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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Seth Godin, 8 books
Jason Jennings, 2 books
Robert Slater, 2 books
Jean Chatzky, 2 books
Michael J. Silverstein, 2 books
David Cay Johnston, 2 books
Bradford Smart, 2 books
Robyn Waters, 2 books
Stephen M. Shapiro, 2 books
Peter Elkind, 1 book
Keith Yamashita, 1 book
Felix Dennis, 1 book
Philip Augar, 1 book
Bethany McLean, 1 book
James Altucher, 1 book
Paul Goldstein, 1 book
Andy Wibbels, 1 book
Robin Gerber, 1 book
Sergio Zyman, 1 book
Michael Silverstein, 1 book
Tom Coughlin, 1 book
Judd Kahn, 1 book
David Magee, 1 book
John Eliot, 1 book
Jim Collins, 1 book

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