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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Voyageur Press, 14 books
Michael Karl Witzel, 13 books
Michael Dregni, 12 books
Todd R. Berger, 9 books
Robert N. Pripps, 9 books
Brian Solomon, 8 books
Kari A. Cornell, 8 books
Connie M. Toops, 8 books
Lela Nargi, 7 books
Erwin A. Bauer, 7 books
Randy Leffingwell, 7 books
Bob Artley, 7 books
Jeff Ripple, 6 books
Mike Lynch, 6 books
Kenneth Libbrecht, 5 books
Leonard Lee Rue III, 5 books
George Oxford Miller, 5 books
Kate Crowley, 5 books
Don Macmillan, 5 books
Rick Kubik, 4 books
Chris Andrews, 4 books
Barbara Sleeper, 4 books
Link, Michael., 4 books
Roger Welsch, 4 books
Samantha Johnson, 4 books


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