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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Peter Olds, 6 books
Trevor Reeves, 2 books
William Wantling, 2 books
Hone Tuwhare, 2 books
Rachel McAlpine, 2 books
Tony Beyer, 2 books
Barry Mitcalfe, 1 book
Gerald Melling, 1 book
Alistair Ian Hughes Paterson, 1 book
Ray Gardner, 1 book
Michael Morrissey, 1 book
D. S. Long, 1 book
Lindsay Smith, 1 book
Graham Billing, 1 book
Dennis List, 1 book
Alan Loney, 1 book
Fox, William L., 1 book
Michael Sheppard, 1 book
James K. Baxter, 1 book
Riemke Ensing, 1 book
Hone Tuwhare, 1 book
Murray Edmond, 1 book
Louis Johnson, 1 book
James K. Baxter, 1 book
Ingrid Johnson, 1 book

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