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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Denis Clifford, 20 books
Ralph E. Warner, 19 books
Anthony Mancuso, 17 books
Stephen Elias, 13 books
Robin Leonard, 10 books
Charles Edward Sherman, 10 books
Stephen Fishman, 8 books
J. L. Matthews, 7 books
David Wayne Brown, 5 books
Barbara Kate Repa, 4 books
Myron Moskovitz, 3 books
Shae Irving, 3 books
David V. Loeb, 3 books
Evans, James, 3 books
Randolph, Mary., 3 books
Christopher A. Ball, 3 books
Mary Randolph, 3 books
Mike P. McKeever, 3 books
Lisa Guerin, 3 books
R. Charles Johnson, 2 books
Janice Kosel, 2 books
Ralph Warner, 2 books
Stephen D. Colwell, 2 books
George Devine, 2 books
Janet Portman, 2 books


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