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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alan J. Kalameja, 9 books
Daniel T. Banach, 9 books
David Melvin, 8 books
James D. Bethune, 8 books
James H. Earle, 7 books
David P. Madsen, 5 books
Gary R. Bertoline, 5 books
Stephen J. Ethier, 4 books
Thom Tremblay, 4 books
Thomas Ewing French, 4 books
Henry Cecil Spencer, 3 books
Short, Thomas, 3 books
A. S. Levens, 3 books
Christine Ethier, 3 books
Aidan Chopra, 3 books
L. Scott Hansen, 3 books
Curtis Waguespack, 3 books
Forrest Woodworth, 2 books
Louis Gary Lamit, 2 books
Henderson, 2 books
Scott Hansen, 2 books
Ron Myers, 2 books
Dale Schneider, 2 books
John Cargile, 2 books
Thomas Short, 2 books


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