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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Dan Cohn-Sherbok, 6 books
Alan Wall, 4 books
John Houston, 3 books
Rex Collings, 3 books
Tom Hart, 2 books
Peter Collingwood, 2 books
Amber McCarroll, 2 books
Nini Herman, 2 books
G. S. P. Freeman-Grenville, 2 books
J. Enoch Powell, 2 books
Shabbir Akhtar, 2 books
Paul Rice, 1 book
Margot Coatts, 1 book
Dick Francis, 1 book
David Elliott, 1 book
Ibn Batuta, 1 book
Antonio Olinto, 1 book
Geoffrey C. Beare, 1 book
Kwesi Armah, 1 book
Alison Britton, 1 book
Edgar Wallace, 1 book
Jane Heath, 1 book
Ivan V. Lalic, 1 book
Jack Berry, 1 book
Stephen Watts, 1 book

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