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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Laura Nownes, 10 books
Kumiko Sudō, 5 books
Jean Ray Laury, 4 books
Mary Coyne Penders, 4 books
Diana McClun, 2 books
Miriam Gourley, 2 books
Linda Otto Lipsett, 2 books
Pat Ferrero, 1 book
Jan Jefferson, 1 book
Judy Severson, 1 book
Joyce Mori, 1 book
Lynn G. Kough, 1 book
Ann Poe, 1 book
Janet Wickell, 1 book
Jane Greenoff, 1 book
Kandy Schneider, 1 book
Kaye England, 1 book
ABC Quilts, 1 book
Diana Mcclun, 1 book
Janet Bolton, 1 book
Roxanne McElroy, 1 book
Kim H. Ritter, 1 book
Darcy Pattison, 1 book
Ruth B. McDowell, 1 book
Adele Corcoran, 1 book

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