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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Mike Mignola, 35 books
Stan Sakai, 32 books
Various, 21 books
Paul Tobin, 13 books
John Ostrander, 13 books
Jeremy Barlow, 12 books
Brian Wood, 11 books
Stanley, John, 10 books
Neil Gaiman, 10 books
Joss Whedon, 10 books
John Arcudi, 9 books
Michael Dante Dimartino, 9 books
Gene Luen Yang, 9 books
Roy Thomas, 8 books
Nintendo, 8 books
Christos Gage, 8 books
Joss Whedon, 8 books
Tom Taylor, 8 books
Hideyuki Kikuchi, 7 books
Dean Motter, 7 books
Disney, 7 books
Fred Van Lente, 7 books
Eric Powell, 7 books
Stephen McCranie, 7 books
Bioware, 7 books

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