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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Malcolm Gammie, 4 books
Paul Matthews, 4 books
Michael J. Cook, 3 books
Nicola Padfield, 3 books
Chris Whitehouse, 3 books
J.N. Adams, 3 books
R.J.C. Munday, 3 books
Michael Supperstone, 3 books
Jeremy Phillips, 3 books
Hardinge Stanley Giffard Earl of Halsbury, 3 books
Gary Scanlan, 3 books
Rodney Nelson-Jones, 3 books
Stewart C. Boyd, 2 books
Martha Bruce, 2 books
Keir Starmer, 2 books
Craig Rose, 2 books
et al, 2 books
Ernest H. Scamell, 2 books
Sir Michael J. Mustill, 2 books
L.S. Sealy, 2 books
Gwyneth Pitt, 2 books
Nigel Lowe, 2 books
James Driscoll, 2 books
Butterworths, 2 books
Chris Howard, 2 books

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