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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Alison Raymond Lanier, 11 books
Yale Richmond, 8 books
Anna Mindess, 4 books
Craig Storti, 4 books
Alison R. Lanier, 4 books
Gary Althen, 4 books
Glen Fisher, 3 books
Summerfield, Ellen, 3 books
L. Robert Kohls, 3 books
Jessica Hirshorn, 3 books
George W. Renwick, 3 books
Theodore Gochenour, 3 books
John P. Fieg, 2 books
Nessa P. Loewenthal, 2 books
Nancy J. Piet-Pelon, 2 books
Shari Steiner, 2 books
John C. Condon, 2 books
Anastasia Cusulos, 2 books
Helen Wattley Ames, 2 books
Nilda Chong, 2 books
Alison Lanier, 2 books
Nancy King, 2 books
Richard D. Lewis, 2 books
Sofia A. Koutlaki, 2 books
Gretchen Janssen, 2 books


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