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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Robert Bixby, 10 books
Michael Hettich, 4 books
David James, 4 books
Elizabeth Kerlikowske, 4 books
Greg Watson, 3 books
Jeff Vande Zande, 3 books
Charles Rammelkamp, 3 books
David Breeden, 3 books
John Repp, 3 books
Mark Halperin, 2 books
Chris Waters, 2 books
Curtis Smith, 2 books
Ray Miller, 2 books
Eric Torgersen, 2 books
Michael Nowicki, 2 books
Errol Miller, 2 books
Elinor Benedict, 2 books
Patrick O'Neill, 2 books
Lou Orfanella, 2 books
Linda Lerner, 2 books
Russell Thorburn, 2 books
Katherine McCord, 2 books
Susan Wilde, 2 books
Daryl Rogers, 2 books
Andy Fogle, 2 books

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