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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Wendell Berry, 23 books
M. F. K. Fisher, 12 books
Evan S. Connell, 12 books
Guy Davenport, 9 books
Rainer Maria Rilke, 9 books
Gary Snyder, 7 books
A. J. Liebling, 7 books
Jean Giono, 6 books
Gilbert Sorrentino, 5 books
William Bronk, 5 books
Don Carpenter, 5 books
James Salter, 4 books
Anne Lamott, 4 books
Gina Berriault, 4 books
William Langewiesche, 4 books
Mort Rosenblum, 4 books
Candace Denning, 3 books
Daniel Halpern, 3 books
Leslie Scalapino, 3 books
Kathleen Hirsch, 3 books
Edward Hoagland, 3 books
Geoff Dyer, 3 books
Jane Brox, 3 books
Marcel Pagnol, 3 books
Paula Fox, 3 books

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