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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Georges Simenon, 50 books
Angela Mackail Thirkell, 27 books
Alan Moorehead, 19 books
D. W. Brogan, 18 books
Nancy Mitford, 16 books
A. J. P. Taylor, 14 books
Leslie Poles Hartley, 14 books
Albert Camus, 12 books
James Thurber, 12 books
L. P. Hartley, 12 books
William Mayne, 12 books
Jean-Paul Sartre, 11 books
Terence Rattigan, 11 books
Eric Partridge, 10 books
Angell, Norman Sir, 9 books
Sheila Lavelle, 8 books
Namier, Lewis Bernstein Sir, 8 books
Dorothy Clewes, 8 books
Jacynth Hope-Simpson, 8 books
Hugh Fleetwood, 8 books
Philip Malcolm Waller Thody, 8 books
Paul Theroux, 8 books
Werth, Alexander, 7 books
John Gunther, 7 books
Raymond Briggs, 7 books


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