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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Jack McArdle, 14 books
Liam Swords, 13 books
Donal Neary, 13 books
Pat Collins, 10 books
James O'Halloran, 10 books
Wilfrid J. Harrington, 9 books
Don Mullan, 8 books
Enda McDonagh, 8 books
Hannan, Peter S.J., 7 books
Peter Hannan, 7 books
Donal Harrington, 6 books
Denis Carroll, 5 books
Silvester O'Flynn, 5 books
Eltin Griffin, 5 books
Donal Dorr, 5 books
Philip Fogarty, 5 books
Brian Lennon, 5 books
Littleton, John Fr, 5 books
Mark Patrick Hederman, 4 books
Joseph Pollard, 4 books
Lesley Whiteside, 4 books
Eugene Duffy, 4 books
Ambrose Tinsley, 4 books
Dermot A. Lane, 4 books
Thomas O'Loughlin, 3 books


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