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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Rudolfo A. Anaya, 21 books
Marc Simmons, 16 books
Deborah L. Duvall, 14 books
Max Evans, 13 books
V. B. Price, 11 books
Richard W. Etulain, 11 books
Jack Schaefer, 11 books
David E. Stuart, 11 books
Rudolfo Anaya, 10 books
E. W. Tedlock, 8 books
Nasario García, 8 books
Diego de Vargas, 8 books
Robert H. Jackson, 8 books
Enrique R. Lamadrid, 8 books
Jack Loeffler, 7 books
Edward Franklin Castetter, 7 books
Lyman L. Johnson, 7 books
Ralph Douglass, 7 books
Paul Schullery, 7 books
Marjorie Devon, 7 books
Tony Hillerman, 7 books
C. L. Sonnichsen, 7 books
Loyd Tireman, 7 books
Evelyn Yrisarri, 7 books
Van Deren Coke, 7 books

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