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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Crown, 581 books
New York Times, 62 books
Jirō Akagawa, 38 books
Yao Qiong, 35 books
Crown Group Stationery, 34 books
Wang Feng Liang, 30 books
John Gassner, 26 books
John Willis, 24 books
Ruth Rendell, 17 books
Ebury Press, 17 books
Ralph M. Kovel, 16 books
Xiao Xian Zhang, 16 books
Gaston Diehl, 16 books
Jean Selz, 13 books
Suzanne Somers, 12 books
Kuan A, 11 books
Raymond Cogniat, 10 books
Ralph Kovel, 10 books
Rui An Wen, 10 books
Enzo Angelucci, 10 books
Alex Comfort, 9 books
Mauri Tapio Kunnas, 9 books
Lesley Anne Ivory, 9 books
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 9 books
Yvon Taillandier, 9 books

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