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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jean Anouilh, 40 books
Marcel Achard, 12 books
Jean-Claude Pirotte, 9 books
Pol Vandromme, 8 books
Michel de Saint Pierre, 8 books
Patrick Ravignant, 7 books
Gabriel Matzneff, 7 books
Alphonse Boudard, 7 books
Michel Déon, 6 books
Michel Tauriac, 6 books
Frédéric H. Fajardie, 6 books
Antoine Blondin, 6 books
Xavier Patier, 5 books
Arnaud Desjardins, 5 books
Jean Cau, 5 books
André Brincourt, 5 books
Pierre Gripari, 5 books
Marianne Monestier, 4 books
Jacques Laurent, 4 books
Georges Charensol, 4 books
Pierre Debray, 3 books
Gabriel Marcel, 3 books
Willy de Spens, 3 books
Frank, Bernard, 3 books
Rita Kraus, 3 books

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