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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Burt Rapp, 18 books
Victor Santoro, 9 books
Tony Lesce, 7 books
Michael Hoy, 7 books
Uncle Fester, 6 books
Jack Luger, 6 books
Uncle Fester, 5 books
Trent Sands, 5 books
Eddie the Wire., 5 books
Harold S. Long, 5 books
Duncan Long, 4 books
Newton, Michael, 4 books
Michael Newton, 4 books
Anita Evangelista, 4 books
Bradley J. Steiner, 3 books
Adam Cash, 3 books
Keith Wade, 3 books
William B. Moran, 3 books
Ned Beaumont, 3 books
Jon Fisher, 3 books
Harold Hough, 3 books
Bill Wilson, 3 books
Claire Wolfe, 3 books
John Q. Newman, 3 books
Bill Kaysing, 3 books


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