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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Russ Hudson, 8 books
Brian Tracy, 8 books
Don Richard Riso, 8 books
Zig Ziglar, 7 books
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, 7 books
Denis Waitley, 5 books
Deepak Chopra, 4 books
Ken Blanchard, 3 books
Leo Buscaglia, 3 books
The Dale Carnegie Organization, 3 books
Spencer Johnson, 2 books
Wayne W. Dyer, 2 books
Michael J. Gelb, 2 books
Alec MacKenzie, 2 books
Richard Poe, 2 books
Kevin Trudeau, 2 books
Anthony Robbins, 2 books
Jon Kabat-Zinn, 2 books
Dale Carnegie, 1 book
Evans, Bergen, 1 book
Byron Katie, 1 book
Joe Vitale, 1 book
Dominic O'Brien, 1 book
Mark Victor Hansen, 1 book
Sonia Choquette, 1 book

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