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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Claire McNab, 17 books
Lee Lynch, 12 books
Karin Kallmaker, 12 books
Jane Rule, 11 books
Sarah Aldridge, 11 books
Robbi Sommers, 10 books
Jackie Calhoun, 10 books
Ann Bannon, 9 books
Camarin Grae, 9 books
Pat Welch, 8 books
Catherine Ennis, 8 books
Katherine V. Forrest, 8 books
Penny Hayes, 7 books
Jaye Maiman, 7 books
Peggy J. Herring, 6 books
Lauren Wright Douglas, 6 books
Hill, Linda, 5 books
Johnson, Barbara, 5 books
Janet McClellan, 5 books
Laura DeHart Young, 5 books
Therese Szymanski, 5 books
Kate Calloway, 5 books
Kaye Davis, 4 books
Lisa Shapiro, 4 books
Marianne K. Martin, 4 books


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