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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Julia Alvarez, 22 books
Shannon Ravenel, 21 books
Lee Smith, 13 books
Larry Brown, 12 books
Jill McCorkle, 12 books
Clyde Edgerton, 11 books
Jill McCorkle, 10 books
Robert Morgan, 9 books
William Ritter, 9 books
Amy Stewart, 9 books
Robert Morgan, 9 books
Brown, Larry, 8 books
Parker, Michael, 8 books
Lauren Grodstein, 7 books
Lewis Nordan, 7 books
Jim Grimsley, 7 books
Jonathan Evison, 7 books
Robert Olmstead, 6 books
Roland Merullo, 6 books
Jim Grimsley, 6 books
Ross Gay, 6 books
Elizabeth C. Bunce, 6 books
Karen Rivers, 6 books
Nicole Melleby, 6 books
Brock Clarke, 5 books

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