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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Paul R. McDaniel, 31 books
Lloyd L. Weinreb, 30 books
Stephen A. Lind, 24 books
Gerald Gunther, 23 books
Kevin M. Clermont, 22 books
Peter W. Low, 20 books
Walter Wadlington, 20 books
Paul Goldstein, 18 books
William A. Klein, 18 books
Thomas D. Morgan, 18 books
E. Allan Farnsworth, 17 books
William Cohen, 17 books
Douglas G. Baird, 16 books
Marc A. Franklin, 15 books
William D. Warren, 14 books
Robert A. Gorman, 14 books
Melvin Aron Eisenberg, 14 books
Stephen Schwarz, 13 books
Jane C. Ginsburg, 13 books
Theodore Eisenberg, 13 books
Alfred Fletcher Conard, 12 books
David W. Louisell, 11 books
Miller, Frank William, 11 books
United States, 11 books
George Fisher, 11 books

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