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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Marta Gili, 5 books
Lluis Monreal, 4 books
Rosa Martinez, 3 books
David G. Torres, 3 books
Enrique Juncosa, 2 books
Jacques Lambert, 1 book
Andrea Rose, 1 book
Lucio Fontana, 1 book
Francesco Bonami, 1 book
Laura Williams, 1 book
Robert Doisneau, 1 book
Gillian Wearing, 1 book
Agnes Sire, 1 book
Jutta Koether, 1 book
Maria De Corral, 1 book
Patrick Roegiers, 1 book
Regis Durand, 1 book
Gregor Muir, 1 book
Gunilla Knape, 1 book
Jorge Luis Marzo, 1 book
Aurora Garcia, 1 book
Pierre Bonhomme, 1 book
Francisco Gomez, 1 book
John:Coquet Picton, 1 book
Michele Coquet, 1 book

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