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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Carl Sandburg, 23 books
Louis Untermeyer, 21 books
Sally Scott, 20 books
Virginia Woolf, 20 books
Mildred Lawrence, 18 books
T. S. Eliot, 17 books
George Orwell, 16 books
Stephen W. Meader, 16 books
Jessamyn West, 14 books
Lorraine Beim, 13 books
Sinclair Lewis, 12 books
Helen Rushmore, 11 books
Jean Bothwell, 11 books
Dorothy Lyons, 11 books
E. M. Forster, 11 books
Andre Norton, 11 books
Helen Fern Daringer, 10 books
William Saroyan, 10 books
Kathrene Sutherland Gedney Pinkerton, 10 books
Dorothy L. Sayers, 10 books
Harry Behn, 10 books
Eric Linklater, 9 books
Allardyce Nicoll, 9 books
George Edward Woodberry, 9 books
William O. Steele, 8 books


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