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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Infocom, 12 books
R. J. Unstead, 4 books
Randall I. Charles, 3 books
Gilbert Lawall, 3 books
Ron Palma, 3 books
Harvey Weiss, 3 books
Carne S. Barnett, 2 books
Robert P. Mason, 2 books
Benjamin Mendlowitz, 2 books
M. S. Murdock, 2 books
Fahlman, 2 books
T. Harms, 2 books
M. Schlein, 2 books
Patricia Martin, 2 books
Charles E. Keller, 2 books
John M. Nevison, 1 book
Irene Schultz, 1 book
Wallace Tripp, 1 book
James Knudsen, 1 book
Richard Yorkey, 1 book
Joanna Leake, 1 book
Brian James, 1 book
Charles A. Lund, 1 book
May Garelick, 1 book
Grace Marion Skaar, 1 book

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