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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Tom Copeland, 45 books
Redleaf Press, 17 books
Margie Carter, 14 books
Sally Moomaw, 13 books
Gaye Gronlund, 9 books
Deb Curtis, 8 books
Jeff A. Johnson, 8 books
Carol Garhart Mooney, 7 books
Rhoda Redleaf, 7 books
Gigi Schweikert, 7 books
Gigi Schweikert, 6 books
Judith Rice, 6 books
Bill Porter, 6 books
Ingrid Chalufour, 6 books
Phil Boise, 6 books
Miriam Beloglovsky, 6 books
Lisa Murphy, 5 books
Gretchen Kinnell, 5 books
Karen Worth, 5 books
Mike Huber, 5 books
Ann Gadzikowski, 5 books
Susan Stacey, 5 books
Connie Jo Smith, 5 books
Sharon Woodward, 5 books
Jean Barbre, 5 books

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