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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Beatrix Potter, 73 books
Randolph Caldecott, 30 books
Annette Tison, 21 books
Olyslager Organisation., 18 books
L. Leslie Brooke, 15 books
Edward Lear, 12 books
Kate Greenaway, 11 books
W. J. Stokoe, 10 books
Isaac Disraeli, 10 books
H.Y. Xiao PhD, 10 books
Frances Hodgson Burnett, 9 books
G. P. R. James, 8 books
Eric Hill, 8 books
Silas Kitto Hocking, 8 books
Geoffrey Palmer, 8 books
Shaw, Richard, 7 books
Green, William, 6 books
Charles Knight, 6 books
Bart H. Vanderveen, 6 books
Nick Baldwin, 6 books
Frederick Marryat, 6 books
Steven Kellogg, 6 books
E. M. C. Barraclough, 6 books
Elizabeth T. Billington, 5 books
John Clegg, 5 books

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