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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
RH Value Publishing, 1,979 books
Consumer Guide, 23 books
Colour Library Books, 18 books
Carol Highsmith, 13 books
Bill Harris, 12 books
Walt Disney, 12 books
Ted Landphair, 11 books
David Gibbon, 10 books
Ted Smart, 8 books
Outlet, 6 books
Michael Friedman Publishing Gr, 6 books
Grahame Percy, 6 books
Beatrix Potter, 6 books
Richard M. Langworth, 6 books
Alan Snow, 6 books
Bill Gunston, 6 books
Anne-Marie Dalmais, 6 books
Elisabeth Ivanovsky, 5 books
Jane Pilgrim, 4 books
Steven Caldwell, 4 books
Bill Yenne, 4 books
Doug Richardson, 4 books
L. Frank Baum, 4 books
Allan Ahlberg, 4 books
Chant, Christopher., 4 books


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