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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Randy Shih, 12 books
Roger Toogood, 7 books
Daniel John Stine, 5 books
Kirstie Plantenberg, 5 books
David Planchard, 3 books
Huei-Huang Lee, 3 books
David C. Planchard, 2 books
Paul Tran, 2 books
Shawna Lockhart, 1 book
Timothy Sexton, 1 book
Randy H. Shih, 1 book
Jack Zecher, 1 book
Elise Moss, 1 book
Kuang-Hua Chang, 1 book
Richard Cozzens, 1 book
Jerry Craig, 1 book
Kent Lawrence, 1 book
Paul M. Kurowski, 1 book
Kent L. Lawrence, 1 book
Paul Kurowski, 1 book
Nader Zamani, 1 book
Paul Schilling, 1 book
Jorge Dorribo Camba, 1 book
Mariano Alcañiz, 1 book
Luke Jumper, 1 book

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