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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Norm Foster, 28 books
Judith Thompson, 15 books
Wajdi Mouawad, 14 books
Vern Thiessen, 14 books
Norm Foster, 14 books
Hannah Moscovitch, 12 books
Daniel MacIvor, 11 books
Yvette Nolan, 10 books
Jason Sherman, 10 books
Linda Griffiths, 10 books
Sky Gilbert, 10 books
Daniel MacIvor, 10 books
Robert Chafe, 9 books
Judith Thompson, 9 books
Ronnie Burkett, 7 books
Michael Healey, 7 books
Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, 7 books
Clem Martini, 6 books
Tony Hamill, 6 books
John Mighton, 6 books
Dennis Foon, 6 books
Richard Paul Knowles, 5 books
Healey, Michael., 5 books
Mieko Ouchi, 5 books
Sky Gilbert, 5 books

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