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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jean-Luc Nancy, 35 books
Werner Stark, 17 books
Kevin M. Cahill, 15 books
Harold Holzer, 13 books
Peter Szendy, 12 books
Moshe Gold, 12 books
Yves René Marie Simon, 11 books
James Joseph Walsh, 11 books
James Thomas Flexner, 11 books
John C. Olin, 10 books
Philip T. Sicker, 10 books
Drucilla Cornell, 9 books
Kevin Cahill, 8 books
Brian Cudahy, 8 books
Rusmir Mahmutćehajić, 8 books
Quentin Lauer, 8 books
Jean-Luc Marion, 7 books
Brian J. Cudahy, 7 books
Johnston, William, 7 books
Robert J. O'Connell, 7 books
Brian Treanor, 6 books
Vincent G. Potter, 6 books
John D. Feerick, 6 books
Robert E. McNally, 5 books
Randall M. Miller, 5 books

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