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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Paul-Werner Scheele, 21 books
Kurt Anglet, 11 books
Erik Peterson, 10 books
Willi Fährmann, 10 books
Josef Schreiner, 10 books
Elmar Klinger, 10 books
Josef Imbach, 9 books
Karl Kolb, 8 books
Heinrich Höllerl, 8 books
Josef Sudbrack, 8 books
Rolf Krenzer, 7 books
Paul Khoury, 7 books
Thomas Häußner, 7 books
Josef Pretscher, 7 books
Peter Reifenberg, 7 books
Erich Garhammer, 7 books
Marc Chagall, 6 books
Hans-Joachim Höhn, 6 books
Ludwig Hagemann, 6 books
Wolfgang Brückner, 6 books
Norbert Baumert, 6 books
Hans-Joachim Sander, 6 books
Wilhelm Sandfuchs, 5 books
Klaus Wittstadt, 5 books
Adalbert Seipolt, 5 books

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