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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Edward D. Hoch, 17 books
John Creasey, 12 books
Lillian Langseth-Christensen, 10 books
Paul Dickson, 10 books
Sara B Stein, 10 books
Lucy Cousins, 9 books
James Sallis, 9 books
Career Associates, 9 books
Lilian L. Christensen, 9 books
Megan McDonald, 8 books
Diana Preston, 8 books
Jeffrey Ashford, 8 books
Carol S. Smith, 8 books
Michael Rosen, 8 books
William Haggard, 8 books
W. J. Burley, 7 books
Reggie Nadelson, 7 books
Jan Adkins, 7 books
Alastair Chisholm, 6 books
United Nations., 6 books
Mo Willems, 6 books
Gavin Mortimer, 6 books
Steve Voake, 6 books
Anna Myers, 6 books
Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, 6 books

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