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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Harold Bloom, 262 books
Harold Bloom, 104 books
Dennis Abrams, 35 books
Tim McNeese, 34 books
Heather Lehr Wagner, 31 books
Samuel Etinde Crompton, 16 books
Samuel Willard Crompton, 15 books
Louise Chipley Slavicek, 15 books
Ananda Mitra, 15 books
Rachel A. Koestler-Grack, 14 books
Rebecca Stefoff, 14 books
Bernard Evslin, 14 books
Adam Woog, 13 books
David L. Hudson, 12 books
Paul Ruschmann, 12 books
Steve Tomecek, 12 books
Alan Marzilli, 11 books
Sean Dolan, 11 books
Ronald A. Reis, 11 books
Thom Holmes, 11 books
Lisa Yount, 10 books
Fred L. Israel, 10 books
Brian Shmaefsky, 10 books
Jon Sterngass, 9 books
Susan Muaddi Darraj, 9 books

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