, 4 books
Douglas Adams, 4 books
Alan Dean Foster, 4 books
Ursula K. Le Guin, 4 books
Robert Ludlum, 4 books
Marie Louise Fischer, 4 books
Jürgen Alberts, 4 books
Frank Herbert, 4 books
Utta Danella, 3 books
Stieg Larsson, 3 books
Thomas Harris, 3 books
Catherine Cookson, 3 books
Mary Higgins Clark, 3 books
Vonda N. McIntyre, 3 books
Ray Bradbury, 3 books

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