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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Leon Trotsky, 67 books
James Patrick Cannon, 21 books
George Edward Novack, 14 books
Mary-Alice Waters, 14 books
Fidel Castro, 13 books
Jack Barnes, 10 books
Thomas Sankara, 10 books
Evelyn Reed, 9 books
Ernest Mandel, 8 books
George Breitman, 7 books
Malcolm X, 6 books
George Novack, 5 books
Friedrich Engels, 4 books
Hugo Blanco, 4 books
Peter Camejo, 4 books
Malcolm X, 4 books
Maurice Bishop, 4 books
Clark, Steve, 3 books
Dick Roberts, 3 books
Caroline Lund, 3 books
Linda Jenness, 3 books
Nelson Mandela, 3 books
Will Reissner, 3 books
Gerry Foley, 3 books
Joseph Hansen, 3 books

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