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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Ken Hom, 20 books
Ainsley Harriott, 17 books
Justin Richards, 16 books
Michael Wood, 16 books
Delia Smith, 15 books
Carol Stanley, 14 books
Philippa Goodrich, 14 books
Madhur Jaffrey, 13 books
Rick Stein, 12 books
Geoff Hamilton, 12 books
Stephen Cole, 11 books
Gay Search, 10 books
Full Cast, 10 books
British Broadcasting Corporation, 10 books
Gary Russell, 9 books
Mary Berry, 9 books
James Goss, 9 books
A. M. Clevely, 9 books
Alan Titchmarsh, 9 books
David Attenborough, 8 books
Angela Nilsen, 8 books
Nick Nairn, 7 books
Gary Rhodes, 7 books
Tony Buzan, 7 books
Katrin Kohl, 7 books

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