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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Bob Dylan, 4 books
Tammy WYNETTE, 3 books
Sergey Prokofiev, 2 books
Barbra Streisand, 2 books
Miles Davis, 2 books
Paul Young, 2 books
Antzela DIMITROU, 2 books
Gloria ESTEFAN, 2 books
Luther VANDROSS, 2 books
Janis JOPLIN, 2 books
Bruce SPRINGSTEEN, 2 books
Billie HOLIDAY, 2 books
Julio IGLESIAS, 2 books
Leonard COHEN, 2 books
Philip GLASS, 2 books
Vera Zorina, 1 book
Igor Stravinsky, 1 book
Centrale Bank van Suriname., 1 book
Arthur B. Gallion, 1 book
Anton Bruckner, 1 book
Aliyev, Heydar, 1 book
W. Gams, 1 book
Jette Bukh, 1 book
Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, 1 book

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