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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Stephen Cosgrove, 47 books
Higgs, Mike, 32 books
Roger Hargreaves, 31 books
Baker, David, 30 books
Lynn M. Stone, 26 books
Barbara Hayes, 21 books
Rupert Oliver, 19 books
Jason Cooper, 18 books
Palmer, Sarah, 16 books
Elaine P. Goley, 14 books
Horace J. Elias, 12 books
Sherie Bargar, 12 books
Althea., 10 books
Nancy Loewen, 10 books
Gail Stewart, 9 books
Anne-Marie Dalmais, 8 books
Patricia Stone Martin, 7 books
Rita Petrucelli, 7 books
Alfred Brockman, 6 books
Chmielewski, Gary, 6 books
Anne Taylor, 6 books
Wilson, Ron, 6 books
Dorothy Baldwin, 6 books
Nicholas, John, 6 books
Bill Balcziak, 5 books


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