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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Francene Sabin, 41 books
Louis Sabin, 37 books
Brandt, Keith, 35 books
Robyn Supraner, 30 books
Laurence Santrey, 30 books
Rae Bains, 30 books
I. M. Richardson, 29 books
Janet Palazzo-Craig, 27 books
Smith, Don, 25 books
Sharon Peters, 23 books
Sharon Gordon, 22 books
Suzanne Weyn, 20 books
Michael Pellowski, 18 books
David Cutts, 16 books
Morgan Matthews, 16 books
Corinne J. Naden, 15 books
Rose Greydanus, 14 books
Corinne Denan, 14 books
Marcia Leonard, 13 books
Judith Bauer Stamper, 13 books
Judith Conaway, 12 books
Jana Ellis, 12 books
Patricia Whitehead, 11 books
Eileen Curran, 11 books
David Eastman, 11 books


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