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  • Cover of: 🎶notes🎶


    by stillme
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  • Cover of: SWITCHED!!


    by stillme
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    No description.

  • Cover of: Ooh, ooh, want to read this

    Ooh, ooh, want to read this

    by stillme
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    Want to read more books by
    * Helena Hunting

    🎧 11) Christmas Bouquet (Noah McIlroy & Caitlyn Winters)
    🎧 3) ♡Shattered Vows (Jase Weaver & Molly Boyd)
    🎧 1) Heroine Complex (Evie)
    🎧 1) ☆Last Hit (Nick & Daisy)
    🎧 1) ♡Christmas Vow of Seduction (Andres & Zara)
    🎧 2) ♡Queen's New Year Secret (Kairo & Tabitha)

    Where the Streets have No Name - Danielle Taylor (Daniel Byrne & Amelia Quinlivan)
    (Both virgins)

    "Worrying wouldn't change your actions, only my anxiety levels"

    mired in boxed sets

    Harlequin Romance July 2014
    Her Irresistible Protector - Michelle Douglas (Mitchell King & Tash Buckley) (#1 Wild Ones )
    Maverick Millionaire - Allison Roberts (Jake Logan & Ellie Sutton) (#2 Logan Twins)
    Return of the Rebel - Jennifer Faye (Jax Monroe & Cleo Sinclair)
    Tycoon and the Wedding Planner - Kandy Shepherd (Sam Lancaster & Kate Parker)
    *Dolphin Bay - Kandy Shepherd
    -- Summer they Never Forgot (Ben Morgan & Sandy Adams)
    -- Tycoon and the Wedding Planner (Sam Lancaster & Kate Parker)*

    Harlequin Romance December 2013
    Second Chance with Her Soldier - Barbara Hannay (Joe Madden & Ellie Madden)
    Snowed in with the Billionaire - Caroline Anderson (Sebastian Corder & Georgia Beckett)
    Christmas at the Castle - Marion Lennox (Angus Stuart & Holly McIntosh)
    Snowflakes and Silver Linings - Cara Colter (Turner Kennedy & Casey Caravatti)
    *Gingerbread Girls [VARIOUS] caution - "sweet"
    The Christmas Baby Surprise - Shirley Jump (Cole Watson & Emily Watson)
    Marry Me Under the Mistletoe - Rebecca Winters (Rick Jenner & Andrea Fleming)
    Snowflakes and Silver Linings - Cara Colter (Turner Kennedy & Casey Caravatti)*

    Don't Ask Me Now - Emma Darcy *
    Just read, do not read blurb, do not read reviews
    Same goes for Secret Admirer - Susan Napier
    Sex, Lies and Contracts - Jennifer Probst

    Highly rated by good reads
    *To Serve Them All My Days - R.F. Delterfield -
    is a really really long prolly boring book, but got a zillion 5* ratings -679 pages
    * okay, okay, you don't want to read "Mistress Material" by Sharon Kendrick but then read StMargarets' Goodreads review. Then it becomes a MUST read, right? so then you may as well read "The Morning After" by Michelle Reid. But stop there. DNR the rest of the Forbidden Collection!!!!

    Billionaire Fiancés Box Set 《read/not read?》
    1. Sicilian Engagement - Rachel Lyndhurst
    2. Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon - Carmen Falcone
    3. An Unsuitable Husband - Ros Clarke
    4. Italian Affair - Annie Seaton
    5. Wife for Hire - Christine Bell

    • Kennedy Fox - The Bishop Brothers (1 - 4)
      1) Taming Him might be risqué

    Marisa Chenery - The Blue Lotus
    The one where she summons the not-a-djinn

    • Ruth Cardello (author of that °Trillionaire° series)

    • A Billionaire for Lexi - Ruth Cardello

    • 3) ♡Plain Jane Evans and the Billionaire - Mallery Monroe (Richard Shetfield & Janet Evans)
      This book was off/diff, ... nothing i can put my finger on , meh.
      Want to read Richard's brother Monty's story

    • 5) Monty & Lashay: Rescue Me - Mallory Monroe (Monty Shetfield & LaShay Bradshaw) ⊙[UATF]

    • Diana Fraser - Italian Lover Series (1-4)
      1) ♡The Italian's Perfect Lover
      h- scarred archeologist, abusive ex. H Count, lost wife & kid
      not listed on [OPEN]

      Book 1 ▪DNR▪1-53 (Tony & Claire) TBC
      Book 2 53 - 68 Wanderlust (Hunter & Evie)
      Book 3 69 - 82 (Eve Murphy & Chase)
      Book 4 82 - 101 (Klaus & Jodie)
      Book 5 101 - 110 (Lincoln & Nat)
      Book 6 -dnr- 110 - 159 (Jay & Charle)
      Book 7 159 - 185 (Jeremy & Nell)
      Book 8 186 - 202 (Sam & Rae)
      Book -9- 202 - 220 (mythology)
      Book 10 220 - 228 (Ian & Grace)
      Book -11- 228 - 250 (Caleb & )
      Book 12 250 - 282 (Brax & Tess)

    • Twilight Zone: Time Enough Great name for a new list?

    consider Legacy Collection (you read this series)
    finish Bachelor Tower
    consider Westerly Billionaire

  • Cover of: 《RAB》《bookfrom》


    by stillme
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    *note to self: no more cryptic notes

    Mistresses: Blackmailed With Diamonds / Shackled With Rubies

    * Blackmailed with Diamonds:
    ▪1-16▪1.The Monte Carlo Proposal - Lucy Gordon (Jack Bullen & Delia) [H]
    GR 601857
    ▪16-32▪2. Blackmailed by Diamonds, Bound by Marriage - Sarah Morgan (Nikos Kyriaco & Angelina Littlewood) GR 1038839
    ▪33-50▪3.The Devil's Bargain - Robyn Donald (Keir Carmichael & Hope) GR 3202476
    * Shackled With Rubies:
    ▪50-64▪1. Pregnancy of Passion - Lucy Monroe (Salvatore di Vitale & Elisa) GR 180814
    ▪64-80▪2. Substitute Fiance - Lee Wilkinson (Blaze Rawdon & Francesca) GR 3201988
    a.k.a. Substitute Fiancée
    ▪80-97▪3. Her Secret Bridegroom - Kate Walker (Vincenzo Ravenelli & Amy) GR 10055377

    Mistresses: Blackmailed With Diamonds / Shackled With Rubies

    * Blackmailed with Diamonds:
    1.The Monte Carlo Proposal - Lucy Gordon (Jack Bullen & Delia) [H]
    GR 601857
    2. Blackmailed by Diamonds, Bound by Marriage - Sarah Morgan (Nikos Kyriaco & Angelina Littlewood) GR 1038839
    3.The Devil's Bargain - Robyn Donald (Keir Carmichael & Hope) GR 3202476
    * Shackled With Rubies:
    1. Pregnancy of Passion - Lucy Monroe (Salvatore di Vitale & Elisa) GR 180814
    2. Substitute Fiance - Lee Wilkinson (Blaze Rawdon & Francesca) GR 3201988
    a.k.a. Substitute Fiancée
    3. Her Secret Bridegroom - Kate Walker (Vincenzo Ravenelli & Amy) GR 10055377

    • Rachael Lyndhurst
      Kidnapped By the Greek Billionaire [BOOK]

    • Ros Clarke
      The Oil Tycoon and Her Sexy Sheikh

    • Bella Rose
      All Ruskians All the Time! (none read)
      ● do NOT read "Dating the Wrong Guy" ! ●

    • Noelle Adams
      Seducimg the Enemy

    • Emma Shortt RAB
      ♡Bound by Her Best Friend

  • Cover of: 🙂Must read GR review😯

    🙂Must read GR review😯

    by stillme
    53 items Last modified 8 hours ago


    must read "''Obsession"''

  • Cover of: Batman & Robin

    Batman & Robin

    by stillme
    181 items Last modified 9 hours ago
    • Annie West [unacknowledged duo]
      ♡Sheikh's Ransomed Bride (Rafiq al Akhtar & Belle Winters)
      ☆For the Sheikh's Pleasure (Arik Ben Hassan & Rosalie Winters)
      Dang, just reading the review, yeah, this book perpetually marked as unread... just so's it gets read again, and again

    • Bakaan's Royal Siblings - Michelle Conder
      1) ♡Prince Nadir's Secret Heir (Nadir Darkhan & Imogen Reid)
      2) ♡Hidden in the Sheikh's Harem (Zachim Darkhan & Farah Hajjar)

    • Bellinger Sisters - Tessa Bailey
      1) #It Happened One Summer (Brendan Taggart & Piper Bellinger)
      on a lot of GR lists
      2) #Hook, Line, and Sinker (Fox Thornton & Hannah Bellinger)
      Wanna to read at least #2 or not... i heard #2 sux, so read it first

    • Billion-dollar Mediterranean Brides - Michelle Smart
      1) ♡Forbidden Innocent's Bodyguard (Santi Rodriguez & Elsa Lopez)
      Cameo- Luis Casillas & Chloe 'Rings of Vengeance'
      2) ♡Secret Behind the Greek's Return (Nikos Manolas & Marisa Lopez)

    • Billion-Dollar Singapore Christmas - Clare Connelly
      1) ♡Heir Claimed by Christmas (Dimitrios Papandreo & Annie Hargreaves)
      2) ♡No Strings Christmas (Zach Papandreo & Jessica Johnson)

    • Brothers of Bha'Khar - Teresa Southwick
      1) ☆Sheikh's Reluctant Bride (Kardahl Hourani & Jessica Sterling)
      2) ☆Sheikh's Contract Bride (Malik Hourani & Beth Farrah)

    • Brothers of the Desert - Maya Blake
      1) ♡Their Desert Night of Scandal (Tahir Al-Jukrat & Lauren Winchester)
      2) ♡His Pregnant Desert Queen (Javid Al-Jukrat & Anaïs Dupont)

    • Buenos Aires Nights - Carole Mortimer
      1) Taste of the Forbidden (Cesar Navarro & Grace Blake)
      2) Touch of Notoriety (Raphael Cordoba & Beth Blake)

    • Cartwright Brothers - Nicola Marsh
      1) #Overtime in the Boss's Bed (Callum Cartwright & Starr Merriday)
      2) #Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss (Rhys Cartwright & Jade Beacham)
      a.k.a. Her Bad, Bad Boss

    • Cavallo Brothers - Janice Maynard
      1) ♡Billionaire's Borrowed Baby (Luc Cavallo & Hattie Parker)
      2) ♡Billionaire for Christmas (Leo Cavallo & Phoebe Kemper)

    • Christmas Seductions - Clare Connelly
      1) ♡Season to Sin (Noah Moore & Holly Scott-Leigh)
      2) ♡Bound by Their Christmas Baby (Gabe Arantini & Abby Howard)

    • Christmas with a Tycoon - Lynne Graham
      1) ♡Italian's Christmas Child (Vito Sorrentino Zaffari & Holly Cleaver)
      2) ♡Greek's Christmas Bride (Apollo Metraxis & Pixie Robinson)

    • Cinderella Seductions Series - Michelle Smart
      1) ☆Cinderella to Secure his Heir (Valente Cortada/Alessio Palvetti & Beth Hardingstone)
      2) ♡Greek's Pregnant Cinderella (Giannis Basinas & Tabitha Brigstock)

    • Cinderella Sisters - Clare Connelly
      1) ♡Vows on the Virgin's Terms (Luca Giovanardi & Olivia Thornton-Rose)
      2) ♡Forbidden Nights in Barcelona (Alejandro Corderó & Sienna Thornton-Rose)

    • Cinderella Sisters for Billionaires - Lynne Graham
      1) ♡Maid Married to the Billionaire (Enzo / Lorenzo Durante & Skye Davison)
      2) 🎧☆Maid's Pregnancy Bombshell (Ares Sarris & Alana Davison)

    • Cinderellas in the Spotlight- Sophie Pembroke
      1) ☆Awakening his Shy Cinderella (Damon Hunter & Rachel Charles)
      2) #Midnight Kiss to Seal the Deal (Theo Montgomery & Celeste Hunter)

    • Convenient Christmas Brides - Rachel Thomas
      1) ♡Valdez's Bartered Bride (Raul Valdez & Lydia Carter-Wilson)
      2) ♡Martinez's Pregnant Wife (Maximiliano Valdez Martinez & Lisa Martinez)

    • Delgado Inheritance Series - Michelle Smart
      1) ♡Billionaire's Cinderella Contract (Damián Delgado & Mia Caldwell)
      2) ♡Cost of Claiming His Heir (Emiliano Delgado & Becky Aldridge)

    • Desert Vows - Annie West
      1) ♡Sultan's harem Bride (Asim & Jacqui Fletcher)
      2) ♡Sheikh's Princess Bride (Tariq of Al-Sharath & Samira of Jazeer)

    • Diamond Tycoons - Tracy Wolff
      1) ♡Claimed (Marc Durand & Isabella Moreno)
      2) ♡Pursued (Nic Durand & Desi Maddox)

    • Diomedi Heirs - Kate Hewitt
      1) ♡Prince She Never Knew (Leo Diomedi & Alyse Barras)
      2) ♡Queen for the Taking (Alessandro/Sandro Diomedi & Liana Aterno)

    • Exiled Santa Dominis - Caitlin Crews
      1) ♡Expecting a Royal Scandal (Felipe Cairo & Brittany Hollis)
      2) ♡Bride by Royal Decree (Reza & Maggy/Magdalena Cairo)

    • From Destitute to Diamonds - Millie Adams
      1) ♡Billionaire's Accidental Legacy (Ewan Kincaid & Jessie Hargreave)
      2) ♡Christmas the Greek Claimed Her (Acastus Diakos & Maren Hargreave)

    • Gambling Men - Barbara Dunlop [BOOK]
      1) #Twin Switch (Max Kendrick & Layla Gillen) [H]
      2) #Dating Dare (James Gillen & Natasha Remington) [H]

    • Greek Billionaires' Brides - Sharon Kendrick
      1) ♡Greek Tycoon's Baby Bargain (Alexandros/Xandros Pavlidis & Rebecca Gibbs)
      2) ▪DNR▪♡Greek Tycoon's Convenient Wife (Kyros Pavlidis & Alice)
      Hmm, did i break down and eventually read this? yes.

    • Heirs for Royal Brothers - Lynne Graham [H]
      1) ♡Cinderella's Desert Baby Bombshell (Saif & Tatiana/Tati Hamilton)
      2) ♡Her Best Kept Royal Secret (Angelino Diamandis & Gaby)
      Similar to: Rafaello's Mistress (Rafaello & Glory)
      Angelo's not an OTT jerk like Rafaello, nor the unforgettable hero in "Indecent Deception" (Blaze Kenyon & Chrissy Hamilton)

    • Heirs of Liri Series - Maisey Yates
      1) ♡His Majesty''s Forbidden Temptation (Alexius de Prospero & Tinley Markham)
      2) ☆Bride for the Lost King (Lazarus de Prospero & Agnes 'no last name')

    • Holt Sisters - Maisey Yates
      1) ♡His Ring is not Enough (Ajax Kouros & Leah Holt)
      2) #One Night to Risk it All (Alexios Christofides & Rachel Holt)
      still not read

    • Husbands and Wives ooh, i love that song - Helen Brooks
      1) Husband by Contract (Donato Vittoria & Grace Vittoria) [H]
      2) Second Marriage (Romano Bellini & Claire Wilson) [B]
      If you liked ... may i suggest #The Beautiful Widow - Helen Brooks

    • Identical Twins - Barbara McMahon
      1) Cinderella Twin (Cade Marshall & Julianne Bennet)
      2) Older Man (Ben Davis & Jackie Du Marcel)

    • Irresistible Mediterranean Tycoons - Angela Bissell
      1) ♡Surrendering to the Vengeful Italian (Leonardo Vincenti & Helena Shaw)
      2) ♡Defying Her Billionaire Protector (Nicolas César & Marietta Vincenti)

    • Jessa Kane
      1) ♡Fighter's Prize (Maxim Semenov & Whitney)
      2) ♡Kingpin's Weakness (Easton Brawn & Scout)

    • Kali Anthony (somewhat acknowledged duet) [BOOK]
      1) ♡Off-Limits to the Crown Prince (Alessio Arcuri & Hannah Barrington)
      2) ♡Snowbound in His Billion-Dollar Bed (Stefano Moretti & Lucille Jamieson)

    • Kandy Shepherd
      1) #Second Chance with the Single Dad (Will Hudson & Georgia Lang)
      bad, bad, book! Rugby💓 is NOT a tedious game!
      It's got more action than basketball, better uniforms than baseball, more testosterone than hockey, more muscle than futball!! And doesn't drag like American football!!
      2) ♡One Night with Her Millionaire Boss (Ned Hudson & Freya Delaney)
      ♡Conveniently Wed to the Greek (Alex Mikhalis & Adele Hudson)
      wonder if Adele is related to the Hudson bros?

    • Kim Lawrence - Ring from a Billionaire
      1) ♡Waking up in his Royal Bed (Dante Velazquez & Beatrice Monk Velazquez)
      2) ♡Italian's Bride on Paper (Samuele Augosti & Maya Monk)

    • Lourdes Brothers of Key Largo - Catherine Mann
      1) ♡Boss's Baby Arrangement (Xander Lourdes & Maureen Burke)
      2) ♡His Secretary's Little Secret (Easton Lourdes & Portia Soto)

    • Marry Me? - Helen Brooks
      1) ♡Suspicious Proposal (Xavier Grey & Esther/Essie Russell)
      2) Convenient Proposal (Quinn Ellington & Candy Grey)

    • Michelle Smart
      1) ☆Sicilian's Bought Cinderella (Dante Moncada & Aislin O’Reilly)
      2) ☆Her Sicilian Baby Revelation (Tonino Valente & Orla O’Reilly)

    • Miranda Lee (unacknowledged)
      ♡Magnate's Mistress (Max Richmond & Tara Bond) [OPEN]
      ♡Not a Marrying Man (Warwick Kincaid & Amber Roberts)

    • Monteverre Marriages - Amanda Cinelli
      1) ♡One Night with the Forbidden Princess (Romano Lazarov & Olivia Sandoval)
      2) ♡Claiming His Replacement Queen (Khalil Al Rhas & Cressida Sandoval)

    • Outrageous Accardi Brothers - Caitlin Crews
      1) ♡Christmas He Claimed the Secretary (Tiziano Accard & Annie Meeks)
      2) ♡Accidental Accardi Heir (Ago Accardi & Victoria Cameron)

    • Outrageous Sisters Series - Melanie Milburne [BOOK]
      1) #Deserving of His Diamonds? (Emilio Andreon & Giselle Carter)
      2) #Enemies at the Altar (Andreas Ferrante & Sienna Baker)

    • Penny Jordan
      1) ♡Taken by the Sheikh (Drax / Drac’ar al Karim bin Hakar & Sadie Murray)
      2) ♡Sheikh's Blackmailed Mistress (Vere /Vereham al a'Karim bin Hakar & Samantha McLellan)

    • Playboys of Argentina - Melanie Milburne
      1) ♡Valquez Bride (Alejandro & Theodora/Teddy Marlstone)
      2) ♡Valquez Seduction (Luiz & Daisy Wyndham)

    • Princess Swap - Jessica Hart
      1) ♡Ordinary Girl in a Tiara (Philippe de Montvivennes. & Caro Carwright)
      2) ♡Secret Princess (Corran McKenna & Lotty Mount)

    • Quinn Siblings - Abby Green
      1) ♡?Bought for the Frenchman's Pleasure (Romain de Valois & Sorcha Murphy)
      2) #Mistress to the Merciless Millionaire (Tiarnan Quinn & Kate)
      Maybe that first one not read

    Rebels, Brothers, Billionaires - Natalie Anderson
    1) ♡Stranded for One Scandalous Week (Ash Castle & Merle Jordan)
    2) ♡Nine Months to Claim Her (Leo Castle & Rosanna/Rose Gold)

    • Rich, Ruthless and Greek - Caitlin Crews
      1) ♡Secret that Can't be Hidden (Balthazar Skalas & Kendra Connolly)
      2) ♡Her Deal with the Greek Devil (Constantine Skalas & Molly Payne)

    • Ring from a Billionaire - Kim Lawrence
      1) ♡Waking up in his Royal Bed (Dante Velazquez & Beatrice Monk Velazquez)
      2) ♡Italian's Bride on Paper (Samuele Augosti & Maya Monk)

    • Rival Spanish Brothers Abby Green [BOOK]
      1) ♡Confessions of a Pregnant Cinderella (Lazaro & Skye)
      Dun remember reading, have to read again, or just cry "uncle"
      2) #Redeemed by His Stolen Bride (Gabriel & Leonora)
      tried many times to read this duo....

    • Royal Christmas Weddings - Caitlin Crews
      1) ♡Christmas in the King's Bed (Orion Augustus Pax & Calista Skyros)
      he's a virgin
      2) ♡His Scandalous Christmas Princess (Griffen & Melody Skyros)

    • Royal House of Axios - Jackie Ashenden
      1) ☆Promoted to his Princess (Xerxes Nikolaides & Calista Kouros)
      2) ♡Most Powerful of Kings (Adonis Nikolaides & Anna Fleetwood)

    • Rulers of Desert series - Abby Green [BOOK]
      1) ♡Diamond for the Sheikh's Mistress (Zafir Ibn Hafiz Al-Noury & Kat Winters)
      2) ♡Christmas Bride for the King (Salim Ibn Hafiz Al-Noury & Charlotte McQuillan)
      2.5) ♡Sheikh’s Christmas Proposal (Riad Arnaud & Cassidy O'Connor) [ONLINE]

    • Ruthless Royal Sheikhs - Carol Marinelli
      1) ♡Captive for the Sheikh's Pleasure (Ilyas al-Razim & Maggie Delaney)
      2) ♡Christmas Bride for the Sheikh (Hazin al-Razim & Flo Andrews)

    • Santanas Men - Helen Bianchin
      1) ☆Forgotten Husband (Alejandro Santanas & Elise)
      Amnesia, preggers,
      2) ♡Marriage Arrangement (Miguel Santanas & Hannah)
      2 yr marriage contract.. psycho OW

    • Santara's Royal Family - Michelle Conder
      1) ♡Bound to Her Desert Captor (Jaeger al-Hadrid & Regan James)
      2) ♡Their Royal wedding Bargain (Rafael al-Hadrid & Alexa)
      No book for Melina al-Hadrid nor Hannah - EA for Rafael's night clubs

    • Scandalous Campbell Sisters - Melanie Milburne
      1) ♡Shy Innocent in the Spotlight (Mack MacDiarmid & Elspeth Campbell)
      2) ♡Contract for his Runaway Bride (Lincoln (Smith) Lancaster & Elodie Campbell)

    • Scandalous Sicilian Cinderellas - Carol Marinelli
      1) ☆Sicilian's Defiant Maid☆ (Dante Schininà/Schinina & Alicia Domenica)
      2) ☆Innocent until His Forbidden Touch (Beatrice Taylor & Julius)

    • Secret Twin Sisters - Kim Lawrence
      1) ♡Prince's Forbidden Cinderella (Marco Zenetti & Kate Armstrong)
      2) ☆Her Forbidden Awakening in Greece (Zac Adomis & Rose Hill)

    • Secrets of the Kalyva Crown - Lorraine Hall
      1) ♡Hired for His Royal Revenge (Lysias Balaskas & Alexandra/Zandra Agonas)
      2) ♡Pregnant at the Palace Altar (Diamandis Agonas & Katerina Floros)

    • Seduced by a Sheikh - Kate Hewitt
      1) ♡Forced Bride of Alazar (Malik al Bahjat & Gracie Jones)
      2) ?Secret Heir of Alazar (Azim al Bahjat & Johara Behwar)

    • Sheiks Shalik Series - Barbara McMahon [UATF]
      1) Sheik Daddy (Ben Shalik & Megan O'Sullivan)
      2) Sheik's Solution (Kaliq bin Shalik & Molly Larkin)

    • Somerville-Smythe Series - Carole Mortimer
      1) Fated Attraction (Raff Quinlan & Rhea-Jane Somerville-Smythe)
      2) Saving Grace (Jordan Somerville-Smythe & Grace Brown)

    • Sophie Pembroke <not read>
      1) Groom Worth Waiting For (Zeke Ashton & Thea Morrison)
      2) His Very Convenient Bride (Flynn Ashton & Helena Morrison)

    • Texas Twins - Sarah Orwig
      1) ♡Tempting the Texas Tycoon (Noah Brand & Faith Cabrera)
      2) #Marrying the Lonestar Maverick (Jeff Brand & Holly Lombard)

    • Thorne Brothers - Jan Colley
      1) ♡Friday Night Mistress (Nicholas Thorne & Jordan Lake)
      2) ♡His Vienna Christmas Bride (Adam Thorne & Jasmine Cooper)

    • Twin Tycoons - Carole Mortimer
      1) ♡Redemption of Darius Sterne (Darius Sterne & Miranda Jacobs)
      2) ♡Taming of Xander Sterne (Xander Sterne & Samantha Smith Howard Smith)

    • Van Ambrose Royals - Emmy Grayson
      1) ♡Cinderella for the Prince's Revenge (Cassius Morgan Adama & Briony Smith Van Ambrose)
      2) ♡Prince's Pregnant Secretary (Alaric Van Ambrose & Clara Stephenson)

    • Vows of Convenience - Caitlin Crews
      1) ♡His for a Price (Nicodemus Stathis & Mattie Whitaker)
      2) ♡His for Revenge (Chase Whitaker & Zara Elliot)

    • Worthingtons - Regina Kyle
      1) ♡Billionaire in her Bed (Eli Ward & Brooke Worthington)
      2) ♡Nanny for the Reclusive Billionaire (Rhys Dalton & Mallory Worthington)

  • Cover of: Charybdis


    by stillme
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  • Cover of: But wait! There's more!

    But wait! There's more!

    by stillme
    364 items Last modified 10 hours ago
  • Cover of: Catch & Release

    Catch & Release

    by stillme
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  • Cover of: Royals


    by stillme
    143 items Last modified 14 hours ago

    Add Lost Prince of Ambria - Raye Morgain 1-6
    add books & text

    More "M" kingdoms
    Mardivino, Mardovia,
    Monrayne, Monrosa, Monrova,
    Monterosso, Monteverre,
    Montluce, Montovia,

    Arabian Heat - Kristi Gold

    formerly known as Bajul
    1) ♡Return of the Sheikh (Zain Mehdi & Madison Foster)
    2) ♡One Night with the Sheikh (Rafiq Mehdi & Maysa Barad)
    3) ♡Sheikh's Son (Adan Mehdi & Piper McAdams)
    4) #One Hot Desert Night (Rayad Rostam & Sunny McAdams)
    Piper's fraternal twin
    5) ☆Sheikh's Secret Heir (Tarek Azzmar & Kira Darzin)
    illegitimate son of Bajul's former king

    Claimed by a King Series - Kelly Hunter

    1) ☆Shock Heir for the Crown Prince (Casimir & Anastasia Douglas)
    2) ♡Convenient Bride for the King (Theodosius & Moriana)
    3) ♡Untouched Queen by Royal Command (Augustus & Sera Boreas)
    4) ♡Pregnant in the King's Palace (Valentine & Angelique Cordova)
    ♡Scandal in His Majesty's Palace (it's been read)
    Was she celibate for over 10 years? Not sure about that...

    cowboys ain't royal, ugh

    Cowboys Royale Series

    1) Brandishing a Crown - Rita Herron (Stefan Lutece & Jane Cameron)
    2) Seized by the Sheik - Ann Voss Peterson (Efraim Aziz & Callie McGuire)
    3) Ransom for a Prince - Lisa Childs (Sebastian Cavanaugh & Jessica Peters)
    4) By Order of the Prince - Carla Cassidy (Antoine Cavanaugh & Beth Taylor)
    5) Sovereign Sheriff - Cassie Miles (Jake Wolf & Saida Khalid)
    6) Black Sheep Sheik - Dana Marton (Amir Khalid & Isabelle Andrews)

    A Crown by Christmas [VARIOUS]

    1) ☆Cinderella's Prince under the Mistletoe - Cara Colter (Luca Valenti & Imogene Albright)
    2) ♡Soldier Prince's Baby Gift - Kate Hardy (Antonio Valenti & Tia Phillips)
    Not "Soldier Prince" also by Kate Hardy totally diff books
    3) Their Christmas Royal Wedding - Nina Milne (Cesar Asturias & Gabriella Ross)

    Desert Kings - Jennifer Lewis

    0.5) Veronica (and Zadir)
    1) Osman (and Sam)
    2) Zadir (and Veronica)
    2.5) A Christmas Wedding
    3) Gibran (and Aliyah)
    4) Amahd (and Mackenzie)
    see Desert Kings Boxed set
    Books not added

    Drakon Royals - Tara Pammi

    1) ♡Crowned for the Drakon Legacy (Nikandros & Mia Rodriguez)
    2) ♡Drakon Baby Bargain (Gabriel Marquez & Eleni)
    3) ♡His Drakon Runaway Bride (Andreas & Ariana Sakis)

    Innocent Royal Runaways - Natalie Anderson

    1) ☆Impossible Heir for the King (Niko Ture & Maia Flynn)
    2) ☆Back to Claim His Crown (Pax Williams / Lucian Monrayne & Zara Durant)

    Kalliakis Crown Series - Michelle Smart

    0.5) An Unexpected Christmas Proposal (Sebastien Duchamp & Isabella Fernandez)
    Prequel: "Kalliakis Crown" Read online @ Harlequin
    1) Talos Claims His Virgin (Talos Kalliakis & Amalie Cartwright) [HOOPLA]
    2) ♡Theseus Discovers His Heir (Theseus Kalliakis/Theo Petakis & Joanne Brooks)
    3) ♡Helios Crowns His Mistress (Helios Kalliakis & Amy Green)
    ♡Claiming His Christmas Consequence (Nathaniel Giroud & Catalina)
    Okay, now read #10 - Passion in Paradise Collection [Various]
    ♡His Greek Wedding Night Debt - Michelle Smart (Theo Nikolaidis & Helena Armstrong)

    Kingdoms & Crowns - Jennifer Hayward

    1) #Carrying the King's Pride (Nikandros Constantinides & Sofia Ramirez)
    2) #Claiming the Royal Innocent (Aleksandra Dimitriou & Aristos Nicolades)
    3) #Marrying Her Royal Enemy (Kostas Laskos & Stella Constantinides)

    Dynasties: The Montoros Series [VARIOUS]

    1) ♡Minding Her Boss's Business - Janice Maynard (Alex Ramon & Maria)
    2) ♡Carrying a King's Child - Katherine Garbera (Rafe Montoro & Emily)
    3) ♡Seduced by the Spare Heir - Andrea Laurence (Gabriel & Serafia)
    4) ♡Princess & the Player - Kat Cantrell (Bella Montoro & James Rowling)
    5) ☆Maid for a Magnate - Jules Bennett (Will Rowling & Cat Iberra)
    . . .Best grovel ever!
    6) ♡Royal Temptation - Charlene Sands (JuanCarlos Salazar & Portia)

    Pregnant Princesses - [VARIOUS]

    1) ♡Crowned for his Christmas Baby - Maisey Yates (Vincenzo Moretti & Eloise St. George)
    2) ♡Pregnant by the Wrong Prince - Caitlin Crews (Rafael Navarro & Amalia/Lia)
    3) ♡Scandal that Made her his Queen - Jackie Ashenden (Zeus & Nina)
    4) ♤His Bride with Two Royal Secrets - Marcella Bell
    (Jahangir Hassan Umar Al Hayat/Jag & Rita Bajwa)

    Reigning Men - Brenda Harlen [OPEN]

    1) Prince's Royal Dilemma (Rowan Leandres & Lara Brennan)
    2) Prince's Cowgirl Bride (Marcus/Mac Delgado & Jewel Callahan)
    3) Prince's Holiday Baby (Eric Santiago & Molly Shea)
    4) Prince's Second Chance (Cameron Leandres & Gabriella Vasquez)
    Invitation to the Prince's Palace/The Prince's Second Chance
    5) Prince Daddy & the Nanny (Michael Leandres & Hannah Castillo) [RAB]
    6) ☆Royal Holiday Bride (Dante Romero & Marissa Leandres) [L]

    Royal Babies - Leanne Banks

    1) Royal Holiday Baby (Valentina Deveraux & Zachary Logan)
    2) Prince's Texas Bride (Stefan Deveraux & Eve Jackson)
    3) Doctor Takes a Princess (Bridget Devereaux & Ryder McCall)
    4) The Princess and the Outlaw (Pippa Devereaux & Nic Lafitte)
    5) A Home for Nobody's Princess (Coco Jordan & Benjamin Garner)
    6) ♡How to Catch a Prince (Maxwell Carter & Sophie)
    7) Royal Christmas Proposal (Fredericka Devereau & Treat Walker)
    8) Princess Under the Mistletoe (Sasha/Sara & Gavin Sinclair)

    Royal House of Cacciatore - Sharon Kendrick

    1) ?Mediterranean Prince's Passion (Nico & Ella)
    2) ?Prince's Love-Child (Guido & Lucy)
    3) ?Future King's Bride (Gianferro & Millie)

    Royal House of Karedes [Various]

    1) ♡Billionaire Prince's Pregnant Mistress - Sandra Marton (Alex & Maria)
    2) ♡Playboy Sheikh's Virgin Stable Girl- Sharon Kendrick (Kaliq & Eleni)
    3) ♡Prince's Captive Wife - Marion Lennox (Andre & Holly)
    4) ♡Sheikh's Forbidden Virgin - Kate Hewitt (Aarif & Kalila)
    5) ♡Greek Billionaire's Innocent Princess Chantelle Shaw (Kitty & Nikos)
    6) ♡Future King's Love Child - Melanie Milburne (Seb & Cassie)
    7) ♡Ruthless Boss Royal Mistress - Natalie Anderson (Lissa & James)
    8) ♡Desert King's Housekeeper Bride - Carol Marinelli (Zarif & Effie)
    * Dark-Hearted Desert Men Series
    9) ♡Wedlocked: Banished Sheikh Untouched Queen - Carol Marinelli (Zafir/Xavian & Layla)
    10) ♡Tamed: Barbarian King - Jennie Lucas (Kareef & Jasmin)
    11) ♡Forbidden: Sheikh's Virgin - Trish Morey (Rafiq & Sera)
    12) ♡Scandal: His Majesty's Love-Child - Annie West (Tahir & Ana)

    Royal House of Niroli [Various]

    1) ♡Future King's Pregnant Mistress - Penny Jordan (Marco & Emily)
    2) ♡Surgeon Prince, Ordinary Wife - Melanie Milburne (Alex & Amelia)
    3) ♡Bought by the Billionaire Prince - Carol Marinell (Luca & Megan)
    4) ♡Tycoon's Princess Bride - Natasha Oakley (Isabella & Domenic)
    5) ♡Expecting His Royal Baby - Susan Stephens (Nico & Carrie)
    6) ♡Prince's Forbidden Virgin - Robyn Donald (Max & Rosa)
    6.5) ♤Prince's Housekeeper Bride - Carol Marinell (Benito & Alisa)[RAB]
    7) ♡Bride by Royal Appointment - Raye Morgan (Adam & Elena)
    8) ♡Royal Bride at the Sheikh's Command-PennyJordan(Kadir & Natalia)

    Royal Seductions - Michelle Celmer

    1) ♡The King's Convenient Bride (Phillip & Hannah)
    2) ♡The Illegitimate Prince's Baby (Ethan & Elizabeth)
    3) ♡An Affair With The Princess (Sophie & Alexander)
    4) ♡The Duke's Boardroom Affair (Charles & Victoria)
    5) ♡Royal Seducer (Christian & Melissa)
    6) ♡Christmas with the Prince (Aaron & Olivia)
    7) ♡Virgin Princess, Tycoon's Temptation (Louisa & Garrett)
    8) ♡Expectant Princess, Unexpected Affair (Anne & Samuel)

    Royal Wedding - Rachel Hauck [HOOPLA]

    1) ♡Once Upon a Prince (Nathaniel & Susanna Truitt) [L] [O]
    1.5) ♡March Bride (Nathaniel & Susanna Truitt) [RAB]
    2) ♡Princess Ever After (Tanner Burkhardt & Regina Beswick) [L]
    3) ♡How to Catch a Prince (Stephen & Corina Del Rey) [L] [O]
    4) ♡Royal Christmas Wedding (Colin & Avery Truitt) [L]

    Royals - Day Leclaire

    1) Forbidden Princess (Merrick Montgomery & Alyssa Sutherland) [B]
    2) Prince's Mistress (Lander & Juliana Rose) [O]
    3) Royal Wedding Night (Brandt & Miri Montgomery) [O]
    Royal Bundle 1-3 [BOOK]

    Royals of Monrosa - Katrina Cudmore

    1) ♡Best Friend to Princess Bride (Edwin Prado & Kara Duffy)
    2) ☆Christmas Encounter with a Prince (Luis Prado & Alice O'Connor)
    3) ♡Summer Fling With A Prince (Ivo Prado & Toni Clarke)
    They're kinda on the tart side, shame, b/c quite sweet stories sigh !

    Scandalous Royal Weddings - Michelle Smart

    1) ♡Crowning His Kidnapped Princess (Marcelo Berruti rescues Clara Sinclair) might'nt have read
    2) ♡Pregnant Innocent Behind the Veil (Gabriel Serres & Alessia Berutti)
    3) ♡Rules of Their Royal Wedding Night (Amadeo & Elsbet) [1x a week]

    Taken by a Trillionaire [VARIOUS] [BOOK]

    royal Demandes of Rubare Collina / Rubare Virginia
    1) ♡Prince Xander - Ruth Cardello (Xander & Reanna)
    2) ♡Prince Bryan - J.S. Scott (Bryan & Shea)
    3) ♡Prince Christopher - Melody Anne (Chris & Adara)
    4) ♡Vitgin for the Trillionaire- Ruth Cardello (Ballasare & Jessica)
    5) ♡Virgin for the Prince - J.S. Svott (Niccolito & Diana)
    6) ♡Virgin to Conquer - Melody Anne (Robert & Isabella)

    Three Ruthless Kings - Jackie Ashenden

    1) ♡Wed for Their Royal Heir (Galen Kouros & Solace Ashworth)
    2) ☆Her Vow to Be His Desert Queen (Khalil ibn Amir al-Nazari & Sidonie Sullivan)
    3) ☆Pregnant with her Royal Boss's Baby (Augustine Solari & Freddie Scott / Ellie Jones)

    Remove from Dynastic
    Niroli did books move
    Not done
    Santini or Royal Brides books and text

  • Cover of: Scarred


    by stillme
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  • Cover of: schadenfreude


    by stillme
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    Dirty Irish - Magan Vernon - Murphy Brothers #3
    Worse book EVER, no HEA,
    FYI- not a romance novel
    His goal - dream - purpose, to play for the All Blacks,
    THAT's the only possible HEA.
    girl dint even like the Haka, come on, guaranteed to jump start little ol' ladies ovaries!!
    ~ the Billionaire clawing his way up from nothing, his dream to be in a position to carry out revenge on those that wronged him,
    The girl prevents him from his bitter revenge ... HEA
    he still achieved the dream,
    Magan Vernon did not allow Sean Murphy to achieve his.
    Leah is the girl no mother wishes for her son...
    she's a dream ripper.
    -dnf- thanks to GR reviewers

    Tropes - good-better-best

    • angsty forced Marriage in this order
      1) price of a Bride - Michelle Reid
      2) Sale or Return Bride - Sarah Morgan

    Kouvaris marriage - Diana Hamilton
    ☆Spanish Groom - Lynne Graham
    Greek's virgin bride - Julia Jamee
    Uncertain Destiny - Carole Mortimer

    Mistress against her will - Lee Wilkinson
    Blind obsession - Lee Wilkinson

    Demetrios Bridal Bargain - Kim Lawrence
    ? Should be one or more here

  • Cover of: George Harrison

    George Harrison

    by stillme
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    Not all are a 100% "sweet"
    the door may be slightly ajar,
    and the fade to black? may be more midnight blue.

    * Billion-dollar Matches [Various]
    1) Princess and the Rebel Billionaire (Matteo Rossi & Isabella)
    2) Surprise Reunion with His Cinderella - Rachael Stewart (Freddie Highgrove & Jasmine Walker)
    3) Caribbean Nights with the Tycoon - Andrea Bolter (Charlie Matthews & Luna Price) [BOOK]
    4) Indonesian Date with the Single Dad - Jessica Gilmore (Luke Taylor & Madison Morgan)

    • Billionaires of London - Kate Hardy
      1) ♡Billionaire, Boss... Bridegroom? (Hugh Moncrieff & Bella Faraday)
      2) Holiday with the Best Man (Roland Devereux & Grace Faraday)

    • Brides for the Greek Tycoons - Jennifer Faye
      1) ♡Greek's Ready-Made Wife (Cristo Kiriakas & Kyra Pappas)
      2) ♡Greek's Nine-Month Surprise (Niko Stravos & Sofia Moore)

    • Casseveti Inheritance - Nina Milne [BOOK]
      1) Italian Escape with the CEO (Liam Rourke & Ava Casseveti)
      2) Whisked Away by the Italian Tycoon (Luca Casseveti & Emily)
      3) Secret Casseveti Baby (Jodi Petrovelli & Carlos)

    • Crown for Christmas [Various]
      1) ☆Cinderella's Prince Under the Mistletoe - Cara Colter (Luca Valenti & Imogen Albright)
      2) Soldier Prince's Secret Baby Gift - Kate Hardy (Antonio & Tia Phillips)
      3) Their Christmas Royal Wedding - Nina Milne (Cesar & Gabriella)

    not all Savannah Scott books listed in [OPEN]

    Getting Shipped - Savannah Scott

    Patty H. Scott a.k.a. Savannah Scott
    0.5) Courtshipped (Gregg/Gregorio Lucci & Felicia Billington)
    Felicia & Lexi sibs
    1) 🎧☆Friendshipped (Trevor MacIntyre & Lexi Billington)
    audiobook - need to read book
    2) 🎧☆Battleshipped (Rob Baldwin & Laura Lennox)
    audiobook - need to read book
    3) 🎧☆Townshipped (Aiden Macintyre & Mallory O'Brien)
    audiobook - need to read book
    4) 🎧☆Censorshipped (Duke Satterson & Shannon St. James)
    ☆ this one hits my sense of humor ☆
    5) 🎧☆Doctorshipped (Grant Peppers & Jayme Culhane)
    6) 🎧♤Cruiseshipped (Brooks & Gabrielle/Gabby)
    Did audiobook - not looking for book
    7) 🎧☆Ripped and Shipped (Chris St. James & Ella Mae Lindstrom)
    add to shadenfroh, & funny as hella💕
    I love to actually laugh out loud reading, this series, i sure did!!
    Due to time constraints, i had to listen to most of these,
    well done, but must read books, when time permits.

    • Fairytale Summer stories - [VARIOUS] [BOOK]
      0.5) Cinderella's Fairytale Millionaire - Cara Colter online
      1) Cinderella's New York Fling - Cara Colter (Jamie Gilbert-Cooper & Jessica Winton)
      2) Italian Escape with her Fake Fiance - Sophie Pembroke (Jay Barwell & Daisy Mulligan)
      3) Dream Vacation, Surprise Baby - Ally Blake. (Sean Malone & Aubrey Trusedale)

    • Guardian Angels [Various]
      1) ♡Boss, the Baby and the Bride - Day Leclaire (Reed Harding & Angie Makepeace)
      2) Heavenly Husband - Carolyn Greene (Gerry & Kim) [UATF]
      3) Groom for Gwen - Jeanne Allan (Jake Stoner & Gwen Ashton)
      4) Gabriel's Mission - Margaret Way (Gabriel McGuire & Chloe Cavanaugh) [UATF]

    • Heirs to an Empire - Donna Alward
      1) ♡Scandal and the Runaway Bride (Will Pemberton & Gabi Baresi)
      2) Heiress Pregnancy Surprise (Jacob Wolfe & Charlotte Pemberton)
      3) Wedding Reunion with the Best Man (Burke Phillips & Arabella Pemberton)
      4) Mistletoe Kiss with the Millionaire (Cristophe & Sophie)
      5) Proposal in Province Phillippe Leroux & Anemone Jones)
      6) Heir's Cinderella Bride (Stephen & Esme)

    • Manhattan Babies - Susan Meier
      1) ♡Carrying the Billionaire's Baby (Jacob McCallan & Avery Novak)
      2) ♡Diamond for the Single Mom (Seth McCallan & Harper Sloan Hargraves)
      3) Falling for the Pregnant Heiress (Trent Sigmund & Sabrina McCallan)

    • Marrying a Millionaire - Donna Alward
      1) ♡Best Man for the Wedding Planner (Dan Brimicombe & Adele Hawthorne)
      2) ♡Secret Millionaire for the Surrogate (Drew Brimicombe & Harper McBride)

    • Pride and Pranks - Cindy Steel
      Cindy Steel not listed on [OPEN]
      0.5) ♡Christmas Spark (Chase Riley & Penny)
      (Matt & Gina) (Matt & Penny - twins)
      1) 🎧♡Fine Line (Cade & Kelsey)
      1.5) Stranded Ranch (Dusty & Lucy)
      2) 🎧Double or Nothing (Logan & Tessa)
      Logan & Kelsey - sibs
      Kinda juvenile, mebbe this'll be great author in the future?

    • Princes of Xaveria - Susan Meier
      1) ♡Pregnant with a royal Baby (Dominic Sanchos & Ginny Jones)
      2) ♡Wedded for his Royal Duty (Alexandros Sanchos & Eva)

    • Sweet Billionaires - Lorana Hoopes
      1) ♡Billionaire's Secret (Maxwell Banks & Alyssa Miller)
      A.K.A. Father's Love
      2) Billionaire's Impromptu Bet (Jesse Calhoun & Brie Carter)
      A.K.A. Lawfully Pursued
      3) Brush with a Billionaire (Brent McKasson & Sam Jenkins)
      4) ♡Billionaire's Christmas Miracle (Drew Devonshire & Gwen Rodgers)
      5) ♡Billionaire's Cowboy Groom (Cal Roper & Carrie Bliss)
      6) Cowboy Billionaire (Hunter Garrison & Daisy Keller)

    • Sydney Brides - Kandy Shepherd
      1) ♡Gift-Wrapped in Her Wedding Dress (Dominic Hunt & Andrea Newman)
      2) ♡Crown Prince's Chosen Bride (Tristan & Gemma Harper)
      3) ♡Bridesmaid's Baby Bump (Jake Marlowe & Eliza Dunne)
      Mango Salsa:
      3 mangoes, diced
      2 peaches, diced
      3 poblano peppers, seeded and diced (fat green peppers)
      ½ red onion, diced, +/- to taste
      ½ lime, juiced, +/- to taste
      1 bunch cilantro, chopped, save for garnish
      Combine: mangoes, peaches, poblano peppers, red onion, juice of 1/2 a lime, and 1/2 the cilantro in a large bowl
      Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate, overnight / 1 hour

    • Vineyards of Calanetti [VARIOUS]
      0.5) Marriage Made in Monte Calanetti - Susan Meier (Michele Patruno & Lily Norelli) *novella
      1) Bride for the Italian Boss - Susan Meier (Rafe Mancini & Daniella Tate)
      2) Return of the Italian Tycoon - Jennifer Faye (Angelo Amatucci & Kayla Hill)°
      3) Reunited by a Baby Secret - Michelle Douglas (Ryan White & Marianna Amatucci)°
      4) Soldier, Hero…Husband? - Cara Colter (Connor Benson & Isabella Rossi)
      5) His Lost-and-Found Bride - Scarlet Wilson (Logan Cascini & Lucia Moretti)
      6) The Best Man & the Wedding Planner - Teresa Carpenter (Zach Sullivan & Lindsay Reeves)
      7) ♡His Princess of Convenience - Rebecca Winters (Antonio de L’Accardi & Christina Rose)
      8) Saved by the CEO - Barbara Wallace (Nico Amatucci & Louisa Harrison)°
      No book for friend Marusha nor Elena de L’Accardi

    • Wedding Planner - [Various]
      1) Sweetheart Lost And Found - Shirly Jump (Jared Townsend & Callie)
      2) Heir's Convenient Wife - Myrna Mackenzie (Dell O'Ryan & Regina)
      3) S.O.S. Marry Me - Melissa McClone (Kane Wiley & Serena James)
      4) Very Special Delivery - Linda Goodnight (Ethan Hunter & Molly McCreight)
      5) Millionaire Dad, Nanny Needed - Susan Meier (Dominic Manelli & Audra Greene)
      6) Bridegroom's Secret- Melissa James (Matt McLachlan & Julie Montgomery)
      7) Winning the Single Mom's Heart - Linda Goodnight (Cooper Sullivan & Natalie)

    • Kandy Shepherd

    * Suzanne D Williams (missing so many from series)

  • Cover of: 🐛Imago 🦋

    🐛Imago 🦋

    by stillme
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    Fever Series - Karen Marie Moning [tbr]

    Books 1-4 (Jericho Barrons & Priya/MacKayla Lane)
    Takes 4 books to finally get together?
    He erases her memory of their first time together?
    Who does that?

    Move books

    For Her - Alexa Riley

    1) ☆Everything for Her (Oz/ Miles Osbourne & Mallory Sullivan)
    2) ♡His Alone (Justice & Paige Turner)
    I swear, i read the whole book, not once did i get the pun, well now, months later, too obvious?
    3) ?Claimed (Jordan Chen & Jay Rose)
    are you sure you finished both of these?
    Okay to read series again, and again

    Ali Parker

    His Many Demands (Damon & Bethany)
    1) ♡pages 1-25 part 1
    2) 🎧 or pages 25 - part 2
    3) 🎧 or pages ? - 72 part 3

    Entitled duo - Cassandra Robbins

    1) 🎧♤Entitled (Reed Saddington & Tess Gallagher) •DNF•30%• done
    2) 🎧♤Enlightened (Reed Saddington & Tess Gallagher)
    Both - Shadenfroh, everystep, actually a rather "sick" story
    Note to self: NEVER EVER need to re-read those 2 books - EVER
    3) The Encounter (Jax Saddington & Ava) [UATF] 2023? 2024?

    Disciples MC - Cassandra Robbins [HOOPLA]

    1) 🎧♡Lethal (Blade/Jason McCormick & Eve Smith)
    2) 🎧♡Atone (Poet/David & Charlie)
    3) 🎧♤Repent (Edge Daniels & Dolly/Dolores Dunghart)
    4) 🎧Ignite (Axel Fontaine & Antoinette)
    5) 🎧Force (Leonardo/Ryder DeLucca & Julianna Dutch)
    6) 🎧♡Filthy Disciple (Cade Fraiser & Cindy/Belle/Isabelle Davis)

    All of Cece Baker books are not yet listed in [OPEN]
    Not that it matters, there are only 2 novellas

    Ellsworth Brothers - Cece Baker

    1) ♡Billionaire's Treasure (Landen Ellsworth & Thea Jeffries)
    2) ♡Billionaire's Game (Drake Ellsworth & Jill)

    Playboys in Love - Gina Maxwell

    1) ♡Shameless (Chase Danvers & Jane Wendall)
    2) ♡Ruthless Roman (Roman Reeves & Addison Paige)
    3) ☆Merciless (Rowdy/ Austin Massey & Emi/Emmélie DeLuca)
    Secondary characters (Liam O’Donnell & Raquel)
    better read GR reviews before reading

    Fighting for Love - Gina L Maxwell

    1) ♡Seducing Cinderella (Reid Andrews & Lucie Maris Miller)
    2) Rules of Entanglement (Jax/Jackson Maris & Vanessa MacGregor)
    3) Fighting for Irish (Aiden O'Brien & Kat MacGregor)
    4) Sweet Victory (Xander James & Sophie Caldwell)

    Sparks House - Helena Hunting

    1) 🎧♡When Sparks Fly (Declan & Avery Spark)
    2) 🎧☆Starry-eyed Love (Jackson Holt & London Spark)
    3) 🎧♡Make a Wish ( Gavin Rhode & Harley Spark)

    Shacking Up - Helena Hunting [L][B][H]

    1) 🎧♡Shacking Up (Bancroft Mills & Ruby Scott)
    1.5) 🎧♡Getting Down (halloween party novella)
    2) 🎧♡Hooking up (Lexington Moorehead & Amalie Whitfield)
    3) 🎧I Flipping Love You (Pierce Whitfield & Rian Sutter)
    4) 🎧Making up (Griffin Mills & Cosy Felton)
    5) 🎧Handle with Care (Lincoln Moorehead & Wren Sterling)
    5.5) Dude in Distress (Nevah & Lawson)

    J.S.Cooper books are not yet listed in [OPEN]
    Notes for J.S. Cooper are in "Billionaire's Fake Fiancé"
    See "Keeping my Prince Charming" to read [UATF]

    Cupid in the City - J.S. Cooper

    1) ☆P.S. Never in a Million Years (Finn Winchester & Marcia Lucaa)
    2) ♡P.S. Not if You Were the Last Man on Earth (Brody Wainwright & Susie Benedict)
    3) ♡P.S. Lose This Number (Ben Barnaby & Lillian Jenkins)
    4) ♡P.S. You Would be so Lucky (Brad Chambers & Shantel)

    Darling Campbell Sisters - J.S. Cooper [BOOK]

    Hint: do NOT read the blurbs at the beginning
    1) ♡Just so You Know, I Don't Work Fridays (Finn Joseph & Harriet Campbell)
    Wow, scatter plot! (Monty Python)
    2) ♡What Did Your Last Maid Die Of? (Max Whitlock & Polly Campbell)
    3) ☆Sorry, You've got the Wrong Number (Travis Chandler & Chelsea Campbell) [switched]
    srsly begin after the words Chapter 1
    These were funny as hell!

    Four Valenti Brothers - J.S. Cooper

    introduced in P.S. You Would be so Lucky in ch 16
    0.5) Before the Arrangement (Sam Valenti & Valentina Ford) [BOOK]
    1) Forbidden Arrangement (Sam Valenti & Valentina Ford) [BOOK]
    2) Deceptive Arrangement (Stefano Valenti and Elise Dane) [UATF]
    3) Seductive Arrangement (Sergio Valenti & @) [UATF]
    4) Inconvenient Arrangement (Alex? Or Santino? & ?) [UATF]

    Inappropriate Bachelors - J.S. Cooper [BOOK]

    1) To The Rude Guy in Apartment Five (Jagger & Magnolia Allen)
    2) To My Arrogant Boss (Tate Howard & Jane)
    3) To My First and Last One Night Stand (Marco & Millie) [HOOPLA]
    4) To My Brother's Cocky Best Friend (Tyler Redwood & Olivia) [HOOPLA]
    5) To My Immature Ex Boyfriend (Hunter Augustus Beauregard III & Birdie)
    6) To the Single Dad in the Store

    Thirty Days to Love - J.S. Cooper [book not listed in open]

    1) ♡Thirty Day Boss - (Simon Cambridge & Gemma Whitestone)
    2) Thirty Day Fiancé (Sebastian & Stasia Anabella Poe) [UATF] ao 3/24
    3) thirty day ????? (Elijah & Claire) [UATF] ao 3/24
    Simon, Seb, & Eli have Cambridge as surname?

    want to read AND take notes
    Also by JS Cooper
    1) ☆All I Want for Christmas is Not You (Colton Hart & Ella Wynter) boss/switched
    2) ☆Mid-Thirties Slightly Hot Mess Female Seeking Billionaire (Ethan Rosser & Sarah Kahan) Online boss
    3) Never Been Tamed (Jackson Pruitt & Zara Hathaway) [UATF] April 2024?
    4) ? book for (Isabel / Izzy & Sam Wynter ?) ? [UATF] moew
    Ella & Sam = Siblings

    Inked Brotherhood - Jo Raven [HOOPLA]

    🎧1) ♡Asher (Asher Devlin & Audrey Morrison)
    🎧 2) Tyler (Tyler/Devlin Grayson & Erin)
    🎧 3) Zane (Zane Madden & Dakota)
    🎧 4) Dylan (Dylan Hayes & Tessa)
    🎧 5) Rafe (Rafe Vestri & Meagan)
    🎧 6) Inked Babies

    Jolie Day

    1) 🎧♡Crushing on My Billionaire Best Friend (Oliver Humphries & Laney/Elaine Carter) [B]
    2) 🎧☆Faking It with the Billionaire Next Door (Miles Humphries & Rose Taylor) [B]
    3) 🎧♡Charming My Broody Billionaire Boss (Damon Copeland & Aria Humphries)
    4) #One Bossy Date: A Grumpy Billionaire Romance (Anders Windham & Zoe Jones)

    Jolie Day

    1) 🎧♡Billionaire CEO (Jeremy Hoffman & Samantha Loman)
    2) 🎧♡Billionaire Assistant (Gabriel Miles & Denise Meredith Bentley)

    Oh Billionaire! - Jolie Day

    1) 🎧Billionaire Boss: Secret Baby (Jonah & Naomi)
    2) 🎧Sold: Highest Bidder (Joe & Sophie)
    3) 🎧Billionaire: Baby Daddy (Marcus Willingham & Ella)
    4) 🎧Billionaire CEO: Fake Girlfriend (Aaron Patterson & Audrey)
    a.k.a His Fake Girlfriend

    Jolie Day - 🎧 ♡Boss: The Wolf (Joel Embry & Charlie/Charlotte)
    Yeah, not really my thing, but still good

    Do Over - Julia Kent

    0.5) Little Miss Perfect (Will Lotham & Mallory Monahan)
    1) ☆Fluffy (Will Lotham & Mallory Monahan)
    2) ♡Perky (Skip/Parker Campbell & Persephone/Perky Tsongas)
    3) •DNR•♤Feisty (Chris/Fletch Fletcher & Fiona/Feisty Gaskill)
    Do not read again, 80% woo woo new age religion,
    that's how it is referred to in book. BUT NOT IN THE BLURB
    4) ☆Hasty (Ian McCrory & Hastings/Hasty Monahan)
    author to avoid. don't shove your religion down my throat (book#3)

    Another series to look into
    Shopping for a Billionaire Series - Julia Kent
    1) (Shannon Jacoby & Declan McCormick)

    Stage Dive - Kylie Scott (LIBBY)

    1) 🎧♡Lick (Dave Ferris & Evelyn Thomas)
    2) 🎧♡Play (Mal Erickson & Anne Rollins)
    3) 🎧 ♡Lead (Jimmy Ferris & Lena Morrissey)
    4) 🎧♡Deep (Ben Nicholson & Lizzy Rollins)
    4.5) Strong (Sam Knowles & Martha Nicholson)
    4.5)♡ Strong (Samuel Rhodes & Martha Nicholson)
    4.6) ♡Closer (Ziggy Thayer & Mae Cooper)
    4.7) ☆Love Song (Adam Dillon & Jill Schwartz)
    Oh, this was the best... but, where are the other 6 chapters?
    4.8) Rhythm Method (David Ferris & Evelyn Ferris) [UATF]
    4.9) Just What i Needed (Dean Jennings & Jude has no last name?) [UATF]

    Dive Bar - Kylie Scott

    1) Dirty (Vaughan Hewson & Lydia Green)
    2) Twist (Joe Collins & Alex Parks)
    3) Chaser (Eric Collins & Jean Antal)

    • Melanie Marchesi add to authors
      His Secretary Undone - (Adrian Risinger & Meghan Burns)

    Michele de Winton books are not yet listed in [OPEN]
    Notes for Michele de Winton in "Boss and Her Billionaire"

    Big City Billionaires - Michele de Winton

    1) ♡Valentine's Vengeance (Joe Diaz & Cara Reynolds)
    found in "Happily Ever Alpha" anthology
    2) ♡Love Stuck (Kirk Anderson & Sass Hunt)
    Found in "Billionaire Ever After" anthology
    No grovel, it needed the "you hurt me" chapter, SUPER SHORT, but great
    3) Lady Boss (Tyson Jenkins & Samantha Williams) [UATF]
    Big City Billionaires Box Set 1-3

    Love on Deck - Michele de Winton

    1) Boss and her Billionaire
    2) Love lost and Found
    3) Caught with the Captain's Daughter

    Mira Lyn Kelly - See notes in Waking Up Married
    For books not listed in [OPEN]

    Dare to Love - Mira Lyn Kelly [books not listed in Imago]

    1) 🎧♡Truth or Dare (Tyler Wells & Maggie Lawson)
    2) 🎧Touch and Go (Sam Farrow & Ava Meyers)
    3) 🎧Now and Then (Ford Meyers & Brynn Ahearn)

    Waking Up... - Mira Lyn Kelly

    1) ♡Waking Up Married (Connor Reed & Megan Scott) [BOOK]
    2) ♡Waking Up Pregnant (Jeff Norton & Dracy Penn) [LIBBY]

    Back to You - Mira Lyn Kelly

    1) 🎧Hard Crush (Hank Wagner & Abby Mitchel) [BOOK]
    2) 🎧Dirty player (Greg Baxter & Julia Wesley) [BOOK]
    3) 🎧Dirty Bad Boy (Jack Hastings & Laurel Matthewsl) [BOOK]
    Her BFF is Margo, Laurel is a twin to Lawson
    Jack' BFF is Lawson Matthews

    Then read

    Slayers Hockey - Mira Lyn Kelly

    1) 🎧♡Dirty Secret (Vaughn Vassar & Allie/Natalie Baxter) [BOOK]
    2) 🎧♡Dirty HookUp (Quinn O'Brian & George Bowen)
    3) 🎧♡Dirty Rebound (Ruxton Meyers & Cammy/Camryn Wesley)
    4) 🎧Dirty Talker (Wade Grady & Harlow Richards) [BOOK]
    5) 🎧Dirty Deal (Axel & Nora)
    Dirty Christmas (Noel Nichols & Misty)
    6) 🎧Dirty Groom (Liam Diesel & Stormy)
    7) 🎧Dirty D-Man (Grant Bowie & Piper Boerboom)
    Dirty Flirt (Boomer/Ben Boerboom & Lara)
    •dnr• Dirty Dare M/M (Cameron Dorsey & Trevor Gulbrandsen)

    Natalie Wrye - The Bodyguard [H] [B]

    Add text to list. Books not listed in [Open]
    Kisses and Crime Series
    a.k.a. The Gafanelli Mob

    1) ♡The Bodyguard (amnesia trope) [H]
    a.k.a. Fool's Gold (Bishop & Dani Bishop) pg 1-21 only [B]
    For their names see ch. 19 "Let there be Light" (page 12)
    DO NOT look ahead to ch. 24 (pg. 15)
    2) The Investigator [H]
    a.k.a. Up in Smoke (Jackson Reed & Penelope Castalano) [B]
    3) The Imposter H
    a.k.a. Among the Flames (Giovanni DeSalt & Sienna Santiago) [B]
    4) Enforcer (Javier/Javi Mondello & Delilah Castalano-Cook) [H] [B]

    Nora Flite books not yet listed in [OPEN]

    Bad Boys Royal - Nora Flite

    1) ☆Royally Bad (Kain (Fredricson) Badd & Sammy Sage)
    2) ♡Royally Ruined (Costello (Fredricson) Badd & Scotch/Heather Stapler?)
    3) ♡Royally Arranged (Hawthorne (Fredricson) Badd & Nova Valentine)

    Big City Billionaires - Nora Flite

    1) ☆Billion Dollar Bad Boy (Keswick Silverwell & Alexis Willow)
    If book gets listed on [OPEN] Put on 6 lists:
    Switched, Every Step, i'd read again, Amnesia, Imago & scarred
    So good!! Was it really that good? Or just read at the right time?
    Yeah, it was that good.

    The Single Dad’s Club - Piper Rayne

    0.5) Jail bait (Marcus Kent & Caterina Santora)
    1) Real Deal (Marcus Kent & Caterina Santora)
    2) Dirty Talker (Dane & Ava Pearson)
    3) Sexy Beast (Garrett & Charlie)
    3.5) Sex Weeks (Garrett & Charlie)
    [Books not added]
    Cont. in

    Dirty Truth / Hollywood Hearts - Piper Rayne

    0.5) Adrift (Vance - Leo - Jagger)
    1) The Manny / Mister Mom (Vance & Layla)
    Vance from "Sexy Beast"
    2) Doggie Style / Animal Attraction (Leo & Teegan Lowery)
    3) Chore Play / Domestic Bliss (Jagger Kale & Quinn)
    [Books not added]
    Cont. In

    Charity Case / Chicago Law - Piper Rayne
    0.5) Clean Slate (Victoria)
    1) Manic Monday / Smitten with the Best Man (Reed Warner & Victoria)
    2) Afternoon Delight / Tempted by My Ex-husband (Dean Warner & Chelsea)
    3) Happy Hour / Seduced by my Ex's Divorce Attorney (Roarke Baldwin & Hannah)
    [Books not added]

    Piper Rayne - [The Baileys Series] BOOK

    1-3.5) 🎧 [HOOPLA]
    1) 🎧Lessons from a One-night Stand
    2) 🎧Advice from a Jilted Bride x
    3) 🎧Birth of a Baby Daddy x
    3.5) 🎧Operation Bailey Wedding x
    4) 🎧Falling for my Brother's Best Friend x
    5) 🎧Demise of a Self-Centered Playboy x
    6) 🎧Confessions of a Naughty Nanny x
    6.5) 🎧Operation Bailey Babies x
    7) 🎧Secrets of the World's Worst Matchmaker x
    8) 🎧Winning My Best Friend's Girl x
    9) 🎧Rules for Dating Your Ex x
    9.5) 🎧Operation Bailey Birthday x

    Blue Collars Brothers - Piper Rayne

    1) 🎧♡Sexy Filthy Boss (Enzo/Lorenzo Mancini & Annie Stewart)
    ♡{David Brenin}
    2) 🎧♡Dirty Flirty Enemy (Carm/Carmelo Mancini & Bella Scott)
    ♤{Daniel Chambers}
    3) 🎧♡Wild Steamy Hook-up (Dom/Dominic Mancini & Val/Valentina Cavallo Sommerland)
    ♡{Tyler Donne}
    Connected to:

    Rooftop Crew - Piper Rayne {🎧Tim Paige}

    1) 🎧♡My Bestie's Ex (Ethan Ryland /Grant Sheffield & Blanco Mancini)
    2) 🎧♡Royal Mistake (Adrian Marx & Sierra Sanders)
    3) 🎧♡Rival Roomies (Dylan Phillips & Rian Wright)
    4) 🎧♡Our Star-crossed Kiss (Seth Andrews & Evan Erickson)
    5) 🎧The Do-over (Knox Whelan & Kamea)
    6) 🎧Co-worker's Crush (Jax Owens & Franki Grant)

    Connected to:
    🎧♡Single and Ready to Jingle (Andrew Wainwright & Kenzie Montgomery)
    ☆{John Lane}

    Pippa Grant [convoluted series]

    Sticking this here until somebody sorts it out
    Girl Band / Berger Siblings / Royals / Seals / Copper Valley Thrusters and the kitchen sink...
    10/17 1. ☆Mister McHottie - (Ambrosia/Bro/Sia Berger & Chase Jett)
    1/18 2. ♤Stud in the Stacks (Parker Elliott & Knox Moretti)
    Works at Crunchy / he's librarian
    author clains "Master Baker" events before Bergers get their HEA
    but then how can Grady be available in "Flirting with the Frenemy"?
    2/18 1) ♡Pilot and the Puck-up (Zeus Berger & Josephine/Joey Diamonte) [BOOK]
    4/18 2) ☆Royally Pucked (Manning Frey & Gracie Diamonte) [BOOK]
    5/18 3) ♡Beauty and the Beefcake (Ares Berger & Felicity Murphy) [BOOK]
    6/18 3. ☆Rockaway Bride (Willow Honeycutt & Dax Gallagher)
    Royalty/rockstar (Half Cocked Heroes: Dax, Edison, Danger, Oliver, Cain)
    8/18 ♡Hot Heir (Peach Maloney & Viktor) [HOOPLA]
    11/18 4. ♡Hero and the Hacktavist (Eloise Jayne & Rhett Elliott)
    Hacker / ex- Military, parkers brother
    2/19 4) ☆Charming as Puck (Nick Murphy & Kami Oakley) [FREE]
    Bro Code Series - Pippa Grant [BOOK]
    (Levi Wilson, Tripp Wilson, Cash Rivers, and Davis Remington)
    3/19 1) ♡Flirting with the Frenemy (Wyatt Morgan & Ellie Ryder)
    3/19 2) ☆America's Geekheart (Beckett/Beck Ryder & Sarah Dempsey) this humor feels familiar
    6/19 #Master Baker (Grady Rock & Annika Williams)
    11/19 #Crazy for Loving You (West Jaeger & Daisy Carter-Kincaid)
    3/20 3) #Liar, Liar, Hearts on Fire (Tripp Wilson & Lila Valentine)
    Copper Valley Fireballs Series - Pippa Grant [BOOK]
    Spin off to the Bro Code
    5/20 1) ♡Jock Blocked (Brooks Elliott & Mackenzie Montana)
    9/20 2) #Real Fake Love (Luca Rossi & Henrietta/Henri Leonora Bacon)
    continue Bro Code Series - Pippa Grant
    1/21 4) #The Hot Mess and the Heartthrob (Levi Wilson & Ingrid Scott)
    4/21 5) #I Pucking Love You (Tyler Jaeger & Muffy Periwinkle)
    continue Copper Valley Fireballs Series - Pippa Grant
    7/21 3) #The Grumpy Player Next Door (Max Cole & Tillie Jean/TJ Rock)

    Rachel Lyndhurst

    -dnf- Blackmailed by the Billionaire Brewer [HOOPLA]

    No list/ Books not added/nor looked for/
    Serena Akeroyd multiple series

    Dark and Dirty Sinners' MC - Serena Akeroyd 1 - 10

    a.k.a. Formerly the Satan's Sinners MC
    * Last Bachelor Duet - Serena Akeroyd
    * Five Points' Mob Collection - Serena Akeroyd 0.5 - 11
    Not listed/Books not added/nor looked for/ Serena Akeroyd series
    Okay, mebbe i did look for a few, might've read some 😁

    Hot & Hammered - Tessa Bailey

    1) ♡Fix Her Up (Travis Ford & Georgie Castle)
    2) ♡Love Her or Leave Her (Dominic Vega & Rosie Vega)
    3) ♡Tools of Engagement (Wes Daniels & Bethany Castle)

    Shaken Dirty - Tracy Wolff

    1) Crash into Me (Ryder Montgomery & Jamison Matthews) [BOOK]
    2) Drive Me Crazy (Quinn Bradford & Elise McKinney) [BOOK]
    🎧 3) Fade Into You (Wyatt Jennings & Poppy Germaine)
    4) Justify My Love not available ⊙[UATF]
    5) Need You Tonight not available ⊙[UATF]
    Not to start an unfinished Series

    Billionaire Baby Club - Jasinda Wilder

    #Lizzy Goes Brains over Braun
    #Autumn Rolls Seven
    #Laurel's Bright Idea

    Notting Hill Grooms - Sophie Weston [BOOK]

    1) #Irresistible Temptation (Finn Maclean & Harriet Wentworth)
    2) #Reform of the Playboy (Declan Malone & Olivia Butler)
    3) ☆

    Corinne Michaels- Second Time Around (1,2, 4)

    1) We Own Tonight [HOOPLA]

    add books to 🐛Imago 🦋 when available in [OPEN]

    Don't forget to add them on your reading lists... esp the I would read again & note to self, lists, lol, esp 🐛Imago 🦋

  • Cover of: Did i read this?

    Did i read this?

    by stillme
    70 items Last modified June 17, 2024
  • Cover of: abeyance


    by stillme
    34 items Last modified June 16, 2024
  • Cover of: Quimby


    by stillme
    84 items Last modified June 16, 2024

    Australian Millionaires - Maxine Sullivan

    1) ♡Millionaire's Seductive Revenge (Brant Matthews & Kia Benton)
    2) ♡Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress (Flynn Donovan & Danielle Ford)
    3) ♡Executive's Vengeful Seduction (Damien Trent & Gabrielle Kaneto)

    Australian Playboys - Miranda Lee [HOOPLA]

    1) #Playboy's Proposition (Tyler Garrison & Michelle)
    2) #Playboy's Virgin (Harry Wilde & Tanya)
    3) #Playboy in Pursuit (Valentino/Val Seymour & Lucille)

    Behind the Bar - Stefanie London

    1) Rules According to Gracie (Des Chapman & Gracie Greene)
    See "Scandalous Wentworths for Emma's story"
    2) Pretend It's Love (Paul Chapman & Libby Harris)
    3) Betting the Bad Boy (Noah Reid & Paige Thomas)

    Behind the Bar - Stefanie London -- spinoff - only 1 book, so far
    * Scandalous Wentworth's - Stefanie London
    1) ☆Taken by the CEO (Parker Wentworth & Emmaline Greene)
    2) (Sydney Wenteorth (?) & ?)
    3) (ian Wentworth & ?)
    4) (Beau Wentworth & ?)

    Billionaire Bosses, Forbidden Flings - Natalie Anderson

    1) ☆Tempting Her Forbidden Boss
    a.k.a Caught on Camera with the CEO (Alex Carlisle & Dani Russo)
    2) ♡Seducing Her Scarred Boss
    a.k.a Unbuttoned by her Maverick Boss (Lorenzo Hall & Sophy Braithwaite)
    3) ♡Teasing Her Grumpy Boss
    a.k.a Mistress Under Contract* (Daniel Graydon & Lucy Delaney)
    From the Kept for his Pleasure [Various] series*
    4) ☆Resisting Her Playboy Boss [BOOK]
    a.k.a Waking up in the Wrong Bed (Ruben Theroux & Ellie Summers)

    Men of Manhattan - Natalie Anderson

    1. ♡Whose Bed is it Anyway (James Wolfe & Caitlin Moore)
      5) 2. ♡Unbuttoning Her Brooding Boss
      a.k.a Tycoon's Terms of Engagement (Jack Wolfe & Steffi Johnson)
    2. ? Does James' twin George/Jorge get a book?* apparently not
      6) ☆Craving Her Christmas Boss ('Tis the Season anthology) [BOOK]
      a.k.a ☆Millionaire's Mistletoe Mistress (Ryan Taylor & Imogen Hall) 17-26
      Read Again!
      7) ♡Defying Her Arrogant Boss
      a.k.a. All Night With The Boss (Rory Baxter & Lissa Coleman)
    3. Love in London - Natalie Anderson
      ♡Her Bossy Billionaire (Jack Barnes & Libby Harris)

    Diamonds Down Under - [Various]

    1) Vows & a Vengeful Groom - Bronwyn Jameson (Ric Perrini & Kimberley Blackstone)
    2) Pride & a Pregnancy Secret - Ryan Blackstone & Jessica Cotter) [H]
    3) Mistress & a Million Dollars - Maxine Sullivan (Jarrod Hammond & Briana Davenport) [UATF]
    4) Satin & a Scandalous Affair - Jan Colley (Quinn Everard & Danielle Hammond) [O]
    5) Boardrooms & a Billionaire Heir - Paula Roe (Jake Vance & Holly McLeod) [H]
    6) Jealousy & a Jeweled Proposition - Yvonne Lindsay (Matt Hammond & Rachel Kincaid) [H]

    Emma Darcy

    • Kings of the Outback Series - Emma Darcy [H]
      1) Cattle King's Mistress (Nathan King & Miranda Wade)
      2) Playboy King's Wife (Tommy King & Samantha Connelly)
      3)) Pleasure King's Bride (Jared King & Christabel Valdex)

    • Kings of Australia series - Emma Darcy [H]
      1) Arranged Marriage (Alex King & Gina Terlizzi)
      2) Bridal Bargain (Antonio/Tony King & Hannah O'Neill)
      3) Honeymoon Contract (Matteo King & Nicole Redman)

    • Outback Knights Series - Emma Darcy [H]
      1) Outback Marriage Ransom (Ric Donato & Lara Seymour)
      2) Outback Wedding Takeover (Mitch Tyler & Kathryn Ledger)
      3) Outback Bridal Rescue (Johnny Ellis & Megan Maguire)

    Ghana's Most Eligible Bachelors - Maya Blake

    1) Bound by her Rival's Baby (Atu Quayson & Amelie Hayford)
    Marked as read, but has not been read
    2) ♡Vow to Claim His One-night Baby (Ekow Quayson & Evangeline Annan)

    Kings of Sydney - Jackie Ashenden [BOOK]

    1) ♡King's Price (Leon King & Clara Hamilton)
    2) ☆King's Rule (Xander King & Poppy Valentine)
    3) ☆King's Ransom (Ajax King & Imogen White)

    MacKay Brothers - Jennie Adams

    Brent, Alex, Linc ... brothers by choice not by blood
    1) Australian Boss: Diamond Ring (Brent MacKay & Fiona Donner)
    2) Surprise: Outback Proposal (Alex MacKay & Jayne Cutter)
    3) Tempted by Her Tycoon Boss (Linc MacKay & Cecilia Tomson)

    Yeah, 3 authors, 3 titles each 4 series, no way i get this'n right

    Getaway Bay - Elana Johnson / Bonnie R. Paulson

    Clean Billionaire Beach Club Romance

    1) ♡Brainy Billionaire (Fisher Davenport DuPont & Stacey Stapleton)
    A.K.A. Billionaire's Enemy / Aloha Hideaway Inn
    2) ♡Brawny Billionaire (Marshall Robison & Esther Pinnett)
    A.K.A. Getaway Bay
    3) ♡Bashful Billionaire
    / Billionaire's Fake Engagement
    A.KA. Women's Beach Club (Tyler Rigby & Tawny Loveless)
    4) ♡Brazen Billionaire (Jasper Rosequist & Sasha Redding)
    A.K.A. Billionaire's Cinderella / Straw and Diamonds
    5) ♡Billionaire's Bodyguard (Jason Burnes & Lexie Keller)
    A.K.A. The Billionaire Club: A Sweet Beach Read
    6) ♡Billionaire's Boyfriend (Owen Church & Gina Jackson) A.K.A. Sweet Breeze Resort
    7) Broke Billionaire (Kaelin Steed & Tiffany Louise) ○[UATF]
    8) Brilliant Billionaire (Maddox Neelson & Cassidy Ann/Storm) ○[UATF]
    9) The Bad Boy Billionaire (Blake Norris & Juniper Johnson) ○[UATF]
    10) Blue-Eyed Billionaire (Damien Massey & Sage Williams) [scarred] ○[UATF]
    11) ♡Brave Billionaire (Lawrence Gladstone & Maizee Phelps)
    A.K.A. Billionaire's Manager / Rainforest Retreat
    12) ☆Billionaire's Ex-Wife (Theodore Fleming & Kathleen Harrison)
    A.K.A. The Belated Billionaire / Getaway Bay Singles
    caution: sweet and older MC's
    *ladies of the Women’s Beach Club w/o books
    Winnie Broadhead / divorced - Hibiscus Ink tattoo
    Ronnie Clifford , Willow Thompson*
    * 13 - 16 Jennifer Griffith (not looked for)
    13) The Billionaire's Blue Christmas (Chet / Colt Winchester & Holly)
    14) The Benched Billionaire (McCoy Armstrong & Charlotte Nilsen)
    A.K.A. Benched: A Second Chances Sports Romance
    15) Bookish Billionaire (Price Robertson & Annika Dearborn)
    A.K.A. Brokered: A Beach Billionaire Romance
    16) Burned Billionaire (Birch Cardon & Arden Pike)
    A.K.A. Stranded with the Spy: An After Divorce Romance /
    Burned: A Beach Billionaire Adventure Romance

    Scandals of the Le Roux Wedding - Joss Wood

    1) ♡Billionaire's One-night Baby (Jago Le Roux & Dodi/Elodie Kate Davis)
    2) ♤Powerful Boss She Craves (Micah Le Roux & Ella Yeung)
    3) Twin Secret She Must Reveal (Angus Docherty & Thadie Le Roux)

    South Africa's Scandalous Billionaire - Joss Wood

    1) ♡How to Undo the Proud Billionaire (RaddTempest-Vane & Brinley Riddell)
    2) ♡How to win the Wild Billionaire (Digby Tempest-Vane & Bay Adair)
    3) How to Tempt the Off-limits Billionaire (Muzi Miya-Matthews & Roisin O’Keefe)

    Sydney's Most Eligible... [BOOK]

    1) Her Boss by Day... - Joss Wood (Rob Hanson & Willa Moore-Fisher)
    2) Millionaire's Proposition - Avril Tremayne (Scott Knight & Kate Cleary)
    3) Tycoon's Stowaway - Stefanie London (Brodie Mitchell & Chantal Turner)
    4) Hotel Magnate's Demand - Jennifer Rae (Luke Moore & Amy McCarthy)

  • Cover of: Pevensies


    by stillme
    161 items Last modified June 15, 2024

    List for books from

    Alpha Men - Natasha Anders [BOOK]

    1) ☆Wingman (Mason Carlisle & Daisy McGregor)
    2) ♡Best Man (Spencer Carlisle & Daffodil McGregor)
    3) ♡Wrong Man (Sam Brand & Dahlia/Lia McGregor)

    Baby for the Billionaire - Melody Anne

    1) Tycoon's Revenge (Derek Titan & Jasmine Freeman) [BOOK]
    2) 🎧Tycoon's Vacation (Drew Titan & Trinity Mathews)
    3) 🎧Tycoon's Proposal (Ryan Titan & Nicole Lander)
    4) 🎧Tycoon's Secret (Damien Whitfield & Sierra Monroe)
    5) 🎧Lost Tycoon (Bryson Winchester & Mystic Elton)
    6) 🎧Rescue Me (Kyle Armistead & Patsy Lander)

    Bayou Billionaires - Catherine Mann & Joanne Rock

    not read
    1) His Pregnant Princess Bride (Gervais Reynaud & Erika Mitras)
    2) His Secretary's Surprise Fiancé (Dempsey Reynaud & Adelaide Thibodeaux)
    3) Reunited With The Rebel Billionaire (Henri Reynaud & Fiona Harper-Reynaud)
    4) Secret Baby Scandal (Jean-Pierre Reynaud & Tatiana Doucet)

    Beware of Greeks! Series - Anne McAllister

    1) ♡Alexakis Bride (Damon Alexakis & Kate McKee)
    Why set us up with 7 Alexakis' nothing else in series is Alexakis
    2) ♡Playboy And The Nanny (Nikos Costanides & Mari Lewis)
    And this Mari is not from the previous book (she was 100% Greek)
    Read #4 and #5 next
    4) -dnf- Antonides Marriage Deal (Elias Antonides & Tallie Savas)
    Anyone else thinking bald and Tootsie Pops
    5) ♡Santorini Bride (Theo Savas & Martha Antonides)
    3) ♤/☆Boss's Wife For A Week (Spence Tyack & Sadie Morrissey)
    Probable adultry! Other than that, i'd read again
    mentions Theo & Martha, should read their book b4 Boss's Wife...
    6) -dnf- Antonides' Forbidden Wife (Peter/PJ Antonides & Ally Maruyama)
    10 years too long to be celibate.
    7) ♡Savas' Defiant Mistress (Sebastian Savas & Neely Robson)
    8) ♡One-Night Mistress...Convenient Wife (Christo Savas & Natalie Ross)
    mentions Aurora Savas was married to Christo's dad Xantiago Azevedo
    9) ♡Virgin's Proposition (Demetrios Savas & Anny Chamion)
    10) ☆Hired by Her Husband (George Savas & Sophy McKinnon Savas)
    11) #Night that Changed Everything (Nicholas Savas & Edie Tremayne)
    12) #Savas's Wildcat (Yiannis Savas & Cat MacLean)
    13) #Breaking the Rules (Alex Antonides & Daisy Connolly)
    ♡Return of Antonides (Luka Antonides & Holly Montgomery Halloran)
    Lukas and Martha Antonides are twins
    Reading order, yer welcome
    Is there a book for 4x married (Althea Halloran Rivera Smith Moore & Stig Mikkelsen)

    Billion-dollar Fairy Tales - Tara Pammi

    1) ☆Marriage Bargain with Her Brazilian Boss (Caio Oliveira & Anushka/ Nush Reddy)
    ignore blurb, he does NOT propose a MOC
    Oh, and pay attention to how Yana is characterized
    2) ♤Reason for His Wife's Return (Aristos Carides & Mira Reddy Carides)
    Ugh! Such a hard read! Continuity please!!!!
    3) Innocent's Deal with the Devil (Nasir Hadeed & Yana Reddy) [Jan 2024] [UATF]
    How can Yana be an innocent? Nush practically called Yan's sex life prolific! Mira in seduction attempt, "i could’ve asked Yana for pointers" Yan's own sisters consider her sexually active.

    Billionaires at the Altar - Lynne Graham

    1) ♡Greek Claims His Shock Heir (Eros Nevrakis & Winnie Mardas)
    2) ♡Italian Demands His Heirs (Raffaele di Mancini & Vivi Mardas Fox)
    3) ♡Sheikh Crowns His Virgin (Raj/ Faraj al-Basara & Zoe Mardas)

    British Bad Boys Series - Christina Phillips [BOOK]

    1) ♡Cinderella and the Geek: (Harry Carter & Alice Wentworth)
    2) ☆Once Upon a Player (Lucas Carter & Violet Henderson)
    {futball... as close to rugby (sigh!) as cricket is to baseball}
    3) Not So Happily Ever After (Will Hamilton & Mackenzie Carter)
    Does Caleb Montgomery get a book? Katie? Yolanda? Jax Kennedy?

    Brothers & Sisters Series - Heidi Rice

    1) #Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger (Ryan King & Maddy Westmore)
    2) #Cupcakes and Killer Heels (Ruby Delisantro & Callum Westmore)
    3) #Good, the Bad and the Wild (Nick Delisantro & Eva Redmond)
    4) ♡One Night, So Pregnant! (Nate Graystone & Tess Tremaine)
    5) #Too Close for Comfort (Zane Montoya & Iona MacCabe)
    6) #Beach Bar Baby (Cooper Delaney & Ella Radley)

    Clashing Birthrights - Yvonne Lindsay

    1) Seducing the Lost Heir (Logan (Richmond) Parker & Honor Gould)
    2) Scandalizing the CEO (Keaton Richmond & Tami Wison)
    3) What Happens at Christmas... (Jackson Jones & Kristin Richmond)
    Book 3 not listed on GoodReads, yet here it is 😁 your welcome!

    Delicious De Campo - Jennifer Hayward

    1) ♡Divorce Party (Ricardo De Campo & Lilly Anderson De Campo)
    2) ♡Exquisite Challenge (Gabe De Campo & Alexandra/ Lex Anderson)
    3) ♡Truth about De Campo (Matteo De Campo & Quinn Davis)

    Disgraced Copelands Series - Jane Porter

    1) ♤The Fallen Greek Bride (Drakon Xanthis & Morgan Copeland)
    2) ♡His Defiant Desert Queen (Mikael Karim & Jemma Copeland)
    3) ♡Her Sinful Secret (Logan Copeland & Rowan Argyros)

    Gage Brothers - Red Garnier

    1) ♡Paper Marriage Proposition (Landon Gage & Bethany Lewis)
    2l ♡Wrong Man, Right Kiss (Julian Gage & Molly Devaney)
    3) ♡Once Pregnant, Twice Shy (Garrett Gage & Kate Devaney)
    4) shouldn't (Emerson West Gage & Cassandra Clark) AND her brother get a book?

    Garrisons Series [Various]

    1) ♡CEO's Scandalous Affair - Roxanne St. Claire (Parker Garrison & Anna Cross)
    2) ♡Seduced By The Wealthy Playboy - Sara Orwig (Emilio Jefferies & Brittany Garrison)
    3) ♡Millionaire's Wedding Revenge - Anna DePalo (Stephen Garrison & Megan Simmons)
    4) ♡Stranded With The Tempting Stranger - Brenda Jackson (Brandon Washington & Cassie Garrison)
    5) ♡Secrets of the Tycoon's Bride - Emilie Rose (Adam Garrison & Rose Lauryn Lowes)
    6) ♡Executive's Surprise Baby - Catherine Mann (Jordan Jefferies & Brooke Garrison)
    5) ♡Propositioned into a Foreign Affair - Catherine Mann (Bella Hudson & Sam Garrison)

    Cont. In Hudsons of Beverly Hills Series

    Hudsons of Beverly Hills - [Various]

    1) ♡Blackmailed into a Fake Engagement - Leanne Banks (Luc Hudson & Gwen McCord)
    2) ♡Tempted into the Tycoon’s Trap - Emily McKay (Jack Hudson & Cece Cassidy)
    3) ♡Transformed into the Frenchman’s Mistress - Barbara Dunlop (Alec Montcalm & Charlotte Hudson)
    4) ♡Bargained Into Her Boss’s Bed - Emilie Rose (Max Hudson & Dana Fallon)
    5) ♡Propositioned into a Foreign Affair - Catherine Mann (Sam Garrison & Bella Hudson)
    See spinoff the Garrisons Series for Sam's cousins
    6) ♡Seduced into a Paper Marriage - by Maureen Child (Devlin Hudson & Valerie Chelton) great book... except last 2 or 3 pages,
    stop at page 170, make up you own ending!
    Then read the epilogue.

    Hardcastle Progeny Series - Jennifer Lewis

    1) ♡Millionaire's Secret Seduction (Dominic Di Bari & Bella Andrews)
    2) ☆In the Argentine's Bed (Amado Alvarez & Susannah Clarke)
    3) ♡Heir's Scandalous Affair (Luis Dulac & Samantha Hardcastle)
    Eww/trigger warning: see GoodReads reviews before reading #3

    Heartbreakers series - Cait London

    1) ?Mr. Temptation (Jarek Stepanov & Leigh Van Dolph) ⊙[UATF]
    Might've read this a while ago
    2) ♡Instinctive Male (Mikhail Stepanov & Ellie Lathrop)
    3) ♡Hold me Tight (Alexi Stepanov & Jessica Sterling)
    4) -dnf- Total Package (Danya Stepanov & Sidney Blakely) @ ch. 2
    Books 5-7 do not fit in this series (IMNSHO)

    Heirs to a Greek Empire - Lucy King

    1) ♡Virgin's Night With the Greek (Leo Stanhope & Willow Jacobs)
    2) ♡Christmas Consequence for the Greek (Zander Stanhope & Mia ) [UATF]
    3) Flaw in His Rio Revenge (Santiago & Thalia Stanhope) April 2024 [UATF]
    . Thalia's twin (Atticus Stanhope & Zoe)
    . Daphne Stanhope already engaged at beginning of series
    . Olympia Stanhope (youngest sibling)
    Atticus (Stanhope? 3rd brother?)

    Hightower Affair - Emilie Rose [HOOPLA]

    1) More Than a Millionaire (Ryan Patrick & Nicole Hightower)
    2) Bedding the Secret Heiress (Gage Faulkner & Lauren Lynch)
    3) his High-stakes Holiday Seduction (Trent Hightower & Paige McCauley)

    Husband Fund Series - Rebecca Winters

    1) To Catch a Groom (Max di Varano & Greer Duchess)
    2) To Win his Heart (Luc de Falcon & Olivia Duchess)
    * Twin Brides
    3) 1. To Marry for Duty (Nic de Pastrana & Piper Duchess)
    a.k.a. Bride Fit for a Prince
    2. Rush to the Altar (Riley Garrow & Ann Lassiter)
    Might of read one or two

    Infamous Cabrera Brothers - Emmy Grayson

    1) ♤His Billion-Dollar Takeover Temptation (Adrian Cabrera & Everleigh Bradford)
    2) ♡Proof of Their One Hot Night (Alejandro Cabrera & Calandra Smythe)
    3) ♡Deal for Tycoon's Diamonds (Antonio Cabrera & Anna Vega)

    Mackenzies — Diana Fraser/ Sophie Haydon

    1) Real Thing (Guy Martin & Lucia Rossi) - Jan 2017
    a.k.a. A Place Called Home - Jan 2017
    Orig the series epilogue, Published last, but inserted as prequel
    2) 1.♡PA's Revenge (Dallas Mackenzie & Cassandra Lee/Sandie Carstairs) Jun 2013
    a.k.a. View from Cliff House -Jan 2021
    3) 2.Marriage Trap (Callum Mackenzie & Gemma Winters) July 2013
    a.k.a. Escape to Shelter Springs -Nov 2013
    4) Cowboy's Craving (Morgan West & Rebecca Mayhew) Oct 2015
    a.k.a. What You See in the Stars -Sep 15
    5) 3.♡Playboy's Redemption (James Mackenzie & Susie Shaw Henderson) Dec 2013
    a.k.a. Second Chance at Whisper Creek -Nov 2013
    6) Lakehouse Cafe (Pete Marshall & Lizzi Connelly Burnett) [UATF]
    a.k.a. Summer at the Lakehouse Cafe -Mar 2017
    Which introduces the Connelly series...
    New Zealand Brides Lantern Bay - Diana Fraser / Sophie Haydon
    1) Yours to Give (Max Connelly & Laura McKinney) Jul 2017
    2) Yours to Treasure (Zane Black & Rachel Connelly) Sept 2017
    3) Yours to Cherish (Gabe Connelly & Madeleine MacGillivray) April 2018
    4) Yours to Keep (David Tremayne & Amber Connelly) April 2021
    prolly only gonna read the Mackenzie ones

    Marchetti Dynasty - Abby Green

    1) ♡Maid's Best Kept Secret (Nikos Marchetti & Maggie Taggart)
    2) #Innocent Behind the Scandal (Maks Marchetti & Zoe Collind)
    3) #Bride Behind the Desert Veil (Sharif Marchetti & Aaliyah Mansour)
    Oops, had encounter with my unknown spouse of arranged marrage
    4) Gift from a Billionaire (Dante Danieli & Sasha Marchetti) online

    Marriage by Command - Lynne Graham

    1) #Roccanti's Marriage Revenge (Vitale Roccanti & Zara Blake) [H]
    2) #Deal at the Altar (Sergio Demonides & Beatriz Blake)
    3) #Vow of Obligation (Navarre Cazier & Tawny Blake)

    McNeill Magnates Series - Joanne Rock

    1) ♡Magnate's Mail-Order Bride (Quinn McNeil & Sofia Koslov)
    2) ♡Magnate's Marriage Merger (Ian McNeil & Lydia Whitney)
    Does Melissa ever get a book?
    3) ♡His Accidental Heir (Cameron McNeill & Maresa Delphine)
    4) ♡Little Secrets: His Pregnant Secretary (Jager McNeill’s & Delia Rickard)
    5) ♡Claiming His Secret Heir (Damon McNeill & Caroline Degraff McNeill)
    does Victoria Degraff get a book)
    6) ♡For the Sake of His Heir (Gabe McNeill & Brianne Hanson)
    7) ♡Forbidden Brother (Cody McNeill & Jillian Ross)
    6) ♡Wild Wyoming Nights (Carson McNeill & Emma Layton)
    5) ♡One Night Scandal (Brock McNeill & Hannah Ryder)

    Million Dollar Catch - Susan Mallery

    The Million Dollar Catch Bundle [BOOK]
    1) ☆Substitute Millionaire (Ryan Bennett & Julie Nelson)
    2) ☆Unexpected Millionaire (Kane Dennison & Willow Nelson)
    3) ☆Ultimate Millionaire (Todd Aston & Marina Nelson) online
    (read 'em again, took away ♡'s gave 'em ☆'s )

    Moretti Legacy - Katherine Garbera

    1) ♡Moretti Heir (Marco Moretti & Virginia Festa) [BOOK] see one-click
    2) ♡Moretti Seduction (Antonio Moretti & Nathalie Vallerio) [RAB]not chaptered
    3) ♡Moretti Arrangement (Dominic Moretti & Angelina De Luca)

    O'Briens Series - Kristi Gold [OPEN]

    1) #Pregnancy Negotiation (Whit Manning & Mallory O'Brien)
    2) #Executive Seduction (Aidan O'Brien & Corri Harris)
    3) #Through Jenna's Eyes (Logan O'Brien & Jenna Fordyce) [LIBBY]
    4) ♡Mommy Makeover (Kieran O'Brien & Erica Stevens)
    5) #His Best Mistake (Kevin O'Brien& & Leah Cordero) [LIBBY]

    Randall - Day Leclaire [OPEN]

    1) Secret Santa (Mathias Blackstone & Jacqueline Randell)
    2) Twenty-four Hour Bride (Nick Colter & Dani Sheraton)
    3) Miracle Wife (Raven Sierra & J.J. Randell)
    Does Cord Randall get a book?

    Savannah Sisters - Dani Wade

    1) ♡Family for the Billionaire (Jasmine Harden & Royce Brazier)
    2) ♡Taming the Billionaire (Willow Harden & Tate Kingston)
    3) ♡Son of Scandal (Ivy Harden & Paxton McLemore)

    Saxon Brides - Tessa Radley [HOOPLA]

    1) Mistaken Mistress (JoshuaSaxon & Alyssa Blake)
    2) Spaniard's Seduction (Rafael Carreras & Caitlyn Ross)
    3) Pregnancy Proposal (Heath Saxon & Amy Wright)
    4) Untamed Sheik (Shafir Dhahar & Megan Saxon)

    Secrets of the Stowe Family - Cathy Williams

    1) ♤Forbidden Hawaiian Nights (Max Stowe & Mia Kaiwi)
    2) ♡Promoted to the Italian's Fiancee (Gabriel Ricci & Izzy Stowe)
    Promoted to the Italian's Fiancée (sp)
    3) ♡Claiming His Cinderella Secretary (James Stowe & Ellie Thompson)

    Sister Brides- Lynne Graham

    1) ♡Arabian Marriage (Jaspar al-Husayn& Fredrica/Freddy Sutton)
    2) Disobedient Mistress (Leone Andracchi & Misty Carlton)
    3) Heiress Bride (Alexio Christoulakis & Ione Gakis)
    4) ♡? Dark Angel (Luciano da Valenza & Kerry Linwood)
    3 sisters 4 books, ahhh, don't remember why,

    Stefanos Legacy - Lynne Graham

    1) 🎧♡Promoted to the Greek's Wife (Ari Stefanos & Cleo Brown)
    2) 🎧♡Heirs his Housekeeper Carried (Giovanni Zanetti & Leah Ramsay)
    3) 🎧♡Kings's Christmas Heir (Gaetano di Santis? & Lara Drummond)

    [Un]Professionally Yours Series - Natasha Anders

    1) ♡Best Next Thing (Miles Hollingsworth & Charity Cole)
    2) #Protect Me Not (Tyler Chambers & Vicki Hollingsworth)


  • Cover of: SERIES - Series - series

    SERIES - Series - series

    by stillme
    156 items Last modified June 11, 2024
    • Add "Desert Brother Series" ☆(1-4) Trish Morey

    21st Century Bosses 1-5 [VARIOUS ]

    Forrester Siblings - Maisey Yates 1-2
    1) ♡Marriage Made on Paper - Maisey Yates (Gage Forrester & Lily Ford)
    . .2) ♡The Petrov Proposal- Maisey Yates (Aleksei Petrov & Madeleine/Maddy Forrester)

    2) Doukakis's Apprentice - Sarah Morgan (Damon Doukakis & Polly Prince)
    3) Fiancée for One Night - Trish Morey (Leo Zamos & Eve Carmichael)
    4) Thorn in His Side - Kim Lawrence (Rafael Alejandro & Libby Marchant)

    The Balfour Brides

    0.5) Scandal at the Balfour Ball - Michelle Reid (Alessandro Ferrera & Meredith (Balfour) Ferrera) online
    1) ♡Mia and the Powerful Greek - Michelle Reid (Nikos Theakis & Mia (Balfour) Bianchi)
    a.k.a Mia's Scandal
    2) ♡Kat & the Dare-Devil Spaniard - Sharon Kendrick (Carlos Guerrero & Kat Balfour) [H]
    a.k.a. Kat's Pride
    3) ♡Emily and the Notorious Prince - India Grey (Luis Cordoba & Emily Balfour)
    a.k.a Emily's Innocence
    Was that a foot fetish?
    4) ♡Sophie & the Scorching Sicilian - Kim Lawrence (Marco Speranza & Sophie Balfour) [BOOK]
    a.k.a. Sophie's Seduction [OPEN]
    5) ♡Zoe and the Tormented Tycoon - Kate Hewitt (Max Monroe & Zoe Balfour)
    a.k.a. Zoe's Lesson
    So i get to, like page 150, and realized, huh, i read this book, ugh
    6) ♡Annie & the Red-Hot Italian -Carole Mortimer (Luca de Salvatore & Annie Balfour) [H]
    a.k.a. Annie's Secret
    7) ♡Bella & the Merciless Sheikh - Sarah Morgan (Zafiq Al-Rashid & Bella Balfour) [RAB]
    a.k.a. Bella's Disgrace
    8) ♡Olivia & the Billionaire Cattle King - Margaret Way (Clint McAlpine & Olivia Balfour)
    a.k.a. "Olivia's Awakening" [OPEN]
    Dunno if i read it, But who cares, it's cattle! (i read it anyway)
    No cattle were heard of in the reading of this book!

    Barons - Sandra Marton

    1) Marriage on the Edge (Gage Baron & Natalie)
    2) More Than a Mistress (Travis Baron & Alexandra Thorpe)
    3) Slade Baron's Bride (Slade Baron & Lara Stevens)
    4) Taming of Tyler Kincaid (Tyler Kincaid & Caitlin McCord)
    5) ♡Mistress of the Sheikh (Nicholas al Rashid & Amanda Benning)
    6) ♡The Alvares Bride (Rafe Alvares & Carin Brewster)
    7) Pregnant Mistress (Demetrios Karas & Samantha Brewster)
    8) Raising the Stakes (Gray Baron & Dawn Lincoln Kittredge)

    Available on 《Hoopla》or maybe try 《LIBBY》

    ❌ Billionaire's Boys Club - Suzanne D. Williams [UATF] 🙁

    1) ♡Atlas (Atlas Bellamy & Megan Moralez)
    2) ♡Steel (Calix Steele & Flynn Burckhardt)
    3) ♡Wolfe (Paxton Wolfe & Isobel Harding)
    4) Cristobal (Cristobal Wolfe & Marina Allenoy)
    5) Robin (Robin Spelding & Parker Rousch)
    6) Byron (Byron Spelding & Pepper Dupree)
    7) Chaz (Chaz Dupree & Martina Spelding)
    Cross over Billionaire Boys Club & Best Dressed Series
    8) Christmas Cash (Cash McShane & Rosalie Frabrinni)
    Read a couple of these, put list in best series someday
    some starting to show up in [BOOK]
    Want to finish this series, please!

    A Bride for a Billionaire - Lynne Graham

    ♡ may have read all of these, yeah, worth a re-read
    1) ♡Rich Man's Whim (Mikhail Kusnirovich & Kat Marshall)
    2) ♡Sheikh's Prize (Zahir Ra'if Quarishi & SapphireMarshall)
    3) ♡Billionaire's Trophy (Bastian Christou & Emmie Marshall)
    4) ♡Challenging Dante (Dante Leonetti & Topaz Marshall)

    Brides for Billionaires Series- [BOOK]

    1) -dnf- Married for the Tycoon's Empire - Abby Green (Ben Carter & Julianna Ford) (ch 2)
    2) ♡Married for the Italian's Heir - Rachael Thomas (Dante Mancini & Piper Riley)
    3) ♡Married for the Sheikh's Duty - Tara Pammi (Zayn Al-Ghamdi & Amalia Christensen)
    4) ♤Married for the Greek's Convenience - Michelle Smart (Xander Trakas & Elizabeth Young) definitely adultry not read ok to read

    Cinderella Ball Series - Day Leclaire

    a.k.a. Fairy Tale Weddings [BOOK]

    1) ♡Temporary Husband (Jake Homdo & Wynne Sommers)
    a.k.a. Fairy Tale Husband
    2) ♡Accidental Wife (Jonah Alexander & Nikki Ashton)
    a.k.a. Fairy Tale Wife
    3) #Shotgun Wife (Rafe Beaumont & Ella Montague) [White Weddings series Book#1]
    a.k.a. Fairy Tale Wedding
    4) #Bridegroom on Approval (Marco Salvatore & Hanna Tyler)
    Salvatore Brothers Series book#2
    5) #Long-lost Bride (Chaz McIntyre & Shayne Beaumont)
    a.k.a. Fairy Tale Martiage
    So far these are very sweet and low angst

    Desert Brother Series - Trish Morey

    1) ☆Duty and the Beast (Zoltan Al Farouk bin Shamal & Aisha Peshwah)
    2) ♡Sheikh's Last Gamble (Bahir Al-Qadir & Marina Peshwah)
    3) ☆Captive of Kadar Kadar (Soheil Amirmoez & Amber Jones)
    4) ☆Shackled to the Sheikh (Rashid al Kharim & Tora Burgess)

    Desert Kings - Diana Fraser

    1) #Wanted: A Wife for the Sheikh (Malek & Sophie) [BOOK]
    2) ♡Sheikh's Bargain Bride (Zahir Al-Zaman & Anna Whitman) [BOOK]
    3) ♡Sheikh's Lost Lover (Razeen ibn Shad & Lucy Gee) [BOOK]
    a.k.a. Lucy and the Sheikh
    4) #Awakened by the Sheikh (Tariq & Cara Devlin) [UATF]
    5) #Claimed by the Sheikh (Sahmir al Fulan & Rory/Aurora de Chambery) ○[UATF]
    6) #Wanted: A Baby by the Sheikh (Daidan ibn Saleh al-Fulan & Taina Mustonen) [BOOK]

    Desert Kings Series - Jane Porter

    1) ♡The Sheikh's Chosen Queen (Sharif & Jesslyn)
    2) ♤King Of The Desert, Captive Bride (Khalid & Olivia)
    3) ♡Duty, Desire and the Desert King (Zayed & Rou)

    Dynasties: The Kincaids Series [Various]

    1) #Sex, Lies and the Southern Belle - Kathie DeNosky (Lily & Daniel) [O]
    2) #What Happens in Charleston...- Rachel Bailey (Matt & Susan) [BOOK]
    3) #Behind Boardroom Doors - Jennifer Lewis (R.J. & Brooke) [O]
    4) #On the Verge of I Do - Heidi Betts (Kara & Eli) [O]
    5) #One Dance with the Sheikh - Tessa Radley (Laurel & Rakin) [RAB]
    6) #Very Private Merger - Day Leclaire (Jack & Nikki) [RAB]

    Kavanaghs of Silver Glen - Janice Maynard

    1) ♡Not-So-Innocent Seduction (Liam Kavanagh & Zoe Chamberlain)
    2) ♡Baby for Keeps (Dylan Kavanagh & Mia Larin)
    3) ♡Christmas in the Billionaire's Bed (Aidan Kavanagh & Emma Braithwaite)
    4) ♡Twins on the Way (Gavin Kavanagh & Cassidy Corelli)
    5) ♡Second Chance with the Billionaire (Conor Kavanagh & Ellie Porter)
    6) ♡How to Sleep with The Boss (Patrick Kavanagh & Libby Parkhurst)
    7) ♡For Baby's Sake (James Kavanagh & Lila Baxter)
    these could be all ☆'s were read before ♡'s & ☆'s

    Librarian and the Spy Escapade - Susan Mann [BOOK]

    1) #Librarian and the Spy (James Lockwood & Quinn Ellington)
    2) #Covert Affair (James Lockwood & Quinn Ellington)
    3) #Uncommon Honeymoon (James & Quinn Lockwood)

    Love in Boston - Joss Wood
    1) ♡Friendship on Fire (Noah Lockwood 33 & Jules Brogan 28-30)
    2) ♡Hot Christmas Kisses (Matt Edwards & DJ/Dylan-Jane Winston)
    3) ♡Rival's Heir (Judah Huntley 34-38 & Darby Brogan 30)
    4) ♡Second Chance Temptation (Levi Brogan & Tanna Murphy)

    Segues into

    Murphy Brothers - Joss Wood
    1) One Little Indiscretion (Carrick Murphy & Sadie Slade)
    Bad wife
    2) Temptation at His Door (Ronan Murphy & Joa Jones)
    Dead wife
    3) Back in His Ex's Bed (Finn Murphy & Beah Jenkinson)
    Do Eli and Ben 28 Lockwood get books?
    Ooh, maybe Levi's receptionist Meredith?
    Callie(54) Brogan's kids
    Levi, Jules and Darby Brogan - Twins
    Noah, Eli and Ben Lockwood - adopted next-door neighbor's
    DJ/Dylan-Jane Winston - child of the heart & BFF

    In Love in Boston the sub characters love story becomes interruptive and annoying by book 3.
    Should have had their own novella like "Sandy" in
    Vested Interest seies - Melanie Moreland

    Marriage Bargain [Various] ▪DNR▪

    1) ▪DNR▪Spaniard's Marriage Bargain - Abby Green (Isandro & Rowen)
    2) ▪DNR▪Millionaire's Chosen Bride - Susanne James (Adam & Melody)
    3) ▪DNR▪♤Ruthless Husband, Convenient Wife - Madeleine Ker (Ryan & Penny)
    4) ▪DNR▪His Bid for a Bride - Carole Mortimer (Falkner & Skye)

    Masters of Texas - Lauren Canan [H]

    1) ♡Terms of a Texas Marriage (Alec & Shea)
    2) ♡One Night with the Texan (Cole & Tallie)
    3) ♡Stranger In His Bed (Victoria/Lauren & Wade)
    4) ♡Redeeming the Billionaire SEAL (Chance & Holly) 6/7/16
    5) ♡Marriage at Any Price (Seth & Allie) 5/2019

    Mercenary/Goddard Project Series - Lucy Monroe [BOOK]

    1) ♡Silver Bella (Jake Barton & Bella Jackson)
    2) ♡3 brides for 3 Bad Boys
    (Rand (Sloane) Alexander & Phoebe Garrison)
    (Carter Sloane & Daisy Jackson)
    (Colton (Sloane) Denning & Fayre Cranston Denning)
    3) Ready (Joshua/Wolf Watt & Lise Barton)
    4) Willing (Daniel/Nitro Black Eagle & Josie McCall)
    5) And Able (Brett/Hotwire Adams & Claire Sharp)
    6) ☆Satisfaction Guaranteed (Ethan Crane & Beth Whitney)
    7) Deal withThis (Alan Hyatt & Jillian Carlyle) [OPEN]
    8) ♡Spy Who Wants Me (Beau Ruston & Elle Chernichenko Gray)
    mentions the 3rd bro (Matej Chernichenko & Chantal Renaud)
    9) ☆Watch Over Me (Mykola Chernichenko & Lana Erickson)
    10) Close Quarters (Roman Chernichenko & Tanya Ruston)
    11) Heatseeker (Kaden Marks & Rachel Gannon)
    *Who’s Been Sleeping in My Brother’s Bed? "Bodyguards in Bed" anthology (Maxwell Baker & Danusia Chernichenko) [BOOK]

    The O'Connell's Sandra Marton

    1) #Keir O'Connell's Mistress (Keir O'Connell & Cassie Berk) [O]
    2) #The Sicilian Surrender (Stefano Lucchesi & Fallon O'Connell) [LIBBY]
    3) ▪DNR▪Claiming His Love-Child (Cullen O'Connell & Marissa Perez) [UATF]
    not to be confused with / but also by Sandra Marton
    Dante: Claiming His Secret Love-Child (Dante Orsini & Gabriella Reyes)
    Claiming His Love-Child - no loss if you can't find it
    4) #Desert Prince's Convenient Bride (Caz/Qasim al Daud al Rashid & Megan O'Connell)
    or a.k.a. #Sheikh's Convenient Bride [BOOK]
    5) ♡The One-Night Wife (Sean O'Connell & Savannah McRae) [O]
    6) #The Sicilian Marriage (Gianni Firelli & Briana O'Connell) [LIBBY]

    Orsini Brothers - Sandra Morton [OPEN]

    1) #Raffaele: Taming His Tempestuous Virgin (Rafe & Chiara)
    2) #Dante: Claiming His Secret Love-Child (Dante & Gabriella)
    3) #Falco: The Dark Guardian (Falco & Elle)
    4) #Nicolo: The Powerful Sicilian (Nicolo & Alessia)
    * Orsini Brides Series
    1) #The Ice Prince (Anna & Draco)
    2) #The Real Rio D'Aquila (Isabella & Rio)
    May need to modify search technique to find on [OPEN]

    Ravensdale's Scandal- Melanie Milburne [HOOPLA]

    1) ♡Ravensdale's Defiant Captive (Julius & Holly)
    2) ♡Awakening the Ravensdale's Heiress (Miranda & Leandro)
    3) ☆Engaged to Her Ravensdale Enemy (Jake & Jasmine)
    wow! need to find this in book!! found it, you can stop looking
    4) ♡The Most Scandalous Ravensdale (Kat & Flynn)

    Secret Lives of Society Wives [Various]

    1) ♡The Rags-To-Riches Wife - Metsy Hingle (Lily & Jack)
    2) ♡The Soon-To-Be-Disinherited Wife - Jennifer Greene (Emma & Garrett)
    3) T#he One-Week Wife - Patricia Kay (Felicity & Reid)
    4) #Bought-and-Paid-for Wife - Bronwyn Jameson (Vanessa & Tristan)
    5) #The Once-A-Mistress - Katherine Garbera (Mary&Kane) [Libby]
    6) ♡The Part-Time Wife - Maureen Child (Abby & Luke)

    Society Weddings [Various]

    1) ♡The Italian's Deal for I Do - Jennifer Hayward (Rocco & Olivia)
    2) ♡The Greek's Pregnant Bride - Michelle Smart (Christian & Allesandra)
    3) ♡The Sicilian's Surprise Wife - Tara Pammi (Stefan & Cleo)
    4) •dnf•♡The Sheikh's Wedding Contract - Andie Brock (Zayed & Nafia)
    stopped around pg 70, did read wedding at end.

    Three Rich Men ♡ Miranda Lee

    1) ♡Rich Man's Revenge (Charles & Dominique)
    2) ♡Mistress for a Month (Rico & Renee)
    3) ♡Sold to the Sheikh (Ali & Charmaine)
    ☆Love-Slave to the Sheikh ☆ (☆Bandar☆ & Samantha)☆ .
    WoW! pure smut!! Sigh! ... dang! Can i have a Bandar please?
    (I wonder if Ali's brother, Sultan of Dubar, has a book?)

    Three Rich Husbands Series - Miranda Lee

    1) ♡Billionaire's Bride of Vengeance (Russell McClain& Nicole Power)
    2) ♡Billionaire's Bride of Convenience (Hugh Parkinson & Kathryn Hart)
    3) ♡Billionaire's Bride of Innocence (James Logan & Megan Logan)

    Wedded Blitz - Day LeClare

    1) ♡Provocative Proposal ( ??? & Tess Lonigan) [OPEN]
    2) ♡Whirlwind Wedding (Grey Shaw & Emma) [LIBBY]
    3) ?Baby Bombshell (Lucien Kincaid & Raine Featherstone) [OPEN]

    Wives for Hire - Susan Crosby

    By publishing date, (reading order) chronological
    1. ♡The Bachelor's Stand-In Wife (David Falcon & Valerie Sinclair)
    2. #Single Dad's Virgin Wife (Noah Falcon & Tricia McBride) ⊙[UATF]
    3. ♡Millionaire's Christmas Wife (Gideon Falcon & Denise Watson)
    McCoys of Chance City
    1) ♡Pregnant Bride Wore White (Jake McCoy & Keri Overton)
    2) ♡Love and the Single Dad (Donovan McCoy & Laura Bannister)
    3) ♡At Long Last, a Bride (Joe McCoy & Dixie Callahan)
    Wives for Hire cont.
    4. ♡Husband for Hire (Becca Sheridan & Gavin Callahan)
    5. ♡?His Temporary Live-in Wife (Eric Sheridan & Marcy Monroe)
    6. ☆Almost a Christmas Bride (Shana Callahan & Landon Kincaid) [O]
    not really stand alone, should be read in order and within memory of previous books

  • Cover of: Not available 《 UATF 》

    Not available 《 UATF 》

    by stillme
    76 items Last modified June 11, 2024

    Found some but others still missing

    Look for un found books

    Some of these are not listed on [OPEN] nor anywhere else

    Want to read
    * Out of Her Dreams - Natalie Anderson (Blake McKay & Cally Sinclair) READ

    • ⊙Sheik's Captive - Violet Winspear - i dunno, sumptin' about that girl...

    • ⊙ Barbara Faith - Man of the World Series book#3 Lion of the Desert

    • ⊙ Ros Clarke - The Oil Tycoon and her Sexy Sheikh

    • ⊙ Sandra Hyatt - The Magnate's Pregnancy Proposal

    needs 2b in a list

    Looks like it's borrowable but it's not
    * "Cry Wolf" - Amanda Carpenter a.k.a. Thea Harrison [BOOK]

    books READ elsewhere - but not listed on [OPEN]

    Please list where was found

    • ♡Lethal Encounter - Amy Alexander (Peter Jarvis & Katie McGovern) [BOOK]
      new author, looks promising, but lots and lots of telling.

    • CEO's Baby - Barbara McMahon (Trace Williams & Cath Norris)
      Lists: scarred, boss-done,
      4☆ slightly repetitive, at times, it was like a misprint, or started reading the same page again.
      First: Cath Norris came out of the BART station into the pouring rain. The gusting wind made using an umbrella impossible. She bent her head and began walking up Montgomery Street.

    • ☆Game of Chance - Emma Shortt [BOOK]

    • The Desert Sheikh - Katheryn Lane
      1) ♡Kidnapped By The Sheikh (Akbar Al-Zafir & Sarah Greenwich)
      2) ♡Married to the Sheikh (Akbar Al-Zafir & Sarah Greenwich)
      3) ♡The Sheikh's Son (Akbar Al-Zafir & Sarah Greenwich)

    • ♡His Plain Jane - L.Nicole

    • ☆Before You - Marni Mann
      Starred b/c not my kinda genre, but wow!
      You absolutely did read this, but do not tead again... very intense!
      DNR Sarah's GR review it has the spoiler. Or Read to reveal of the twist

    ⊙ = [UATF] as of 1/24

    Not a cryptic note
    In order to be on this list - book is not listed on [OPEN ]
    Authors not listed can be listed here,
    b/c they have books not listed on [OPEN] , right?

    If book is [UATF] but listed on [OPEN]
    It's text would be in an other list and marked [UATF] and
    book (no text) can be put in this list
    Unread & unlisted - this list
    Read & unlisted - this list for the text

    you said no more cryptic notes what other list?
    I dun think there is another list,

    So to recap -
    go through books listed here that's the books w/o text...
    Go thru books, and move out of here if they have a place,

  • Cover of: Saw this in the back of a book

    Saw this in the back of a book

    by stillme
    109 items Last modified June 11, 2024
  • Cover of: Desert - done

    Desert - done

    by stillme
    379 items Last modified June 11, 2024

    we interrupt your "must read now" list to re-read
    Woman in a Sheikh's World b/c
    And i quote,
    "...I wouldn’t object if he wanted to take his shirt off and chop wood in front of me or something, because he’s just such a man if you know what I mean."

  • Cover of: ons


    by stillme
    96 items Last modified June 11, 2024

    No description.

  • Cover of: Desert


    by stillme
    166 items Last modified June 11, 2024
  • Cover of: Same Title / Diff Author

    Same Title / Diff Author

    by stillme
    252 items Last modified June 10, 2024

    ♡At The Sheikh's Command - Clare Connelly (Radiz Zamin & Miranda Hunter) [BOOK]

    • Baby for the Billionaire series - Melody Anne
      4) 🎧Tycoon's Secret - Melody Anne

    • Big City Billionaires - Nora Flite
      1) ☆Billion Dollar Bad Boy (Keswick Silverwell & Alexis Willow)

    • The Billionaire Surprise Series - Emma St. Clair [UATF]
      6) ☆Maid for the Billionaire

    • Billionaire's Boys' Club - Jessica Clare
      4) ☆Once Upon a Billionaire - Jessica Clare

    • ☆Cinderella and the Sheikh - Teresa Morgan (Rasyn Al Jabar & Libby Fay)

    • ♡Claimed by the Sheikh - Mollie Mathews (Tariq & Melanie) [HOOPLA]

    • One Night with the Sheikh - Clare Connelly (Samir Almassi & Grace Jones) [B]
      Book #5 in - Clare Connelly's Sheikhs series

    • Passion Creek - Rachel Lyndhurst [HOOPLA]
      1) ♡Reforming the Playboy (Max Estin & Kira Butler)

    • Sheik's Captive - Violet Winspear (want) [UATF]

    • Sheik's Captive - Loreth Anne White

    • Sultan's Virgin Bride - Clare Connelly (Aki Katabi & Eleanor) [RAB]

    • Sultan's Reluctant Princess - Clare Connelly (Tamir Al’ani & Olivia Anderson) is this not read?

    • For Hire Series - Christine Bell
      1) Wife For Hire - Christine Bell

    • srsly Marie Harte Series not listed on MY lists? Pshhh
      Let's get right on that!

  • Cover of: Note to self: DO NOT READ

    Note to self: DO NOT READ

    by stillme
    165 items Last modified June 9, 2024

    Subject Matter not for me /
    After reading GR reviews /
    Author continuously Disappoints /
    To Never Read Again /
    ... these books are DNR

    • DNR anything by Penny Jordan
    • DNR anything by Katheryn Lane
    • DNR ANYTHING! EVER! by Charlotte Lamb
    • Sarah Holland is Charlotte Lamb, author i prefer to not read,
      Jane Holland = Charlotte Lamb's daughter

    if it's in this list, and marked as read with 1 star... Extreme DNR
    if it's not here, labeled "want to read"/unread with1 star... Extreme DNR

    • okay, okay, you don't want to read "Mistress Material" by Sharon Kendrick but then read StMargarets' GR review. it becomes a MUST read, right? so then you may as well read "The Morning After" by Michelle Reid. But stop there! DNR the rest of the Forbidden Collection!!!!

    "Quit re-creating your own personal tragedy everyday! Determine you want something different." 9/6/10 Hoarders Episode 31: Adella/ Teri

  • Cover of: Collections


    by stillme
    253 items Last modified June 8, 2024

    To search for Mistress to a Millionaire collection assimilate but not list

    Searched HOOPLA for Secretary Mistress - cont. at 3rd Mistress by Arrangement - Helen Brooks

    •dnr• Hot Winter Escapes * Books not added * waste of time

    1) •dnr• Bound by Her Baby Revelation - Cathy Williams (Leo & Kaya) 3.24
    2) Heir Made in Hawaii - Emmy Grayson (Nicholas Lassard & Anika Pierce) 3.54
    Princess Brides for Royal Brothers duet - Abby Green
    1. Mistaken for His royal Bride - Abby Green (Aristides de Valle & Maddi Smith) 3.92
    3) 2. Claimed by the Crown Prince - Abby Green (Dax de Valle & Laia Saint Roman) 3.73
    4) •dnr• One Forbidden Night in Paradise - Louise Fuller (Chase Farrar & Jemima Friday) 3.11
    5) Nine-Month Deal with Her Husband - Joss Wood (Benedikt Jónsson and Millie Piper) 3.68
    6) Snowbound with the Irresistible Sicilian - Maya Blake (Alessio Montaldi & Giada Parker) 2.93 <---- looks like a •dnr•
    7) Undoing His Innocent Enemy - Heidi Rice (Logan Coltan & Cara Doyle) 3.3
    8) In Bed with Her Billionaire Bodyguard - Pippa Roscoe (Luca Calvino & Hope Harcourt) 4.28

    At His Service [VARIOUS]

    1) ♡Powerful Italian, Penniless Housekeeper - India Grey (Lorenzo Cavalleri & Sarah Halliday)
    2) 🎧♡Prince's Chambermaid - Sharon Kendrick (Xaviero di Cesere & Cathy)
    ♡His Majesty's Child - Sharon Kendrick (Casimiro di Cesere & Melissa Maguire)
    3) ♡Maid for Montero - Kim Lawrence (Isandro Montero & Zoe Grace) [H]
    4) ♡Enticing Debt to Pay - Annie West (Jonas Deveson & Ravena Ruggiero)
    5) ▪DNR▪♤Consequences of That Night - Jennie Lucas (Cesare Falconeri & Emma Hayes)
    6) ♤Enthralled by Moretti - Cathy Williams (Alessandro Moretti & Chase Evens)
    7) ♡Housekeeper's Awakening - Sharon Kendrick (Luis Martinez & Carly Conner)
    8) ♡Billionaire's Housekeeper Mistress - Emma Darcy (Ethan Cartwright & Daisy Donahue)

    Best of Virgins Bundle [VARIOUS]

    Forresters - Melanie Milburne
    1) Secret Baby Bargain - Melanie Milburne (Jake Marriot & Ashleigh Forrester) [HOOPLA]
    1. 2) Virgin's Price - Melanie Milburne (Bryn Dwyer & Mia Forrester) [HOOPLA]
    Mercy Series - Shirley Jump
    2. 1) Virgin's Proposal - Shirley Jump (Max Webster & Katie Dole)
    2) Bachelor's Dare - Shirley Jump
    3) Daddy's Promise - Shirley Jump
    3. His Virgin Secretary - Cathy Williams (Bruno Giannella & Katy)
    4. One Hot Texan - Jane Sullivan (Cole McCallum & Ginny White) [UATF]
    5. Innocent Virgin - Carole Mortimer (Max Harding & Abby Freeman) [LIBBY]
    6. Undercover Virgin - Becky Barker (Kyle Tremont & Rianna Sullivan) [UATF]
    7. Single Demand - Margaret Allison (Hunter Axon & Cassie Edwards) [OPEN]
    8. Virgin’s Seduction - Anne Mather (Jake Romero & Eve Robertson)
    Zulheina Series - Nalini Singh [OPEN]
    1) ☆Desert Warrior - Nalini Singh (Tariq al-Huzzein Donovan Zamanat & Jasmine Coleridge) [BOOK]
    9. 2) Craving Beauty - Nalini Singh (Marc & Hira) [BOOK]
    10. Millionaire’s Virgin Mistress - Robyn Donald (Marc Corbett & Paige Howard) [OPEN]

    Billionaire Fiancés Box Set [BOOK]

    Sicilian Engagement - Rachel Lyndhurst (Lorenzo Ferrante & Lora Pryce-Howard) pgs 1-19
    The Brazilians Series - Carmen Falcone
    1) Kidnapping the Brazilian Tycoon - Carmen Falcone (Bruno Duarte & Addison Reed) pgs 19-36
    2) Brazilian Revenge (Leonardo Duarte & Satyanna Darling)
    3) Brazilian Capture (Emanuel Duarte & Erika Lancaster)
    4) Brazilian Surrender (Jaeger Bauer & Camila Duarte)
    An Unsuitable Husband - Ros Clarke (Emile Renaud & Theresa Chartley) pgs 36-52
    Affair Series - Annie Seaton
    1) Holiday Affair (Nick Richards & Lissy McIntyre)
    2) Italian Affair - Annie Seaton (Tomas Richards & Brianna Ballantine) pgs 52-68
    3) Outback Affair (Alessandro Ricardo & Jessica Trent)
    For Hire Series - Christine Bell
    1) Wife For Hire - Christine Bell (Owen Phipps & Lindy Knight) pgs 68-84
    2) Guardian for Hire (Gavin McClintock & Sarabeth Lucking)
    * titles in italics are here

    Billionaires - Clare Connelly

    1) Regret me Not (Fiero Montebello & Elodie Gardiner) [1 - 17]
    2) The Velasco Love Child (Dante Velasco & Maggie Carrington) [17 - 31]
    3) Rakanti's Indecent Proposition (Christos Rakanti & Elle Bradley) [31 - 47]
    4) ♡Greek's Marriage Revenge (Alessandro Petrides & Sophie Henderson) [47 - 61]
    5) Brazilian's Forgotten Lover (Cristiano Cesar Barata & Ava Henderson)
    [61 - 75]
    6) Tycoon's Summer Seduction (Thaddeus Konstanides & Saphire Morrison Arana) [75 - 90]
    7) Seducing the Spaniard (Gael Vivas & Carrie Beauchamp) [90 - 106]
    8) Billionaire's Untouched Bride (Benedetto Alfredo Di Fiori & Cleopatra Ash-Compton) [106 - 123]

    By His Royal Decree - Lucy Monroe

    1) ☆One-night Heir (Maksim Yurkovich & Gilliam Harris) a little too angsty for a ☆
    2) ☆Prince of Secrets (Demyan Zaretsky & Chanel Tanner)
    Both worth a re-read (dayum, even tho angsty, liked them)
    Continued in
    * Princess's by Royal Decree - Lucy Monroe
    1) ♡Queen by Royal Appointment (Nikolai Merikov & Nataliya Shevchenko)
    2) ♤His Majesty's Hidden Heir (Konstantin Merikov & Emma Carmichael Sloan Carmichael)
    (finally read, Still peeved at Konstantin)
    3) ♡Cost of their Royal Fling (Dimitri Merikov & Jenna Beals)
    His Majesty's Hidden Heir - book #2, was a DNR
    still peeved at Konstantin seems unhero, ALTHOUGH
    *Jennie Lucas redeemed Edward in "Nine Months Redeem to Him"
    Alexandra Sellers made villain, Jalal in "Sheikh's Honor" swoonworthy
    srsly? Jalal was already swoonworthy as villain in "Sheikh's Temptation"*

    Harlequin's Desert Brides Collection [VARIOUS]

    These were sweet, 'old school' Harlequins. Would read again.
    1) ♡1.Sheikh's Guarded Heart - Liz Fielding (Hanif & Lucy)
    2) ♡2. Sheikh's Unsuitable Bride - Liz Fielding (Zahir & Diana)
    3) ♡Rescued by the Sheikh - Barbara McMahon (Tuareg & Lisa)
    4) ♡Her Sheikh Boss - Carol Grace (Samir & Claudia)
    5) ♡Desert Prince's Proposal - Nicola Marsh (Samman & Bria)
    6) #Dinner, a Date, a Desert Sheikh - Jackie Braun (Madani & Emily)
    7) 1) ♤Sheikh's Destiny - Melissa James (Alim El-Kanar & Hana al-Sud)
    _●DNR● 2) ♤The Sheikh's Jewel - Melissa James (Harun El-Kanar & Amber el-Qurib) YUCK!

    ⚀⚀•° °•⚀Diamond Brides⚀•° °•⚀⚀ [VARIOUS]

    1) #Two Little Miracles - Caroline Anderson (Max Gallagher & Julia)
    2) #Bridesmaid and the Billionaire - Shirley Jump (Kane Lennox & Susannah Wison)
    3) ☆Her Valentine Blind Date - Raye Morgan (Max Angeli & Cari Christensen)
    4) #Australian's Society Bride - Margaret Way (Boyd Blanchard & Leona)
    5) #Royal Marriage Arrangement - Rebecca Winters (Lucca & Alexandra Grigory)
    6) #Manhattan Boss, Diamond Proposal - Trish Wylie (Quinn & Clare O'Connor)
    --want to read these--

    Greek Tycoon collection - Lucy Monroe

    1) -dnr- °Greek Tycoon's Ultimatum° (Leiandros Kiriakis & Savannah)
    -dnr- °Not Just the Greek's Wife° (Ariston Spiridakou & Chloe Spiridakou)
    Kourous Series
    2) 1. ♡°Greek's Innocent Virgin° (Sebastion Kourous & Rachel Long)
    3) 2. ♡°Greek's Christmas Baby° (Aristide Kourous & Eden Kourous)
    Petronide Brothers Duo
    4) ♡°Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress° (Dimitri Petronides & Xandra/Alex Fortune)
    5) ♡°Greek Tycoon's Inherited Bride° (Spiros Petronides & Phoebe)
    ♡Back in the Spaniard's Bed - Trish Morey (Alejandro Rodriguez & Leah)
    see Latin Lover OPEN
    Traditional Greek Husbands Series - Lucy Monroe
    Very sweet, low angst ☆☆ okay to read again
    6) ☆°Shy Bride° (Neo Stamos & Cassandra Baker)
    7) ☆°Greek's Pregnant Lover° (Zephyr Nikos & Piper Madison)

    ▪Greek Tycoons #vignettes▪
    2017 Christmas Coda: The Greek Tycoons▪
    Kinda like epilogue for Lucy Monroe Greek Tycoons
    See above 8 titles marked with °
    plus 2 from Royal Brides - Lucy Monroe (see Dynastic list)
    °♡Bought: The Greek's Bride° & °☆Kosta's Convenient Bride°
    ☆ After the Billionaire's Wedding Vows... (Alex/Andros Kristalakis & Polly/Anna Kristalakis)


    Greek Tycoons

    1) ☆Greek Millionaire's Marriage - Sara Wood (Dimitri Angelaki & Olivia Angelaki)
    2) ♡At the Greek Boss's Bidding - Jane Porter (Kristian Koumantaros & Elizabeth)
    3) ♡Greek Tycoon's Revenge- Jaqueline Baird (Marcus Kouvaris & Eloise)
    4) #Greek Tycoon's Wife - Kim Lawrence (Nikos Lakis & Katerina Lakis)
    5) #Bought by the Greek Tycoon - Jaqueline Baird (Luke Devetzi & Jemma Barnes)
    Wanna read that one
    6) #Greek Tycoon's Love-Child - Jaqueline Baird (Theodore Kadros & Willow Blain)
    7) ?Power of the Legendary Greek - Catherine George (Lukas Andreadis & Isobel James)

    Helen Bianchin Collection [ RAB and BOOK ]

    • Married For Convenience
      Santanas Men - Helen Bianchin
      1) ☆Forgotten Husband (Alejandro Santanas & Elise)
      Amnesia, preggers,
      2) ♡Marriage Arrangement (Miguel Santanas & Hannah)
      2 yr marriage contract.. psycho OW
      3) Husband Test (Nicos Kasoulis & Katrina)
    • Latin Lovers
      1) Convenient Bridegroom (Society Weddings) (Carlo Santangelo & Aysha Benini) [@-55]
      2) In the Spaniard's Bed (Diego de Santo & Cassandra Preston-Villiers) [55-67]
      3) ☆Martinez Marriage Revenge (Marcello Martinez & Shannay) [67-82]
      HP One-click April 2008 [HOOPLA]
    • Mistress Arrangements
      1) Passion's Mistress (Stefano Alessi & Carly Taylor) [82-96]
      2) Desert Mistress (Shalef Al-Sayed & Kristi) [96-110]
      3) Mistress by Arrangement (Nikos Alessandros & Michelle) [110-124]
    • Greek's Pride
      1) Stephanos Marriage (Aleksi Stephanos & Alyse Anderson) [124-138]
      a.k.a. Stefanos Marriage (Aleksi Stefanos & Alyse Anderson)
    • Dimitriades Brothers
      2) Passionate Surrender (Luc Dimitriades & Ana Stanford) [138-151]
      3) Greek Bridegroom (Jace Dimitriades & Rebekah Stanford) [151-164]
    • The Marriage Bed
      1) Ideal Marriage? (Benedict Nicols & Gabbi Stanton) [164-178]
      2) Marriage Campaign (Dominic Andrea & Francesca Angeletti) [178-192]
      Do Not Disturb [Various]
    • Bridal Suite - Sandra Marton (@ & @)
    • Honeymoon Baby Susan Napier (@ & @)
    • Bedroom Incident - Elizabeth Oldfield (@ & @)
      3) 4. Bridal Bed (Sloane Wilson-Willoughby & Suzanne ?) [192-205]
    • Tycoon's Virgin - Penny Jordan (@ & @)
    • Night of the Wedding - Kathryn Ross (@ & @)
    • Enigmatic Man - Carole Mortimer (@ & @)
    • On the Tycoon's Terms - Sandra Field (@ & @)
    • Liam's Secret Son - Carole Mortimer (Liam & @)
    • Seduction Assignment
      1) Seduction Season (Sebastian & Anneke/Anique ) [205-214]
      2) Marriage Deal (Michel Lanier & Sandrine Arnette) [214-227]
      3) Husband Assignment (Raoul Lanier & Stephanie Sommers) [227-241]

    High Society Brides [VARIOUS]

    1) ♡Sheikh's Proposal - Barbara McMahon (Kharun bak Samin & Sara Kinsale)
    Twin Brides - Rebecca Winters
    2) ♡Bride Fit for a Prince - Rebecca Winters (Nicco Tescotti & Callie Lassiter)
    ♡Rush to the Altar - Rebecca Winters (Riley Garrow & Ann Lassiter)
    3) #Tycoon Prince - Barbara McMahon (Jean LeBlanc & Clarissa Dubonette) avail [OPEN] High Society Brides 3 for 1 book
    4) Paper Marriage - Jessica Steele (Jonah Marriott & Lydie Pearson) [O]
    5) Ordinary Princess - Liz Fielding (Alexander & Laura) [BOOK]
    6) Frenchman's Bride - Rebecca Winters (Vincent Rolland & Hallie Linn) [O]
    7) Her Royal Baby - Marion Lennox (Marc & Tamsin Dexter) [O]
    8) Rafael's Convenient Proposal - Rebecca Winters (Rafael D'Afonso& Mallory Ellis) [O]
    9) The Englishman's Bride - Sophie Weston (Philip Hardesty & Kit Romaine) [BOOK]
    Sweet!! Fade to Black

    ♤Hired for the Boss's Pleasure Series [Various]

    1) ♤Mediterranean Boss, Convenient Mistress - Kathryn Ross (Marco Delmari & Charlotte Hopkirk)
    2) ♤Her Ruthless Italian Boss - Christina Hollis (Luca Francesco & Beth Woodbury)
    3) ♤Mistress: Hired for the Billionaire's Pleasure - India Grey (Orlando Winterton & Rachel Campion)
    4) ♤Billionaire Boss's Innocent Bride - Lindsay Armstrong (Max Goodwin & Alexandra Hill)
    Warning to self: do not read ever again, bloody boring!

    Innocent Wives Series - [VARIOUS] and merry rabbit hole

    1) ♡Powerful Greek, Unworldly Wife - Sarah Morgan
    (Leandro Demetrios & Millie)
    2) ♡Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded - Abby Green
    (Vincenzo Valentini & Cara Brosnan)
    3) ▪DNR▪Blackmailed Bride, Inexperienced Wife - Annie West
    a.k.a. Blackmailed Bride, Innocent Wife (Dario Parisi & Alissa Scott)
    Read Alicia's Goodread Review for "Blackmailed..."
    Avail in "Italians: Cristiano, Vittorio and Dario"
    the other 2 books in "Italians:" are:
    1. Once a Ferrara Wife... - Sarah Morgan (Cristiano Ferrara & Laurel Ferrara)
    2. Forbidden Ferrara - Sarah Morgan (Santino Ferrara & Fia Baracchi)
    ☆Dark Sicilian Secret - Jane Porter (Vittorio d'Severano & Jillian Smith) * intense • must read *
    4) ♡British Billionaire's Innocent Bride - Susanne James (Theodore Montague & Lily Patterson)
    available in "Undressed by the Billionaire" [OPEN]
    The other 2 books in "Undressed..." are:
    ♡Ruthless Billionaire's Virgin - Susan Stephens (Ethan Alexander & Savannah Ross)
    ▪DNR▪♤Billionaire's Defiant Wife - Amanda Browning (Jonas Berkeley & Aimi)
    awful book, H was sappy, she was ugh. read GR Review!

    Jet-Set Billionaires [Various] [HOOPLA]

    1) ♡Penniless and Pregnant in Paradise - Sharon Kendrick (Santiago Tevez & Kitty O’Hanlon)
    2) 1. ♤Royal Baby He Must Claim - Jadesola James (Luke Ibru & Kemi Obatola)
    2. ♡Princess He Must Marry - Jadesola James (Akil Al-Hamri & Tobilola Obatola)
    3) ♡Innocent in the Sicilian's Palazzo - Kim Lawrence (Soren Steinsson-Vitale & Anna Randall)
    4) ♡Revealing Her Nine-Month Secret - Natalie Anderson (Massimo Donati-Wells & Carrie Barrett)
    Dani Collins rabbit hole
    A. ☆Vows of Revenge - Dani Collins (Roman Killian & Melodie Parnell)
    Mentioned in later books
    B. ☆Cinderella’s Royal Seduction - Dani Collins (Rhys Charlemaine & Cassiopeia /Sopi Brodeur)
    Will be mentioned in a later book
    1: C. ☆Confessions of an Italian Marriage - Dani Collins (Giovanni Catalano & Freja Anderson)
    5) 2: D.☆Cinderella for the Miami Playboy - Dani Collins (Everett Drake & Bianca Palmer)
    3: E. ♡Awakened on Her Royal Wedding Night - Dani Collins (Felipe & Claudine Bergqvist)
    6) ☆Their One-Night Rio Reunion - Abby Green (Caio Salazar & Ana Diaz)
    Royals of Svardia - Pippa Roscoe
    7) 1: ♡Snowbound with His Forbidden Princess (Kjell Bergqvist & Freya)
    Dani Collins has a Bergqvist in Awakened on her Wedding Night -
    but they can't be related... can they?
    2: ♡Stolen from Her Royal Wedding (Lykos Livas & Marit)
    3: ♡Claimed to Save His Crown (Aleksander/Aleks & Henna)
    ♡Wife The Spaniard Never Forgot - Pippa Roscoe (Javier Casas & Emily Casas)
    Billionaires of the Outback - Kelly Hunter
    8) 1. ♡Return of the Outback Billionaire - Kelly Hunter (Judah Blake & Bridie Starr)
    2. ♡Cinderella and the Outback Billionaire - Kelly Hunter (Reid Blake & Ari Cohen)

    Kept for His Pleasure - [Various]

    0.5) ♡Under the Italian's Command - Susan Stephens (Lorenzo Domenico & Carly Tate)
    1) ♡Housekeeper at His Beck and Call - Susan Stephens (Cade Grant & Olivia/Liv Tate)
    2) His Mistress His Terms - Trish Wylie (Alex Fitzgerald & Merrow O'Connell)
    3) Confessions of a Millionaire's Mistress - Robyn Grady (Benton Scott & Celeste Prince) possible DNR
    4) Mistress Under Contract - Natalie Anderson (Daniel Graydon & Lucy Delaney)
    a.k.a. 3. Teasing Her Grumpy Boss
    5) Secret Mistress Arrangement - Kimberly Lang (Matt Jacobs & Ella Mackenzie)
    6) ☆Maverick Greek Island Mistress - Kelly Hunter (Pete Bennett & Serena)
    #3 of Bennett Family (see Again! Again! list)
    7) Hot-shot Tycoon, Indecent Proposal - Heidi Rice (Connor Brodie & Daisy Dean)
    8) 1. Millionaire's Misbehaving Mistress - Kimberly Lang (Will Harrison & Gwen Sawyer)
    2. What Happens in Vegas... - Kimberly Lang (Nick Rocco & Evie Harrison)
    9) Playboy Boss, Live-in Mistress - Kelly Hunter (Alexander Wentworth & Sienna Raleigh)

    Man of the World [Various]

    1) Fine Madness - Kathleen Korbel (Ian Matthews & Quinn Rutledge)
    2) On His Honor - Lucy Gordon (Carlo Valetti & Serena Fletcher)
    3) Falconer - Jennifer Greene (Rand Krieger & Leigh Merrick)
    4) Wild About Harry - Linda Lael Miller (Harry Griffith & Amy Ryan)
    5) Lion of the Desert - Barbara Faith (Karim al-Raji & Diane St. James) [UATF]
    6) Tequila Sunrise - Anne Weale (Raul Dysart & Maria Rawlings)

    Millionaire Affair Series [VARIOUS]

    1) ♡City Cinderella - Catherine George (Lucas Tenntent & Emily Warner)
    2) ♡At the Playboy's Pleasure - Kim Lawrence (Finn Fitzgerald & Lucy Foster)
    3) One Night with the Tycoon - Lee Wilkinson (Graydon Gallagher & Rebecca Ferris)
    4) #Millionaire's Marriage Claim - Lindsay Armstrong (Gavin Hastings IV & Jo Luca)
    5) ♡In the Banker's Bed - Lindsay Armstrong (Elliot Jay & Melissa Lee)
    6) #In the Millionaire's Possession - Sara Craven Marc Delaroche & Helen Frayne)
    Don't assume you read #3 - mebbe you just started it?

    Nights of Passion [VARIOUS]

    Fitzgerald/Flanagan (spoiler: no one is named Fitzgerald)
    1) ♡Her Bedroom Surrender - Trish Wylie (Rory Flanaghan & Cara)
    ♤At the Billionaire's Bidding - Trish Wylie (Connor Flanaghan & Shannon)
    2) ♡His Mistress by Arrangement - Natalie Anderson (Jake Rendel & Emma Delaney)
    Stonington Drive - Ally Blake
    ♡Magnate's Indecent Proposal - Ally Blake (Damien Halliburton & Chelsea)
    3) ♡Night with the Society Playboy - Ally Blake (Ava Halliburton & Caleb Gilchrist)
    4) ♡Untamed Billionaire, Undressed Virgin - Anna Cleary (Connor O'Brien & Sophy)
    5) ♡Pleasured by the Secret Millionaire - Natalie Anderson (Rhys Maitland & Sienna)
    Taken by the Millionaire - anthology [VARIOUS]
    1. ♡Hotly Bedded Conveniently Wedded - Robyn Grady (Alex Richardson & Bel)
    6) 2. ♡Naughty Nights in the Millionaire's Mansion - Robyn Grady (Mitch & Vanessa)
    3. ♡Big-Shot Bachelor - Nicola Marsh (Cooper Vance & Ariel)
    A.K.A. ♡Mistress to the Tycoon*
    7) ♤Two Weeks in the Magnate's Bed - Nicola Marsh (Zac McCoy & Lana)
    A.K.A. ♤The CEO: A reverse grumpy sunshine workplace romance (Workplace liaisons Book 2)
    Kelly's of Brisbane - Ally Blake
    1.♡Dating the Rebel Tycoon - Ally Blake (Cameron Kelly & Rosie Harper)
    missing pg 29-31
    8) 2.-dnf- Getting Red-Hot with the Rogue - Ally Blake (Dylan Kelly & Wynnie)
    tried to read this book, many times, ugh
    3. #Millionaire Dad's SOS - Ally Blake (Meg Kelly & Zach)
    4.?does Brendan Kelly get a book? I'm waiting...

    No Sleep for the Sheikh - Teresa Morgan

    1) ☆Handcuffed to the Sheikh (Sayid & Maxine Foss)
    2) ♡Sheikh with Benefits (Javad Shirin & Arya Mokri)
    3) ♡Vegas Valentine Gigolo/Sheikh (Zaqwan el Behar & Stacia Keating)

    Passionately Ever After... [Various] [HOOPLA]

    1) ♡Baby to Tame the Wolfe - Heidi Rice (Jack Wolfe & Katherine Medford)
    2) ♡Stolen Nights with the King - Sharon Kendrick (Corso & Rosie Forrester)
    3) ♡Kiss She Claimed from the Greek - Abby Green (Achilles Lykaios & Sofie MacKenzie)
    4) ♡Scandal Made at Midnight - Kate Hewitt (Alessandro Rossi & Liane Blanchard)
    5) ♡Cinderella in the Billionaire's Castle - Clare Connelly (Thirio Skartos & Lucinda Villeneuve)
    6) ♡Princess He Must Marry - Jadesola James (Akil Al-Hamri & Tobi Obatola)
    7) ♡Undone by Her Ultra-Rich Boss - Lucy King (Duarte & Orla Garrett) online
    8) ♡Her Secret Royal Dilemma - Chantelle Shaw (Erik & Arielle Tremain)
    * Modern Romance June 2022 Books 1-4
    * Modern Romance June 2022 Books 5-8

    Powerful and the Pure [VARIOUS]

    Based on Jane Austin ugh, read at your own risk!
    ▪DNR▪Forbidden Innocent - Sharon Kendrick /Jane Eyre (Jack & Ashley)
    blatant adultry by both H & h
    a.k.a.▪DNR▪Forbidden Wife - Sharon Kendrick / Jane Eyre (Jack & Ashley)
    In Want of a Wife - Cathy Williams / Pride & Prejudiced (Louis & Lizzy)
    Mr Mischief - Kate Hewitt / Emma (Jason & Emily)
    Return of the Stranger - Kate Walker/ Wuthering Heights (Heath & Kat)

    Scandal in the Spotlight [Various]

    1) #Girl Behind the Scandalous Reputation - Michelle Conder (Lily Wild & Tristan Garrett)
    *The Whitney Heiresses - Caitlin Crews
    1. Replacement Wife - Caitlin Crews (Theo Markou Garcia & Becca Whitney)
    2) 2. #Heiress Behind the Headlines - Caitlin Crews (Jack Endicott Sutton & Larissa Whitney)*
    3) #Back in the Headlines - Sharon Kendrick (Titus Alexander & Roxanne Carmichael)
    * ☆Korovin Brothers ☆ Caitlin Crews ☆ Daaaayam!!
    4) 1. ☆No More Sweet Surrender - Caitlin Crews (Ivan & Miranda)
    2. ☆Not Just the Boss's Plaything ☆ (Nicolai ☆ Alicia)
    2.5. #His Wife by Christmas (Ren & Charlotte) online
    5) 🎧#Game with One Winner - Lynn Raye Harris (Roman & Caroline) [HOOPLA]
    6) #Rumors on the Red Carpet - Carole Mortimer (Lucien & Thia)

    Summer Heat: A Steamy Romance Boxed Set,

    1 Going Down Easy - Carly Phillips (Kade Barnes & Lexie) 《pages 1-17》13+E Chapters
    2 Making Her Melt - Amber Lin (Ethan & Lia) 《pages 17-23》8 Chapters
    3 Garrison's Creed - Critin Harber (Cash Garrison & Nicola) 《pages 23-50》31+E Chapters
    4 There is no Light in the Darkness - Claire Contreras (Cole & Blake Brennan)《pages 50-70》P+31 Chapters
    ▪DNR▪5 The Pawn - Skye Warren (Gabriel Miller & Avery James)《pages 70-87》 P+31 Chapters
    Cont. The Knight
    Cont. The Castle
    ▪DNR▪6 Resisting the Bad Boy - Violet Duke 《pages 87-102》(Conner & Abby) 20 Chapters
    7 Possessive - Willow Winters (Daniel & Addison) 《pages 102-118》 30 Chapters
    Cont. In Merciless (Carter & Aria Talvery)
    8 Marriage Material - Barbara Samuel (Lance Forrest &Tamara) 《pages 118-136》 17 Chapters
    9 If You were Mine- Jenika Snow (Lennon & Daisy) 《pages 136-140》 8+E Chapters
    For the King - Jenika Snow
    0 ♡Bare Ass in Love - Sasha Burke (Jason Steele & Summer Davis) 《pages 140- 150》23+E Chapters
    Book #1 in Hard, Fast and Forever series
    . These, may/may not, be as bad as assumed

    This Time Forever [Various] ▪DNR▪

    1) ♡Savage Betrayal - Lynne Graham (Cesare Falcone & Mina Carrol)
    2) Fast and Loose - Elizabeth Oldfield (Keir Robards & Darcy Weston)
    3) Strength Of Desire - Alison Fraser (Hope Gardener & Guy Delacroix) adultress
    4) Three Times A Bride - Catherine Spencer (Adam Cabot & Georgia)
    5) Their Wedding Day - Emma Darcy (Rowena Goodman & Keir Delahunty) adultress
    6) Baby For Christmas - Anne McAllister (Piran & Carly)
    These might be too angsty for me, mebbe just read the 5th
    No, DNR the lot.... agh! Oops i read one and i liked it!

    Thoroughbred Legacy [VARIOUS].

    1) Flirting with Trouble - Elizabeth Bevarly
    2) Biding Her Time - Wendy Warren
    3) Picture of Perfection - Kristin Gabriel
    4) Something to Talk About by Joanne Rock
    5) Millions to Spare - Barbara Dunlop
    6) Courting Disaster - Kathleen O'Reilly
    7) Who's Cheatin' Who - Maggie Price
    8) A Lady's Luck - Ken Casper
    9) Darci's Pride - Jenna Mills
    10) Breaking Free - Loreth Anne White
    11) An Indecent Proposal - Margot Early
    12) The Secret Heiress - Bethany Campbell
    delete this list and iy's vc books

    Ultimate Billionaire Collection

    1) Cynical Sheikh (Taliq & Laura Toliver)
    a.k.a. The Sheikh's Secret
    2) Falling for the Sheikh (Kharun bak Rijad & Sara Kindale)
    a.k.a. Sheikh's Proposal
    3) ♡A Sheikh of her Own (Rashid al Halzid & Bridget Rossi)
    a.k.a Her Desert Family
    4) Unforgettable Sheikh (Ben/Karif bin Shakirah & Chloe McDonald)
    a•k•a• Sheikh Daddy (Ben Shalik & Megan O'Sullivan)
    Same Author/Same story/changed MC's names
    I believe these'll been read, mebbe under a.k.a's

    Undressed by the Boss [VARIOUS]

    1) #Taken by the Maverick Millionaire - Anna Cleary (Tom Russell & Cate Summerfield)
    2) ♡Tycoon's Very Personal Assistant - Heidi Rice (Zack Boudreaux & Kate)
    3) ♡Business in the Bedroom - Anne Oliver (Zak Forrester & Abby Seymour)
    Walker Girls Series - Nicola Marsh
    4) 1. ?Boss's Bedroom Agenda - Nicola Marsh (Aiden Voss & Beth Walker)
    Nights of Passion Collection
    2. 7) ♤Two Weeks in the Magnate's Bed - Nicola Marsh (Zac McCoy & Lana Walker)
    A.K.A. The CEO: A reverse grumpy sunshine workplace romance (Workplace liaisons Book 2)
    5) ☆Sheikh boss, Hot Desert nights - Susan Stephens (Sheikh Rafik al Rafar & Casey Michaels)
    6) ?Hot Boss, Wicked Nights - Anne Oliver (Damon Gillespie & Kate Fielding)
    7) #At the Boss's Beck and Call - Anna Cleary (Alessandro Vincenti & Lara Meadows)

    Surrender to the Sheik - [VARIOUS]

    1-18 assimilated, but not individually listed

    Somebody had fun with the bold pen

  • Cover of: Disgustedly yours,

    Disgustedly yours,

    by stillme
    11 items Last modified June 7, 2024

    i Wish List

    Mebbe next year?

    Billion-dollar Fairy Tales - Tara Pammi
    3) ⊙ Innocent's Deal with the Devil (Nasir Hadeed & Yanna Reddy) [Jan 2024] [UATF]

    Book 7 and 8 urgently needed for

    Billionaires of Blackcastle - Olivia Gates
    Jacob Wolff/Brainiac, or Cypher?
    Please re-read this series
    more books requested

    • Kelly's of Brisbane - Ally Blake
      .?does Brendan Kelly get a book? I'm waiting...

    • book for King Philip Corlow, pretty please - Amalie Berlin

    • British Billionaires Series - Bronwyn Jameson
      ☆Magnate's Make-Believe Mistress (Cristo Veron & Isabelle Browne)
      Shouldn't her sister get a story? Hello! Anyone? Book 2?
      Can't be the butler, he's not a Billionaire

    • Abby ? from Heart of the Desert - Carol Marinelli

    • Stephanie - Carol Marinelli 's Revenge is Sweet series

    • Those Notorious Romanos - Carol Marinelli
      3) no book for (Stefano Romano & his Brazilian Fiancée Eloa)
      Castello family mentions as friendly rivals

    • from Christina Phillips 's British Bad Boys
      Caleb Montgomery ? Katie? Yolanda? Jax Kennedy?

    • Cord Randall ? - Day Leclaire 's Randall series

    • Kyriakis's Innocent Mistress - Diana Hamilton
      Bonnie Wades older sister Lisa? a fitness instructor to the rich and famous,

    • Wyatt? - J.S.Scott 's Billionaire's Obsession

    • Italian's Doorstep Surprise - Jennie Lucas
      Honora Callahan's friend Emmie Swenson & Nico Ferrarao's Greek friend Theo Katrakis ?

    • Calista ? (Talia Richards sister) - Jessica Lemmon 's Blue Collar Billionaires

    • from McNeill Magnates - Joanne Rock
      Melissa and/or Victoria Degraff ?

    • Julianne Howells From "Stranded & "Rivals""
      Max von Frohburg is Seb's older half brother
      or Isobel Tolvonen (Agnesse's sis?)

    • Anna (Emily's sister) & David? in Bought: Damsel in Distress - Lucy King

    • Dante Ventura ? - Michelle Conder (see unack)

    • Billionaire's Intern: Logan Black - Maisey Yates
      bartender Isobel and her not brother the billionaire?

    • Miranda Lee 's Three Rich Men - Sold to the Sheikh
      Ali's brother, Sultan of Dubar ?

    • Men of Manhattan - Natalie Anderson
      Does bro Jack, and James' twin George/Jorge get a book?

    • ♡Whose Bed is it Anyway (James Wolfe & Caitlin Moore)
      5) 2. ♡Unbuttoning Her Brooding Boss
      a.k.a Tycoon's Terms of Engagement (Jack Wolfe & Steffi Johnson)

    • Manhattan Kings - Piper Knox
      Axel Reid's siblings Francine & Santiago/Tiago Reid ?

    • from Red Garnier 's Gage Brothers
      Emerson West Gage & Cassandra Clark AND her brother ?

    • Private Lives of Public Playboys - Sarah Morgan
      Salem & Yasmin ?

    • Dani or Sophie? - Yvonne Lindsay 's Marriage at First Sight Series

    • check out
      Diamond Inheritance - Pippa Roscoe
      Do Xander Chalendar (Terms) or Lycos Livas (Greek Secret) get a book?
      Yes, Lycos Livas does in...
      Royals of Svardia series - book 2: Stolen from her Royal Wedding
      note Put these 2 series together

  • Cover of: BOSS - done

    BOSS - done

    by stillme
    418 items Last modified June 5, 2024
  • Cover of: Secret Heirs of Billionaires

    Secret Heirs of Billionaires

    by stillme
    124 items Last modified June 4, 2024

    not necessarily in order
    and including Series within Series

    Castelli Brothers Series 1-2 Caitlin Crews
    1) DNR▪♤Unwrapping the Castelli Secret - Caitlin Crews (Rafael & Lily)
    ♤Castelli's Virgin Widow - Caitlin Crews (Luca & Kathryn)
    * Seven Sexy Sins Collection [VARIOUS ]
    1. Sloth - ♡To Sin with the Tycoon - Cathy Williams (Gabriel Cabrera & Alice Morgan)
    2. Lust - -- -- ♡Sheikh's Sinful Seduction - Dani Collins (Zafir & Fern Davenport)
    Sauveterre Siblings ☆ Dani Collins
    -- -- (1) ♡Pursued by the Desert Prince (Kasim & Angelique Sauveterre)
    (2) ♡His Mistress with Two Secrets (Henri Sauveterre & Cinnia Whitley)
    (3) ♡Bound by the Millionaire's Ring (Ramon Sauveterre & Izzy/Isidora Garcia)
    (4) ♡Prince's Son of Scandal (Xavier Deunoro & Trella/Bella Sauveterre)

    Bound to the Desert King ☆☆☆ [Various]
    1 ☆Sheikh's Baby of Revenge - Tara Pammi (Adir & Amira)
    2 ☆Sheikh's Pregnant Cinderella - Maya Blake (Zufar & Neisha)
    3 -- -- ☆Sheikh's Princess of Convenience - Dani Collins (Karim & Galila)
    -- -- ☆Innocent in the Sheikh's Palace - Dani Collins (Akin Dagar Al-Sarraf & Hannah Meeks)
    Fern, Angelique and Galila become friends of Hannah
    4 ☆Sheikh's Secret Love-Child - Caitlin Crews (Malak & Shona)
    3. Pride - ♡Sins of Sebastian Rey-Defoe - Kim Lawrence (Seb/Sebastian Rey-Defoe & Mari Jones)
    this was difficult to read, like the prose was weird
    4. Gluttony - ♡Taste of Sin - Maggie Cox (Gene Bonnaire & Rose Heathcote)
    5. Envy - ♡inner's Marriage Redemption - Annie West (Flynn Marshall & Ava Cavendish)

    Must read Book #6 from Seven Sexy Sins, first, then read Brunetti's Son
    6. Wrath - 1 ♡Marriage Fit for a Sinner - Maya Blake (Zaccheo Giordano & Eva Pennington) [O]
    2) 2♡Brunetti's Secret Son - Maya Blake (Romeo Brunetti & Maisie O'Connell)
    7. Greed - ?? Innocent's Sinful Craving - Sara Craven (Zac Belisandro & Dana Grantham)
    3) °♡Secret to Marrying Marchesi - Amanda Cinelli (Rigo Marchesi & Nicole Duvalle)
    Prequel to
    * Avelar Family Scandals Duo - Amanda Cinelli
    °♡Vows He Must Keep - Amanda Cinelli (Valerio Marchesi & Daniela Avelar)
    °♡Returning to Claim His Heir - Amanda Cinelli (Duarte Avelar & Nora Beckett)
    4) ▪DNR▪Demetriou Demands His Child - Kate Hewitt (Alekos Demetriou & Iolanthe Petrakis)
    Prequel to
    Jeirut Royal Sisters Series - Annie West
    5) 0.5 ♡Desert King's Secret Heir - Annie West (Idris Baddour & Arden Willis)
    1. ☆Desert King's Captive Bride (Huseyn al Rasheed & Ghizlan)
    2. ♡Greek's Forbidden Innocent (Alexei Katsaros & Mina)
    6) ♡Sheikh's Secret Son - Maggie Cox (Zafir el-Kalil & Darcy Carrick)
    7) ♡Innocent's Shameful Secret - Sara Craven (Alexis Constantinou & Selena Blake)
    8) ♡Greek's Pleasurable Revenge - Andie Brock (Lukas Kalanos & Calista Gianopoulous) HP June 2017 2of2
    9) ♡Secret Kept from the Greek - Susan Stephens (Damon Gavros & Lizzie Montgomery)
    10) ♡Carrying the Spaniard's Child - Jennie Lucas (Santiago Velazquez & Belle Langtry)
    11) ♡Kidnapped for the Tycoon's Baby - Louise Fuller (Ramsay Walker & Nola Mason)
    12) ♡Greek's Secret Son - Julie James (Anatole Kyrgiakis & Christine/Tia Saunders Kyrgiakis)
    Secrets of Xanos ☆☆☆ Carol Marinelli
    1. ☆Shameful Consequence (Nico Eliades & Constantine/ Connie)
    2. ☆An Indecent Proposition (Zander Kargas & Charlotte)
    13) 3.☆Claiming His Hidden Heir - Carol Marinell (Luka Kargas & Cecelia Andrews)
    really, his surname is kar•gas ?
    * unacknowledged (°Secret Billionaire Baby°) series * Jennie Lucas
    (°0.5°) ♡Surprise Baby for the Greek Tycoon - Jennie Lucas (Lacey Tremaine & John Drakos) ONLINE
    14) (°1°) ♡Secret the Italian Claims - Jennie Lucas (Cristiano Moretti
    & Hallie Hatfield)
    15) ♡Wed for His Secret Heir - Chantelle Shaw (Giannis Gekas & Ava Sheridan)
    16) (°2°) ♡Heir the Prince Secures - Jennie Lucas (Stefano Zacco & Tess Foster)
    (°2.5°) ♡Claiming His Nine-Month Consequence - Jennie Lucas (Ares Kourakis & Ruby Prescott)
    17) ♡Italian's Unexpected Love-Child - Miranda Lee (Leonardo Fabrizzi & Veronica Hanson)
    18) (°3°) ♡Baby the Billionaire Demands - Jennie Lucas (Rodrigo Cabrera & Lola Price)
    * The Powerful Di Fiore Tycoons series: Jennifer Hayward
    1: ♡Christmas at the Tycoon's Command (Nico Di Fiore & Chloe Russo)
    2: ♡His Million-Dollar Marriage Proposal (Lazzero Di Fiore & Chiara Ferrante)
    19) 3: ♡Married for His One-Night Heir (Santo Di Fiore & Giovanna Castiglione) Harlq P Dec/18 2of2
    20) ♡Secret Kept from the Italian - Kate Hewitt (Antonio Rossi & Maisie Dobson) [B]
    21) ♡Demanding His Secret Son - Louise Fuller (Aristotle Leonidas & Theodora/Teddie)
    a.k.a..♡Their Nine-Month Marriage Secret - Louise Fuller
    22) ♡Sheikh's Secret Baby - Sharon Kendrick (Zuhal Al Haidar & Jasmine)
    Missing brother Kamal missing, rode a Akhal-Teke horse
    23) ♡Sicilian's Secret Son - Angela Bissel (Luca Cavallari & Annah Sinclair)
    * Ruthless Devereux Brothers - Carol Marinelli
    _1 ♡Innocent's Shock Pregnancy - Carol Marinelli (Ethan Devereux & Merida Cartwright)
    _2 ♡Billionaire's Christmas Cinderella - Carol Marinelli (Abe Devereux & Naomi Hamilton)
    24) _3 ♡Claimed for the Sheikh's Shock Son - Carol Marinell (Khalid of Al-Zahan & Aubrey Johnson) B pg1-16
    _3.5 ♡His Manhattan Midnight Cinderella - Carol Marinelli (Leander Carmichael & Felicia) online
    25) ♡Shock Heir for the King - Clare Connelly (Matthias & Frankie/Frances Preston)
    * Shocking Italian Heirs - Jackie Ashenden Duo
    26) (#1) ♡Demanding His Hidden Heir - Jackie Ashenden (Enzo Cardinali & Matilda St George)
    ------ (#2) ♡Claimimg His One-Night Child - Jackie Ashenden (Dante Cardinali & Stella Montefiore)
    * Montero Baby Scandals - Dani Collins Wrongful Heirs duo
    ♡Marriage He Must Keep - Dani Collins (Alessandro Ferrante & Octavia)
    1. ♡Consequence He Must Claim - Dani Collins (Cesar Montero & Sorcha Kelly) [RAB]
    27) 2. ♡Maid's Spanish Secret - Dani Collins (Rico Montero & Poppy Harris)
    3. ♡Bound by Their Nine-Month Scandal - Dani Collins (Angelo Navarro & Pia Montero)
    * Royal Brides for Desert Brothers Duo - Annie West
    28) ?Sheikh's Royal Baby Revelation - Annie West (Ashraf al Rashid & Victoria/Tori Nilsson)
    ♡Demanding His Desert Queen - Annie West (Karim al Rashid & Safiyah)
    29) ♡Cinderella's Scandalous Secret - Melanie Milburne (Rafe Angeleri & Isla McBain)
    ♡Billionaire's Wife on Paper - Melanie Milburne (Logan McLaughlin & Layla Campbell)
    30) ♡Unwrapping the Innocent's Secret - Caitlin Crews (Pascal Furlani Cecilia)
    31) ♡Proof of Their One-Night Passion - Louise Fuller (Ragnar Stone / Ragnar Stein & Lottie Dawson)
    - 32) ♡Italian's Unexpected Baby - Kate Hewitt (Alessandro Costa & Mia James)

    is not part of this collection
    Passionate Night with the Greek - Kim Lawrence (Zach Gavros & Katina Parvati)
    On GR It is cross-wired with ☆Maid's Spanish Secret by Dani Collins

  • Cover of: Robyn Donald & Dana Marton

    Robyn Donald & Dana Marton

    by stillme
    45 items Last modified May 31, 2024

    I tried, these defeat me😥
    I tried again... still defeated😫

    Royal House of Illyria ♡(1-3) Robyn Donald

    • read in this order... trust me! (These were good)
      On second thought,
      i give up on the order, Chapman/Jerard screwed it all to he!!
      These should be ☆'s not ♡'s

    0.5) ♡Forbidden Pleasure (Alex Considine & ianthe)
    1) ♡By Royal Demand (Gabe Considine & Sara Milton)
    2) ♡Prince's Convenient Bride (Marco Considine & Jacoba Sinclair)
    3) ♡Rich Man's Royal Mistress (Hawke Kennedy & Melissa Considine)
    * Royal and Ruthless Series
    4) 1. ♡Innocent Mistress Royal Wife (Rafiq & Alexa Considine)
    * Regally Wed Series 1-2 [VARIOUS]
    5) 2.(1)♡Rich Ruthless & Secretly Royal - Robyn Donald (Kelt & Hani Court)
    ..........(2)♡Forgotten Mistress, Secret Love-Child - Annie West
    (Alessandro Mattani & Carys Wells)
    Weight of the Crowb Series [Various]
    •1• ♡Protected by the Prince - Annie West (Alaric & Tamsin Connors)
    6) 3. •2• ♡Disgraced Princess (Gerd Crysander-Gillan & Rosie Matthews)

    But wait there's more, b4 you get to (Luke & Fleur) read....
    Chapman / Jerrard Series
    Interrelated family in NZ and Oceania, & their own Island -- Fala'isi
    1) Dilemma in Paradise (Grant Chapman & Tamsyn)
    2) The Darker Side of Paradise (Saul Jerrard & Candace)
    3) Prince of Lies (Stephanie Jerrard & Duke/Adam)

    * and back to Royal and Ruthless Series
    7) 4.♡Virgin Bought and Paid For (Luke Chapman & Fleur Lyttelton)

    Mediterranean Princes island of Fala'isi
    1.) ♡His Majesty's Mistress (Roman Magnati & Giselle Foster)
    2.) ♡Mediterranean Prince's Captive Virgin (Nico Magnati & Leola Foster)

    From the series Rescued by the Rich Man [VARIOUS]
    Brooding Billionaire, Impoverished Princess (Alex Matthews & Serina)
    not sure where this fits, just found it

    Hang on... there are 8 books in Royal and Ruthless Series

    These are Royal and Ruthless Series [VARIOUS] or are they?
    most are DNR
    1) ♡Innocent Mistress, Royal Wife - Robyn Donald (Rafiq de Couteveille & Alexa Considine)
    2) #Veretti's Dark Vengeance - Lucy Gordon (Salvatore Veretti & Helena)
    3) #Ruthless Greek's Virgin Princess - Trish Morey (Yannis Markides & Marietta)
    4) ♤Desert King's Bejewelled Bride - Sabrina Philips (Kaliq Al-Zahir A'zam & Tamara Weston)
    5) ♡?Throne for the Taking - Kate Walker (Alexei Sarova & Honoria Escalona)
    6) ♡Royal Without Rules - Caitlin Crews (Pato & Adriana Righetti)
    7) ♡Heartbreaker Prince - Kim Lawrence (Kamil & Hannah Latimer)
    8) ♤Prince Hafiz's Only Vice - Susanna Carr (Hafiz & Lacey Maxwell)

    • ^Insert a couple hard returns here^

    • × warning to self
      You really won't like these books

    -Return to Yesterday (Catlin & Conal)

    • Prolly don't want to go down this rabbit hole

    mentioned in other books
    -Island of Secrets - (Luc & Joanna)

    -Ruthless Billionaire, Inexperienced Mistress
    Original title: The Billionaire's Passion
    (Slade & Allie)

    • Hollingsworth Series

    1) Captives of the Past (Jennet & Rafe)
    2) Long Joirney Back (Melly & Trent)

    • Love's Reward - Robyn Donald
      1) Loves reward (Jake & Cathy)
      2) Bitter Homecoming (Leon & Alexa)
      3) Some kind of Madness (Alick & Laurel)
      First book in Forsythes

    • The Forsythes Series

    1 )Some Kind of Madness (Laurel & Alick)
    2) Dark Fire (Aura & Flint)
    3) Forbidden Desire (Jacinta & Paul)

    • Too Hot to Handle Series (Various)

    1) Southern Passions - Sara Wood
    2) Savage Destiny - Amanda Browning
    3)○Making Magic - Karen van der Zee
    (#4) Dark Fire - Robyn Donald (Aura & Flint)
    5) Dangerous Alliance - Helen Bianchin
    6) Final Surrender - Elizabeth Oldfield
    ○Here we have a whole `nother rabbit hole

    • i think i will put Dana Marton in this list
      Seems like a very convoluted experience.

    ● note SDDU series then
    I dunno, is there a hidden Sheik series?
    Using publishing dates and themes
    * haven't read these books yet,
    * maybe read 1-3 of SDDU Series before the Sheikh books

    SDDU SERIES 1-13 Dana Marton

    SDDU Special Designation Defense Unit, the best of the best
    1) Shadow Soldier (Alex & Nicola) 2004
    2) Secret Soldier (Spike? & Abigal) 2005 [RAB]
    3) *♡Sheikh's Safety - (Saeed & Dara) 7/2005 [RAB]
    4) Camouflage Heart - (Brian & Audrey) 2005
    5) Rogue Soldier (Mike & Tessa) 2/2006
    6) Protective Measures (Daniel & Kaye) 5/2006
    *♡Undercover Sheik (Nasir & Sadie) 12/2006

    Then read
    1) *♡Sheik Seduction - Dana Marton (Tariq & Sara) 1/1/2008
    a.k.a. ♡Born to Rule - see the "Sheikh Who Stole Her" anthology

    Then #7 in the SDDU Series

    7) 72 Hours (Parker & Katey) 4/8/2008
    * ♡Sheik Protector (Karim & Julia) 9/9/2008

    And then continue reading SDDU Series
    8) Tall, Dark and Lethal (Cade & Bailey) 12/9/2008
    9) The Socialite and the Bodyguard (Nash & Kayla) 2009
    10) The Spy Who Saved Christmas (Reid & Lara 10/12/2010)
    11) Last Spy Standing (Mitch & Megan)
    12) Spy Hard (Jase & Melanie) 6/2012
    13) The Spy Wore Spurs (Ryder & Grace)

    • Mission: Sheik Redemption

    1) 985—SECRET CONTRACT* (Carly & Nick)
    2) 991—IRONCLAD COVER* (Brant & Anita)
    3) 1007—MY BODYGUARD* (Reeses & Samantha)
    4) 1013—INTIMATE DETAILS* (Cal Gina)

    • Miami Confidential Series [Various]

    4) 933—BRIDAL OP - Dana Marton (Rafe & Isabelle) 2006


    No gramnar police please, dun like it? Dun read it

  • Cover of: Unacknowledged Series

    Unacknowledged Series

    by stillme
    240 items Last modified May 27, 2024
    • Merry Rabbit Holes

    • Amalia Berlin
      1) ☆Prince's Cinderella Bride - Amalie Berlin (Quinton Corlow & Anais Hayes/Corlow/Kincaid)
      this book demands a sequel . . . I DO TOO!! !
      2) a book for King Philip Corlow, pretty please?

    Good luck, happy hunting!

    • Abby Green
      ♡Kouros Marriage Revenge (Alexandros Kourous & Kallie Demarchis)
      ☆Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress (Aristotle/Ari Levakis & Lucy Proctor)
      ♡Virgin's Secret (Leo/Leonidas Parnassus & Angel Kassianides)
      ☆Kiss She Claimed from the Greek (Darius / Achilles Lykaios & Sofie MacKenzie)

    • DePiero Siblings Series - Abby Green
      1) ♡The Legend of de Marco (Rocco de Marco & Gracie O'Brien)
      2) ♡Forgiven But Not Forgotten? (Andreas Xenakis & Siena DePiero)
      Billionaire Brothers Series - Abby Green
      3) ♡1. Fonseca's Fury (Luca Fonseca & Serena DePiero)
      ♡2.The Bride Fonseca Needs (Max Fonseca Roselli & Darcy Lennox)
      Characters mentioned from previous books
      (Sadiq) from "#The Sultan's Choice" Kings of the Desert Series
      "♡Mediterranean Billionaire's Blackmail Bargain" (Dante D'Aquannis & Alicia Parker)

    • Blood Brothers Series - Abby Green
      ♡When Falcone's World Stops Turning" (Rafaele Falcone & Samantha Rourke)
      ♡When Christakos Meets His Match (Alexio Christakos & Sidonie Fitzgerald)
      ♡When Da Silva Breaks the Rules (Cesar Da Silva & Lexie Anderson)

    • Ally Blake / Maya Blake unsure of order
      Secret Wedding Dress (Gabe Hamilton & Paige Danforth)
      Faking it to Making It (Nate Mackenzie & Saskia Bloom)
      Could be more... mebbe Clint & Mae

    • Greeks' Race to the Altar - Amanda Cinelli
      These are "kinda" concurrent
      1) ♡Stolen in Her Wedding Gown (Eros Theodorou & Priya Davidson Khan)
      2) ♡Billionaire's Last-Minute Marriage (Xander Mytikas & Pandora Quinn)
      autism spectrum
      3) ♡Pregnant in the Italian's Palazzo (Nysio Bacchetti & Aria Dane)
      ▪2▪♡Wedding Night They Never Had - Jackie Ashenden (Cassius de Leon & Inara Donati)
      married 5 yrs, H only celibate for the last 3 yrs - ok to read
      idk why but Jackie Ashenden novel claims to fit in here (it does not)
      He's not even Greek! Although Caspian & Cassius sound Greek to me

    • Switched - Andrea Laurence [HOOPLA]
      1) -dnf- From Mistake To Millions (Harley Dalton & Jade Nolan)
      2) -dnf- From Riches to Redemption (River Atkinson & Morgan Steele)
      3) #From Seduction to Secrets (Sawyer Steele & Kat McIntyre)
      4) #Promises From A Playboy (Finn Steele & Willow Bates) [BOOK]
      A secret billionaire with amnesia romance
      hard time getting into these, & you know i luv amnesia trope

    • Annie West
      1) ♡Sheikh's Marriage Proclamation (Raif ibn Ansar & Tara Michaels)
      2) ☆Desert King Meets His Match (Salim Dhalkur & Rosanna MacIain)

    • Barbara Dunlop
      1) ♡Billionaire Who Bought Christmas (Jack Osland & Kristy Mahoney)
      2) ♡Beauty and the Billionaire (Hunter Osland & Sinclair Mahoney)

    • Barbara Wallace - Unofficial Trilogy
      1) ♡The Man Behind the Mask (Simon Cartwright & Delilah St. Germaine) [LIBBY]
      2 ?Weekend Agreement? (Daniel Martinetti & Charlotte Doherty) [RAB]
      2) ♡Swept Away by the Tycoon (Ian Black & Chloe Abrams)
      3) -dnf- Unexpected Honeymoon (Carlos Chavez & Larissa Boyd) [Libby/RAB]
      ▪still trying to finish▪

    • In Love with the Boss Series - Barbara Wallace [O]
      1) ♡A Millionaire For Cinderella (Stuart Duchenko & Patience Rush)
      2) ♡Beauty and Her Billionaire Boss (Frederic Lafontaine & Piper Rush)
      Short & Sweet quick reads

    • Bella Frances

    • Scandal Behind the Wedding (Danny Ryan & Georgia Blue)

    • Playboy of Argentina (Rocco Hermida & Francesca/Frankie Ryan)
      *Claimed by a Billionaire - Bella Frances
      1) ▪DNR▪Argentinian's Virgin Conquest (Dante Hermida & Lucinda Bond)
      Marked as DNR -dun remember why (see note below)
      2) ♡Italian's Vengeful Seduction (Marco Borsatto & Stacey Jackson)
      Ha ha, Dante mentions his Luci, yet he 's "deep in conversation with the redhead" can you say a leopard can't change his spots?

    • Carol Marinelli
      ♡Secret Sheik, Secret Baby (Karim Zaraq & Felicity Anderson)
      ♡Heart of the Desert (Ibrahim & Georgie Anderson)
      does Abby get a book?

    • Carol Marinelli - people from make-believe town of Silibri, Sicily
      1) ☆Sicilian's Surprise Love-Child (Nico Caruso & Aurora Messina)
      2) ☆Secret Prince's Christmas Seduction (Rafe Dupont & Antonietta Ricci)

    • Bond of Brothers - Chantelle Shaw
      1) ♡His Unexpected Legacy (Sergio Castellano & Kristen Russell Lloyd)
      2) ♡Secrets of a Powerful Man (Salvatore Castallano & Darcy Hart Rivers)
      3) ♡Night in the Prince's Bed (Aksel & Mina Hart)

    • Dani Collins
      ahhh, these 8 books, interconnect somehow
      Makricosta Dynasty Series - Dani Collins
      1) ♤No Longer Forbidden? (Nic Marcussen & Rowan O'Brien)
      2) ♤More than a Convenient Marriage? (Gideon Vozaras & Adara Vozaras)
      3) ▪DNR▪♤Heir to Bind Them (Theo Makricosta' & Jaya Powers) never reread
      4) ♡Seduced into the Greek's World (Demitri Makricosta & Natalie Adams)

    • Dani Collins
      1) ♤Proof of Their Sin (Paolo Donatelli & Lauren Bradley) [RAB]
      2) ♡Bought by Her Italian Boss (Vittorio Donatelli & Gwen Ellis)
      3) ♡Consequences of His Revenge (Dante Gallo & Cami Fagan)
      4) ☆Claiming His Christmas Wife (Travis Sanders & Imogen Gantry)
      Wow! If you read this whole book, epilogue will bring tears!!

    Kings of Desert / °Desert Nights ° / °Sinful Desert Nights°
    Abby Green and Maisey Yates
    1) °1° 1. ♤Breaking the Sheikh's Rules - Abby Green (Nadim bin Kalid al Saqr & Iseult O'Sullivan)
    °2° ♡Secrets of the Oasis - Abby Green (Salman al Saqr & Jamila Moreau)
    2) ♡Mistake, a Prince and a Pregnancy - Maisey Yates (Maximo Rossi & Alison Whitman)
    A.KA. Accidental Birthright
    3) 2. #Inherited Bride - Maisey Yates (Adham & Isabella Rossi)
    Might've read, might not've liked it

    (1.) °3° #Sultan's Choice - Abby Green (Sadiq Ibn Kamal Hussein & Samia Binte Rashad al Abbas)
    (2.) ♡Girl in the Bedouin Tent - Annie West (Amir & Cassie Denison)
    °4°▪dnr▪♤Call of the Desert (Kadar & Julia) (Scarey cover!)
    some read some not, might be too angsty, yes marked as -dnr-

    • Messina Brothers - Emily McKay
      1) Baby on the Billionaire's Doorstep (Dex Messina & Lucy Alwin) 2887655
      2) ♡Baby Benefits (Derek Messina & Loraina/ Raina Huffman) 5301008
      connected to Affair with the Rebel Heiress.
    • Emily McKay
      Affair with the Rebel Heiress (Ford Langley & Kitty Biedermann) 7469340
      Billionaire's Bridal Bid (Matt Ballard & Claire Caldiera) 8713094
      Tycoon's Temporary Baby (Jonathan Bagdon & Wendy Leland) 11535516

    • Emma Darcy
      Blind-Date Bride (Zach Freeman & Catherine Trent)
      ♡Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage (Damien Wynter & Charlotte Ramsey)
      ♡Billionaire's Captive Bride (Peter Ramsey & Erin Lavelle)
      Might be others, i dunno

    • Heidi Rice
      1) ♡Millionaire's Blackmail Bargain (Jack Devlin & Mel Rourke)
      a.k.a Mile High Club
      2) ♡Pleaseure, Pregnancy and a Proposition (Luke Devereaux & Louisa DiMarco)
      Must be read in order

    • Whittaker Sisters - Heidi Rice
      1) ♡Virgin's Shock Baby (Dario De Rossi & Megan Whittaker)
      2) ♡Captive at her Enemy's Command (Jared Caine & Katie Whittaker)[A]
      3) ♡Contracted as His Cinderella Bride (Dominic LeGrand & Ally Jones)

    • Heidi Rice - Khan family dynasty
      1) ♡Carrying the Sheikh's Baby (Zane Khan & Catherine Smith)
      2) ♡Claimed for the Desert Prince's Heir (Raif/Kasim & Kasia Salah)
      3) ♡Innocent's Desert Wedding Contract (Karim Khan & Orla Calhoun)
      4) #Banished Prince to Desert Boss (Dane jones Khan & Jamilla Omar Roussel)
      5) ♡Stolen for His Desert Throne (Kamal Zokan & Kaliah Khan)

    • Heidi Rice
      1) ♡Forbidden Night with the Housekeeper (Maxim Durand & Cara Evans)
      2) ♡Revealing Her Best Kept Secret (Brandon Cade & Lacey Carstairs / Lizzie Devlin) GR [ 61176319 ]

    • Secrets of Billionaire Siblings - Heidi Rice
      1) ♡Billionaire's Proposition in Paris (Connall O'Riordan & Katherine Hamilton) mentions Karim & Orla
      2) CEO's Impossible Heir (Ross De Courtney & Carmel O’Riordan)
      -dnf- at chapter 6 ? Don't read, just not into it
      3) mm (mm & Imelda) 2023?

    • Helen Bianchin
      ♡Devil in Command (Paul Leandros & Stacy Armitage)
      Ten years later... read Nic's story
      ♡Greek's Bought Wife (Nic Leandros & Tina Matheson)

    • Helen Bianchin
      Yesterday's Shadow (Ryan Marshall & Natalie Marshall)
      Dark Tyrant (Alex Nicholas & Samantha Evans) [DubCon]
      Greek's Bride of Convenience (Georg Nicolaos & Lexi Harrison)
      Helen Bianchin books are -DNR- dubcon, esp. these

    * Xenakis Reunion - Jackie Ashenden
    1) ♡Innocent's One-Night Proposal (Castor Xenakis & Glory Albright)
    2) ♡Maid the Greek Married (Ares Aristiades & Rose Xenakis)
    These connect to the Millie Adams book.... somehow
    * Millie Adams
    ♡His Secretly Pregnant Cinderella (Constantine Kamaras & Morgan Stanfield)
    ♡ Billionaire's Baby Negotiation (Gunnar Magnusson & Olive Monroe)
    ♡Vow to set the Virgin Free (Cameron McKenzie & Athena Kamaras Vasiliev)
    Possible title for next book due out 2024
    ? Forbidden Bride He Stole ? (Apollo Agassi & Hannah West) [UATF]
    Expected publication February 20, 2024

    • Jennie Lucas
      1) ♡Innocent's Dark Seduction (Roark Navarre & Lia)
      2) ☆Bought: The Greek's Baby (Talos Xenakis & Eve Craig)

    Must read the Jennie Lucas Again!! not those first two

    Jennie Lucas

    publication order, prolly chrono too
    * 1) ♤Consequences of That Night (Cesare Falconeri & Emma Hayes)
    ... -[#6 in the At His Service Series]
    * 2) ♡The Sheikh's Last Seduction (Sharif & Irene Taylor)
    * 3) ♡Uncovering Her Nine-Month Secret (Alejandro Navaro & Lena Carlisle)
    * 4) ♡Nine Months Redeem to Him (Edward St.Cyr & Diana Maywood)
    Yes, Edward was Villian in previous book
    * 5) ♡Claiming the Virgin's Baby (Alex Falconeri & Rosalie Brown)
    * 6) ♡Penniless and Secretly Pregnant (Leo Niarxos & Daisy Cassidy)

    *☆Night of Living Dangerously (Alessandro Caetani & Lilley Smith)

    1) ☆Baby of His Revenge (Kassius Black & Laney Henry)
    2) ♡Consequence of His Vengeance (Darius Kyrillos & Letty Spencer)
    3) ☆Carrying the Spaniard's Child (Santiago Velazquez & Belle Langtry)

    Princes ☆ Untamed - Jennie Lucas
    1) ☆Daamn!!!!☆Dealing Her Final Card ☆ (Vlad Xendzov & Bree Dalton)
    2) ☆Reputation for Revenge ☆ (Kasimir Xendzov & Josie Dalton)

    ♡To Love Honor and Betray (Ed Cruz & Callie Woodville)
    1) ♡Bride Thief or Virgin's Choice (Xerxes Novros & Rose Linden)
    2) ♡Sensible Housekeeper, Scandalously Pregnant (Rafael Cruz & Louisa Grey)
    3) ♡Greek Billionaire's Baby Revenge (Nikos Stavrakis & Anna Rostoff)
    Oh, that was a very difficult rabbit warren

    Hollywood Series - Jules Bennett [H]

    1.) ♤Caught in the spotlight (Bronson Dane & Mia Spinelli) [OPEN]
    2.) ♤Whatever the Price (Anthony Price & Charlotte Price) [RAB]
    ROYALS Series
    3.) *1) -DNF- 🎧 Behind Palace Doors - (Stefan Alexander & Victoria Dane) still trying to finish
    *2) ♡What the Prince Wants (Mikos Colin Alexander & Darcy Cooper) 6/2015 1of2
    See ♡Carrying a King's Child / ♡What the Prince WantS [OPEN]
    *3) ♤Royal Amnesia Scandal (Lucas Silver & Kate Barton) [H][RAB]
    : ♤b/c she lied to get him in bed, bad heroine
    4.) #Hollywood House Call (Noah Foster & Callie Matthews)
    5.) 🎧#Snowbound with a Billionaire - Jules Bennett (Max Ford & Raine Monroe)
    not to be confused with...
    (X) #Snowbound with the Billionaire - Carole Mortimer (Jake Montgomery & Caro Montgomery) [H]

    • Julieanne Howells
      ♡Stranded with his Runaway Bride (Leo von Frohburg & Violetta Della Torre)
      •DNF• Rivals at the Royal Altar (Sebastien von Frohburg & Agnesse Toivonen)
      Leo & Seb are cousins
      How can Seb be the only son?
      Constantly referred to as "2nd son of 2nd son"
      They have Max. (Seb's older half-brother, from when Dad was first married)
      ...father telling his only son he had no worth was only one. But that had been enough to forge Seb’s view forever.
      despite Seb’s royal status, he was only the second son of a second son
    • Langley Family - Karen Booth
      1) ♡That night with the CEO (Adam Langley & Melanie Costello)
      Adam 31 yrs old, end chapter 3
      Aiden, first born, 6 yrs older than Adam chapter 9
      But parents married 31yrs b/c mom preggers with Aiden chapter18
      1.5) ♤The Best Man's Baby (Logan Brandt &Julia Keys)
      2) ♡Pregnant by the Rival CEO (Jacob Lin & Anna Langley)
      3) ♡Ten-Day Baby Takeover (Sarah Daltrey & Aiden Langford)
      Yeah, gonna need a little continuity in this one

    Ahh yes, another Karen Booth knot to untangle
    * Locke Legacy - Karen Booth
    1) ♡Pregnant by the Billionaire (Sawyer Locke & Kendall Ross)
    ✖2) Snowed in with a Billionaire (Alexander Townsend & Joy McKinley) not related to the series, yeah, you been lead astray by GR, again!
    2) ♡Little Secrets: Holiday Baby Bombshell (Michael Kelly & Charlotte Locke)
    also Book #5 in Little Secrets Series - Various
    3) ♡Between Marriage and Merger (Noah Locke & Lily Foster)

    • Kim Lawrence
      1) ♡Italian's Secretary Bride (Luca & Alice)
      2) ?DNR?Italian's Secret Baby (Roman & Scarlet)?DNR?

    • Liz Fielding - Amery Sisters
      1) #Tempted by Trouble (Elle/Lovage Amery & Sean)
      2) #Anything but Vanilla (Sorrell Amery & Alexander)
      2.5) #Melting Mr. Frosty's Heart (Ria & Graeme)
      3) #Vettori's Damsel in Distress (Geli/Angelica Amery & Dante)
      3.5) #Rosie's Little Book of Ice Cream (EPILOGUE)
      Cute, but, not really interested. Not an ice-cream fan

    • Liz Fielding
      1) ☆Billionaire Takes a Bride (Richard Mallory & Ginny Lautour)
      2) ☆Surprise Christmas Proposal (Gabriel York & Sophie Harrington)
      Oh, my, are these real words? or does she make them up?
      Mebbe i should've used a dictionary... On it!

    • Lucy Ellis
      1) ♡Caught in His Gilded World (Khaled Kitaev & Gigi Valente)
      Yeah, Ruskian/Chechnya & Scottish Burlesque girl, ew
      2) ♡Kept at the Argentine's Command (Alejandro du Crozier & Lulu Lachaille)

    • Lucy King
      1) ♡Propositioned by the billionaire (Alex Gilbert & Phoebe Jackson)
      2) ♡Say it with Diamonds (Will Cameron & Bella Scott)
      Jo Douglas Alex's half-sister

    • Lucy King [OPEN]
      1) ☆Bought: Damsel in Distress (Luke Harrison & Emily Marchmont)
      (Anna & David) Emily's sis & Bro-in-Law
      2) #Couple Behind the Headlines (Jack Taylor & Imogen Christie)
      Does (Anna (Emily's sister) & David) get a book?

    BLUE does this look blue to you?

    • Lucy King [BOOK]
      1) #Reunion Lie (Dan Forrester & Zoe Montgomery)
      she is not nice in next book
      2) #One Night with her Ex (Kit Buchanan & Lily Montgomery) cheating
      3) #Best man for the Job (Marcus Black & Celia Forrester)

    • Maya Blake [read in this order]
      1) ♡Price of Success (Marco de Cervantes & Sasha)
      2) ♡His Ultimate Prize (Rafael de Cervantes & Raven)
      .. listed under His Ultimate Prize

    • Melanie Milburne
      ♡Claimed for the Billionaire's Convenience (Zack Knight & Holly Frost)
      ♡Venetian One-Night Baby (Max Firbank & Sabrina Midhurst)

    • Melanie Milburne - Wedlocked! (Note the exclamation point)
      And One Night with consequences
      1) ♡Wedding Night with her Enemy (Allegra & Draco)
      2) ♡A Ring for the Greek's Heir (Emily & Loukas)

    • Michelle Conder
      1) #Russian's Ruthless Demand (Lukas & Eleanor)
      -- The Chatsfield, Series Two #6 -read me-
      2) ♡The Italian's Virgin Acquisition (Sebastiano & Poppy)

    • Michelle Conder
      1) ♡Living the Charade (Valentino Ventura & Miller Jacobs)
      2) ♡Billionaire’s Virgin Temptation (Sam Ventura & Ruby Clarkson)
      3? Does Dante Ventura or Molly - Ruby's sister get books?
      I demand a Dante Ventura sequel

    • Olivia Gates
      Sarontos Brothers: The Unacknowledged Series
      1) ♡Sarantos Secret Baby (Aristedes/Aris & Selene Louvardis)
      Nicolas Louvardis - no
      Lysandros Louvardis - no
      Damon Louvardis - no
      2) ☆Sarantos Baby Bargain (Andreas & Naomi)
      this Baby Bargain, given bad reviews, i disagree. re-read
      3) ♡Claiming His Own (Calliope Sarantos & Maksim) [L]
      Selene's friend from "...Secret Baby"
      4) ♡Twin Heirs to His Throne (Leonid Voronov & Kassandra Stavros) [L]

    • Pippa Rosco
      ♡Taming the Big Bad Billionaire (Ellie & Roman)
      ♡Rumors Behind the Greek's Wedding (Loukis & Celia)
      1) ♡Virgin Princess's Marriage Debt (Theo & Sophia)
      OW, Maria, Sebastian sister, had crush on Theo, remember that scene, b4 reading next book
      2) ♡Demanding His Billion-Dollar Heir (Mattieu & Maria)
      2) ♡Playing the Billionaire's Game (Sebastian & Sia)
      Sabatino Brothers? Hope not!

    • Secrets of the Monterosso Throne - Sharon Kendrick
      2) 1. ♡Stolen Nights with the King (Corso da Vignola & Rosie Forrester)
    • ♡Her Christmas Baby Confession (Xanthos Antoniou & Bianca Forrester)
      Connected to:
      Playing the Greek's Game (Zac Constantinides & Emma)
      Mentioned in Her Christmas Baby Confession

    Note for
    Her Christmas Baby Confession - Sharon Kendrick
    Stolen nights is part of
    Passionately Ever After Collection [VARIOUS]

    • Sharon Kendrick
      -Christmas in Da Conti's Bed (Niccolo Da Conti & Alannah Collins)
      Niccolo's 3 friends
      -1-♡The Housekeeper's Awakening (Luis Martinez & Carly Conner)
      -2-♡Seduced by the Sultan (Murat & Catrin Thomas)
      -3- ♡Carrying the Greek's Heir (Alek Sarantos & Ellie Brooks)

    • Ruthless Greek's Return (Loukas Sarantos & Jessica Cartwright)
      Alek & Loukas are Twin Brothers, oops, spoiler alert
      the man who bought Alek's father's island is from this book:

    • Playing the Greek's Game (Zac Constantinides & Emma)

    • ♡Greek's Marriage Bargain (Xenon Kanellis & Lexi Gibson Kanellis)
      Zac and Xan are brothers and/or cousins
      ♡Crowned for the Sheikh's Baby (Kulal Al Diya & Hannah Wilson)
      ♡Greek's Bought Bride (Xan Constantinides & Tamsyn Wilson)
      Kulal & Haydar of Zahristan are twins (where's Haydar's book ????)
      "The Sheikh's Secret Baby'"s Zuhal Al Haidar of Razrastania bro Kamal also missing, d'ja think he's hangin out with Haydar?

    • Revenge is Sweet - Sharon Kendrick
      Search [O] "Revenge is Sweet" Sharon Kendrick" incl. Books 1-3
      1) ♡Getting Even (Geraint Howell-Williams & Lola Hennessy) [O]
      ❌♡Secrets of Cinderella's Awakening (Leonidas Kanonidou & Marnie Porter)
      Not part of "Revenge," i just wished Marnie got a story, this is a Marnie
      Cool cover! Now that's romantic...unless they're actual candles... ouch!
      2) ♡Kiss and Tell (Cormack Casey & Triss Alexander) [BOOK]
      3) ♡Settling the Score (Dominic Dashwood & Romy Salisbury) [O]
      at the end, it hints that Stephanie gets a book... still looking
      4) ♡Valentine Vendetta (Sam Lockhart & Fran Fisher)

    • Sharon Kendrick
      ? Monarch of the Sands (Zahid Al Hakam & Francesca)
      Hate that cover... may be unread? Couldn' t get past cover
      King Zahid's brother Tariq
      ♡Sheikh's Undoing (Tariq Kadar al Hakam & Isobel Mulholland)
      so many Sheikh's missing bros, it's epidemic!!

    • Clemenger Sisters - Trish Morey
      1) ?Italian's Virgin Bride (Domenic Silvagni & Opal Clemenger)
      2) ♡Stolen by the Sheikh (Khaled Al-Ateeq of Jebbai & Sapphire/Zafira Clemenger)
      3) #Virgin for the Taking (Zane Bastiani & Ruby Clemenger)
      -♡The Boss's Christmas Baby (James Maverick & Tegan Fielding)
      -♡Sheikh's Convenient Virgin (Tajik al Zayed bin Aman & Morgan Fielding)

    • Stolen Brides - [Various]
      1) ☆Kidnapped for His Royal Duty - Jane Porter (Randal/Dal Grant/ Talal & Poppy Marr)
      2) ♡Bride's Baby of Shame - Caitlin Crews (Renzo Crisanti & Sophie Carmichael-Jones)

    Add to Unack Series
    * Sarah Morgan see note beow

    For example:
    - Crowned for the Prince's Heir - Sharon Kendrick (Luciano/Luc Leonides & Lisa Bailey)
    I believe this to be part of a series, hints
    Prince Luciano Leonides of Mardovia
    Dress designer Lisa Bailey
    He jilts his Fiancée, Sophie who is rescued at her Engagement ball by ?
    Or does she hide in Australia? Like the Sophie in
    - Royal Vow of Convenience - Sharon Kendrick (Rafe & Sophie)
    Yeah, this was a series ???

    More lost characters in Sharon Kendrick books,
    look for
    Salvatore Di Luca - in
    Cinderella in the Sicilian's World (Salvatore Di Luca & Lina / Nicolina Vitale)
    He was a walk-on in several Sharon Kendrick books
    Crowned for the Sheikh's Baby - "Salvatore invited Kulal to a party."
    In The Greek's Bought Bride "Salvatore di Luca had arrived, with the requisite glamorous blonde hanging from his arm like a glittering accessory."
    In Bound to the Sicilian's Bed, "Rocco Barberi recalled his oldest friend arriving and getting him back to the complex, and Salvatore telling him that women were capricious creatures and she would be back before he knew it"

    Add to Unack Series
    * Sarah Morgan 2 series interconnect
    Private Lives and Public Playboys (3 books)
    Ferraro series (2 books)

  • Cover of: You call this a Series?

    You call this a Series?

    by stillme
    146 items Last modified May 22, 2024

    Al Dhakir Brothers - Lynn Raye Harris

    1) ♡Strangers in the Desert (Adan & Isabella)
    2) ☆Marriage Behind the Facade (Malik & Sydney)
    Ahhh, c'mon, there are 2 more brothers... (Taj & Alicia)?

    Ally Blake - (wish this becomes series)

    Big picture group -3- Partners
    1) Crazy about her impossible Boss (Angus & Lucinda)
    Fitz Beckett
    Charlie Pullman

    Arunthia - Victoria Parker

    1) Princess in the Iron Mask (Claudine & Lucas)
    2) To Claim His Heir by Christmas (Luciana & Thane)

    Babies on the Way - Barbara McMahon

    1) ♡Their pregnancy Bombshell (Matt & Sara)
    2) ♡Pregnant: Father Needed (Adam & Amber)
    Mother and daughter - unexpectedly pregnant -- at the same time!

    Beasts of the Desert Series [VARIOUS]

    1) ♡Hajar's Hidden Legacy
    a.k.a. Royal Without Mercy - Maisey Yates (Zahir & Katherine)
    2) ☆The Tarnished Jewel of Jazaar - Susanna Carr (Nadir & Zoe)
    Shouldn't there be more?

    Beth Davis Series - Susan Mallery

    1) ☆Bodyguard and Ms Jones (Mike Blackburne & Cindy Jones)
    Nothin' like that ever happens at my house 🙁
    2) ☆Beth and the Bachelor (Todd Graham & Beth Davis)

    Bond of Billionaires - Sharon Kendrick

    1) ♡Claimed for Makarov's Baby (Dimitri & Erin)
    2) ♡The Sheikh's Christmas Conquest (Saladin & Olivia) [OPEN]

    Bought by the Brazilian - Chantelle Shaw

    1) ♡Mistress of his Revenge (Cruz Delgado & Sabrina Bancroft)
    2) ☆Master of her Innocence (Diego Cazorra & Clare Marchant)

    Bound By Gold - Lynne Graham

    1) ♡The Billionaire's Bridal Bargain (Lizzie & Cesare Sabatino)
    2) ♡The Sheikh's Secret Babies (Crissie & Jaul of Marwan)

    Brides of Innocence - Maisey Yates

    1) ♡Spaniard's Untouched Bride (Matias Navarro & Camilla Alvarez)
    2) ♡Spaniard's Stolen Bride (Diego Navarro & Liliana Hart)

    British Billionaires Series - Bronwyn Jameson

    1) ☆Magnate's Make-Believe Mistress (Cristo Veron & Isabelle Browne)
    Shouldn't her sister get a story? Hello! Anyone? Book 2?
    Can't be the butler, he's not a Billionaire

    Brody Brothers - Heidi Rice

    1) ♡Hot-Shot Tycoon, Indecent Proposal (Connor Brody & Daisy)
    2) ♡Public Affair, Secretly Expecting (Max Brody & Juno)

    Cinderellas of Convenience - Carol Marinelli

    1) ☆Greek's Cinderella Deal (Costa Leventis & Mary Jones)
    2) ☆Forbidden to the Powerful Greek (Galen Pallas & Roula Dracos)

    Crazy Rich Greek Weddings - Clare Connelly

    1) ♤Greek's Billion-Dollar Baby (Leonidas Stathakis & Hannah)
    2) ♡Bride Behind the Billion-Dollar Veil (Thanos Stathaki & Alice Smart)
    2.5) ♡Claimed by the King (Chyrós Protokia & Ivy Harris) shorty-short online

    The D'Angeli Family - Lynn Raye Harris

    1) ♡Unnoticed and Untouched (Lorenzo/Renzo & Faith)
    2) ♡Revelations of the Night Before (Nicolo Gavretti & Valentina)

    Dynasty of Sand and Scandal - Tara Pammi

    1) ♡Last Prince of Dahaar (Ayaan & Zohra)
    2) ♡True King of Dahaar (Azeez & Nikhat)
    methinks the "a" key's sticking mebbe the whole bottom left quadrant

    Ex Files [Various]

    1) ♡Ex who Hired Her - Kate Hardy (Jordan Field Smith & Zandra Bennett /Alexandra Porter
    ♡Marriage At The Millionaire's Command - Anne Oliver (Ben Jamieson & Carissa Grace) very scarey déjà vu typing that entry
    a.k.a. one Night Before Marriage 2) ♡Ex Factor - Anne Oliver (Luke Delaney & Melanie Sawyer)
    Melanie Sawyer & Carissa Grace are sisters

    Greek Billionaires - Rebecca Winters

    1) #Millionaire's True Worth (Akis & Raina)
    2) #Wedding for the Greek Tycoon (Vasso & Zoe)

    Greek Tycoons Tamed Series - Tara Pammi

    1) Claimed for His Duty (Stavros & Leah)
    2) Bought for Her Innocence (Dimitri & Jasmine)

    Heirs to the Throne of Kyr - Lynn Raye Harris

    1) ♡Gambling with the Crown (Kadir & Emily)
    2) ♡Carrying the Sheikh's Heir (Rashid & Sheridan)

    Hot Bed of Scandal Series - Kelly Hunter [OPEN]

    1) Exposed: Misbehaving with the Magnate (Luc & Gaby)
    2) Revealed A Prince and a Pregnancy (Rafael & Simone)

    Housekeeper Brides for Billionaires - Miranda Lee

    2) ♡Maid For The Untamed Billionaire (Jake Sanderson & Abby Jenkins)
    2) ☆Billionaire's Cinderella Housekeeper (Sebastian & Ruby)
    Was that Miranda Lee last book? Or just last for HP?

    Housekeepers Say I do - Susan Meier

    1) ♡Maid for the Millionaire (Cain Nestor & Liz Harper)
    2) Maid for the Single Dad (Mac Carmichael & Ellie Swanson)

    Howard Sisters - Chantelle Shaw

    1) #Sheikh's Forbidden Conquest (Kadir & Lexie Howard)
    2) #Bride Worth Millions (Luca & Athena Howard)
    Dint ya read these?

    In Love with a Tycoon Series- Tracey Livesay

    1) ▪︎DNR▪︎Tycoon's Socialite Bride (Marcus Pearson & Pamela Harrington)
    2) ▪︎DNR▪︎Pretending with the Playboy (Carter Richardson & Lauren Olsen)

    Innocent Christmas Brides - Lynne Graham

    1) ♡Baby on the Greek's Doorstep (Tor & Pixie)
    2) ♡Christmas Babies for the Italian (Sevastiano & Amy)

    Innocent Stolen Brides - Caitlin Crews

    1) ♤Desert King's Kidnapped Virgin (Justin Arthur Cyrus George / Cyrus Ashkan & Hope Cartwright)
    Waaay too much telling no showing. DoNot reread
    2) ☆Spaniard's Last-Minute Wife (Lionel Asensio & Geraldine Casey)

    Irresistible Italians [VARIOUS]

    1) ♡Dangerous Infatuation - Chantelle Shaw (Rocco & Emma)
    2) ♤DNF ♤In a Storm of Scandal - Kim Lawrence (Luca & Poppy)
    unfit to be a Poppy! removed from "Poppy List"

    Italian Titans - Cathy Williams

    1) ♡Wearing the De Angelis Ring (Theo De Angelis & Alexa Caldini)
    2) ♡Surprise De Angelis Baby (Daniel De Angelis & Delilah Shaw)

    Kingdoms of Abkar & Kalidar - Kate Hewitt

    1) ☆Desert Prince's Stolen Bride (Prince Zayed of Kalidar & Olivia Taylor)
    2) ♡Princess's Nine-Month Secret (Rico Falcone & Halina of Abkar)

    Legendary Conti Brothers - Tara Pammi

    1) ♡The Surprise Conti Child (Leandro Conti & Alexis Sharpe)
    2) ♡The Unwanted Conti Bride (Luca Conti & Sophia Rossi) [RAB]
    ♡Blackmailed by the Greek's Vows (Kairos Constantinou & Valentina/Tina Conti Constantinou)
    H only had 1 previous lover, both celibate during seperation

    Long Lost Cortez Brothers - Clare Connelly

    1) ♡Secret She Must Tell the Spaniard (Graciano Cortez /Cortéz & Alicia Griffiths)
    2) ♡Desert King's Forbidden Temptation (Tariq al Hassan/ Cortez /Cortéz & Eloise Ashworth)
    ? book for bachelor Crown princess Elana of Ras Serat

    Lost Princess Scandal - Caitlin Crews

    1) ♡Crowning His Lost Princess (Cayetano Arcieri & Delaney Clark)
    2) Reclaiming His Ruined Princess (Joaquin Vargas & Amalia Montaigne) [BOOK]

    Maktabi Brothers - Susan Stephens

    1) ♡Ruling Sheikh, Unruly Mistress (Razi al Maktabi & Lucy Tennant)
    2) ♡Master of the Desert (Ra'id Al Maktabi & Antonia Ruggiero)

    Marakaios Brides - Kate Hewitt

    1) Marakaios Marriage (Antonios Marakaios & Lindsay Douglas)
    2) Marakaios Baby (Leo Marakaios & Margo Ferris)

    Mistress to Wife - Julia James

    1) Claiming His Scandalous Love-Child (Vito Viscari & Eloise Dean)
    2) Carrying His Scandalous Heir (Cesare di Mondave & Carla Charteri)

    Notorious Greek Billionaires - Maya Blake

    1) ▪DNR▪ Claiming My Hidden Son (Axios & Calypso)
    2) ▪DNR▪ Bound by My Scandalous Pregnancy (Neo & Sadie)
    * GR highly rated these * for me they are DO NOT RE-READ

    Notorious Greeks - Lynne Graham

    1) ♡Greek Demands His Heir (Leo Zikos & Grace)
    2) ♡Greek Commands His Mistress (Bastien Zikos & Delilah)

    The O'Banyon Brothers - Jessica Bird a.k.a. J.R. Ward

    1) The Billionaire / a.k.a. / The Billionaire Next Door
    (Sean O'Banyon & Lizzie Bond)
    Sean mentioned in book 1 of The Moorehouse Legacy
    Sean childhood friend of the O'Neal's from Black Dagger Brotherhood
    Books 2 & 3 never written/published? Or i can't find
    (William John/Billy O'Banyon & Mark David/Mac O'Banyon)

    Playboys of Sicily Series - Carol Marinelli

    1) ♡Sicilian's Shock Proposal (Luca Luka Cavalieri & Sophie Durante)
    2) ♡His Sicilian Cinderella (Matteo Santini & Bella Gatti)

    The Power of Redemption - Kate Hewitt

    1) Darkest of Secrets (Khalis Tannous & Grace Turner)
    while married, she cheats on hubby before she meets H
    2) Husband She Never Knew (Ammar & Noelle Ducasse)
    Khalis brother, Ammar, kidnaps & drugs his wife Noelle

    Princes of Petras - Maisey Yates

    1) 🎧 ♡Christmas Vow of Seduction (Andres Demetriou & Zara Stoica)
    2) 🎧 ♡Queens New Year's Secret (Kairos Demetriou & Tabitha)

    Rafael and Rico Series - Abby Green

    1) Bride in a Gilded Cage (Rafael & Isobel)
    2) In Christofides' Keeping (Rico & Gypsy)

    Rhastaan Royals - Kate Walker

    1) ?Question of Honor (Karim al Khalifa & Clementina Saveneski)
    2) Destined for the Desert King (Nabil Al Sharifa & Aziza El Afarim)

    Rival Brothers - Maya Blake

    1) ♡deal with Alejandro (Alejandro & Elise)
    2) -dnf-One Night with Gael (Gael & Goldie) still trying to read

    Royal Scandals - Annie West

    1) ♡Pregnant with His Majesty's Heir (Lucien & Aurélie Balland)
    2) ♡Claiming His Virgin Princess (Noah Carson & Ilsa)

    A Royalty Duo - Lynn Raye Harris

    1) #Cavelli's Lost Heir (Nico Cavelli & Lily Morgan) [OPEN]
    2) #Prince's Royal Concubine (Cristiano di Savar & Antonella Romanelli) [BOOK]
    Monterossa, Monteverdian, Montebianco - kingdoms of
    Me thinks these were read

    Russian Rivals - Penny Jordan

    1) ♡Most Coveted Prize (Kiryl Androvonov & Elana Demidov)
    2) ♡Power of Vasilii (Vasilii Demidov & Laura Westcotte)

    Ruthless Russians - Lucy Monroe

    1) ♡An Heiress for His Empire (Viktor Beck & Madison Archer)
    2) ♡Virgin for His Prize (Maxwell/ Black & Romi Grayson)

    St. George - Victoria Parker

    1) ♡Reputation to Uphold (Dante Vitale & Eva St. George)
    2) ♡Woman Sent to Tame Him (Finn St. George & Serana Scott)

    Saunderson Legacy - Chantelle Shaw

    1) ♡Secret He Must Claim (Cortez Ranos & Elin Saunderson)
    2) ♡The Throne He Must Take (Jarek & Holly Maitland)

    Scandalous Sheikh Brides - Caitlin Crews

    1) ♡Protecting the Desert Heir (Rihad Al Bakri & Sterling McRae)
    2) ♡Traded to the Desert Sheikh (Kavian & Amaya)
    Pretty sure read both of these

    Secret Heirs of Powerful Men Series - Maisey Yates

    1) ♡Heir to a dark inheritance (Sayid al Kadar & Chloe James)
    2) ♤Heir to a Desert Legacy (Alik Vasin & Jada Patel)

    Sensational Stanton Sisters - Tara Pammi

    1) ♡Hint of Scandal (Alexander & Olivia)
    2) -dnf-Touch of Temptation (Diego & Kimberly)
    -- still trying to read/finish

    Sicilian Marriage Pact - [Various]

    1) ☆Baby to Bind His Innocent - Michelle Smart (Ciro Trapani & Claudia Buscetta)
    2) ♡Terms of the Sicilian's Marriage - Louise Fuller (Vicenzu Trapani & Imma Buscetta)

    Summerville Sisters ♡ Kim Lawrence

    1) ♡A Ring to Secure His Crown (Sebastian & Sabrina)
    2) ♡Greek's Ultimate Conquest (Nik & Chloe)

    Sunshine Springs Duo - Susan Napier

    1) ♡Rancher's Rules (Grant Cortez & Zoe Jensen)
    a.k.a. (Grant Strickland & Zoe) in the next book
    2) ♡Housekeeper to the Millionaire (Win Garrison & Carlene)

    Tenacious Tycoons - Jennifer Hayward

    1) ♡Tempted by Her Billionaire Boss (Harrison Grant & Francesca)
    2) ▪DNR▪♤Reunited for the Billionaire's Legacy (Coburn Grant & Diana)

    To Tame a Playboy Series - Kate Hardy

    1) ♡Surrender to the Playboy Sheikh Karim al-Hassan & Lily Finch)
    2) ♡Playboy Boss, Pregnancy of Passion (Luke Holloway & Sara Fleet)

    Unexpectedly Expecting - Barbara McMahon

    1) Pregnancy Promise (Tray & Lianne)
    2) Parents in Training (Dominic & Annalise)

    Untamed Billionaires [VARIOUS]

    1) One Night with the Rebel Billionaire - Trish Wylie (Adam Bryant & Roane Elliott)
    2) Devil in a Dark Blue Suit - Robyn Grady (Devlin Stone & Eden Foley)

    What His Money Can't Buy - Sharon Kendrick

    1) ▪DNR▪Tainted Beauty (Ciro & Lily)
    2) ?Playing the Greek's Game (Zac & Emma)
    This may also be DNR

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    👣every step you take👣

    by stillme
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    Who doesn't love a stalker?
    or too obsessive for pc -
    should these be DNR's? 😲

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    Monty Python

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    ?Insert Chatsfield at some point. Part 1 read, part 2 not read

    • 1 ☆Throne of Judar - Olivia Gates 2008
      1) ♡Desert Lord's Baby (Farooq Aal Masood & Carmen McArthur)
      2) ♡Desert Lord's Bride (Shehab Aal Masood & Farah Beaumont)
      3) ♡Desert King (Kamal Aal Masood & Aliyah Morgan)

    • 2 ☆Castaldini Crown - Olivia Gates 2009
      0.5) ?Blackmailed Into the Prince's Bed (Eduardo D’Agostino & Jade Mitchell) [Online]
      1) ♡Once And Future Prince (Leandro D'Agostino & Phoebe Alexander)
      2) ♡Prodigal Prince's Seduction (Durante D'Agostino & Gabrielle Williamson)
      3) ♡illegitimate King (Ferruccio Selvaggio & Clarissa D'Agostino)

    • 3 ☆Pride of Zohayd - Olivia Gates 2010-11
      1) ☆To Tame a Sheikh (Shaheen Aal Shalaan & Gemma/Johara Nazaryan)
      2) ☆To Tempt a Sheikh (Harres Aal Shalaan & Talia Burke)
      3) ☆To Touch a Sheikh (Amjad Aal Shalaan & Maram Aal Waaked)

    • 4 ☆Desert Nights [Azmahar] 2012 (the half brothers)
      1) ♡Sheikh's Redemption (Haidar Aal Shalaan, & Roxanne Gleeson)
      2) ♡Sheikh's Claim (Jalal Aal Shalaan & Lujayn Morgan)
      3) ♡Sheikh's Destiny (Rashid Aal Munsoori & Laylah Aal Shalaan)

    • 5 ☆Married by Decree Series - Olivia Gates (2013)
      - One each of Castaldini, Zohayd and Judar
      1) ♡[Castaldini] Temporarily His Princess (Vincenzo D'Agostino & Glory Monaghan)
      2) ♡[Zohayd] Conveniently His Princess (Aram Nazaryan & Kanza Aal Ajmaan)
      3) ♡[Judar] Seducing His Princess (Mohab Aal Ghaanem & had Jala Aal Masood)

      • Makes ya wonder what fits into 2010?
    • Secret Birthright - Olivia Gates (Fareed Aal Zaafer & Gwen) 2012
      Could there be a Series here?
      kingdoms of Jizaan & Aal Durrah
      Fareed had 9 brothers & sisters
      1of 10 Siblings: Abba Aal Zaafer - extreme sports, corporate raider
      1of 10 Siblings : Hesham deceased

    Lucy Monroe, good rabbit hole, listed below! Serious series overlap
    * Scorsolini Princes, Royal Brides, & Mediterranean Brides

    The Acostas! / a.k.a. Band of Brothers - Susan Stephens

    ☆Susan Stephens Acosta box set 1-5.5
    Trust me, even in the box set, please read book 4 before book 3
    The Assassins
    0.5) ☆Untamed Argentinean (Nero Caracas & Bella Wheeler)
    a.k.a. ☆Untamed Argentinian [srsly published with each spelling?]
    Band of Brothers
    1) ☆Shameless Life of Ruiz Acosta (Ruiz Acosta & Holly Valiant)
    2) ☆Argentinian's Solace (Diego Acosta & Maxie Parrish)
    Dark, Demanding and Delicious 1-2 [Various]
    1. ☆His Last Chance at Redemption - Michelle Conder (Leo Aleksandrov & Lexie Somers)
    The Assassins
    4) ☆Man from Her Wayward Past - Susan Stephens (Luke Forster & Lucia Acosta)
    NOW, you can read Nacho and Grace's story!
    Band of Brothers
    3) 2. ☆Taste of the Untamed - Susan Stephens (Nacho Acosta & Grace Lundström)
    Nacho? Like Nacho macho, Nacho Pichu? Munch a Nacho?
    Hmmm, would Doritos work.... yes, eating a bag of Doritos
    5) ♡Taming the Last Acosta (Kruz Acosta & Romy Winner)
    5.5) ♡Christmas Nights with the Polo Player (Gabe Ortoya & Lucy Lavender)
    6) ♡One Scandalous Christmas Eve (Dante Acosta & Jess Slatehome)
    7) ♡Playboy Prince of Scandal (Cesare Romano & Sofia Acosta)
    8) ♡Forbidden to Her Spanish Boss (Raffa Acosta & Rose Kelly)
    b/c book 3 flows right into book 5
    may require an English to English dictionary, i certainly did
    9) ♡Kidnapped for the Acosta Heir (Alejandro Acosta & Sienna Slater)
    this is Xander from the previous books?
    Who is the 4th brother?

    The Baby Bet - Joan Elliott Pickart

    1) Angels and Elves (Forrest MacAllister & Jillian Jones-Jenkins)
    2) Friends, Lovers...and Babies! (Ryan MacAllister & Deedee Hamilton)
    3) Father of Her Child (Ted Sharpe & Hannah Johnson)
    4) To a Macallister Born (Jack MacAllister & Jennifer Mackane)
    5) His Secret Son (Andrew Malone/MacAllister & Kara MacAllister)
    6) Baby: MacAllister-Made (Richard MacAllister & Brenda Henderson) [BOOK]
    7) Her Little Secret (Cable Montana & Lindsey Patterson)
    8) Party of Three (Jessica & Dan Quinn)
    9) see Crowned Hearts for short story Wish and a Prince (Maggie & Conner Masterson) ⊙[UATF]
    Baby Bet: MacAllister's Gifts - Joan Elliott Pickart
    10) The Royal MacAllister (Alice & Brent Bardow) [HOOPLA]
    11) ♡Plain Jane MacAllister (Emily & Mark Maxwell) [BOOK]
    12) Tall, Dark and Irresistible (Ryan Sharpe & Carolyn St. John)
    13) The Marryng Macallister (Matt & Caitlin Cunningham) [HOOPLA]
    14) 15) Accidental Family (David Montgomery & Patty Clark)
    15) 14) MacAllister's Return (Jesse Burke/MacAllister & Krista Kelly)

    Ballantyne Billionaires - Joss Wood

    1) His Ex's Well-Kept Secret (Jaeger Ballantyne & Piper Mills)
    2) Reunited...and Pregnant (Beckett Ballantyne & Cady Collins)
    3) CEO's Nanny Affair (Linc Ballantyne & Tate Harper)
    4) Unexpectedly Pregnant (Tyce Latimore & Sage Ballantyne)
    5) One Night to Forever (Reame Jepsen & Lachlyn Latimore)

    Brides of Bella Lucia [VARIOUS]

    1) Having the Frenchman’s Baby — Rebecca Winters (Luc Chartier & Rachel Valentine) [BOOK]
    2) Coming Home to the Cowboy — Patricia Thayer (Mitchell Tucker & Rebecca Valentine) [BOOK]
    3) Rebel Prince — Raye Morgan (Sebastian Marchand-Dumontier & Emma Valentine) [BOOK]
    4) Wanted: Outback Wife — Ally Blake (Heath Jameson & Jodie Simpson) [OPEN]
    5) Married Under the Mistletoe — Linda Goodnight (Daniel (Valentine) Stephens & Stephanie Ellison) [OPEN]
    6) Crazy about the Boss — Teresa Southwick (Jack Valentine & Madison/Maddie Ford)
    7) Nanny and the Sheikh — Barbara McMahon (Surim Al-Thani & Melissa Fox) [BOOK]
    8) Valentine Bride — Liz Fielding (Max Valentine & Louise Valentine) [BOOK]

    The Chatsfield - [VARIOUS]

    1) New York: Sheikh's Desert Duty - Maisey Yates (Zayn Al-Ahmar & Sophie Parsons)
    2) Rome: Delucca's Marriage Contract - Abby Green (Giancarlo Delucca & Keelin O'Connor)
    3) Princess's Secret Baby - Carol Marinelli (James Chatsfield & Leila Al-Ahmar)
    4l Virgin's Sweet Rebellion - Kate Hewitt [UATF]
    5) Barcelona: Greek's Last Redemption - Caitlin Crews (Theo & Holly Tsoukatos)
    6) ♤Russian's Ruthless Demand - Michelle Conder (Lukas Kuznetskov & Eleanore Harrington)
    7) Tycoon's Delicious Debt - Susanna Carr (Cooper Brock & Serena Dominguez)
    8) ♤Chatsfield's Ultimate Acquisition - Melanie Milburne (Spencer Chatsfield & Isabelle Harrington)

    Desert Rogues - Susan Mallery [LIBBY]

    Part 1, 2 and 3
    Sheik with NO haitch
    1) ☆The Sheik's Kidnapped Bride (Khalil & Dora)[RAB]
    2) ♡The Sheik's Arranged Marriage (Jamal & Heidi)[RAB]
    3) ♡The Sheik's Secret Bride (Malik & Liana)[RAB]
    4) ♡Sheik and the Runaway Princess (Kardal & Sabra/Sabrina)[RAB]
    5) ♡The Sheik and the Virgin Princess (Zara & Rafe)[RAB]
    6) ♡Prince and The Pregnant Princess (Sadik & Cleo)[RAB]
    ♡ Sheik's Virgin (Nasri Mazin & Phoebe) of Lucia-Serrat [LIBBY] not sure where this one fits
    7) ♡Sheik and The Princess in Waiting (Reyhan & Emma)
    8) ♡The Sheik and the Princess Bride (Jefri & Billie)
    9) ♡The Sheik and The Bride Who Said No (Murat & Daphne)
    10) ♡The Sheik and the Virgin Secretary (Rafiq & Kiley)
    11) ♡The Sheik and the Christmas Bride (As'ad & Kayleen)
    12) ♡The Sheik and the Pregnant Bride (Qadir & Maggie)
    13) ☆The Sheik and the Bought Bride (Kateb & Victoria)

    Dynasties: The Barones Series [Various]

    1) ♡Playboy & Plain Jane - Leanne Banks (Nicholas Barrone & Gail Fenton) [BOOK]
    Nanny for his just-dumped-on-him baby
    2) ♡Sleeping Beauty's Billionaire - Caroline Cross (Colleen Barone & Gavin O'Sullivan) [BOOK]
    Dated in college, became nun, he's was poor, now rich
    3) ♡Sleeping with Her Rival - Sheri Whitefeather (Gina Barone & Flint Kingman) [BOOK]
    Created dating scandal to divert media attention
    4) #Taming the Beastly MD - Elizabeth Bevarly (Rita Barone & Matthew Grayson [UATF] apparently they get married
    5) ♡Where There's Smoke - Barbara McCauley (Emily Barone & Shane Cummings) [OPEN]
    He rescues her, she has amnesia. He lives on a sloop, prposes after injured/fire
    6) ♡Beauty and the Blue Angel - Maureen Child (Alex Barrone & Daisy Cusack) [BOOK]
    Pilot & preg/waitress meet as delivery while on leave from Navy
    7) #Cinderella's Millionaire - Katherine Garbera (Joe Barone & Holly Fitzgerald) ⊙[UATF] i-want-this-book srsly, NOWHERE???
    [Read sample... halfway through ch 2]
    8) ♡Librarian's Passionate Knight - Cindy Gerard (Daniel Barone & Phoebe Richards) [BOOK]
    he rescues her from attackedd by abusive ex,
    9) ♡Expecting the Sheikh's Baby - Kristi Gold (Karen Rawlins/Barone & Ashraf ibn-Saalem)
    10) Born to Be Wild - Anne Marie Winston (Reese Barone & Celia Papaleo) [BOOK]
    11) With Private Eyes - Eileen Wilks (Claudia Barone & Ethan Mallory) [OPEN]
    12) Passionately Ever After - Metsy Hingle (Maria Barone & Steven Conti) [BOOK]
    Derrick Barone does not get a book

    Dynasties: The Connellys [Various]

    1) #Tall, Dark & Royal - Leanne Banks (Daniel & Erin)
    2) #Maternally Yours - Kathy DeNosky (Brett & Elena)
    3) #The Sheikh Takes a Bride - Caroline Cross (Catherine & Kaj)
    4) #The SEAL's Surrender - Maureen Child (Chance & Jennifer)
    5) #Plain Jane & Doctor Dad - Kate Little (Doug & Maura)
    6) #And The Winner Gets...Married! - Metsy Hingle (Justin & Kim)
    7) #Royal and the Runaway Bride - Kathryn Jensen (Alexandra & Phillip) [UATF]
    8) #His E-Mail Order Wife - Kristi Gold (Drew & Kristina)
    9) #The Secret Baby Bond - Cindy Gerard (Michael & Tara)
    10) #Cinderella's Convenient Husband - Katherine Garbera (Seth & Lynn) [UATF]
    11) #Expecting...And In Danger - Eileen Wilks (Rafe & Charlotte)
    12) #Cherokee Marriage Dare - Sheri Whitefeather (Maggie & Luke)

    Dynasties: The Jarrods [Various]

    1) ♡Claiming Her Billion-Dollar Birthright - Maureen Child (Erica Prentice & Christian Hanford)
    2) ♡Falling for His Proper Mistress - Tessa Radley (Guy & Avery Lancaster)
    3) ♡Expecting the Rancher's Heir - Kathy DeNosky (Melissa & Shane McDermott)
    4) ♡Taming Her Billionaire Boss - Maxine Sullivan (Blake & Samantha Thompson)
    5) ♤Wedding His Takeover Target - Emilie Rose (Gavin & Sabrina Taylor)
    6) ♡Inheriting His Secret Christmas Baby - Heidi Betts (Trevor & Haylie Smith)
    can't say any of these warrant a re-read - no!

    Dynasties: The Lassiters [VARIOUS]

    0.5) ♡Beauty and the Best Man - Maureen Child (Matt Hollis & Kayla Prince) [L]
    1) ♡Black Sheep's Inheritance - Maureen Child (Sage & Colleen Falkner)
    2) ♡From Single Mom to Secret Heiress - Kristi Gold (Hannah Armstrong & Logan Whitaker)*
    3) ♡Expecting the CEO's Child - Yvonne Lindsay (Dylan & Jenna Montgomery)*
    4) ♡Lured by the Rich Rancher - Kathie DeNosky (Chance & Felicity Sinclair)*
    5) ♡Taming the Takeover Tycoon - Robyn Grady (Becca Stevens & Jack Reed)
    6) ♡Reunited with the Lassiter Bride - Barbara Dunlop (Angelica & Evan McCain)*
    (2in1 books, Only first book read)*

    Hockey - Natasha Madison

    • •Tempt Series•
      •2.5• Tempt the Ex (John & Dani)

    • Something So Series
      warning, "Something So" begin with "the end"
      And end with "the end" of the next book in the series
      quit reading the prologues start at chapter 1
      mebbe dun read Epilogue #2's
      1) ♡Something So Right (Cooper Stone & Parker Grant)
      DO NOT READ PROLOGUE okay to read Epilogue

    •1• ♡Tempt the Boss (Austin & Lauren)
    •2• ♡Tempt the Playboy (Noah & Kaleigh)
    •3• ♡Tempt the Hookup (Luca & Eliahn)

    2) ♡Something So Perfect (Matthew Grant & Karrie Cooley)
    DO NOT read prologue!! & ahhh! 🙁 DoNot read Epilogue #2
    3) ☆Something So Irresistible (Max Horton & Allison Grant)
    seriously, skip prologue😕 but, okay to read Epilogues
    4) ♤Something So Unscripted (Zack Morrow & Denise Horton)
    Okay to read prologue and okay to read Epilogues

    • This Is Series
      1) ♡This is Crazy (Evan Richards & Zara Stone)
      2) ♤This Is Wild (Viktor Petrov & Zoe Stone)
      3) ☆This Is Love (Mark Dimitris & Vivienne Paradis)
      4) ☆This Is Forever (Justin Stone & Caroline Woods)

    • Only One Series
      1) ♡Only One Kiss (Ralph Weber & Candace Richards)
      2) 🎧Only One Chance (Miller Adams & Layla Paterson)
      3) ▪🎧Only One Night (Manning Stevenson & Evelyn)
      ▪ blatant adultry
      4) 🎧Only One Touch (Nico Harrison & Becca Edwards)
      5) 🎧Only One Regret (Cooper Grant & Erika Markinson) [H]
      6) 🎧Only One Mistake (Michael Horton & Jillian) [H]
      7) 🎧Only One Love (Brad Wilson & Frances Grant) [2022]
      8) 🎧Only One Forever (Dylan Woods/Stone & Alex Horton) [2022?]

    Hunt for Cinderella - [Various]

    1) ♡Princess & the Cowboy - Lois Faye Dyer (Justin34 & Lily22) [O]
    There be no Princesses and no Cowboys in this here book! (Yay!)
    2) ♡Millionaire and the Glass Slipper - Christine Flynn (Jared/JT38 & Amy25)
    3) ♡Billionaire and His Boss - Patricia Kay (Alex36 & P.J.30) [L]
    4) ♡Bride and the Bargain - Allison Leigh (Grayson42 & Amelia31) [L]
    5) ♡Once Upon a Proposal - Allison Leigh (Bobbie27 Fairchild & Gabe41 Gannon) [L]
    6) ♡Once Upon a Christmas Eve* - Christine Flynn (Tommi28 Fairchild & Max38) [RAB]
    * Tall, Dark, Texas Ranger/Once Upon a Christmas Eve [OPEN]
    7) ♡Beauty and the Wolf - Lois Faye Dyer (Frankie29 Fairchild & Eli35 Wolf) [O]
    Perfect description of Harborview in the last chapter 🤕
    8) ♡Meet Mr. Prince - Patricia Kay (Georgie30 Fairchild & Zachary37) [RAB]
    9) ♡Holiday by Design - Patricia Kay (Joanna30 Spinelli & Marcus36 Barlow) [O]
    10) ♡Her Holiday Prince Charming - Christine Flynn (Erik39 Sullivan & Rory27? Linfield) [L]
    11) ♡Once Upon a Valentine - Allison Leigh (Paxton38 Merrick & Shea28 Weatherby) [L]

    Kings of California - Maureen Child [FREE]

    1) ♡Bargaining for King's Baby (Adam & Gina)
    2) ♡Marrying for King's Millions (Travis & Julia)
    3) ♡Falling for King's Fortune (Jack & Casey)
    4) ♡Conquering King's Heart (Jesse & Bella)
    5) ♡Claiming King's Baby (Justice & Maggie King)
    6) ♡Wedding at King's Convenience (Jefferson & Maura Donohue)
    7) ♡Last Lone Wolf (Jericho & Daisy Saxon)
    8) ♡Cinderella & the CEO (Tanner & Ivy Holloway)
    9) ♡King's Million-Dollar Secret (Rafe & Katie Charles)
    10) ♡Ready for King's Seduction (Lucas & Rose Clancy)
    11) ♡Temporary Mrs. King (Sean & Melinda Stanford)
    12) ♡To Kiss a King (Garrett & Alexis)
    13) ♡King Next Door (Griffin & Nicole Baxter)
    14) ♡Her Return to King's Bed (Rico & Teresa Coretti)
    15) #Double the Trouble (Colton & Penny Oaks) *may have started/read
    16) #Triple the Fun (Connor & Dina Cortez)

    Same Series name as Maureen Child diff author

    Kings of California - Millie Adams [HOOPLA]

    1) ☆Scandal Behind the Italian's Wedding (Dante Fiori & Minerva King)
    2) Stealing the Promised Princess (Javier de la Cruz & Violet King) [B]
    3) ☆Crowning his Innocent Assistant (Matteo de la Cruz & Olivia/Livvy)
    4) Only King to Claim Her (Maximus King & Annick) [B]
    New Author - Scandal is her first Harlequin novel

    Royal Brides 1-10 Lucy Monroe

    1) ♡The Sheikh's Bartered Bride (Hakim bin Omar al Kadar &t Catherine Benning)
    Catherine, Therese and Jade friends throught series
    2) ♡Wedding Vow Of Revenge (Angelo Gordon & Tara Peters)
    - Scorsolini Princes 1-4
    3) 1°) ♡The Prince's Virgin Wife (Tomasso Scorsolini & Maggie Thomson)
    4) 2°) ♡His Royal Love-Child (Marcello Scorsolini & Danette Michaels) AND (king Vincente and Flavia)
    I don't think Vincente & Flavia get their own book
    5) 3°) ♡The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain (Claudio Scorsolini & Therese Scorsolini)
    - Mediterranean Brides 1-3 not read
    1•) #Bought: The Greek's Bride (Sandor Christofides & Eleanor/Ellie Wentworth)
    2•) #Taken: The Spaniard's Virgin (Miguel Mendez & Amber Taylor)
    4°) 3•) #Scorsolini Baby Scandal (Vittoro Micheli Scorsoliniis & Constanza Mendez)
    - Royal Brides cont 6-10
    6) ♡Mistress to a Sheikh (Khalil & Jade Madison)
    * Hot Desert Nights: Anthology
    ♡Mistress to a Sheikh - Lucy Monroe (Kahlil & Jade Madison) 1-128
    ♤Desert Rake - Louise Allen (Drew Fenton & Caroline Morvall) 129-247 (not contemporary)
    ♡Blackmailed by the Sheikh Kim Lawrence (Karim Al-Ahmad & Prudence/ Prue Smith) 248 -376
    7) ♡Forbidden: The Billionaire's Virgin Princess (Sebastian Hawk & Lina Marwan)
    ♡Kosta's Convenient Bride (Andreas Georgas Kosta & Kayla Jones)
    ♡Spaniard's Pleasurable Vengeance (Basilio Perez & Miranda Weber Smith)
    8) ♡Hired: The Sheikh's Secretary Mistress (Amir bin Faruq al Zorha & Grace Brown)
    9) ♡For Duty's Sake (Zahir bin Faruq al Zohra & Angele)
    10) ♡Heart of a Desert Warrior (Asad bin Hanif Al’najid & Iris Carpenter)

    Santina Crown Series [Various] read?/unread? I dunno

    0.1) #Life She Left Behind - Maisey Yates (Angela & Taj) [RAB]
    1) #Price of Royal Duty - Penny Jordan (Sophia & Ash) [OPEN]
    2) #Sheikh's Heir - Sharon Kendrick (Ella & Hassan) [UATF]
    3) #Santina's Scandalous Princes - Kate Hewitt (Natalie & Ben) [OPEN]
    4) #The Man Behind the Scars Caitlin Crews (Angel & Rafe)[OPEN]
    5) ♡Defying the Prince-Sarah Morgan (Izzy & Matteo)[OPEN]
    6) #Princess From the Shadows - Maisey Yates (Carlotta & Rodriguez)[O]
    7) #Girl Nobody Wanted - Lynn Raye Harris (Anna & Leo) [LIBBY]
    8) #Playing the Royal Game - Carol Marinelli (Alex & Allegra) [OPEN]
    read?/unread?...marked as unread

    Sicily's Correttis ♡ [Various]

    0.5) ♡Uncovering the Correttis - Carol Marinelli (Anton & Emily) [RAB]
    1) ♡A Legacy of Secrets - Carol Marinelli (Santo & Ella)[O]
    2) ♡An Invitation to Sin - Sarah Morgan (Luca & Taylor)
    3) ♡A Shadow of Guilt - Abby Green (Gio & Valentina)[LIBBY]
    4) ♡Inheritance of Shame - Kate Hewitt (Angelo & Lucia)[O]
    5) ♡Whisper of Disgrace - Sharon Kendrick (Rosa & Kulal)[H]
    6) ♡Facade to Shatter - Lynn Raye Harris (Lia & Zach/Scott) [RAB]
    7) ♡Scandal in the Headlines - Caitlin Crews (Alessandro & Elena) [L]
    8) ♡Hunger for the Forbidden - Maisey Yates (Matteo & Alessia) [LIBBY]

    Sons of the Desert 《All Parts !》Alexandra Sellers [HOOPLA]

    • quit reading these, yer always disappointed
      Meh, some are not too bad, a couple were good
      1) ♡Bride of the Sheikh - (Kavian & Alinor)
      ▪DNR▪story great, writing style made it difficuot to read.
      Convoluted, fractured, rather read a synopsis than this book

    • Barakat
      2) (°1°) ♡Sheikh's Ransom - (Kaifar/Karim & Caroline Langley)
      Karim - Karim ibn Daud ibn Hassan al Quraishi
      3) The Solitary Sheikh - (Omar & Jana)
      4) ♡Beloved Sheikh - (Rafi & Zara)
      She gets stolen, he's a wussie, liked the bad guy more.
      5) ♡Sheikh's Temptation - (Arash & Lana)
      Lana is Zara's rich friend knew Arash back in college
      yeah, i'm gonna marry Arash, uh.. no!
      6) ♡Sheikh's Honor - (Jalal & Clio)
      Jalal kidnapped Clio's sister Zara, this part set in Canada
      7) ♡(°2°) Sheikh's Woman - (Ishaq/Gazi & Anna)
      Ghazi Ishaq Ahmad ibn Bassam al Hafez al Hamzeh
      First half he's Ishaq 2nd half Gazi - birthmark over eye,

    • Bagestan

    • insert "The Sultans" to maintain chronological plot order
      ▪sons of the Desert: The Sultans
      13)(1) ♡The Sultan's Heir - (Najib & Rosalind)
      Her son/not son is/is not dead crown prince's heir
      14)(2) ♡Undercover Sultan - (Haroun & Mariel)
      corporate spy Mariel de Vouvray and Sheikh Haroun al Jawadi
      15)(3) ♡Sleeping With The Sultan - (Ashraf & Dana)
      Sheikh Ashraf abducted Dana Mornings to his yacht

    • resume reading "Sons of the Desert Series"

    • Barakat
      8) (°3°) ♡The Playboy Sheikh - (Jafar & Lisbet)
      9) #Sheikh's Castaway - (Bari & Noor)
      10) #The Ice Maiden's Sheikh - (Latif & Jalia)
      11) #Fierce and Tender Sheikh - (Sharif & Shakira)
      12) #Sheikh's Betrayal - (Salah & Desiree)

    ▪Johari Crown
    1) ♡Her Royal Protector (Arif & Aly)
    2) ?The Sheikh's Love Nest (Adal & Viola) [HOOPLA]

  • Cover of: Not read

    Not read

    by stillme
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    by stillme
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  • Cover of: Concurrent


    by stillme
    81 items Last modified May 18, 2024

    Barsi on Fifth Duet - Dani Collins

    1) ☆Virgin to Redeem the Billionaire (Kaine Michaels & Gisella Barsi Drummond)
    2) ☆Innocent's Nine-Month Scandal (Viktor Rohan.& Rozalia Toth)

    Behind the Palace Doors - Kali Anthony

    1) ♡Marriage That Made Her Queen (Rafe De Villiers & Lise)
    2) ♡Engaged to London's Wildest Billionaire (Lance Astill & Sara Conrad)
    3) Crowned for the King's Secret (Sandro & Victoria Astill) [2023] [UATF]
    if you can't remember book #2 dnr book #3, GR dint like it

    Billion-dollar Christmas Confessions - [Various]

    1) ♡Unwrapping His New York Innocent (Alex Costa & Ellie Macgregor)
    2) ♡Carrying her Boss's Christmas Baby (Roman Fraser & Violet Summers) HP Dec 2022 1of2

    Billion-Dollar Revenge [Various]

    1) ☆Bound by the Italian's "I Do" Michelle Smart (Gianni Rossi & Issy Seymore /Isabelle Clements)
    2) ☆Expecting her Enemy's Heir - Pippa Roscoe (Alessandro/Andro Rossi & Amelia Seymore)

    Cape Town Tycoons - Joss Wood

    1) ♡Nights spent with CEO (Cole Thorpe & Lex Satchell)
    2) ♡Baby behind their Marriage Merger (Jude Fisher & Addison Fields)
    3) does their other sister Storm get a book ?

    Christmas Princess Swap Series [VARIOUS] [BOOK]

    1) ♡Royal Pregnancy Test - Heidi Rice (Leonardo DeLessi Severo & Juno Monroyale)
    2) ♡Queen’s Impossible Boss - Natalie Anderson (Alvaro Byrne & Jade Monroyale)

    Christmas with a Billionaire [VARIOUS] [H]

    1) ☆Unwrapped by Her Italian Boss - Michelle Smart (Giovanni Cannavaro & Merry Ingles)
    2) ♡Christmas She Married the Playboy - Louise Fuller (Louis Albemarle & Santa Somerville)

    Diamond Inheritance - Pippa Roscoe

    Connected to Royals of Svardia
    1: ♡Terms of their Costa Rican Temptation (Benoit Chalendar & Skye Soames)
    2: ☆From One Night to Desert Queen (Khalif Al Azhar & Star Soames)
    3: ♡Greek Secret She Carries (Theron Thiakos & Summer Soames)
    Do Xander Chalendar (Terms) or Lycos Livas (Greek Secret) get a book?
    Yes, Lycos Livas does in...
    Royals of Svardia series - book 2: Stolen from her Royal Wedding

    Four Weddings and a Baby - Dani Collins

    1) ♡Cinderella's Secret Baby (Hunter Waverly & Amelia Lindor)
    2) ♡Wedding Night with the Wrong Billionaire (Remy Sylvain & Eden Bellamy)
    MisQuoted from Chapt 7
    “I’ll have one of those,” he said as he eyed drink..
    “Virgin?” bartender asked.
    “Promiscuous. As morally objectionable as you can make it.”
    3) ♡Convenient Ring to Claim Her (Micah Gould & Quinn Harper)
    4) ♡Baby to Make Her His Bride (Jasper Lindor & Vienna Waverly Briggs)

    Girls' Weekend in Vegas [Various]

    1) -dnf-Saving Cinderella! - Myrna Mackenzie (Wyatt McKendrick & Alexandra Lowell) ch 4 page 4 [BOOK]
    2) ♡Vegas Pregnancy Surprise - Shirley Jump (Linc Curtis) & Molly Hunter)
    3) #Inconveniently Wed! - Jackie Braun (Jonas Benjamin & Serena Warren)
    4) #Wedding Date with the Best Man - Melissa McClone (Tristan MacGregor & Jayne Cavendish)
    see Groom for the Taking OPEN

    Heirs Before Vows - Maisey Yates

    1) ♡Spaniard's Pregnant Bride (Cristian Acosta & Allegra Valenti)
    2) ♡Prince's Pregnant Mistress (Raphael DeSantis & BaileyHarper)
    3) ♡Italian's Pregnant Virgin (Renzo Valente & Esther Abbott)

    Henderson sisters - Clare Connelly

    1) ♡Greek's Marriage Revenge (Alessandros Petrides & Sophie Henderson)
    2) ♡Sheikh's Convenient Mistress (Zamir Fayez & Olivia Henderson)
    3) ♡Brazilian's Forgotten Lover (Cristiano Cesar Barata & Ava Henderson)
    Pay attention to Antonio Casacelli & Elizabeth Sanderson
    4) ☆Sheikh's Christmas Wish (Ra'if Fayez & Melinda Higgins)
    Note: in book#3 Elizabeth Sanderson's husband Antonio had 2 bros Niko & Marcos. she mentions Sheikh Malik Desara of Ashan
    Note: similarity in names, (Tamir Al'ani & Olivia Anderson) from Sultan's Reluctant Princess

    Ahh! The Henderson story continues...

    Casacelli Family Saga - Clare Connelly

    1) Billionaire's Christmas Revenge (Niko Casacelli & Bianca Scott-Lee)
    2) All She Wants for Christmas (Antonio Casacelli & Elizabeth Sanderson)
    3) Tycoon's Christmas Captive (Marcos Casacelli & Kat Van Buren)
    4) Sheikh's Christmas Mistress (Malik Desara & Charlotte Faber)

    Holiday Miracles [VARIOUS] "Sweet"

    1) ♡Snowbound in the Earl's Castle - Fiona Harper (Marcus Huntington & Faith McKinnon)
    2) ♡Sleigh Ride with the Rancher - Donna Alward (Blake Nelson& Hope McKinnon)
    3) ♡Mistletoe Kisses with the Billionaire - Shirley Jump (J.C Carson & Grace McKinnon)
    Anthology books 1-3 "Christmas Letter"

    Hot Summer Nights with a Billionaire [VARIOUS]

    1) ♡One Wild Night with Her Enemy - Heidi Rice (Luke Broussard & Cassie James)
    2) ♡Flaw in His Red-Hot Revenge - Abby Green (Zachary Temple & Ashling Doyle)

    Maids Under the Mistletoe [VARIOUS]

    1) -dnf-Countess for Christmas - Christy McKellen (Jack Westwood & Emma Carmichael) [BOOK]chapt 5 pg 7
    2) ♡Greek Tycoon's Mistletoe Proposal - Kandy Shepherd (Lukas Christophedes & Ashleigh Murphy)
    3) ♡Christmas in the Boss's Castle - Scarlet Wilson (Finlay Armstrong & Grace Ellis)
    4) ♡Her New Year Baby Secret - Jessica Gilmore (Marco Santoro & Sophie Bradshaw)
    These were very sweet, low angst

    Playing for Pleasure - Jackie Ashenden

    1) ☆In the Dark (Elias/Eli Hart & Vesta Howard)
    2) ☆With the Lights on (Trajan Howard & Magdalen/Maggie)
    srsly put on the naughty list

    Princess Seductions - Annie West

    1) ♡His Majesty's Temporary Bride (Alexander & Cat Dubois)
    First met Alex's cuz Marisa & Brazillian hubby Damaso Pires
    from Damaso Claims his Heir not read (b/c ya spell Damasco wrong)
    2) ♡Greek's Forbidden Princess (Lambis🤣Evangelos & Amelie)

    Queen's Guard - Marcella Bell

    1) ☆Stolen to wear His Crown (Zayn d’Argonia & Mina Aldaba)
    2) ☆His Stolen Innocent's Vow (Drake Andros & Helene d’Tierrza)
    3) ♡Pregnant After One Forbidden Night (Sebastian & Jenna Moustafa)
    Older MC's

    Rings of Vengeance - Michelle Smart [HOOPLA]

    1) ♡Billionaire's Bride for Revenge (Benjamin Guillem & Freya Clements)
    2) ♡Marriage Made in Blackmail (Luis Casillas & Chloe Guillem) chest pain warning😲
    3) ♡Billionaire's Baby of Redemption (Javier Casillas & Sophie Johnson)
    Luis & Chloe appear in "Billion-Dollar Mediterranean Brides" - Michelle Smart

    Rival Billionaires Tycoon - Jackie Ashenden

    1) •dnr• Diamond for My Forbidden Bride (Valentin Silvera & Olivia Wintergreen) prolly won't read
    2) ♡Stolen for My Spanish Scandal (Constantine & Jenny Grey)

    Rivals to the Throne of Kadar - Kate Hewitt

    1) ♡Captured by the Sheikh (Khalil al Bakir/Bakhir & Elena Karras)
    2) ♡Commanded by the Sheikh (Aziz al Bakir/Bakhir & Olivia Ellis)
    Not sure it matters which order they're read
    H named spelled both ways

    Royal Desert Legacy - Maisey Yates

    1) ♡Forbidden to the desert Prince (Cairo al Hadid & Ariel Hart)
    2) ☆Virgin for the Desert King (Riyaz al Hadid & Brianna Whitman)
    Read a page or 2 of book#1, then read first 7 chapters of book#2, before reading book #1.

    Ruthless Tycoons - Daphne Clair

    1) ♡Timber Baron's Virgin Bride (Bryn Donovan & Rachel Moore)
    2) ♡Taken by the Pirate Tycoon (Jase Moore & Samantha Magnussen)

    Scandalous Sheikh Brides - Caitlin Crews

    1) ♡Protecting the Desert Heir (Rihad al Bakri & Sterling McRae)
    2) ☆Traded to the Desert Sheikh (Kavian ibn Zayed al Talaas & Amaya al Bakri)

    Those Notorious Romanos - Carol Marinelli

    must be read in order
    1) ♡Italy's Most Scandalous Virgin (Dante Romano & Mia Hamilton Romano)
    2) ♡Italian’s Forbidden Virgin (Gian de Luca & Ariana Romano)
    3) no book for (Stefano Romano & his Brazilian Fiancée Eloa)
    Castello family mentions as friendly rivals

    Trading Places Series - Liz Fielding

    1) ♡Christmas Angel for the Billionaire (George Saxon & Annie/Roseanne Napier)
    2) ♡Her Desert Dream (Kalil al-Zaki & Lydia Young)

    Wanted: One Wedding Dress - Sharon Kendrick

    1) ♡One Bridegroom Required (Luke Goodwin & Holly Lovelace)
    2) ♡One Wedding Required (Finn Fitzgerald & Amber O’Neil)
    3) ♤One Husband Required (Ross Sheridan & Ursula O’Neil)
    Wow, each great and horrible at the same time
    1. Slow burn, 2. Pure angst (tears!) 3. Adultry & fat shaming esp @ HEA

  • Cover of: Beetlejuice...


    by stillme
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    I swear, Sharon Kendrick needs her own list, all them books interconnect

    Desert Men of Qurhah - Sharon Kendrick

    Sheikh's Christmas Conquest (Saladin Al Mektala & Olivia/Livvy)
    Sheikh of Jazratan mentioned in Qurhah books
    1) ♡Defiant in the Desert (Suleiman Abd al-Aziz & Sara Williams)
    2) ♡Shamed in the Sands (Gabe Steel & Leila)
    3) ♡Seduced by the Sultan (Murat & Catrin Thomas)
    3 friends Murat, Niccolo Da Conti, Alek Sarantos
    Belongs with Sharom Kendrick in Unack list

    The 21st Century Gentleman's Club - Various

    1) ♡Ultimate Playboy- Maya Blake (Narciso Valentino & Ruby Trevelli)
    2) ♡Ultimate Seduction - Dani Collins (Ryzard Vrbancic & Tiffany Davis)
    3) ♡Ultimate Revenge - Victoria Parker (Nicandro Santos & Olympia Merisi)

    Bad Bachelors - Stefani London

    1) 🎧♡Bad Bachelor (Reed McMahon & Darcy Greer) ♡Kendall Taylor
    2) ♡Bad Reputation (Wes Evans & Remi Drysdale)
    3) ♡Bad Influence (Joe Preston & Annie Maxwell)

    Billionaire Heirs - Tessa Radley

    1) ♡Kyriakos Virgin Bride (Zac Kyriakos & Pandora Armstrong)
    2) ♤Apollonides Mistress Scandal (Angelo Apollonides & Gemma Allen)
    ew factor
    3) ♡Desert Bride of Al Zayed (Tariq bin Rashid & Jayne Rashid)

    Billionaires & One-Night Heirs - Carol Marinelli

    1) ♡The Innocent's Secret Baby (Raul Di Savo meets Lydia Hayward)
    2) ♡Bound by the Sultan's Baby (Alim al-Lehan & Gabi Deramo)
    3) ♡Sicilian's Baby of Shame (Bastiano Conti & Sophie has-no-surname)

    The Billionaires Club - Leslie North [BOOK]

    1) #Billionaire's Pregnant Competition (Grayson Finlay & Mila Tomlinson)
    2) #Billionaire's Pretend Girlfriend (Daniel Trent & Jackie Stone)
    3) #Billionaire's Girlfriend Bet (Blake Harrison & Michelle Stewart)

    Billionaires' Brides Series - Sandra Marton

    1) ♡The Italian Prince's Pregnant Bride (Nicolo Barbieri & Aimee Black)
    2) ♡The Greek Prince's Chosen Wife (Damian Aristedes & Ivy Madison)
    3) ♡The Spanish Prince's Virgin Bride (Lucas Reyes & Alyssa McDonough)

    Blind-Date Brides [VARIOUS]

    1) ♡Nine-To-Five Bride - Jennie Adams (Rick Morgan & Marissa Warren)
    2) ♡Blind-Date Baby - Fiona Harper (Noah Frost & Grace Marlow)
    3) ♡Dream Date with the Millionaire - Melissa McClone (Bryce Delaney & Dani Bennett)
    these were rather sweet; okay to read again

    Bound to a Billionaire - Michelle Smart [HOOPLA]

    You dun have to read: Started each, just could not continue.
    1) #Protecting His Defiant Innocent (Felipe Lorenzi & Francesca Pellegrini)
    2) #Claiming His One-night Baby (Matteo Manassero & Natasha Pellegrini)
    3) #Buying His Bride of Convenience (Daniele Pellegrini & Eva Bergan)
    Too hard to get into... tried 3 or 4x, mebbe give up ?

    Calender Mistress Series - Carole Mortimer

    1) ♡His Cinderella Mistress - (Max Golding & January Calendar)
    2) ♡Unwilling Mistress - (Will Davenport & March Calendar) pg 122-213 missing [OPEN]
    3) ♡Deserving Mistress - (Jude Marshall & May Calendar)
    Stupid titles, nobody's a mistress, okay to read

    Caroselli's Inheritance - Michelle Celmer

    1) ♡Caroselli's Christmas Baby (Nick Caroselli & Theresa Phillips)
    2) ♡Caroselli's Baby Chase (Robert Caroselli & Caroline Taylor)
    3) ♡Caroselli's Accidental Heir (Tony Caroselli & Lucy Bates)

    Combe Family Scandal - Caitlin Crews

    3) ♤His Two Royal Secrets (Ares & Pia Combe) Mateo's sister
    Prolly should read #3 first, , Mateo appears unredeemable
    1) ☆Italian's Twin Consequences (Mateo Combe & Sarina Fellows)
    read GR reviews, form your own opinion
    2) ♡Untamed Billionaire's Innocent Bride (Dominik James & Lauren Clarke)
    Mateo's half-brother & Mateo's secretary
    Each controversial in their own way.

    Desert Princes - Sharon Kendrick

    1) ♡Sheikh's English Bride (Xavier de Maistre & Laura Cottingham)
    2) ▪DNR▪ Sheikh's Unwilling Wife (Giovanni de Verrazzano & Alexa)
    this really is a true DNR - adultry, etc. (u checked GR at least 2x)
    3) Desert King's Virgin Bride (Malik & Sorrel)

    Devilish D'Angelos - Carole Mortimer

    1) ♡A Bargain with the Enemy (Gabriel D'Angelo & Bryn Jones)
    2) ?A Prize Beyond Jewels (Rafe D'Angelo & Nina Palitov)
    3) ?A D'Angelo Like No Other (Michael D'Angelo & Eva Foster)

    Gable Sisterrs - Jennie Adams

    1) ♡Her Millionaire Boss (Nate Barrett & Crissy Gable)
    2) ♡Italian Single Dad (Luchino/Luc Montichelli & Bella Gable)
    3) ♡Boss's Unconventional Assistant (Grey Barlow & Sophia Gable)

    Holidays Abroad - Merline Lovelace

    1) ♡Ceo's Christmas Proposition (Cal Logan & Devon McShay)
    2) ☆Duke's New Year Resolution (Marco Calvett & Sabrina Rossi)
    3) ☆Executive's Valentine Seduction (Rory Burke & Caroline Walters)
    Very sweet i'd read again

    Husband Hunters - Lynne Graham

    1) ♡Married to a Mistress (Angelos Petronides & Maxie Kendall) [BOOK]
    2) ☆Vengeful Husband (Gianluca Raffacani & Darcy Fielding) [O]
    3) ☆Contract Baby (Raul Zaforteza & Polly Johnson) [O]
    Very sweet, i would read this series again

    In name only - Kat Cantrell

    1) Best Friend Bride (Jonas Kim & Viviana Dawson)
    Viv crushed on Jonas, fake marital Viv declares war on the love-shy him
    2) One Night Stand Bride (Hendrix Harris & Rosalind Carpenter)
    ONS in headlines. marrying to stop the rumors from derailing his family's - perfect bride...and she drives him wild.- chaste b4 wedding
    3) Contract Bride (Warren Garinger & Tilda Barrett)
    Boss needs her to stay in US - immigration mix-up = a marriage

    Legacies of Powerful Men - Lynne Graham

    1) ♡Ravelli's Defiant Bride (Cristo Ravelli & Belle Brophy)
    2) ♡Christakis's Rebellious Wife (Nik Christakis & Betsy)
    3) ♡Zarif's Convenient Queen (Zarif al Rastani & Ella Gilchrist)

    Little Black Book of Secrets - Karen Booth

    1) ♡Problem with Playboys (Parker Sullivan & Chloe Burnett)
    2) ♡Black Tie Bachelor Bid (Roman Scott & Taylor Klein)
    3) ♡How to Fake a Wedding Date (Ryder Carson & Alexandra Gold)

    London's Most Eligible Playboys - Sharon Kendrick

    1) ♡Unlikely Mistress (Guy Masters & Sabrina Cooper)
    2) ♡Surrender to the Sheikh (Khalim & Rose Thomas)
    Pay attention to Philip, or read book 3 before 2, won't hurt
    On the other hand, skip book 3
    3) ♤Mistress's Child (Philip Caprice & Lisi Vaughan) [H]
    - warning - adultry -

    Marrying a Tycoon Series - Miranda Lee

    1) ♡The Magnate's Tempestuous Marriage (Scott McAllister & Sarah McAllister)
    2) ♡The Tycoon's Outrageous Proposal (Byron Maddox & Cleo Shelton)
    3) ♡Tycoon's Scandalous Proposition (Blake Randall & Kate Holiday) [H]

    Million Dollar Men - Leanne Banks

    1) ♡Expecting the Boss's Baby (Michael & Kate) [OPEN]
    2) ♡Millionaire Husband (Justin & Amy) [LIBBY]
    3) ♡Millionaire's Secret Wish (Dylan & Alissa)

    Notting Hill Grooms - Sophie Weston [BOOK]

    1) #Irresistible Temptation (Finn Maclean & Harriet Wentworth)
    2) #Reform of the Playboy (Declan Malone & Olivia Butler)
    3) ☆Millionaire Affair (Nikolai Ivanov & Lisa Romaine)
    idk why, but reminds me of Gene Stratton Porter's ❤The Harvester❤

    Payback Affairs - Emilie Rose

    1) ♡Shattered by the CEO (Rand Kincaid & Tara)
    2) ♡Bound by the Kincaid Baby (Mitch Kincaid & Carly)
    3) ♡Wed by Deception (Lucas & Nadia)

    Pregnant Bride Series - Lynne Graham

    1) ♡Desert Prince, Bride of Innocence (Jasim bin Hamid al Rais & Elinor Tempest)
    2) ♡Ruthless Magnate, Convenient Wife (Sergei Antonovich & Alissa Bartlett)
    3) ♡Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress (Atreus Drakos & Lindy Ryman)

    Pregnant by the Boss - Maureen Child

    1) ♡Having Her Boss's Baby (Brady Finn & Aine) [O]
    2) ♡Baby for the Boss (Mike Ryan & Jenny) [O]
    3) ♡Snowbound with the Boss (Sean Ryan & Kate) [RAB]

    The Pytheon Security - Joss Wood

    1) ♡Claimed by the Warrior (Jed Hamilton & McKenna Dixon) [?]
    2) ♡His Toughest Call (Seth Halcott & Leah Hamilton) [HOOPLA]
    3) ♡In the Line of Fire (Jett Smith-Jones & Samantha Stone) [HOOPLA]
    Can't remember where "warrior" was read... possibly just a preview?

    Rich, the Ruthless, and the Really Handsome - Lynne Graham

    1) ♡The Desert Sheikh's Captive Wife (Rashad & Tilda)
    2) ♡The Greek Tycoon's Defiant Bride (Leonidas & Maribel)
    3) ♡The Italian Billionaire's Pregnant Bride (Sergio & Kathy)
    series may relate to "Virgin Brides, Arrogant Husbands"

    Rogue Diamonds Series - Yvonne Lindsay

    1) ♤Convenient Marriage, Inconvenient Husband (Brent Colby & Amira Forsythe)
    2) ♡Secret Baby, Public Affair (Draco Sandrelli & Blair Carson)
    3) ♡Pretend Mistress, Bona Fide Boss (Adam Palmer & Lainey Delacorte)

    Sabbatini Brothers - Melanie Milburne

    1) #Scandal: Unclaimed Love-Child (Luca & Bronte) [bookfrom]
    2) #One Last Night (Giorgio & Maya) [bookfrom]
    3) ▪DNR▪Wedding Charade (Nic & Jade) [bookfrom]

    Secret Passions - Miranda Lee

    1) ♡Secret Vengeance (Luke Freeman & Celia Gilbert)
    2) ♡Secret Love-Child (Rafe Saint Vincent & Isabel Hunt)
    3) ♡At Her Boss's Bidding (Justin McCarthy & Rachel Witherspoon)

    Secretly Pregnant… Conveniently Wed - Lynne Graham

    1) Jemima's Secret* (Alejandro Navarro Vasquez & Jemima Vasquez)
    *A.K.A. Naive Bride, Defiant Wife: Jemima's Secret {thanx Leah howze} [BOOK]
    2) Flora's Defiance (Angelo van Zaa & Flora Bennet)
    3) Jess's Promise (Cesario di Silvestri & Jessica Martin)
    all 3 prolly -DNR's-

    Sexy Billionaires Series - Victoria Davies

    1) ♡Right Billionaire, Wrong Wedding (Darian King & Allison Reed) [BOOK]
    2) ♡Billionaire's Bet (Caleb Langston & Hailey Mitchel) [H] or or
    3) ♡Billionaire's Paradise (Hayden Wexton & Avery Clarke)

    Sicilian Gambrelli's Saga - Carole Mortimer

    1) ♡Sicilian's Ruthless Marriage Revenge (Cesare Gambrelli & Robin Ingram)
    2) ♡At the Sicilian Count's Command (Wolf Gambrelli & Angelica Harper)
    3) ◇Sicilian's Innocent Mistress (Luc Gambrelli & Darci Wilde)

    Signed, Sealed…Seduced [VARIOUS]

    1) ♡Ways to Ruin a Royal Reputation - Dani Collins (Luca Albizzi & Amy Miller) [BOOK]
    2) ♡Cinderella's Night in Venice - Clare Connelly (Ares Lykaios & Bea Jones) [H]
    3) ♡Playboy's "I Do" Deal - Tara Pammi (Dev Kohli & Clare Roberts) [BOOK]

    Stanford Sisters - Jennifer Greene [OPEN]

    1) ♡Unwilling Bride (Stefan Michaelovich & Paige Stanford)
    2) #Bachelor Mom (Spense McKenna & Gwen Stanford)
    3) #The 200% Wife (Gar Cameron & Abby Stanford)

    Those Scandalous Caffarellis - Melanie Milburne

    1) ♡Never Say No to a Caffarelli (Rafe Caffarelli & Poppy Silverton)
    2) ♡Never Underestimate a Caffarelli (Raoul Caffarelli & Lily Archer)
    3) ?Never Gamble with a Caffarelli (Remy Caffarelli & Angelique Marchand)

    Three Way Wager - Maureen Child

    1) ?The Tempting Mrs. Reilly (Brian Reilly & Tina Coretti Reilly)
    2) ♡Whatever Reilly Wants... (Connor Reilly & Emma Jacobsen)
    3) ?Last Reilly Standing (Aidan Reilly & Terry Evans)
    Prolly read, okay to re-read

    Unwanted - Natasha Anders

    1) ☆☆Unwanted Wife (Alessandro de Lucci & Theresa Noble)
    Ugh, hated this book, why would i read again? i will! 5☆'s
    2) ♡A Husband's Regret (Bryce Palmer & Bronwyn Palmer)
    3) ☆His Unlikely Lover (Gabe Braddock & Bobby Richmond) [BOOK]
    i'd like to see stories about these other characters
    (Pierre De Coursey & Alice)
    Pierre preferred tall, skinny, flawless models,” the short, slightly plump, and scarred Alice said.
    (Rick Palmer & Lisa)
    Rick dated adrenaline junkies. Said nerdy, bookshop owner, Lisa
    Chase Braddock - Gabe's twin - war zone photojournalist involved /woman/kid
    Theresa De Lucci - Sandro's sister (he's very over protective)
    - Bobby's brothers
    Billy Richmond - architect
    Clyde Richmond - corporate attorney
    Ed/Edward Richmond - doctor
    Vuyo Mashego - Rick's business partner
    Max Kinsley - some guy
    Kim Colbert - Chase & Gabe's little baby sister (still a little kid)
    Me? I like Kyle Foster b/c he's a landscape architect
    The 3 books were great,1& 2 not very relaxing, way too angsty
    Really need to read "Unlikely Lover "to soothe the pain away

    Valente - Maxine Sullivan

    1) ♡C.E.O. Takes a Wife (Alex Valente & Olivia Cannington)
    2) ♡C.O.O. Must Marry (Nick Valente & Sasha Blake)
    3) ♡Valente's Baby (Matthew Valente & Lana Jensen)

    Virgin Brides, Arrogant Husbands - Lynne Graham

    please read in order, at least 2 before 3
    1) ♡Greek Tycoon's Disobedient Bride (Lysander Metaxis & Ophelia Carter)
    2) ♡Ruthless Magnate's Virgin Mistress (Nikolai Arlov & Abbey Carmichael)
    3) ♡Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife (Leandro Carrera Marquez & Molly Arlov)

    Weddings Worth Billions - Melanie Milburne

    1) ♡Cinderella's Invitation to Greece (Lucas Rothwell & Ruby Pennington)
    2) ♡Nine Months after that Night (Jack Livingstone & Harper Swan)
    3) ♡Forbidden until Their Snowbound Night (Drake Cawthorn & Aerin Drysdale)

    Wives Wanted! - Miranda Lee

    1) ♡Bought: One Bride (Richard Crawford & Holly Greenaway)
    2) ♡The Tycoon's Trophy Wife (Reece Diamond & Alanna)
    3) ♡Scandalous Marriage (Mike Stone & Natalie Fairlane)

  • Cover of: I would read again

    I would read again

    by stillme
    175 items Last modified May 15, 2024
  • Cover of: Consecution


    by stillme
    188 items Last modified May 15, 2024

    look it up in your Funk & Wagnalls
    Prissy word for series

    Where to put the Sarah Morgan series?
    these may be ☆'s -- -- check when adding books

    • Ferrara series - Sarah Morgan
      1) ♡Once a Ferrara Wife... (Cristiano Ferrara & Laurel Ferrara)
      2) ♡Forbidden Ferrara (Santino Ferrara & Fia Baracch)

    • Private Lives of Public Playboys - Sarah Morgan
      1) ♡Night of No Return (Lucas Jackson & Emma Gray)
      2) ♡Woman in a Sheikh's World (Malik & Avery Scott)
      3) ♡Lost to the Desert Warrior (Raz Al Zahki & Layla)
      Do "Salem & Yasmin" get a book?

    • Puffin Island - Sarah Morgan
      0.5) ♡Playing by the Greek's Rules (Nik Zervakis & Liky Rose)
      1) ♡First Time in Forever (Ryan Cooper & Emily Donovan)
      2) ♡Some Kind of Wonderful (Zachary Flynn & Brittany Forrest)
      3) ♡Christmas Ever After (Alec Hunter & Skylar Tempest)

    • From Manhattan with Love - Sarah Morgan
      0.5) ♡Midnight at Tiffany's (Chase Adams & Matilda)
      1) ♡Sleepless in Manhattan (Jake Romano & Paige Walker)
      2) ♡Sunset in Central Park (Matt Walker & Frankie Cole)
      3) ♡Miracle on 5th Avenue (Lucas Blade & Eva Jordan)
      3.5) ♡New York Christmas Fairytale (James & Roxy)
      4) ♡New York Actually (Daniel Knight & Molly Parker)
      5) ♡Holiday in the Hamptons (Seth Carlyle & Felicity Knight)
      6) ♡Midnight over Manhattan (Ethan Black & Harriet Knight)
      pretty sure this were all ☆'s -- -- check when add books

    Accidental Heirs - Elizabeth Bevarly

    1) ♡Only on His Terms (Harrison Sage III & Gracie Summer) [OPEN]
    ♡Bidding on Her Boss; Only on His Terms - Rachel Bailey, Elizabeth Bevarly
    2) ♡CEO in Her Stocking (Grant Dunbarton & Clara Easton)
    3) ♡Pregnancy Affair (Tate Hawthorne & Renny Twigg)
    4) ♡Beauty for the Billionaire (Hogan Dempsey & Chloe Merlin)
    5) -dnf-Baby in the Making (Yeager Novak & Hannah Robinson)
    Mebbe finished or About halfway thru
    Gee, just one steamy scene away from "sweet"

    Alpha - Carole Mortimer [RAB] [HOOPLA]

    1) ♤Christmas Alpha (Finn Devlin & Eva Shaw)
    2) ♡Dark Alpha (Lucien Wynter & Nicky McKenzie) w
    3) •dnf•Shadow Alpha (Dair Grayson & Kat Markovic) k/s [BOOK]
    4) ☆Midnight Alpha (Gregori Markovic & Gaia Miller) b/w/k/r
    pay attention he appears throughout next few series
    5) ♡Renegade Alpha (Lijah Smith & Callie Morgan)
    6) ♡Warrior Alpha (Nikolai Volkov & Daisy Redmond)
    pay attention he appears throughout next few series
    7) ♡Rogue Alpha (Seth Armstrong & Diana Moore)
    8) ♡Savage Alpha (Jonas Grayfeather & Lily Knight)
    Knight Security – Carole Mortimer "Alpha" spinoff
    0.5) ♡Resisting Alexandre (Alexandre & Anastazia/Stazzie)
    1) ♡Defying Asher (Asher Knight & Lissa Forsythe)
    2) ♤Challenging Gabriel (Gabriel Knight & Angel Sinclair)
    No! Just no! Blatant adultry
    3) ☆Capturing Caleb (Caleb Knight/Dimitri & Magdalena Roig)
    4) ♡Tempting Zander (Zander Buchanan & Kate Stewart)
    5) ♡Enticing Ian (Ian Knight & Evie Bishop)
    6) ♡Seducing Ethan (Ethan Knight & Talia Krechenko)
    Steele Protectors Series - Carole Mortimer "Alpha" spin-off
    1) ♡Logan (Logan & August Harvey) online,
    2) ♡Atticus (Atticus & Jenna Riley)
    3) ♡Bryce (Bryce & Bella Smith/Isabella Zalotti)
    insert book#1 of Dance with the Devil Series "Matteo"
    4) ♡Rourke (Rourke & Sophie Hammond)
    5) ♡Haydn (Haydn & Haily Frost)
    6) ♡Lucan (Luca & Rachel Ford)
    Dance with the Devil - Carole Mortimer "Alpha" spin-off
    1) ♡Matteo (Matteo Zalotti & Grace Morrissey)
    2) ♡Leon (Leon Brunelli & Carla Andretti)
    3) •dnf•Killian (Killian Price & Natalia Brunelli) pg7ch9 [B]
    4) ♡Jericho (Jericho Price & Marisha Borzikov)
    5) #Kieran (Kieran Price & Janina Borzikov) now avail [BOOK]
    Dagnabbit, now i hzve read the whole series again.

    Alpha Brotherhood - Catherine Mann

    1) ♡An Inconvenient Affair (Troy Donavan & Hillary Wright)
    2) ♡All or Nothing (Conrad Hughes & Jayne Hughes)
    3) ♡Playing For Keeps (Malcolm Douglas & Celia Patel)
    4) ♡Yuletide Baby Surprise (Rowan Boothe & Mariama Mandara)
    5) ♡For the Sake of Their Son (Elliot Starc & Lucy Ann Joyner)

    Alpha Brotherhood - Ember Chase

    2) ☆Psycho Ex Boyfriend
    you need to read ♡"Captor" book #1 first
    I'm not a fan of angsty somewhat dark books, but wow,
    admittedly the Psycho Ex was a difficult to read,
    I chose to read all their teenage years first, then went back to read present day years
    I guess it would just be easier to say i read it in the chrono order

    Baby Chase Series [VARIOUS] [BOOK]

    1) ♤Prescription for Romance - Marie Ferrarella (Paul Armstrong & Ramona Tate)
    2) ♡Family They Chose - Nancy Robards Thompson (Jamison Mallory & Olivia Armstrong)
    3) ♡Doctor's Pregnant Bride? - Susan Crosby (Ted Bonner & Sara Beth O'Connell)
    4) ♡Cinderella and the Playboy - Lois Faye Dyer (Chance Demetrios & Jenny Labeaux)
    5) ♡And Babies Make Five - Judy Duarte (Hector Garza & Samantha Keating)
    6) ☆Billionaire's Baby Plan - Allison Leigh (Rourke Devlin & Lisa Armstrong)
    These were "sweet" ... consider reading more by Nancy Robards

    Bachelor Tower Series - Ruth Cardello [BOOK]

    1) ♡Insatiable Bachelor (Dalton Croft & Penny Fulton)
    2) -dnf- Impossible Bachelor (Ben & Kylie Fulton) chpt6 pg4 [BOOK]
    3) ♡Undeniable Bachelor (Bricelion/Brice Hastina & Savannah Barre)

    Bennett Family - Carole Mortimer

    1) ♡One Chance at Love - (Zachariah Bennett 35 & Dizzy James 21)
    2) ♡To Love Again (Lucas Kingsley 37 & Christi Bennett 22)
    3) ♡The Loving Gift (David Kendrick & Jade Mellors)
    4) ♡A Christmas Affair (Dominic Reynolds & Cathy Gilbert)
    0.5) no book, just characters (Simon Kendrick & Penny Gilbert)
    What Bennetts??? Pffft

    Billionaire's Club - Leanne Banks

    1) ♡Bedded by the Billionaire (Max De Luca & Lilli)
    2) ♡Billionaire Marriage Bargain (Alex Megalos & Mallory)
    * The Medici Men - Leanne Banks
    1. 3) ♡Billionaire Extraordinaire (Damien Medici & Emma)
    2. ♡From Playboy to Papa! (Rafe Medici & Nicole)
    3. ♡Playboy's Proposition (Michael Medici & Bella)
    4. ♡Secrets of the Playboy's Bride (Leo Grant Medici & Calista)

    Billionaire's Legacy - Di Sione's [VARIOUS]

    1) ♡Di Sione's Innocent Conquest - Carol Marinelli (Matteo Di Sione & Abby Ellison)
    2) ♡Di Sione Secret Baby- Maya Blake (Rahim al-Hadi & Allegra Di Sione)
    3) ♡To Blackmail a Di Sione - Rachel Thomas (Liev Dragunov & Bianca Di Sione)
    4) ♡Return of the Di Sione Wife - Caitlin Crews (Dario Di Sione & Anais)
    5) ♡Di Sione's Virgin Mistress -Sharon Kendrick (Dante Di Sione & Willow)
    6) ♡Di Sione for the Greek's Pleasure - Kate Hewitt (Angelo Menas & Natalia Di Sione)
    7) ?Deal for the Di Sione Ring - Jennifer Hayward (Nate Brunswick & Mina Mastrantino)
    8) ?Last Di Sione Claims His Prize - Maisey Yates (Alessandro Di Sione & Gabriella)

    Bramson Brothers - Rachel Bailey

    1) At the Billionaire's Beck and Call (Ryder Bramson & Macy Ashley)
    2) ♡Million Dollar Amnesia Scandal (Seth Kentrell & April Fairchild)
    3) Return of the Secret Heir (JT Hartley & Pia Baxter)

    Bride for all Seasons [VARIOUS]

    1) ♡Bride's Baby - Liz Fielding (Tom McFarlane & Sylvie Smith)
    2) ♡Saying Yes to the Millionaire - Fiona Harper (Josh Adams & Fern Chambers)
    3) ♡Millionaire's Proposal - Trish Wylie (Ronan O'Keefe & Kerry Doyle)
    4) ♡Marry Me Christmas - Shirley Jump (Flynn McGranger & Samantha Barnett)
    Caution these are sweet

    Call of Duty - Maisey Yates

    calm down, it's just more mindless reading
    1) ♡A Royal World Apart (Eva Drakis & Makhail)
    1.5) ♡The Prince and the PA (Bastian & Karen) [BOOK]
    2) ♡At His Majesty's Request (Stavros Drakos & Jessica)
    3) ♡Pretender to the Throne (Zanakos /Zander Drakos & Layna)
    4) ♡His Diamond of Convenience (Dinitri & Victoria)

    Chicago Sons Series - Barbara Dunlop [BOOK]

    1) ☆Sex, Lies and the CEO (Shane Colborn & Darci Rivers)
    [Secret Heiress, Secret Baby - Emily Mackay]
    2) ♡Seduced by the CEO (Riley Ellis & Kalissa Smith)
    ♡ [Wife he Couldn't Forget - Yvonne Lindsay]
    3) A Bargain with the Boss (Tuck Tucker & Amber Bowen)
    4) His Stolen Bride (Jackson Rush & Crista Corday)

    The Contract - Melanie Moreland

    1) 🎧♡The Contract (Richard VanRyan & Katharine Elliott)
    Except for a scene or two. Completely a "sweet" read
    {John Lane Tatiana Sokolav}
    1.5) ♡Baby Clause 2.0 (Richard VanRyan & Katharine VanRyan)
    2) 🎧♡The Amendment (Richard VanRyan & Katharine Elliott VanRyan)
    {John Lane Tatiana Sokolav}
    Gracie( & Jaxson), Heather( & Reed), Penny( & Phillip), Gavin( & Amanda), Matthew(& ?)

    Vested Interest - Melanie Moreland

    {🎧☆John Lane / 🎧Maxine Mitchell}
    0.5. BAM: The Beginning (Bentley, Aiden, Maddox) [BOOK]
    1. ☆Bentley (Bentley Ridge & Emmy/Emmiline Harris)
    2. ♡Aiden (Aiden Callaghan & Cami Wilson)
    Ava, triplets—Ronan, Paul, Jeremy
    3. ♡Maddox (Maddox Riley & Dee/Deirdre Wison)
    4. ♡Reid (Reid Matthews & Becca/Rebecca Holden)
    5. ♡Van (Van/Vince Morrison & Olivia Rourke)
    Sammy, Mila, Reed
    6. ♡Halton (Halton Andrew Smithers & Fiona Hutchings)
    Elsie, Brandon
    7. Sandy (Jordan Hayes & Sandy Preston)

    all the above's offspring

    Vested Interest: ABC Corp - Melanie Moreland [UATF]

    0.5) Merry Vested Wedding (Brayden Riley & Addison Ridge) [BOOK]
    1) My Saving Grace (Jaxson Richards & Grace VanRyan)
    2) Finding Ronan's Heart (Ronan Callaghan & Beth Jones)
    3) Loved by Liam (Liam Callaghan & Paige Winters)
    4) Age of Ava (Hunter Owens & Ava Callaghan)
    5) Sammy & Sunshine (Luke Adler & Samantha Morrison) [UATF]
    6) Unscripted with Mila (Nicholas Scott & Mila Morrison) [UATF]
    After all the offspring are grown and married....
    3.♡The Addendum (Luc James & Ashley VanRyan Brennan) [online?]

    ? Christmas Sugar - Melanie Moreland (Dylan Maxwell & Alexi)

    Kill Devil Hills Series - Kaylea Cross

    1) Undercurrent (Bowie Davenport & Aspen Savich)
    2) Submerged (Jared Blackmore & Harper Sorenson)
    Ryder gets his book in the Crimson Cross book #6 Deadly Valor
    3) Adrift (Chase Davenport & Becca Sandoza)

    Crimson Point Series - Kaylea Cross

    Read Kill Devil Hills Series first
    1) ♡Fractured Honor (Beckett Hollister & Sierra Buchanan)
    2) ♡Buried Lies (Noah Buchanan & Poppy Larsen)
    3) ♡Shattered Vows (Jase Weaver & Molly Boyd)
    4) ♤Rocky Ground (Aidan MacIntyre & Tiana Fitzgerald)
    5) Broken Bonds not a standalone ... end of series
    And yet we have 2 more books? Go figure!
    6) Deadly Valor (Ryder Locke & Danae Sutherland)
    Ryder appeared in Kill Devil Hills books 2) Submerged 3) Adrift.
    7) Dangerous Survivor (Boyd Masterson & Ember Thiessen)

    🧜‍♂️Deep Six🧜‍♀️ - Julie Ann Walker

    0.5) ♡Hot as Hell (Michael/Maddog Wainwright & Harper)
    Way of the Warrior - Anthology (Various)
    1) ♡Hell or High Water (Leo/LT Anderson & Olivia)
    2) ♡Devil and the Deep (Brandon/Bran & Maddy)
    a.k.a. Eye of the Storm
    3) ☆Ride the Tide (Mason & Alex Meriweather)
    4) ♡Deeper than the Ocean (Ray/Wolf & Crissy)
    5) ♡Shot Across the Bow (Spiro/Romeo Delgado & Mia)
    *"You know what they say,.
    What doesn't kill you, gives you a warped sense of humor
    and post-traumatic stress."* fave quote!
    6) 🎧-dnf -Dead in the Water (Dalton/Doc Simmons & Cami)

    booknotes: plot & who's who / remove notes in other list/books

    Desert Sons - Linda Conrad

    Note: sheik spelt with no haitch
    1) ♡Her Sheik Protector (Darin Kadir & Rylie)
    2) ♡The Sheik's Lost Princess (Shakir Kadir & Nikki Olivier)
    3) #Secret Agent Sheik (Jarik Kadir & Jass) [BOOK]
    4) #Bodyguard Sheik / Desert Knights#2 (Karin & Morgan) [BOOK]
    Listed as * Desert Knights *

    Fairy Tales of New York [VARIOUS] [BOOK]

    1) ♡Pursued by the Rogue - Kelly Hunter (Dawn Turner & Finnbar Sullivan) [RAB]
    2) ♡Tempting the Knight - Heidi Rice (Zelda Madison & Tyrone Sullivan)
    3) ♡Taming of the Beast - Lucy King (Mercedes/Mercy Hernandez & Seb Madison)
    4) ♡Seduced by the Baron - Amy Andrews (Faith Sullivan & Rafael Quartermaine)

    Falcon Dynasty Series - Lucy Gordon

    1) ♡Rescued by the Brooding Tycoon (Darius & Harriet)
    2) ♡Plain Jane in the Spotlight (Marcel & Cassie) [OPEN]
    3) ♡Miss Prim and the Billionaire (Travis & Charlene)
    4) ♡Falling for the Rebel Falcon (Leonid & Perdita)
    5) ♡?The Final Falcon Says I Do (Jackson & Freya)

    Fifth Avenue Trilogy [VARIOUS]

    0.5) Take Me - Maisey Yates (Travis Howell & Sydney Davis)
    1) Avenge Me - Maisey Yates (Austin Treffen & Katy Michaels)
    2) Scandalize Me - Caitlin Crews (Hunter Grant & Zoe Brooks)
    3) Expose Me - Kate Hewitt (Alex Diaz & Chelsea Maxwell)
    continued / connected with "Forbidden series"

    Forbidden Series [Various]

    these are NOT stand alone MUST read Fifth Avenue Trilogy
    books not added
    1) ♡Billionaire's Intern: Logan Black - Maisey Yates (Logan Black & Addison Treffen)
    Does bartender Isobel and her not brother ever get a book?
    2) ♡Billionaire's Fantasy: Jaiven Rodriguez - Kate Hewitt (Jaiven Rodriguez & Louise Jensen)
    3) ♡Billionaire's Innocent: Zair al Ruyi - Caitlin Crews (Zair al Ruyi & Nora Grant)

    From This Day Forward - Debbie Macomber

    1) ♡Groom Wanted (Aleksandr Berinksi & Julia Comrad)
    A.K.A. First Comes Love
    2) Bride Wanted (Chase Goodwin's & Lesley Campbell)
    3) Marriage Wanted (Nash Davenport & Savannah Charles)
    4) Laughter in the Rain (Abby Carpenter &, Logan Fletcher)

    Great Wedding Giveaway Series [VARIOUS] [HOOPLA]

    aka Montana Born Brides Series
    *0.5) ♡Prequel: Beauty's Kiss - Jane Porter (Troy Sheenan & Taylor Harris)
    a.k.a. The Tycoon's Kiss - Jane Porter*
    What about Jane? Sage and Callan Carrigan,? and Kara?
    1) What a Bride Wants - Kelly Hunter (Cam Sawyer & Ella Grace Emerson)
    Bad boy new in town dad owns Emerson Ranch
    2) Second Chance Bride - Trish Morey (Mitch Bannister & Scarlett Buck)
    3) Almost a Bride - Sarah Mayberry (Reid Dalton & Tara Buck)
    4) The Unexpected Bride - Joanne Walsh (Laurent Fletcher & Emma Peabody)
    Furniture designer & wood carver, & British nanny
    5) The Reluctant Bride - Katherine Garbera (Monty Davison & Risa Grant)
    Home after Afghanistan tours, Florida shop
    6) Game Of Brides - Megan Crane (Griffin Hyatt & Emmy Mathis)
    7) The Substitute Bride - Kathleen O'Brien (Drake Everett & Marly Akers)
    8) Last Year's Bride - Anne McAllister (Cole McCullough & Nell Corbett)
    9) Make-Believe Wedding (Heath McCullough & Andie Bennett)
    Taming of the Sheenan Series - Jane Porter
    1: Christmas at Copper Mountain (Brock Sheenan & Harley Diekerhoff)
    *2: The Tycoon's Kiss (Troy Sheenan & Taylor Harris)
    a.k.a. Beauty's Kiss* AHHHH, this was prequel for other series
    He's from San Fran and small town Librarian
    3: The Kidnapped Christmas Bride (Trey Sheenan & McKenna Douglas)
    In jail, got a kid, off and on since high school
    4: Taming of the Bachelor (Dillion Sheenan & Paige Joffe)
    Leaving town, single mom
    5: A Christmas Miracle for Daisy (Cormac Sheenan & Whitney Alder)
    Moved to Marietta for his adopted daughter
    6: The Lost Sheenan's Bride (Shane (Sheenan) Swan & Jet Diekerhof)
    Adopted out as a baby

    Heirs to the Romero Empire - Carol Marinelli

    1) ☆His Innocent for one Spanish Night (Alejandro Romero & Emily Jacobs)
    2) ☆Midnight Surrender to the Spaniard (Sebastian Romero & Anna Douglas)
    3) ☆Virgin's Stolen Nights with the Boss (Elias Henley & Carmen Romero)

    Legacy Collection - Ruth Cardello [BOOK]

    Books not added
    1) #Maid for the Billionaire (Dominic Corisi & Abigail Dartley)
    2) #For Love or Legacy (Stephan Andrade & Nicole Corisi)
    3) #Bedding the Billionaire (Jake Walton & Lil Dartley)
    4) #Saving the Sheikh (Rachid bin Amir al Hantan & Zhang Yajun)
    5) #Rise of the Billionaire (Jeremy Kater & Jeisa Borreto)
    He's a what? (virgin)
    6) #Breaching the Billionaire: Alethea's Redemption (Marc Stone & Alethea Niarchos)
    7) #Corisi Christmas (Dominic & Abby)
    Not sure read/unread read again

    Corisi Billionaires - Ruth Cardello

    Books not added
    1) Broken One (Sebastian Romano & Heather Ellis)
    2) Wild One (Mauricio Romano & Wren Heath)
    3) Secret One (Christof Romano & McKenna/ Mack Decker)

    Lost Corsis - Ruth Cardello

    1) He said Always (Gian Romano & Teagan)
    2) He Said Never (Gavin & Riley)
    3) He said Together (Kal & Jade)

    Love Clichés Series - Emma St Clair [HOOPLA]🎧

    1) ♡Falling for Your Best Friend's Twin (Abby & Zane Abramson) [BOOK]
    2) ☆Falling for Your Boss: (Zoey Abramson & Gavin)
    3) ☆Falling for Your Fake Fiancé (Delilah Deare & Thayden Walker)
    3.5) ▪dnr▪♤The Twelve Holidates (Taylor & Weston) useless
    4) ♡Falling for Your Best Friend (Harper & Chase)
    5.5) Falling for your Brother's Best Friend (Chelsea & Mason) ⊙[UATF]
    5) Falling for Your Enemy (Samantha & Rhys) ⊙[UATF]
    caution: sweet

    Mafia Moguls - Jules Bennett [BOOK]

    1) Trapped with the Tycoon (Braden O'Shea & Zara Perkins)
    2) From Friend to Fake Fiancé (Mac O'Shea & Jenna LeBlanc)
    3) Holiday Baby Scandal (Ryker Barrett & Laney O'Shea)
    4) ♡Heir's Unexpected Baby (Jack Carson & Vivianna Smith)

    Manhattan Nights - Natalie Wrye

    1) ♡The Vow (Brett Jackson & Elsie Carpenter) [BOOK]
    2) ♡The Bet (Heath Sparrow & Violet Keats) [BOOK]
    3) ♡The Deal (Marilyn Sparrow/Daniels & Jesse Somerset) [BOOK]
    4) •dnf•The Kiss (Kayla Jackson & Deacon Cross) [HOOPLA]
    5) ♡The Note (Noah Quinn & Sophia Somerset) [BOOK]
    6) •dnf•The Lie (Andrew Fletcher & Anne/Nancy Anderson) [BOOK]
    and he watched her get evicted? POS
    * Chicago Nights - Natalie Wrye
    1) ♡The Play (Sevin Smith & Emily Armand) [BOOK]
    2) ♡The Pact (Sawyer Kennedy & Naomi Silva) [BOOK]
    are there 2 diff mean old Mrs. Headlys?
    3) ♡The Dare (Chris Onasis & Rosalyn Morales) [HOOPLA]
    spoiler alert ... siblings
    * Brett, Kayla , , Deacon, Nancy
    * Sawyer, Danica , , Naomi, Diego
    * Jesse, Sophia
    * Hannah, Andrew, Sabrina
    * Noah, Lachlin, Jase
    * Heath, Marilyn, Noah, ?, ?

    Marlow Family Secrets - Susan Napier

    1) Love in the Valley (Hugh Walton & Julia Fry)
    2) True Enchantress (Richard & Joanna)
    3) Winter of Dreams (Olivia & Jordan)
    4) Lesson in Seduction (Rosalind/Roz & Luke)
    ▪dnr▪♤Price of Passion (Drake Daniels & Kate Crawford)
    has one of the Marlows in it

    Marriage at First Sight - Yvonne Lindsay [BOOK]

    1) ♡Tangled Vows (Ilya Horvath & Yasmin Carter)
    2) ♡Inconveniently Wed (Valentin Horvath & Imogene O'Connor Horvath)
    oh please read first half of ‘Limecello's’ GoodRead review, before you read "Inconveniently Wed" but for sure after, okies? But keep an open mind b/c it is a ✔ good read, worth looking past that bad review
    3) ♡Vengeful Vows (Galen Horvath & Peyton Earnshaw)
    Is there books for Dani or Sophie?

    Men of Haven - Rhenna Morgan

    1) 🎧♡Rough & Tumble (Jace Kennedy & Vivienne Moore)
    {Gary Furlong} not impressed
    2) 🎧☆Wild & Sweet (Zeke Dugan & Gabrielle/Gabe Parker)
    {Gary Furlong}
    3) 🎧☆Claim & Protect (Trevor Raines & Natalie Dubois Jordan)
    {☆John Lane}
    4) 🎧☆Tempted & Taken (Knox Torren & JJ Simpson/ Darya Volkova)
    {☆John Lane}
    5) 🎧☆Stand & Deliver (Beckett Tate & Gia Sinclair)
    {John Lane}
    6) 🎧♡Down & Dirty (Axel McKee & Lizzie Hemming)
    {Brockoven Georgia} or {John Lane} dunno, read this one
    7) 🎧 Trusted & True (Danny Parker & Callie Moore)
    {John Lane}

    Conitinued in

    NOLA Knights - Rhenna Morgan 🎧☆John Lane

    1) 🎧☆His to Defend (Sergei Petrovyh & Evette Labadie)
    2) 🎧☆Hers to Tame (Kir Vasilek & Cassie McClintock)
    3) 🎧☆ His to Keep (Roman Kozlov & Bonnie Drummond)
    Did Audio - Need to read these

    Millionaire of Manhattan - Andrea Laurence [BOOK]

    0.5) ♡Little Secrets: Secretly Pregnant (Jonah Flynn & Emma Dempsey)
    1) ☆What Lies Beneath - (Will Taylor & Adrienne/Cynthia Dempsey)
    2) ☆More Than He Expected (Alex Stanton & Gwen Wright)
    Alex also in "Undeniable Demands" book1 of "Secrets of Eden"
    3) ♡His Lover's Little Secret (Gavin Brooks & Sabine Hayes)
    4) ♡CEO's Unexpected Child (Luca Moretti & Claire Lawson Douglas)
    5) ♡Rags to Riches Baby (Oliver Drake & Lucy Campbell)
    6) #One Unforgettable Weekend (Aiden Murphy & Violet Niarchos)
    7) #Boyfriend Arrangement (Sebastian West & Harper Drake)

    Murphy Brothers - Magan Vernon

    1) ♡Straight up Irish (Connor Murphy & Fallon Smith)
    2) ♡Irish on the Rocks (Jack Murphy & Grace Evans)
    3) ♤Dirty Irish (Sean Murphy & Leah) prolly -dnf-
    She was not a fan of ❤rugby❤ selfish b*tch

    Bad Blood / The Notorious Wolfes [VARIOUS]

    1) A Night of Scandal - Sarah Morgan (Nate & Katie Field) [H]
    2) The Disgraced Playboy - Caitlin Crews (Lucas & Grace Carter)
    a.k.a. Shameless Playboy
    3) Restless Billionaire - Abby Green (Sebastian & Aneesa Adani)
    a.k.a. The Stolen Bride
    4) The Fearless Maverick - Robyn Grady (Alex & Libby Henderson)
    5) Heartless Rebel - Lynn Raye Harris (Jack & Cara Taylor)
    6) Illegitimate Tycoon - Janette Kenny (Rafael & Leila Santiago)
    7) ☆Forgotten Daughter - Jennie Lucas (Stefano Cortez & Annabelle Wolfe)
    a.k.a. ♡Girl That Love Forgot [BOOK]
    8) Lone Wolfe - Kate Hewitt (Jacob & Mollie Parker)
    ?these seem familiar, perhaps read?

    Rifle Creek Series - Kaylea Cross [HOOPLA]

    1) ☆Lethal Edge (Tate Baldwin & Nina Gomez)
    2) ☆Lethal Temptation (Mason Gallant & Avery Dahl)
    3) ☆Lethal Protector (Braxton Hillard & Tala Baldwin)

    Royal Wedding Invitations [VARIOUS] [BOOK]

    1) ♤Falling for Charming - Sophie Weston (Jonas Revel & Hope Kennard)
    2) ♡Baronet's Wedding Engagement - Jessica Hart (Max Kennard & Flora Deare)
    3) ♡If the Shoe Fits / Bridesmaid's Royal Bodyguard - liz Fielding (Fredrok Jensson & Ally Parker)
    4) ♡Best Man's Bride - Anne McAllister (Jack Masterson & Celina Harris)
    -dnf- did not read the last few pages of any of these

    Sahara Kings - Loreth Anne White

    Note: sheik spellt with no haitch
    1) Sheik's Command (Zakir Al Arif & Nikki Hunt) [RAB]
    2) Sheik's Captive / Desert Sons #4 (Sayeed Ali & Kathleen)
    [UATF] ⊙ checked 3/22
    3) Sheik's Revenge (Omair Al Arif & Faith) [RAB]
    4) Surgeon Sheik's Rescue (Tariq Al Arif & Bella) [RAB]
    5) Guarding the Princess (Dalilah Al Arif & Brandt) [RAB]

    Scandalous St. Claires - Carole Mortimer

    prequel: the St. Claires begins with a Regency Romance, yuck
    .005) Duke's Cinderella Bride (Hawk St. Claire & Jane Smith)
    1) Return of the Renegade (Jordan St. Claire & Stephanie McKinley)
    2) Reluctant Duke (Lucan St Claire & Lexie Hsmilton)
    3) Taming of the Last St. Claire (Gideon St Claire & Joey McKinley)

    Sons of Privilege - Katherine Garbera

    1) ♡Greek Tycoon's Secret Heir (Christos Theakis & Ava Monroe) [RAB]
    2) ♡Wealthy Frenchman's Proposition (Tristan Sabina & Sheri Donnelly) [LIBBY] [H]
    3) ☆Spanish Aristocrat's Woman (Guillermo de la Cruz & Kara deMontaine) [RAB]
    4) ♡His Baby Agenda (Kingsley Buchanan & Gabriella de la Cruz) [H]
    5) #His Seduction Game Plan (Hunter Caruthers & Ferrin Gainer) [H] [RAB]

    Wedding Challenge Series - Sophie Weston

    1) ♡Independent Bride (Steven Konig & Pepper Calhoun)
    2) ♡Accidental Mistress (Dom Templeton-Burke & Izzy/Isabel Dare)
    3) ♡Duke's Proposal (Niall Blackthorne & Jemima Dare)
    3.5) ♡In the Arms of the Sheik (Kazim al Saraq & Natasha Lambert)

  • Cover of: dictionary requested

    dictionary requested

    by stillme
    21 items Last modified May 15, 2024

    written or read with an open dictionary


    unignorable ? really you can unignore something?
    Thank you Marcella Bell, i dint know that!

    reMUNeration" often appears misspelled as "reNUMeration."
    Renumeration means "to enumerate [to count or list] again."

    i just knew renumerate was a real word!!!!

    (transitive) To renumber (number again). ·
    (obsolete, transitive) To recount (count again).

  • Cover of: The Naughty List

    The Naughty List

    by stillme
    134 items Last modified May 14, 2024

    Betrayal Road by Christine Feehan - Aarghhhh!!!! The suspense!

    yes, the suspense is l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y killing me

    Yes, i did the reasearch, everyday that goes by without reading this book is one more day closer to... DEATH,
    See! Literally killing me

    Move text and books for
    Gena Showalter & Meghan March to... imago?

    Delete / remove books and text for
    Wicked in Wellington series - DNR
    City Sizzle series - DNR
    Sexth Sense serie DNR

    Jasinda Wilder

    • Alpha Series - (Valentine Roth & Kyrie)
      1) ♡Alpha
      2) ♡Beta
      3) ♡Omega
      4) #Sigma (Apollo & Corinna/Rin Roth)

    • Alpha One Security
      1) ♤Harris (Nicholas Harris & Layla)
      2) ☆Thresh (Thresh & Lola)
      3) ☆Duke (Duke & Temple)
      4) ♡Puck (Puck & Colbie)
      5) ☆Lear (Lear Winter & Dani/Cuddy)
      6) ☆Anselm (Anselm See & Selah)

    Bestest series ever

    Go here to add MC's

    Billionaire Boys Club ☆☆☆☆☆ Jessica Clare

    1) Stranded with a Billionaire (Logan Hawkings & Bronte Dawson)
    2) Beauty and the Billionaire
    3) The Wrong Billionaire's Bed
    4) Once Upon a Billionaire
    5) Romancing the Billionaire
    6) One Night with a Billionaire
    6.4) His Royal Princess
    6.5) The Wedding

    Billionaire Boys Club part 2

    Billionaires & Bridesmaids ☆☆☆☆☆ Jessica Clare

    Billionaires and Bridesmaids
    1) Billionaire and the Virgin
    2) Taming of the Billionaire
    3) Billionaire Takes a Bride
    4) Billionaire's Favorite Mistake
    5) Billionaire on the Loose

    More from Jessica Clare
    Add books

    Hitman Series- Jessica Clare (and Jen Frederick)

    1) 🎧☆Last Hit (Nick Anders/Nikolai Andrushko & Daisy Miller)
    1.5) Last Gift (Nick Anders/Nikolai Andrushko & Daisy Miller)
    2) 🎧♡Last Breath (Daniel Hays & Regan Porter)
    2.5) Last Hit: Reloaded (Nick Anders & Daisy)
    3) 🎧☆Last Kiss (Vasily Petrovich & Naomi Hays)
    4) 🎧♡Last Hope (Rafe Mendoza & Ava Samson)

    Black Knights Inc.☆☆Julie Ann Walker

    be still my heart /e swoons
    Bikes, Ink, Guns and Sex!
    1) ☆Hell on Wheels
    2) In Rides Trouble
    3l Rev It Up
    4) ☆☆Thrill Ride
    5) Born Wild
    6) Hell for Leather
    7) Full Throttle
    8) Too Hard to Handle
    9) Wild Ride
    10) Fuel for Fire
    11) Hot Pursuit
    12) Built to Last

    Reloaded: Black Knights Inc. - Julie Ann Walker

    1) #Back in Black
    2) #Black Hearted
    3) #Man in Black

    Add these 4 Marie Harte series

    1. The Works - Marie Harte (2011-july14)
      1) ♡Bodywork (Shane Collins & Shelby Vanzant)
      2) Working Out (Mac Jameson & Maggie Doran)
      3) WetWork (Trevor Doran & Emma Clark)
    2. McCauley brothers - Marie Harte (july-nov2014)
    3. Dunnigan series - Marie Harte (nov2016-may18)
    4. ☆Body Shop Bad Boys - Marie Harte (july2016-20)

    move Jesica Lemmon series just naught naughty enough
    Move them to where? Series done read again or again! Again!
    Just text?
    Books not added

    Blue Collar Billionaires - Jessica Lemmon

    1) ☆Once Upon a Billionaire (Nate Owen & Vivian (Steele) Vandemark)
    2) ☆Charmed by the Billionaire (Benji Owen & Cristin Gilbert)
    3) ☆Billionaire Ever After (Archer Owen & Talia Richards)
    Does Calista get a book? (Talia Richards sister)

    add Love in the Balance - Jessica Lemmon

    1) ♡Tempting the Billionaire (Shane August & Crickett Day)
    Meet cute in bar, hires her as P.A.
    1.5) ♡Can't Let Go (Aiden Downey & Sadie Howard)
    No HEA here, but it is continued...
    Does Angel Downey get a book with Richie? No, they don't.
    2) ♡Hard to Handle (Aiden Downey & Sadie Howard)
    She's still hurt from prev. book. Both work with bikes.
    3) ☆Millionaire Affair (Landon Downey & Kimber Reynolds)
    She babysits for him. Top 10 list. He's smitten.
    Um, this last one, a wee bit naughty but still not naughty enuff

    add Second Chance - Jessica Lemmon

    1) -dnf- Bringing Home the Bad Boy (Evan Downey & Charlotte Harris)
    His dead-ex(her BFF) keeps them together/apart. Kid from prev.series
    Chapter 8 page 8 [BOOK]
    2) ☆Rescuing the Bad Boy (Donovan Pate & Sofie/Scampi Martin)
    ONS turned ugly, he's back. Mansion/dog. Hotties all over the place
    3) ♡A Bad Boy for Christmas (Connor McClain & Faith Garrett)
    She's tall. He's ex-military.
    4) ♡Return of the Bad Boy (Asher Knight & Gloria Shields)
    Musician & agent. Both are horndogs .he has kid with OW

    add Evergreen Cove

    1) #Bad Boy Blues (Brady Hutchins & Elliott McKinley)
    Cop from previous series meets vacationer (short story)

    add Billionaire Bad Boys Series - Jessica Lemmon [BOOK]

    1) #Billionaire Bachelor (Reese Crane & Merina Van Heusen)
    2) #Billionaire Next Door (Tag Crane & Rachel Foster)
    3) ?Bastard Billionaire (Eli Crane & Isabella Sawyer)
    4) #Crane Family Christmas (Eli and Isabella Crane)
    Might've read these? maybe audio? so not the same as reading 🙁

    add Lost Boys - Jessica Lemmon

    #Forgotten Promises (Tucker Noscalo & Morgan Young)
    Not sure this belongs in this series, but #want to read
    1) #Fighting for Devlin [sucky first draft] [BOOK]
    Daring Devlin (Devlin Calvary & Rena Lewis)
    2) #Shut Up and Kiss Me [sucky first draft] [BOOK]
    Craving Caden (Cade Wilson & Tasha Montgomery)

    Breathless Series☆☆☆Maya Banks

    a lot Naughty
    1) ♡Rush (Gabe & Mia)
    2) ♡Fever (Jace & Bethany)
    3) ♡Burn (Ash & Josie)

    City Sizzle Series - Cynthia Sax

    1) #One Night With My Billionaire Master (Logan Ross & Arianna St. James)
    2) #Good Assistant (John Powers & Trella Grant)
    3) #Seducing My Billionaire Boss (Robert Reyes & Kirsten Court)
    4) #Pleasing My Three Bosses (Mr. Zanetti, his two subs & Azure) ⊙[UATF]
    5) #How To Outplay A Player (Smoke Sheridan & Jenella Whyte) ⊙[UATF]

    Elite Ops - Lora Leigh

    The Enforcers - Maya Banks

    1) ♡Mastered (Drake & Evangeline) cliffhanger
    2) ♡Dominated (Drake & Evangeline)
    3) ♡Kept (Silas & Haley)

    Hard, Fast, and Forever - Sasha Burke [BOOK]

    1) ♡Bare Ass in Love - (Jason Steele & Summer Davis)
    2) Hard Ass in Love - Sasha Burke (Logan & Nicole)
    3) Gruff Ass in Love (Cade & Katelyn Carr)

    KGI Series☆☆☆Maya Banks☆

    Waiting for "Wherever You Are" ⊙[UATF]
    1) ♡Darkest Hour
    2) ☆No Place to Run
    3) ☆Hidden Away
    4) ☆Whispers in the Dark
    5) ☆Echoes at Dawn
    5.5) ♡Softly at Sunrise
    6) ♡Shades of Gray
    7) ☆Forged in Steele
    8) ♡After the Storm
    9) ☆When Day Breaks
    10) ☆Darkest Before Dawn
    11) ☆Brighter Than the Sun
    12: Wherever You Are
    series - a little Naughty

    Man Hands ☆☆☆ Sarina Bowen 1-4

    This serious was great,
    att it was quite unique to me

    Meghan March

    • Real Dirty Duet - Meghan March
      1) Real Dirty (Thrasher Boone & mm )
      2) Real Sexy (Thrasher Boone & mm )

    • Dirty Billionaire - Meghan March
      1) ♡Dirty Billionaire (Creighton Karas & Holly)
      2) ♡Dirty Pleasures (Creighton Karas & Holly)
      3) ♡Dirty Together (Creighton Karas & Holly)

    • Dirty Girl Duet - Meghan March
      1) ♡Dirty Girl (Greer Karas & Cavanaugh Westman) ahhhh!!!!!!!
      2) ♡Dirty Love (Greer Karas & Cavanaugh Westman)
      beware! severe cliffhanger ending for first book /e screams!
      practice hanging one handed or borrow both book together

    • Real Duet - Meghan March
      1) ♡Real Good Man (Logan Brantly & Banner Regent)
      2) ♡Real Good Love (Logan Brantly & Banner Regent)

    • Dirty Mafia Duet - Meghan March
      1) Black Sheep (Cannon Freeman & Drew Carson)
      2) White Knight (Cannon Freeman & Drew Carson)

    • Beneath Series
      1) -dnf-♤Beneath This Mask
      2) #Beneath This Ink
      3) #Beneath These Chains
      4) #Beneath These Scars
      5) #Beneath These Lies
      6) #Beneath These Shadows
      7) #Beneath The Truth

    Nine Circles - Jackie Ashenden

    do not read blurb for #5 In Bed with the Billionaire
    i wish i hadn't - so, just read the books, no blurbs 😁
    1) ☆Mine to Take (Gabriel Woolf & Honor St. James)
    2) ☆Make You Mine (Alex St. James & Katya Ivanova)
    3) ☆You Are Mine (Zac Rutherford & Eva King) has chapters
    4) ☆Kidnapped by the Billionaire (Elijah Hunt & Violet Fitzgerald)
    5) In Bed With the Billionaire (Theo Fitzgerald & Temple Cross)
    Most of these were re-read

    Notorious Harts - Clare Connelly
    1) Cross My Hart (Jagger Hart & Grace)
    2) Burn My Heart (Theo Hart & Asha Sauvages)
    3) ♡Harden My Hart (Holden Hart & Cora Andersson)
    4) Unbreak My Hart Barrett Byron-Moore & Avery (Hart) Maxwell)
    Very smutty, non-descriptive , thin plot

    Original Heartbreakers - Gena Showalter [BOOK]

    0.5) ♡The One You Want (Dane Michaelson & Kenna Starr)
    1) ☆The Closer You Come (Jase Hollister & Brook Lynn Dillon)
    A.K.A. The Secret Fling
    2) ♡The Hotter You Burn (Beck O'ckley & Harlow Glass)
    A.K.A. Friends First
    3) ♡The Harder You Fall (Lincoln West & Jessie Kay Dillon)
    A.K.A. Enemies to Lovers
    4) ☆Can't Hardly Breathe (Daniel Porter & Dorothea Mathis)
    A.K.A. Second Chance
    5) #Can't Let Go (Jude Laurent & Ryanne Wade)
    6) #Can't Get Enough (Brock Hudson & Lyndie Scott)
    a.k.a. The Marriage Bargain (a same title diff author list contender)
    series start almost "Sweet"/slow burn, uh got a wee bit naughty

    The Sexth Sense Series - Kelley St. John [OPEN]

    1) #Kiss and Dwell (Ryan Chappelle & Monique Vicknair) ⊙[UATF]
    available at [RAB] but not chaptered, so, [UATF]
    2) #Ghosts And Roses (Gage Vicknair & Makayla)
    3) #Shiver And Spice (Dax Vicknair & Celeste Beauchamp)
    4) #Fire In The Blood (Tristan Vicknair & Chantelle Bedeau)
    5) #Bed on Arrival (Jenee Vicknair & Nick Madere)
    6) #Live And Yearn Charles Roussel & Nanette Vicknair)

    Sin Brothers☆☆☆Rebecca Zanetti☆

    0.5) ?Weathering the Storm (Nate Dean & Auddrey Madison)
    1) ☆Forgotten Sins (Shane Dean & Josie)
    2) ☆Sweet Revenge (Matt Dean & Laney Jacobs)
    3) ☆Blind Faith (Nate Dean & Auddrey Madison)
    4) ☆Total Surrender (Joey Dean & Piper Oliver)

    Slow Burn Series☆1-5☆ Maya Banks

    • still waiting for (#6)"His Only Weakness" ⊙[UATF]
      a little Naughty

    Sweet Series☆☆☆Maya Banks☆

    1) ♡Sweet Surrender (Gray Montgomery & Faith Malone)
    2) ☆Sweet Persuasion (Damon Roche & Serena James)
    3) ☆Sweet Seduction (Nathan Tucker & Julie Stanford)
    4) ♤Sweet Temptation (Michael Hudson & Angelina Moyano) (H never loves h)
    5) ♡Sweet Possession (Connor Malone & Lyric Jones)
    6) ♡Sweet Addiction (Cole Madison & Ren & Lucas Holt) i just loved Cole thru series
    very Naughty

    Christine Feehan

    • ♡Drake Sisters
      1) Magic in the Wind
      2) Twilight Before Christmas
      3) Oceans of Fire
      4) Dangerous Tides
      5) Safe Harbor
      6) Turbulent Sea
      7) Hidden Currents
    • 2 ☆Sea Haven/Sisters of the Heart
      1) Water Bound
      2) Spirit Bound
      3) Air Bound
      4) Earth Bound
      5) Fire Bound
      6) Bound Together
      Oh... those Ruskians
    • 3 ♡Torpedo Ink

    Torpedo Ink - Christine Feehan

    1) ☆Judgement Road (Savva "Reaper" Pajari & Anya Rafferty)
    2) ♡Vengeance Road (Lyov "Steele" Russak & Breezy Simmons)
    3) ☆Vendetta Road (Isaak “Ice” Koval & Soleil Brodeur)
    4) ♤Desolation Road (Aleksei “Absinthe” Solokov & Scarlet Foley)
    5) ♡Reckless Road (Gedeon "Player" Lazaroff & Zyah)
    6) 🎧♡Annihilation Road (Savin “Savage” Pajari & Seychelle Dubois)
    7) 🎧♡Savage Road (Savin “Savage” Pajari & Seychelle Dubois)
    * Alaina & Pierce, hope Pierce is not what he seems?
    naughty, oh so very naughty yet still disappointing
    Better read with 5FDP playing in background
    8) ♡Recovery Road (Kir “Master” Vasiliev & Ambrielle Moore) 2023
    9) Betrayal Road (Andrii "Maestro" Federoff & Azelie Vargas [UATF] Aug 2024

    Billionaires Club series; [VARIOUS]

    1) Debt - Jackie Ashenden (Ash Evans & Ellie Little)
    2) Risk - Caitlin Crews (Sebastian Dumont & Darcy James)
    3) Proposition - JC Harroway (Cameron North & Orla Hendricks)
    4) Deal - Clare Connelly (Nicholas Rothsmore & Imogen Carmichael)

    Billionaire's Club Series - Jackie Ashenden

    1) Billion Dollar Bachelor (Jax Morrow & Pandora Garret)
    2) Billion Dollar Bad Boy (Donovan Morrow & Victoria de Winter)
    3) Billionaire Biker (Sean Morrow & Abigail Prescott)

    Wicked in Wellington - Kris Pearson

    A.K.A Hearts Around the Harbour- Kerri Peacs
    1) #The Boat Builder's Bed
    2) #Seduction on the Cards
    3) #Resisting Nick
    4) #Out of Bounds
    5) #The Wrong Sister
    6) #Ravishing Rose
    7) #Hot For You
    Not read? So how'dgya know its naighty or naught?
    Oops the titles?

    Roxie Rivera (dayamn!)

    [FREE] & [RAB] & [BOOK]
    Just the right amount of naughtiness sigh

  • Cover of: Moew to Come

    Moew to Come

    by stillme
    12 items Last modified May 13, 2024

    Note: overhaul required
    This list to be .. more from this new/ author, please
    Or expecting more in the series

    • Manhattan Kings - Piper Knox
      1) ☆The Revenge Plan (Caiden Scott & Hailey Lyndell)
      2) ♡Fake Dating Plan (Axel Reid & Emilia Harris)
      Do siblings francine & Santiago/Tiago Reid get books?

    • Passion Creek - Rachel Lyndhurst [HOOPLA]
      1) ♡Reforming the Playboy (Max Estin & Kira Butler)
      2) Book 2 actually belongs in the Tall Pines Ranch Series
      3) -dnf- Blackmailed by the Billionaire Brewer (Matt DeLeo & Piper Reilly)
      *You’re selfish, ruthless, and nothing gets in the way of what you want.”
      His jaw dropped for a second and his smile faltered. “But you still love me, right?* you know, yeah, i'm agonna finish this one, 💕

    • Sovereigns and Scandals (of St Ancilla) - Annie West
      1) ♡Revelations of a Secret Princess (Jack Maynard & Carolina/ Caro Rivage) 2) ♡King's Bride by Arrangement (Paul Rivage & Eva)
      does brother Leo Rivage of St Ancilla get a book?

    • Wanted: A Billionaire - Melanie Milburne
      1) One Night on the Virgin’s Terms (Louis Charpentier & Ivy Kennedy)
      2) ♡Breaking the Playboy’s Rules (Hunter Addison & Millie Donnelly-Clarke)
      2.5) ♡Billion-Dollar Bride Hunt (Matteo Vitale & Emmaline/Emmie Woodcroft)
      3) ♡One hot New York Night (Finn O’Connell & Zoey Brackenfield)
      Matteo Vitale forensic accountant & friend of Hunter
      when i grow up, im gonna be a forensic accountant

    Books you may want to read: see Ivy H's GR reviews on books of 2018
    and in

  • Cover of: Kidnapped!


    by stillme
    137 items Last modified May 12, 2024


  • Cover of: Aa Its on the list

    Aa Its on the list

    by stillme
    34 items Last modified May 12, 2024
  • Cover of: 🎧 L👁👁k 🎧 B👀k!🎧

    🎧 L👁👁k 🎧 B👀k!🎧

    by stillme
    31 items Last modified May 11, 2024



  • Cover of: Try one from this author

    Try one from this author

    by stillme
    22 items Last modified May 9, 2024

    Kris Pearsom
    * Lee Wilkimson - sweet/gentle






    Okay, back to unsolved who is who,

    The Billionaire's Bidding - Barbara Dunlop
    (Alex Garrison & Emma McKinley)
    Garrison Hotels
    Rockwell brothers - Gunter?
    Ryan Hayes

    Nathaniel - cousin of Alex Garrison
    Nathaniel - Kessex Cruise Lines & Kessex Shipping
    possible location Manhattan or London or Aukland

    • -

    New Notes
    * Maureen Child
    Have Baby, Need Billionaire
    (Simon Bradley & Tula Baron Hawthorne)
    Mentions 2 other Couples
    Simon's friend (Mick Davis & Katie)
    Tula's friend (Anna Cameron & Sam Hale)

    authors/books at [RAB]
    jic there's no internet, i.e. Christine Rimmer


    old notes
    * Miranda Lee
    At her Bosses Bidding ♡
    Max Richmond-Hotelier (bro dead of cancer) Magnate's Mistress

    Ward Jackman - horse trainer

    these "books" removed from list, b/c all have been read
    Lucy Ellis
    ♡Innocent in the Ivory Tower (Alexei & Maisy)
    ♡Untouched by His Diamonds (Serge & Clementine)
    ♡Man she Shouldn't Crave (Plato & Rose)
    ♤Pride After Her Fall (Lorelei & Nash)
    Yeah, now i wonder what list that was?


    Try to search by name...

    This or that - - format to folliw
    Insert name and also

    Okkes, consolidate, looking for characters, books, in...
    All in one list

  • Cover of: From your lists

    From your lists

    by stillme
    103 items Last modified May 8, 2024

    I do not know you, but i like to explore these things on your lists,
    Thank you,

    Some people climb into a bottle, I climb into a book.

  • Cover of: Poppy


    by stillme
    42 items Last modified May 5, 2024

    I dunno, just love books with Poppies!
    * ...and daaamn if they don't all have a lovely happy ending! (sigh)


    * Billionaire's Sexy Rival - Leslie North (William Jameson & Poppy Hanniford)

    Not sure if these were read, so? Read again! Duh!

    • SEAL Next Door - Paige Tyler (Sam Travers & Poppy McCoy) [BOOK]

    * ☆Redbird - Diana Palmer (Hank/Henry Shoeman & Poppy O’Brien)
    Found here in anthology - Abduction & Seduction [VARIOUS]
    ☆Redbird - Diana Palmer
    Bluest Eyes in Texas - Joan Johnston
    Bounty - Rebecca Brandewyne
    Read the other 2 books, then remove this text

    Other °Poppy° worthy heroines , Including:

    • Maylee Meriweather
      Introduced in Billionaire Boys Club: ☆Beauty and the Billionaire #2
      She's the heroine in Once Upon a Billionaire #4 by Jessica Clare
      b/c i swear that's me!

    * ⁉️ book had the h was a complete klutz, The H would follow behind her to calmly pick things up and learned to deal with her never ending clumsiness? I believe this was consistent throughout the trilogy. He thinks it's adorable everyone else cringes.
    Yeah, that book belongs here, whichever it was deserves a reread.
    Oh wow, i loved that book! What was the name of it?

  • Cover of: Hoopla or maybe LIBBY

    Hoopla or maybe LIBBY

    by stillme
    47 items Last modified May 2, 2024

    Available on 《Hoopla》or maybe try 《LIBBY》

  • Cover of: Never Ending Sagas

    Never Ending Sagas

    by stillme
    94 items Last modified April 28, 2024

    a.k.a. Don't Get Me Started!

    Go to bottom, get names
    Then do 30-47

    The Barrington Billionaires Series

    This is a synchronized series connected
    * "The Barrington Billionaires" by Ruth Cardello
    * "The Barrington Billionaires" by Jeannette Winters
    * "The Barrington Billionaires" by Danielle Stewart
    yeah, not sure if i wanna start this or not...
    I just wanna read "A Billionaire for Lexi"

    Bravo Family Series - Christine Rimmer

    1 The Nine-Month Marriage
    2 Marriage by Necessity
    3 Practically Married
    4 Married by Accident
    5 The Millionaire She Married
    6 The M.D. She HAD to Marry
    7 The Marriage Agreement
    8 The Bravo Billionaire
    9 The Marriage Conspiracy
    10 His Executive Sweetheart
    11 Mercury Rising
    12 Scrooge and the Single Girl
    13 Fifty Ways To Say I'm Pregnant
    14 Marrying Molly
    15 Lori's Little Secret
    16 Bravo Unwrapped
    17 The Bravo Family Way
    18 Married In Haste
    19 From Here To Paternity
    20 A Bravo Christmas Reunion
    21 Valentine's Secret Child
    22 Having Tanner Bravo's Baby
    23 The Stranger And Tessa Jones
    24 The Bravo Bachelor
    25 A Bravo's Honor
    26 Christmas at Bravo Ridge
    27 Valentine Bride
    28 A Bride for Jericho Bravo
    29 Expecting the Boss's Baby

    30) Donovan's Child
    31) Marriage, Bravo Style! Buy
    32) A Bravo Homecoming Buy
    33) The Return of Bowie Bravo Buy
    34) The Prince's Secret Baby Buy
    35) The Prince She Had to Marry Buy
    36) The Rancher's Christmas Princess Buy
    37) Her Highness and the Bodyguard Buy
    38) How to Marry a Princess Buy
    39) Holiday Royale Buy
    40) The Prince's Cinderella Bride Buy
    41) The Earl's Pregnant Bride Buy
    42) A Bravo Christmas Wedding Buy
    43) Not Quite Married Buy
    44) The Good Girl's Second Chance Buy
    45) Carter Bravo's Christmas Bride Buy
    46) James Bravo's Shotgun Bride Buy
    47) Ms. Bravo and the Boss Buy
    48) A Bravo for Christmas (Darius Bravo and& Eva Malloy)
    49) The Lawman's Convenient Bride (Jody Bravo & Seth Yancy)
    50) Garrett Bravo's Runaway Bride (Garrett Bravo & Cami Lockwood)
    51) Married Till Christmas (Nell Bravo & Declan McGrath)
    52) The Nanny's Double Trouble (Daniel Bravo & Keely Ostergard)
    53) Almost a Bravo (Aislinn Bravo & Jaxon Winter)
    54) Same Time, Next Christmas (Matthias Bravo & Sabra Bond)
    55) Switched at Birth (Madison Delaney/Bravo & Sten Larson)
    56) A Husband She Couldn't Forget (Connor Bravo & Alyssa Santangelo)
    57) The Right Reason to Marry (Liam Bravo & Karin Killigan)
    58) Their Secret Summer Family (Grace Bravo & Dante Santangelo)
    59) Home for the Baby's Sake (Hailey Bravo & Roman Marek)
    60) Temporary Christmas Arrangement (Harper Bravo & Lincoln Stryker)
    61) The Last One Home (Finn Bravo/Ian McNeill & Ella Haralson)

    Colton [VARIOUS]

    series name % GR Series identifyer for each series

    1- Family First 45994
    2- Montana 60019
    3- Eden Falls 87770
    4- Wyoming 109387
    5- Texas 170526
    6- Shadow Creek 196080
    7- Red Ridge 221275
    8- Roaring Springs 253993
    9- Kansas 291837
    10- 911 Chicago 304889

    Fortunes of Texas [Various]

    • Fortune's Children: Original Series
    • Fortune's Children: The Brides
    • Fortunes of Texas
    • Fortune's Children: The Grooms
    • Fortunes of Texas: The Lost Heirs
    • Fortunes of Texas: Reunion
    • Fortunes of Texas: Return to Red Rock
    • Fortunes of Texas: Missing Fortunes
    • Fortunes of Texas: Whirlwind Romance
    • Fortunes of Texas: Southern Invasion
    • Fortunes of Texas: Welcome to Horseback Hollow
    • Fortunes of Texas: All Fortune's Children

    Fortune's Children Series

    1 Brandewyne, Rebecca Hired Husband Buy
    2 Jackson, Lisa The Millionaire and the Cowgirl Buy
    3 Lovelace, Merline Beauty and the Bodyguard Buy
    4 Boswell, Barbara Stand-In Bride Buy
    5 Turner, Linda The Wolf and the Dove Buy
    6 James, Arlene Single With Children Buy
    7 Shayne, Maggie A Husband in Time Buy
    8 Rimmer, Christine Wife Wanted Buy
    9 Carey, Suzanne Mystery Heiress Buy
    10 Davis, Justine The Wrangler's Bride Buy
    11 Ferrarella, Marie Forgotten Honeymoon Buy
    12 Greene, Jennifer The Baby Chase Buy
    12.5 A Fortune's Children Christmas: An Anthology
    Jackson, Lisa Angel Baby (ss) Buy Boswell, Barbara A Home For Christmas (ss) Buy Turner, Linda The Christmas Child (ss) Buy

    Fortune's Children: The Brides Series

    14 Greene, Jennifer The Honor Bound Groom Buy
    15 Bevarly, Elizabeth Society Bride Buy
    16 Boswell, Barbara The Hoodwinked Bride Buy
    17 Banks, Leanne The Secretary and the Millionaire Buy
    18 Crosby, Susan The Groom's Revenge Buy
    19 Lovelace, Merline Undercover Groom Buy

    Fortune's Children: The Grooms Series

    20 Banks, Leanne Bride of Fortune Buy
    21 Jensen, Kathryn Mail-Order Cinderella Buy
    22 Delacorte, Shawna Fortune's Secret Child Buy
    23 Cross, Caroline Husband--Or Enemy? Buy
    24 Moreland, Peggy Groom of Fortune Buy

    Fortunes of Texas

    25 Shayne, Maggie Million Dollar Marriage Buy
    26 Paige, Laurie The Baby Pursuit Buy
    27 Ferrarella, Marie Texas / For Her Baby's Sake Buy
    28 Merritt, Jackie A Willing Wife Buy
    29 James, Arlene Corporate Daddy Buy
    30 Langan, Ruth Ryan Snowbound Cinderella Buy
    31 Michaels, Kasey The Sheikh's Secret Son Buy
    32 Bagwell, Stella The Heiress and the Sheriff / An Innocent Woman Buy
    33 Steffen, Sandra Lone Star Wedding / Here Comes His Bride Buy
    34 Barton, Beverly In the Arms of a Hero Buy
    35 Toth, Pamela Wedlocked?! Buy
    36 Merritt, Jackie Hired Bride Buy
    37 Smith, Karen Rose Marry In Haste Buy
    38 Wilson, Leanna The Expectant Secretary Buy
    39 Southwick, Teresa Shotgun Vows Buy
    40 Watson, Margaret To Love and Protect Her Buy

    Fortunes of Texas: The Lost Heirs Series

    41 Winston, Anne Marie A Most Desirable M.D. Buy
    42 Wilks, Eileen The Pregnant Heiress Buy
    43 Rogers, Shirley Baby of Fortune Buy
    44 McCauley, Barbara Fortune's Secret Daughter Buy
    45 Galitz, Cathleen Her Boss's Baby Buy
    46 Boswell, Barbara The Holiday Heir (ss) Buy
    46 Greene, Jennifer The Christmas House (ss) Buy
    46 Merritt, Jackie Maggie's Miracle (ss) Buy
    47 Child, Maureen Did You Say Twins?! Buy

    Fortunes of Texas: Reunion Series

    48 Ferrarella, Marie Her Good Fortune Buy
    49 Green, Crystal A Tycoon in Texas Buy
    50 Bagwell, Stella In a Texas Minute Buy
    51 Smith, Karen Rose Dream Marriage (ss) Buy
    51 Rimmer, Christine Hidden Hearts (ss) Buy
    51 Major, Ann Secret Kisses (ss) Buy
    52 Major, Ann Cowboy at Midnight Buy
    53 Ferrarella, Marie A Baby Changes Everything Buy
    54 Moreland, Peggy In The Arms of the Law Buy
    55 Paige, Laurie Lone Star Rancher Buy
    56 Smith, Karen Rose The Good Doctor Buy
    57 Bevarly, Elizabeth The Debutante Buy
    58 MacKenzie, Myrna Keeping Her Safe Buy
    59 Gold, Kristi The Law of Attraction Buy
    60 Whitefeather, Sheri Once A Rebel Buy
    61 Ferrarella, Marie Military Man Buy
    62 Child, Maureen Fortune's Legacy Buy
    63 Ridgway, Christie The Reckoning Buy

    ??? Fortunes of Texas: Return to Red Rock

    64 Moreland, Peggy Merger Of Fortunes Buy
    65 Jameson, Bronwyn Back In Fortune's Bed Buy
    66 Sands, Charlene Fortune's Vengeful Groom Buy
    67 DeNosky, Kathie Mistress Of Fortune Buy
    68 Colley, Jan Expecting A Fortune Buy
    69 Betts, Heidi Fortune's Forbidden Woman Buy

    Fortunes of Texas: Return to Red Rock Series

    70 Ferrarella, Marie Plain Jane And The Playboy Buy
    71 Leigh, Allison Valentine's Fortune Buy
    72 Dyer, Lois Faye Triple Trouble Buy
    73 Duarte, Judy A Real Live Cowboy Buy
    74 Thayne, Raeanne Fortune's Woman Buy

    75 Hardy, Kristin A Fortune Wedding Buy

    Fortunes of Texas : Lost... and Found

    76 Leigh, Allison Fortune's Proposal Buy
    77 Duarte, Judy Healing Dr. Fortune Buy
    78 Crosby, Susan Mendoza's Return Buy
    79 Ferrarella, Marie Fortune's Just Desserts Buy
    80 Butler, Christyne Fortune's Secret Baby Buy
    81 Pade, Victoria Fortune Found Buy

    Fortunes of Texas : Whirlwind Romance

    82 Templeton, Karen Fortune's Cinderella Buy
    83 Ferrarella, Marie Fortune's Valentine Bride Buy
    84 Duarte, Judy Mendoza's Miracle Buy
    85 Crosby, Susan Fortune's Hero Buy
    86 Thompson, Nancy Robards Fortune's Unexpected Groom Buy
    87 Leigh, Allison Fortune's Perfect Match Buy

    Fortunes of Texas : Southern Invasion

    88 Leigh, Allison Her New Year's Fortune Buy
    89 Crosby, Susan A Date with Fortune Buy
    90 Ferrarella, Marie A Small Fortune Buy
    91 Duarte, Judy Marry Me, Mendoza! Buy
    92 Kirk, Cindy Expecting Fortune's Heir Buy
    93 Green, Crystal A Change of Fortune Buy

    Fortunes of Texas: Welcome to Horseback Hollow

    94 Banks, Leanne Happy New Year, Baby Fortune! Buy
    95 Kirk, Cindy A Sweetheart for Jude Fortune Buy
    96 Ferrarella, Marie Lassoed by Fortune Buy
    97 Duarte, Judy A House Full of Fortunes! Buy
    98 Thompson, Nancy Robards Falling for Fortune Buy
    99 Leigh, Allison Fortune's Prince Buy
    100 Duarte, Judy A Royal Fortune Buy
    101 Kirk, Cindy Fortune's Little Heartbreaker Buy
    102 Ferrarella, Marie Mendoza's Secret Fortune Buy
    103 Major, Michelle The Taming of Delaney Fortune Buy
    104 Thompson, Nancy Robards My Fair Fortune Buy
    105 Leigh, Allison Fortune's June Bride Buy

    Fortunes of Texas: All Fortune's Children

    106 Leigh, Allison Fortune's Secret Heir Buy
    107 Bagwell, Stella Fortune's Perfect Valentine Buy
    108 Smith, Karen Rose Fortune's Secret Husband Buy
    109 Major, Michelle Fortune's Special Delivery Buy
    110 Thompson, Nancy Robards Fortune's Prince Charming Buy
    111 Duarte, Judy Wed by Fortune Buy

    Fortunes of Texas: The Secret Fortunes

    112 Major, Michelle A Fortune in Waiting Buy
    113 Bagwell, Stella Her Sweetest Fortune Buy
    114 Ferrarella, Marie Fortune's Second-Chance Cowboy Buy
    115 Duarte, Judy From Fortune to Family Man Buy
    116 Thompson, Nancy Robards Fortune's Surprise Engagement Buy
    117 Leigh, Allison Wild West Fortune Buy

    118 Lacey, Helen A Fortunes of Texas Christmas Buy

    Fortunes of Texas : The Rulebreakers

    119 Major, Michelle Her Soldier of Fortune Buy
    120 Duarte, Judy No Ordinary Fortune Buy
    121 Ferrarella, Marie The Fortune Most Likely To... Buy
    122 Smith, Karen Rose Fortune's Family Secrets Buy
    123 Thompson, Nancy Robards Maddie Fortune's Perfect Man Buy
    124 Leigh, Allison Fortune's Homecoming Buy

    Fortunes of Texas Christmas

    A Fortune of Texas Christmas
    125 Quinn, Tara Taylor Fortune's Christmas Baby Buy

    Fortunes of Texas: The Lost Fortunes

    126 Major, Michelle A Deal Made in Texas Buy
    127 Lacey, Helen Her Secret Texas Valentine Buy
    128 Ferrarella, Marie Texan Seeks Fortune Buy
    129 Bagwell, Stella Guarding His Fortune Buy
    130 Thompson, Nancy Robards A Fortunate Arrangement Buy
    131 Leigh, Allison A Fortune's Texas Reunion Buy

    Fortunes of Texas: Rambling Rose

    132 Major, Michelle Fortune's Fresh Start Buy
    133 Bagwell, Stella Fortune's Texas Surprise Buy
    134 Duarte, Judy The Mayor's Secret Fortune Buy
    135 Ferrarella, Marie Fortune's Greatest Risk Buy
    136 Thompson, Nancy Robards Betting on a Fortune Buy
    137 Leigh, Allison The Texan's Baby Bombshell Buy

    Fortunes of Texas: The Hotel Fortune

    138 Major, Michelle Her Texas New Year's Wish Buy
    139 Lacey, Helen Their Second-Time Valentine Buy
    140 Ferrarella, Marie An Unexpected Father Buy
    141 Marshall, Lynne Runaway Groom Buy
    142 Crespo, Nina An Officer and a Fortune Buy
    143 Leigh, Allison Cowboy in Disguise Buy

    Fortunes of Texas: The Wedding Gift

    1. Their New Year's Beginning (2021)
    2. A Soldier's Dare (2022)
    3. Anyone But a Fortune (2022)
    4. Cinderella Next Door (2022)
    5. A Fortune in the Family (2022)
    6. Finding Fortune's Secret (2022)

    Fortunes of Texas: Hitting the Jackpot

    1. A Fortune's Windfall (2022)
    2. Fortune's Fatherhood Dare (2023)

    Texas Cattleman's Club [Various]

    Texas Cattleman's Club: Lone Star Jewels

    Texas Cattleman's Club: The Last Bachelor

    Texas Cattleman's Club: The Stolen Baby

    Texas Cattleman's Club: The Secret Diary

    Texas Cattleman’s Club: Maverick County Millionaires

    Texas Cattleman's Club: The Showdown

    Texas Cattleman's Club: The Missing Mogul

    Texas Cattleman's Club: After the Storm

    Texas Cattleman's Club: Lies and Lullabies

    Texas Cattleman's Club: Blackmail

    Texas Cattleman's Club: The Imposter

    Texas Cattleman's Club: Bachelor Auction

    Texas Cattleman's Club: Houston

    Texas Cattleman's Club: Inheritance

    Texas Cattleman's Club: Rags to Riches

    Texas Cattleman's Club: Heir Apparent

    Texas Cattleman's Club: Fathers and Sons

    Texas Cattleman's Club: Ranchers and Rivals


    this collection made the list b/c there is a "Poppy"
    None have been read absolutely none are recommended
    yeah, imma gonna read the Poppy one
    Prolly a concession to OCDedness might read first couple series

    Midnight Dynasty’s [VARIOUS]

    Suggested Reading Order:

    • Cinderella Trilogy - K Webster
      Skyscraper Cinderella (Winston Constantine & Ash Ember Elliott) [BOOK]
      1) Stroke of Midnight
      2) Prince Charming
      3) Glass Slipper

    • Starcrossed Lovers - Jade West
      The Monster and the Doll (Lucian Morelli & Elaine Constantine)
      1) Heartless [BOOK]
      2) Soulless BOOK]
      3) Relentless BOOK]

    • Beast of Bishop’s Landing - Amelia Wilde (Leo Morelli & Haley Constantine)
      1) Secret Beast [UATF]
      2) Hidden Beauty [UATF]
      3) Fallen Rose [BOOK]

    • Hearts Trilogy - M O’Keefe
      Dark Heart (books 1-3) (Ronin & Poppy)
      1) Stolen [BOOK]
      2) Broken [BOOK]
      3) Untamed [BOOK]

    • Collector Trilogy - Amelia Wilde (Emerson LeBlanc & Daphne Morelli) [UATF]
      1) Dark Reign [UATF]
      2) Sweet Mercy [UATF]
      3) Last Resort [UATF]

    • Wicked Idol - Becker Gray (Keaton Constantine & Iris Briggs)
      Hellfire Series - Becker Gray not part of Midnight Dynasty
      1) Wicked Idol (Keaton Constantine & Iris Briggs) [BOOK]
      2) Callous Prince (Lennox Lincoln-Ward & Sloane Lauder)
      3) Brutal Blueblood (Owen Montgomery & Tanith Bradford)
      4) Ruined Sinner (Phineas Yates & Aurora Lincon-Ward)
      5) Sweet Devil (Rhys Huntington & Serafina van Doren)

    • Lessons in Sin - Pam Godwin (Magnus Falke & Tinsley Constantine)

    • Dark Dream Duet - Giana Darling (Tiernan Morelli & Bianca Belcante) [UATF]
      0.5) Bad Dream
      1) Dangerous Temptation
      2) Beautiful Nightmare

    • Arranged Marriage Trilogy - Monica Murphy (Perry Constantine & Charlotte Lancaster)
      Wedded Bliss Trilogy
      1) The Reluctant Bride [BOOK]
      2) The Ruthless Groom [BOOK]
      3) The Reckless Union [UATF]

    • Deception Duet - K Webster (Sully, Sparrow and Scout Mannford & Landry Croft)
      1) Triple Threat [BOOK]
      2) Death Wish [BOOK]

    • One for the Money - Skye Warren (Finn Hughes & Eva Morelli)
      1) One for the Money [UATF]
      2) Two for the Show [UATF]

    • The Crash - Skye Warren & Amelia Wilde (Carter Morelli & June Porter)

    Meet Me Under the Mistletoe Anthology -
    O Holy Night - Pam Godwin
    Santa Baby - Claire Contreras
    All I Want for Christmas Is You - M. Robinson
    Last Christmas - Katee Robert
    Carol of the Bells - Maria Luis
    Silver Bells - Alta Hensley
    O Come All Ye Faithful - Amelia Wilde
    Silent Night - Sienna Snow
    It Came Upon a Midnight Clear - Jenika Snow
    All I Want For Christmas Is You - Sam Mariano
    Little Drummer Boy - M. O'Keefe
    Baby, It's Cold Outside - Giana Darling
    Away in a Manger - Jade West
    This Christmas - Theodora Taylor
    Hallelujah - Skye Warren

    There's another suggested reading order on Redit

    Wonderland Trilogy - Alta Hensley (Nick Hudson & Lyriope Bailey)
    1) King of Spades [UATF]
    2) Queen of Hearts [UATF]
    3) Ace of Diamonds [UATF]

    • one, some, or none of
      Dark Fairy Tales Anthology
      May or may not belong in "Midnight Dynasty"
      King Midas - Skye Warren
      Rumplestiltskin - Celia Aaron
      Princess and the Pea - Sierra Simone
      Little Red Riding Hood - Karina Halle
      The Ugly Duckling - CJ Roberts
      Beauty and the Beast - Willow Winters
      Jack & the Beanstalk - Marley Valentine
      King Thrushbeard - Cora Reilly
      Swan Princess - Natasha Knight
      Cinderella - Aleatha Romig
      Snow White - T.M. Frazier

  • Cover of: MMA Ruskians Sheiks and Geeks

    MMA Ruskians Sheiks and Geeks

    by stillme
    10 items Last modified April 28, 2024
    • Alpha Heroes Meet Their Match - Carol Marinelli
      1) ♡Only woman to defy him (Demyan Zukov & Alini Ritchi)
      2) ?More Precious than a Crown (Zahid & Trinity Foster)
      Marked as desert done... not sure if it was read
      3) ?Protecting His Desert Princess (Mikael Romanov & Layla)

    Leslie North - Those Russians

    • Fedosov Family - Leslie North (2014)
      1) ♡Russian's Stubborn Lover (Demitry Fedosov & Julia Thompson)
      2) #Russian's Bold American (Alexey Fedosov & Desiree Bishop) [UATF]
      a.k.a. Russian's Feisty Fiance
      3) ♡Russian's Secret Child (Misha Fedosov & Jasmine)
      a.k.a Russian's Secret Baby
      a.k.a. Russian's Need

    • Karzhov Crime Family - Leslie North (2014)
      1) Mafia Boss's Fearless Lover (Nikolai Tsarsko & Katya Miller)
      2) Mafia Hitman's Daring Lover (Grigori & Desiree Addams)
      3) Mafia Soldier's Irresistible Lover (Valentin Tolstov & Chelsea Barlow)
      4) Mafia Enforcer's Sassy Lover (Kostya Molikov & Tori Graystone)

    • Karev Brothers - Leslie North (2016-17)
      1) Her Ruthless Russian (Vlad Karev & Madison O'Connor)
      2) Her Rogue Russian (Maxim Karev & Savannah Casillero)
      3) Her Relentless Russian (Dmitry Karev & Harper Allen)

    • Volkov Brothers - Leslie North (2018)
      1) Her Russian Fixer (Benedikt Volkov & Lucy Paprocki)
      2) Her Russian Rescuer (Nikolai Volkov & Daphne Allman)
      3) Her Russian Mobster (Kaz & Allison Charman)

    • Sokolov Brothers - Leslie North (2018)
      1) Married to the Russian Kingpin (Viktor Sokolov & Alexandra Volkin)
      2) Falling for the Mob Soldier (Roman Garinovich & Elena Popov)
      3) Saving the Russian Enforcer (Kostya “Mad Dog” Sokolov & Maya Popov)

    Leslie North - Those Sheikhs

    • Sheikh's Meddling Sisters - Leslie North [BOOK]
      it's all in "how" / "what" the search parameters
      1) #Sheikh's Tempting Assistant (Raheem bin Haik al Nazari & Laura Bliss)
      2) #The Sheikh's Island Fling (Rehaj bin Haik al Nazari & Anastasia/Ani Brightbridge)
      3) #Sheikh's Pregnant Fake Wife (Feraz bin Haik al Nazrani & Isabella Germain)

    • Botros Brothers - Leslie North (2014-15)
      1) ♡Sheikh's Accidental Pregnancy (Tariq Botros & Sara Matthew)
      a.k.a. Sheik's Accidental Pregnancy
      2) ♡Sheikh's Defiant Girlfriend (Amir Botros & Soraya)
      a.k.a. Sheik's Unwilling Girlfriend
      3) ♡Sheik's Demanding Fiancée (Amir Botros & Soraya)
      a.k.a. Sheikh's Demanding Fiancée
      a.k.a. Sheikh's Stubborn Bride
      a.k.a.Sheikh's Secret Past
      4) Sheikha's Determined Police Officer (Joseph & Aaliyah Botros)

    • Tazeem Twins - Leslie North (2015)
      1) ♡Sheikh's Tenacious Lover (Joshua Tazeem & Rene no name)
      2) ♡Sheikh's Fiery Lover (Joshua Tazeem & Rene)
      3) ♡Sheikh's Resisting Lover (James Tazeem & Tanya May)
      4) ♡Sheikh's Untamable Lover (Hussain Tazeem & Cassie Milton)
      5) Sheikh's Forbidden Lover (Kalik & Adilah Tazeem)

    • Sharqi Sheikhs Series - Leslie North (2015)
      1) ♡Sheikh's Unforgettable Lover (Karim Sharqi & Kim Atkins)
      2) ♡Sheikh's American Bride (Taleb Sharqi & Claire Anderson)
      3) ♡Sheikh's Kidnapped Bride (Mahil Sharqi & Carolyn Michaels)
      4) Sheikh's Captive Lover (Amare Sharqi & Bree Van Ludhis)

    Defenders of Jawhara - Sheikhs & SEALS - Leslie North (2015)

    • Jawhara Sheikh - Leslie North [ BOOK]
      1) ♡Sheikh's Pregnant Bride (Kamal El-Jawhara & Erin Malone
      2) ♡Sheikh's Troublesome Bride (Kale/ Khalil El-Jawhara & Shira Malone)
      3) ♡Sheikh's Captive Bride (Talib & PJ Williams)
    • Slade Security Team - Leslie North (2015) [BOOK]
      4) His Stubborn Lover (Brock Wells & Keira Mansour/Mantz)
      5) His Secret Child (Slade & Bethany)
      6) His Innocent Lover (Trent Larson & Chloe Baker)

    • Shadid Sheikhs - Leslie North (2016)
      1) ♡Sheikh's Christmas Maid (Samir Shadid & Poppy Milenne)
      2) ♡Sheikh's Christmas Present (Jarik Shadid & Maria Walken)
      3) ♡Sheikh's Christmas Baby (Kashif Shadid & Kristy Cohen)
      ♡Shadid Sheikhs Complete Series

    Leslie North - Those Billionaires

    • Jameson Brothers - Leslie North [BOOK]
      1) ♡Billionaire's Ex-wife (Sam Jameson & Trinity Jameson Patterson)
      2) ♡Billionaire's Pregnant Fling (Eddie Jameson & Margot Daley)
      3) ♡Billionaire's Sexy Rival (William Jameson & Poppy Hanniford)
  • Cover of: Keys


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    Otherwise it will be an incomplete search
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    Oh, and do full title search, not just the edition listed
    * does this book seem familiar like ya read it, but dun remember? Mebbe, you read a "sneak preview"?
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    (right single quotation mark)
    Now i've figured out other sites treat ’ and ' differently
    Which would be okay if i still remembered ASCII code,
    But i don't, nor waste my time looking at charts.
    Soooooooo many [UATF]s may be a product of ’ vs ' yeah,
    call me disgrundled.
    SERIOUSLY??? disgrundled is not a word?
    Trust me i am not disgruntled, i have many unhappy grunts left in me!!

    spot the difference?
    * Greek Tycoon’s Innocent Mistress
    * Greek Tycoon's Innocent Mistress

    • No copies - or 3 editions?

    • Greek Tycoon’s Innocent Mistress
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    • Greek Tycoon's Innocent Mistress
      3 hits

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    L I S T O P I A L I S T S

    by stillme
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    L I S T O P I A L I S T S

  • Cover of: Conundrum


    by stillme
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    The 'other' dyslexic

    What i read,
    it was a sort of tequila induced misunderstanding
    Actually read,
    in a sort of fragile, unacknowledged truce.
    * Had his father known that he would soon be sleeping around? *
    * Had his father known that he would soon be stepping down? *

    I knew something was wrong with this sentence,
    after 3 tries, i realized it's just a typo:
    * Not that broken bones are any fun, but at least they’re flexible. *
    there was no typo:
    Not that broken bones are any fun, but at least they’re fixable.

  • Cover of: Same Author

    Same Author

    by stillme
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    Megan Crane is Caitlin Crews

    Ally Blake/ Maya Blake

    Alexa Riley - Alexa Riley Promises
    Kaylea Cross - Rifle Creek Series
    Lynne Graham - The Rich, the Ruthless, and the Really Handsome
    Marie Harte - Triggerman Inc
    Maya Banks - KGI Series
    Maya Blake - Untamable Greeks
    Melody Anne - Baby for the Billionaire series

  • Cover of: Abomination 🤭

    Abomination 🤭

    by stillme
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    ya know, some of these books are still at the house
    *missed Guy Fawkes day again sigh!
    Seriously, okay to toss them?

    abhorrent, hateful, odious, repugnant, repellent, and offensive.
    i really wanted to name this list "anathema" but i can't pronounce it, 🤔
    nor spell it.

    `* No apologies to my offspring snd other egghead relatives
    i am entitled to my opinion

    Pareidolia: psychological phenomenon where people to see patterns in a random stimulus. assigning human characteristics to objects

  • Cover of: Catherine Mann

    Catherine Mann

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    Dark Ops

  • Cover of: Lists


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  • Cover of: Actually reading 👀 atm

    Actually reading 👀 atm

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  • Cover of: Missing Or unread series

    Missing Or unread series

    by stillme
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    previously known as
    Missing |🙈| series

    Note there are too many <5> Bride fit for a Prince listed
    same title/diiff auth
    Sumptin' wrong about that

    Jane Porter Trilogy

    • Baraka Series - Jane Porter
      1) ♡Sheik's Virgin (Kalen Nuri & Keira)
    • Princess Brides Series - Jane Porter
      2) 1. ☆Sultan's Bought Bride (Malik Roman Nuri & Nocolette Ducasse)
    • ♡Greek's Royal Mistress (Demetrius Mantheakis & Chantal Ducasse Thibaudet)
    • ♡Italian's Virgin Princess (Leonardo Marciano Fortino & Joelle Ducasse)

    Then read

    • A Royal Scandal Series - Jane Porter
      1) ♡Not Fit for a King? (Zale Patek & Hannah Jacqueline Smith)
      2) ♡His Majesty's Mistake (Makin Al-Koury & Emmeline d’Arcy)

    Beaumont Heirs - Sarah M. Anderson

    1) ♡Not the Boss's Baby (Chadwick & Serena) [LIBBY]
    2) ♡Tempted by a Cowboy (Phillip & Jo) [LIBBY]
    3) Beaumont Christmas Wedding (Matthew & Whitney) [RAB]
    4) His Son, Her Secret (Byron & Leona) [O]
    5) Falling for Her Fake Fiancé (Frances Beaumont & Ethan) [RAB]
    6) His Illegitimate Heir (Zeb |Beaumont| Richards & Casey) [RAB]
    7) Rich Rancher for Christmas (CJ Wesley |Beaumont| & Natslie) [H]

    Billionaire Baby Club - Jasinda Wilder

    a.k.a. Billionaire Ad Series
    1) -dnf-Lizzy goes Brains Over Braun (Braun Bennet & Lizzy Stephenson)
    2) #Autumn Rolls Seven (Seven St. John & Autumn Scot)
    3) #Laurel's Bright Idea (Titus Bright & Laurel McGillis)
    Autum & Zoe sisters, do Zoe, Kat or Teddy get books?
    ugh, don't do the audio, or maybe do the first book last?

    • Big Girls and Bad Boys - J.S. Scott
      1) Curve Ball (Jake Rawlins & Maggie Jones)
      2) ☆Beast Loves Curves (Ian Campbell & Abbie Wright)
      3) Curves by Design (Devon Richards & Molly Whitney)
      4) A Dangerous Bargain
      A.K.A. Curves for the Billionaire (Demon Zachary Winston & Kat Larson)

    Billionaire's Obsession - J.S. Scott [BOOK]

    1) ♡The Billionaire’s Obsession (Simon Hudson & Kara Foster)
    2) ☆Heart of the Billionaire (Sam Hudson & Maddie Reynolds)
    3) -dnf- Billionaire’s Salvation (Max Hamilton & Mia Harrison/Hamilton)
    Or mebbe skimmed? TBR eventually
    4) ♡Billionaire’s Game (Kade Harrison & Asha Paritala/Kota/Paritala) scar
    5) ☆Billionaire Undone (Travis Harrison & Ally Caldwell)
    ♡Billionaire's Christmas - read here for chrono
    6) ♡Billionaire Unmasked (Jason Sutherland & Hope Sinclair)
    6.5) #Mine for Christmas (Simon & Kara)
    7) ☆Billionaire Untamed (Tate Colter & Lara Bailey)
    8) -dnf- Billionaire Unbound (Gabe Walker & Chloe Colter) scar
    Colters & Lawsons
    9) ☆Billionaire Undaunted (Zane Colter & Ellie Winters) scar
    Severe trigger warning, but hell, blonde & brainiac...
    Please read only the bad reviews on GR before reading
    9.75) Summer (Simon & Kara) (Sam & Maddie) (Helen & Michael)
    best to read "Unknown" , "Unveiled" and "Unloved" in order
    Trigger warnings continued for all three
    10) ♡Billionaire Unknown (Blake Colter & Harper Lawson)
    11) ♡Billionaire Unveiled (Marcus Colter & Dani Lawson) scar
    12) ♡Billionaire Unloved (Jett Lawson & Ruby Kent)
    ?.? ) #Billionaire Unwed (Zeke Conner & Lia) (from Jett & Ruby)
    13) -dnf- ♤Billionaire Unchallenged (Carter Lawson & Brynn Davis)
    3/4 into it (actually NOT) - boring as hell, re-reading "Unattainable"
    14) ☆Billionaire Unattainable (Mason Lawson & Laura Hastings)
    15) ♡Billionaire Undercover (Hudson Montgomery & Taylor Delaney)
    16) ♡Billionaire Unexpected (Jaxton Montgomery & Harlow Lewis) scar
    17) ♡Billionaire Unnoticed (Cooper Montgomery & Victoria/Torie Durand) scar
    18) #Billionaire Unclaimed (Chase Durand & Savannah/Vanna Anderson) ⊙[UATF]12/2022 does Wyatt get a book?

    Sinclair Series - J.S. Scott [BOOK] here
    0.5 ♡Billionaire's Christmas (Grady Sinclair & Emily Ashworth)
    1. #No Ordinary Billionaire (Dante Sinclair & Sarah Baxter)
    2. #Forbidden Billionaire (Jared Sinclair & Mara Ross)
    3. #Billionaire's Touch (Evan Sinclair & Miranda Tyler)
    4. #Billionaire's Voice (Micah Sinclair & Tessa Sullivan)
    5. #Billionaire Takes All (Julian Sinclair & Kristin Moore)
    6. #Billionaire's Secrets (Xander Sinclair & Samantha)
    6.5. #Only a Millionaire (Liam Sullivan & Brooke)
    Walker Brothers Series -J.S. Scott [BOOK]
    1) #Release! (Trace Walker & Eva Morales)
    2) #Player (Sebastian Walker & Paige Rutledge)
    3) #Damaged (Dane Walker & Kenzie Jordan)

    • J.S. Scott Stand alone books
      ☆Dearest Stalker - J.S. Scott (Stalker & Katherine Riley)
      Note to self: you read this... twice as i recall... you know who Stalker is...
      put the book down, walk away... read something new

    Billionaire Surprise series - Emma St. Clair ⊙[UATF]

    1) #Billionaire Love Match (Colt & Casey)
    2) #Billionaire Land Baron (Roman Bennett & Jenny Abrams)
    3) #Billionaire Benefactor (Jake & Shelby Boyce)
    4) #Bllionaire's Masquerade Ball (Xander Callahan & Cynder Glass)
    5) #Billionaire's Surprise Heir (Beckett Van de Kamp & Madelinr Lott)
    6) ☆Maid for the Billionaire (Hamilton & Jane) [BOOK]
    caution these are 'sweet reads'
    Now if none are read? How 'dya know they're sweet?

    Dirty Fairytales - Lauren Landish

    1) ♡Beauty and the Billionaire (Thomas Goldstone & Mia Karakova)
    2) ♡Not so Prince Charming (Gabe Jackson & Izzy/Isabella Turner)
    Me thinks i finished it?
    3) Happily Never After (Lance Jacobs & Charlotte Dunn) ⊙[UATF] grrrr!!
    Sesrching for "Happily Never After" brings up some interesting reads

    Escape to New Zealand - Rosalind James

    0.5) Just for You (Hemi Ranapia & Reka Harata) [RAB]
    1) Just This Once (Drew Callahan & Hannah Montgomery) [RAB]
    2) Just Good Friends (Koti James & Kate Lamonica) [RAB]
    3) Just for Now (Finn Douglas & Jenna McKnight) [RAB]
    4) Just for Fun (Nic Wilkinson & Emma Martens) [RAB]
    5) Just My Luck (Nate Torrence & Allison Villiers)(Kristen & Liam) [RAB]
    6) Just Not Mine (Hugh Latimer & Josie Pae Ata) [RAB]
    7) Just Once More (Drew & Hannah) again [OPEN] [RAB]
    8) Just in Time (Will Tawera & Faith Goodwin) [RAB]
    8.5) Fierce (Hemi & Hope) novel within novel [RAB]
    9) Just Stop Me (Iain McCormick & Nina Jones) [BOOK]
    10) Just Say Yes (Kevin McNicholl & Chloe Donaldson) [BOOK]
    11) Just Say (Hell) No (Marko Sendoa & Nyree Morgan) [BOOK]
    12) Just Come Over (Rhys Fletcher & Zora Fletcher) [BOOK]
    13) Just Say Christmas ⊙[UATF]
    14) Just One Look (Luka Darkovic & Elizabeth Wolcott) ⊙[UATF]
    looking forward to September 2023

    Gifts from a Billionaire [VARIOUS]

    1) The M.D.'s Mistress - Joan Hohl (Seth Andrews & Becca Jameson) [BOOK]
    2) ♡The Money Man's Seduction - Leslie LaFoy (Cole Preston & Emily Raines) [OPEN]
    3) #Magnate's Takeover - Mary McBride (David Halstrom & Libby Jost) ⊙[UATF]
    4) #Tycoon's Secret - Kasey Michaels (Sam Balfour & Paige Halliday) ⊙[UATF]

    Hot-Blooded Husbands - Michelle Reid

    • Should be read in order
      1) Mistress Bride (Raschid & Evie) [OPEN]
      2) Sheikh's Chosen Wife (Hassan & Leona) [BOOK]
      3) Ethan's Temptress Bride (Ethan & Eve) [OPEN]
      4) The Arabian Love-Child (Rafiq & Melanie) [BOOK]
      5) A Passionate Marriage (Leandros & Isobel) [BOOK]
      2-5 are part of Hot Blooded Husband's bundle

    Hot Brazilian Nights! - Susan Stephens [OPEN] [BOOK]

    1) #In the Brazilian's Debt (Chico Fernandez & Elizabeth/Lizzie Fane)
    2) ☆At the Brazilian's Command (Tiago Santos & Danny Cameron)
    3) ♡Brazilian's Nine-Months' Notice (Lucas Marcelos & Emma Fane)
    4) ♡Back in the Brazilian's Bed (Dante Barracca & Karina Marcelos)
    These were ✔good but trigger warnings, very angsty,
    note to me only... don't read again, difficult.
    in Chapter 8 , Dante says "...experts. I used the same consortium that revived the Skavanga diamond mine in northern Europe. " does this tie into the other Skavanga diamond books?

    Skavanga Diamonds - Susan Stephens

    1) ♡Diamond in the Desert (Sharif al Kareshi & Britt Skavanga)
    2) ♡Flaw in His Diamond (Roman Quisvada & Eva Skavanga)
    3) ♡?Purest of Diamonds (Raffa Leon & Leila Skavanga) ?
    4) ♡His Forbidden Diamond (Tyr Skavanga & Jasmina al Kareshi)

    The IMA Series - Nenia Campbell [RAB]

    (Michael & Christina)
    1) Cloak and Dagger
    2) Armed and Dangerous
    3) Locked and Loaded
    4) Cease and Desist

    Knight Brothers Series - Sandra Marton

    1) Desert Virgin (Cameron Knight & Leanna DeMarco) [BOOK]
    search Susan Stephens "Uncut Bundle" page 19
    2) ♡Captive in His Bed (Matthew Knight & Mia Palmieri) [OPEN]
    3) ♡Naked in His Arms (Alexander Knight & Cara Prescott) [OPEN]

    Man Maid - Rebecca M. Avery a.k.a. Rebecca Avery [BOOK]

    1) #Maid to Fit (Ronnie Brown & Kayla Clark)
    2) ?Maid to Crave (Seth Lewis & Tori Stewart)
    Dun recall readin, it's marked 4 stars? Sleep reading again?
    3) #Maid to Love (ian Hamilton & Courtney Wells)
    4) #Maid to Order (Rusty Hawkins & Amy Carlton)

    Once Upon a Kiss Series 1-11 [Various]

    1) Prince, the Lady & the Tower - Muriel Jensen (Brandon Prinz & Angie Corwin) ⊙[UATF]
    2) Eight Men and a Lady - Elizabeth Sinclair (Mike Hamilton & Jackie Barrett) [OPEN]
    3) Wake me with a Kiss - Emily Dalton (Philip Fairchild & Aurora McBride) [HOOPLA]
    4) ☆Princess & the Frog - Lisa Bingham (Edward Babcock & Carrie) [H]
    Oh, i want to read this'n again... more time please?
    5) in Papa Bear's Bed Bed - Judy Christenberry (Rob Berenson & Jessica Bames) ⊙[UATF]
    6) ♤Catching a Daddy - Charlotte McClay (Drake Hart & Aria) [H]
    Well, that was stupid, she was a real mermaid (skimmed- not read)
    7) ♡Beauty and the Brooding Boss - Barbara Wallace (Alex Markoff & Kelsey Albertelli)
    8) Her Desert Prince - Rebecca Winters - (Rashad & Lauren Viret) [OPEN]
    9) Not-So-Perfect Princess - Melissa McClone (Alejandro & Julianna) [BOOK]
    10) Princess Test - Shirley Jump (Daniel & Carlita Santaro) [BOOK]
    11) Ballerina Bride - Fiona Harper (Finn McLeod & Allegra) [BOOK]

    Once Upon a Temptation (Various)

    1) ♡Cinderella's Royal Secret Lynne Graham (Rafiq al Rahman & Izzy Campbell)
    2 ♡Italian in Need of an Heir° (Raffaele Manzini & Maya Campbell)
    °Great! GR review°
    Feuding Billionaires - Dani Collins
    (1.)▪dnr▪♤Hidden Heir to Redeem Him (Valentino Casale & Kiara O’Neill)
    2) (2.)♤Beauty and Her One-Night Baby (Javiero Rodroguez & Scarlett Walker)
    3) ☆Shy Queen in the Royal Spotlight - Natalie Anderson (Alek & Hester Moss)
    ♡Billionaire's Royal Redemption - Natalie Anderson (Jacon Greene & Fiorella) [8 pg story]
    4) ♡Claimed in the Italian's Castle - Caitlin Crews (Benedetto Franceschi & Angelina)
    5) ♡Expecting His Billion-Dollar Scandal - Cathy Williams (Luca Baresi & Cordelia no name)
    6) ☆Taming the Big Bad Billionaire - Pippa Roscoe (Roman Black & Ellie Riding)
    ♡Rumors Behind the Greek's Wedding - Pippa Roscoe (Loukis Liordis & Celia/Célia d’Argent)
    Scandalous Brunetti Brothers - Tara Pammi
    1.) ♡An Innocent to Tame the Italian - Tara Pammi (Massimo Brunetti & Natalie Crosett)
    2.) ▪dnr▪♤Deal to Carry the Italian's Heir - Tara Pammi (Leonardo Brunetti & Neha Fernandez)
    ? does Vincenzo get a book ? Yup! Flaw in His Marriage Plan
    7) (3.) ☆Flaw in His Marriage Plan - Tara Pammi (Vincenzo Cavalli & Alessandra Giovanni) 30-47
    8) ♡His Innocent's Passionate Awakening - Melanie Milburne (Luca Ferrantelli & Arte Bellante)

    Passion in Paradise - [Various]

    1) ☆Wedding night Reunion in Greece - Annie West (Christo Karides & Emma Piper)
    2) ♡Scandalous Midnight in Madrid - Susan Stephens (Alejandro/El Duque de Alegon & Sadie)
    3) ☆His Shock Marriage in Greece - Jane Porter (Damen Alexopoulos & Kassiani Dukas)
    4) ♡Prince's Virgin in Venice - Trish Morey (Vittorio & Rosa)
    5) ♡Awakened by the Scarred Italian - Abby Green (Ciro Sant’Angelo & Lara)
    6) ♤Consequences of a Hot Havana Night - Louise Fuller (Cesar/César Zayas y Diago & Kitty Quested)
    7) ♡Passionate Reunion in Fiji - Michelle Smart (Massimo Briatore & Livia Esposito Briatore)
    8) ☆Innocent's Forgotten Wedding - Lynne Graham (Lorenzo Tassini & Brooke Jackson / Milly Taylor)
    8) ♡Italian's Pregnant Cinderella - Caitlin Crews (Cristiano Cassara & Julienne Boucher)
    1. ♡Crown Prince's Bought Bride - Maya Blake (Remirez Montegova & Maddie Myers)
    9) 2. ♡Kidnapped for His Royal Heir - Maya Blake (Zakary Montegova & Violet Barringhall)
    10) ☆His Greek Wedding Night Debt - Michelle Smart (Theo Nikolaidis & Helena Armstrong)
    Spanish Secret Heirs - Kim Lawrence
    11) 1.♡Spaniard's Surprise Love-Child - Kim Lawrence (Rio Barclades & Gwen Meredith)
    does Roman get a book? Yes
    2. ♡Claiming His Unknown Son - Kim Lawrence (Roman Barclades & Marisa Rayner)
    Heidi Rice - trilogy
    1.♡Claiming My Untouched Mistress - Heidi Rice (Dante Allegri & Edie Spencer)
    12) 2. ♡My Shocking Monte Carlo Confession - Heidi Rice (Alexi Galanti & Belle Simpson)
    3.♡Redeemed by My Forbidden Housekeeper - Heidi Rice (Renzo Camaro & Jessie Burton)
    13) ♡Bride Fit for a Prince? - Susan Stephens (Luca Fortebracci & Samia)
    14) ♡Scandal Made in London - Lucy King (Theo Knight & Kate Cassidy)
    Prequel to...
    Lost Sons of Argentina - Lucy King
    1) ♡Secrets She Must Tell (Finn Calvert & Georgie Wallace)
    2) ♡Invitation from the Venetian Billionaire (Federico/Rico Rossi & Carla Blake)
    3) ♡Billionaire without Rules (Max Kentala & Alex Osborne)

    Sheikh Tycoons - Sandra Marton

    1) ☆Sheikh's Defiant Bride (Tariq & Madison Whitney)
    2) ☆Sheikh's Wayward Wife (Kahlil & Layla Addison)
    3) ☆Sheikh's Rebellious Mistress (Salim al Taj & Grace Hunter)

    Those Sexy O'Sullivans - Kathleen O'Reilly

    1) Shaken and Stirred
    2) ☆Sex, Straight Up
    3) Nightcap

    Wedding Auction - Myrna Mackenzie

    1) ☆Simon Says ... Marry Me! (Simon Cantrell & Emily Alton)
    2) ☆At the Billionaire's Bidding (Gideon Tremayne & Caroline O'Donald)
    3) ☆Contractually His (Logan Brewster & Rebecca Linden)
    4) ?Bought by the Billionaire (Ethan Bennington & Maggie Todd)
    5) Billionaire's Bargain (Dylan Valentine & April Pruitt) [UATF]
    6) Billionaire Borrows a Bride (Spencer Fairfield & Kate Ryerson) [UATF]

    Winner's Circle - Pippa Roscoe

    1) ♡Ring to take his Revenge (Antonio Arcuri & Emma Guilham)
    2) ♡Claimed for the Greek's Child (Dimitri Kyrakiou & Anna Moore)
    3) ♡Reclaimed by the Powerful Sheikh (Danyl Al Arain & Mason McAulty)
    Suggested reading order of book 3? Chapters 2,4,6,8,1,3,5,7,9 to end.
    Otherwise you'd get whiplash from flashbacks, neatly fitted to chapters.




    Some other series (me thinks)

    see collections list

    • At His Service (1-6) Jennie Lucas [See Bookmarks]
      i think the clue here is Nine-Months to redeem him
      1) Powerful Italian, Penniless Housekeeper India Grey (Lorenzo & Sarah)
      2) 4. ♡Nine Months to Redeem Him (Eduard & Diane)
      Is this the one where Eduard was the bad guy from previous book?
      5) An Enticing Debt to Pay - Annie West (Jonas & Ravena)
      5) The Consequences of That Night - Jennie Lucas (Cesare & Emma)
      5) [New]Claiming Virgin's Baby (Alex & Rosalie)
      ♡Penniless and Secretly Pregnant(#6) (Daisy & Leonides Niarxos)
      7) ♡The Housekeeper's Awakening Sharon Kendrick (Luis & Carly)

    ’ ’ ⊙[UATF] checked 3/22

    someday get in here and cleanup this page
    Move passion in pardise to collections, lol and move the books, too!!

  • Cover of: Lost, not found, anywhere, not read

    Lost, not found, anywhere, not read

    by stillme
    1 item Last modified April 15, 2024
  • Cover of: Ruskian


    by stillme
    111 items Last modified April 9, 2024

    notes are in yellow book

  • Cover of: Series Done  Read Again

    Series Done Read Again

    by stillme
    104 items Last modified April 9, 2024

    add books for
    * Millionaire of the Month - [VARIOUS]
    (Hunter's Landing Series)
    1) ☆Thirty Day Affair - Maureen Child (Nathan Barrister & Keira Sanders)
    2) ☆His Forbidden Fiancée - Christie Ridgway (Luke Barton & Lauren Conover) [Switched]
    3) ☆Bound by the Baby - Susan Crosby (Devlin Campbell & Nicole)
    4) ☆An Improper Affair - Anna DePalo (Ryan Sperling & Kelly)
    5) ☆Married to His Business - Elizabeth Bevarly (Matthias & Kendall) [Boss]
    6) ☆In Bed with the Devil - Susan Mallery (Jack Howington III & Meredith Palmer)
    note spelling of Ridgway, do spellcheck of lists

    Anetakis Tycoons - Maya Banks

    1) ☆Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress (Chrysander Anetakis & Marley Jameson)
    2) ☆Tycoon's Rebel Bride (Theron Anetakis & Isabella Caplan)
    3) ☆Tycoon's Secret Affair (Piers Anetakis & Jewel Henley)

    Billionaires of Manhattan - Annika Martin

    note! Annika Martin is Carolyn Crane
    1) ♡Most Eligible Billionaire (Henry Locke & Vicky Nelson/Vonda O’Neil)
    * Formerly titled Most Eligible Bastard
    2) ☆Billionaire’s Wake-up-call Girl (Theo Drummond & Lizzie Cooper)
    3) ♡Breaking the Billionaire's Rule (Max Hilton & Mia Corelli)
    4) ☆Billionaire's Fake Fiancée (Rex O'Rourke & Tabitha Evans)
    5) ☆Return Billionaire to Sender (Malcolm Blackberg & Noelle)
    6) ♡Just Not That Into Billionaires (Benny Stearnes & Francine)
    7) ☆Butt-dialing the Billionaire (Jaxon Eadsburg von Henningsly & Jada)
    a.k.a. Billionaire Buttdial
    *absolutely loved these, glad i persevered thru not so great first one
    On re-read, pay attention to Willow, Kelsey, and hmm forgot one*

    Argh! the suspense was LITERALLY killing me 😁

    Brides for the Taking☆Lynne Graham

    1) ♡Desert King's Blackmailed Bride (Polly & Rashid) [H]
    2) ♡Italian's One-Night Baby (Ellie & Rio)
    3) ♡Sold for the Greek's Heir (Lucy & Jax) [H]

    Dante Legacy / Dante's Inferno - Day Leclaire

    1) ♡Dante's Blackmailed Bride (Severo & Francesca)
    2) ♡Dante's Stolen Wife (Marco & Caitlyn)
    3) ♡Dante's Wedding Deception (Nicolo & Kiley)
    4) ♡Dante's Contract Marriage (Lazzaro & Ariana)
    5) ♡Dante's Ultimate Gamble (Luc & Tea)
    6) ♡Dante's Temporary Fiancée (Rafe & Larkin)
    7) ♡Dante's Marriage Pact (Draco & Shayla)
    8) ♡Dante's Homor-Bound Husband (Gianna & Constantine)
    9) ♡Becoming Dante (Gabe & Kat)
    10) ♡Dante's Dilemma (Romero & Juliette)
    11) ♡Forever Dante (Lucia Moretti/Dante & Ty)
    * Perfect Series - Day Leclaire
    1) ♡Nothing Short of Perfect (Justice StJohn & Daisy)
    2) ♡More than Perfect (Lucius & Angie)
    2.5) #Perfect Passion (JohnRobert/Trey & Jett StJohn) [UATF]

    Devonshire Heirs - Katherine Garbera

    1) ♡Master of Fortune - (Henry Devonshire & Astrid Taylor)
    2) ♡Scandalizing the CEO - (Steven Devonshire & Ainsley Patterson)
    3) ♡His Royal Prize - Geoff Devonshire & Amelia Munroe)

    Irresistible Russian Tycoons - Carol Marinell

    1) ☆The Price of His Redemption (Daniil & Libby)
    2) ☆The Cost of the Forbidden (Sev & Naomi)
    3) ☆Billionaire Without a Past (Nikolai & Rachel)
    4) ▪dnf▪Return of the Untamed Billionaire (Roman & Anya)
    * Did not finish #4 i'm sure it's a ☆
    Re-reading... again!!! Soooo good!!!

    Kings of the Boardroom ♡

    1) ♡Bossman's Baby Scandal - Catherine Mann (Jason Reagert & Lauren Presley )
    2) ♡Executive's Pregnancy Ultimatum - Emilie Rose (Flynn Maddox & Renee Maddox)
    3) ♡Billionaire's Contract Engagement - Maya Banks (Evan Reese & Celia Taylor)
    4) ♡Money Man's Fiancee Negotiation Michelle Celmer (Ash Williams & Melody Trent)
    5) ♡Bachelor's Bought Bride - Jennifer Lewis (Gavin Spencer & Bree Kincannon)
    6) ♡CEO's Expectant Secretary - Leanne Banks (Brock Maddox & Elle Linton)

    The Landis Brothers - Catherine Mann

    a rabbit hole for later, but includes
    possible prequel to Landis Bro
    * Beachcombers
    1) Baby I'm Yours - (Vic Jansen & Claire McDermott)
    2) Under the Millionaire's Influence (David Reis & Starr Cimino)
    3) ♡Rich Man's Fake Fiancee (Matthew Landis & Ashley Carson)

    • Landis Brothers
    • Landis/Renshaw
    • Wingman Warriors

    0.5) ♡Christmas at His Command
    1) ♡Rich Man's Fake Fiancee (Matthew Landis & Ashley Carson)
    4) ♡The Tycoon Takes a Wife
    Oooh, so convoluted and repetitive

    Marriage to a Billionaire - Jennifer Probst

    0.5) ♡The Marriage Arrangement (Caterina Victoria Windsor & Rip Savage) [BOOK]
    1) ☆The Marriage Bargain (Alexandria Maria McKenzie & Nicholas Ryan)
    2) ☆The Marriage Trap (Maggie Ryan & Michael Conte)
    3.5) ♤The Book of Spells (Alex & Nick) [BOOK] [FREE]
    3) ☆The Marriage Mistake (Carina Conte & Max Gray)
    4) ☆The Marriage Merger (Julietta Conte & Sawyer Wells)

    Monte Carlo Affairs☆ Emilie Rose

    1)♡Millionaire's Indecent Proposal (Stacy & Franco)
    2)♡Prince's Ultimate Deception (Madeline & Damon)
    3) ♡Playboy's Passionate Pursuit (Amelia & Toby)

    No Ring Required (Wives for Hire) ☆☆☆Laura Wright

    1) ☆Millionaire's Calculated Baby Bid (Mary & Ethan)
    2) ☆Playboy's Ruthless Payback (Olivia & Mac)
    3) ☆Rich Man's Vengeful Seduction (Damien & Tess)

    Once Upon a Seduction☆Maisey Yates

    1) ♡The Prince's Captive Virgin (Adam & Belle)
    2) ♡The Prince's Stolen Virgin (Felipe & Briar)
    3) ♡The Italian's Pregnant Prisoner (Rafe & Charlotte)
    3.5) ♡The Queen's Baby Scandal (Astrid & Mauro)
    4) ♤Crowning His Convenient Princess (Gunnar & Latika)

    Park Avenue Scandals Series - Various

    1) ♡High-Society Secret Pregnancy - Maureen Child (Max & Julia)
    2) ♡Front Page Engagement - Laura Wright (Carrie & Trent)
    3) ♡Prince of Midtown - Jennifer Lewis (Sebastian & Tessa)
    4) ♡Marriage, Manhattan Style - Barbara Dunlop (Reed & Elizabeth)
    5) ♡Pregnant on the Upper East Side? - Emilie Rose (Alex & Amanda)
    6) ♡Billionaire in Penthouse B - Anna DePalo (Gage & Jacinda)

    Pregnancy and Passion Maya Banks

    1) ♡Enticed by His Forgotten Lover (Rafael de Luca & Byrony Morgan)
    * a.k.a. - Unforgettable
    2) ♡Wanted by Her Lost Love (Ryan Beardsley & Kelly Christian)
    * a.k.a. Wanted
    3) ♡Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss (Devon Carter & Ashley Carter)
    * a.k.a. - Tempted
    4) ♡Undone by Her Tender Touch (Cameron Hollingsworth & Pippa Langley)
    * a.k.a. - Undone

    Reasons for Revenge☆Maureen Child☆

    1) ☆Scorned bt the Boss (Jefferson Lyons & Caitlyn)
    2) ☆Seduced by the Rich Man (Max Striver & Janine)
    3) ☆Captured by the Billionaire (Gabriel Vaughn & Debbie)

    Scandalous Royal Brides☆Caitlin Crews

    1) ♡Prince's Nine-Month Scandal (Natalie & Rodolfo) [H]
    2) ♡Billionaire's Secret Princess (Valentina & Achilles) [H]

    The Secret Billionaires☆(Various) [H]

    0.5) ♡Secret Billionaire's Mistress - Dani Collins (Sebastien Atkinson & Monika Lundquist) novella @harlequin
    1) ♡Di Marcello's Secret Son - Rachael Thomas (Antonio & Sadie)
    2) ♡Xenakis's Convenient Bride - Dani Collins (Stavros & Calli)
    3) ♡Salazar's One-Night Heir - Jennifer Hayward (Alejandro & Cecily)

    Secrets of Eden☆Andrea Laurence☆

    1) ♡Undeniable Demands (Wade Mitchell & Tory/Victoria Sullivan)
    Wade partner of Alex Stanton in "More Than he Expected"
    2) ♡A Beauty Uncovered (Brody Eden & Samantha Davis)
    3) ♡Heir to Scandal (Xander Langston & Rose Pierce)
    4) ♡Her Secret Husband (Heath Langston & Julianne Eden)

    Untamable Greeks ☆ Maya Blake

    1) ♡What the Greek's Money Can't Buy (Sakis Pantelides & Brianna Moneypenny)
    2) ♡What the Greek Can't Resist (Arion Pantelides & Perla Lowell)
    3) ♡What the Greek Wants Most (Theo Pantelides & Inez de Costa)

    Vows for Billionaires ☆ Lynne Graham [H]

    1) ♡The Secret Valtinos Baby (Angel Valtinos & Merry Armstrong)
    2) ♡Castiglione's Pregnant Princess (Vitale Castiglione & Jazmine Dickens)
    3) ♡Da Rocha's Convenient Heir (Zac Da Rocha & Freddie)

  • Cover of: Wannabe a Cowboy

    Wannabe a Cowboy

    by stillme
    15 items Last modified March 31, 2024
    • Lone Star Legacy - Sara Orwig
      1) Relentless Pursuit Will Delaney & Ava Barton)
      2) Reluctant Heiress (Garrett Cantrell & Sophia Delaney Rivers)
      3) ☆Midnight Under the Mistletoe (Zach Delaney & Emma Hillman)
      4) One Texas Night... (Jared Weston & Allison Tyler)
      5) Her Texan to Tame (Ryan Delaney & Jessica Upton)

    • Lone Star Legends - Sara Orwig ADD TEXT & BOOKS
      1) Texan's Forbidden Fiancee
      2) Texan in her Bed
      3) At the Rancher's Request
      4) Kissed by a Rancher
      5) Rancher's Secret Son
      6) That Night with the Rich Rancher

    • Return of the Texas Heirs - Sara Orwig
      1) ♡In Bed with the Rancher (Wade Sterling & Ava Carter)
      Sterling sibs - no book Jak, Lucy, (Wade's twin) Wynn
      2) One Wild Texas Night (Jake Reed & Claire Blake)
      3) ⊙ Luke Grayson - promised! but no book [UATF]
      Luke Grayson wife, baby boy killed
      4) ⊙ Cal Brand promised! but no book [UATF]
      undercover for government. died accident. No body found

    • Rich Rugged Ranchers - [VARIOUS] ADD BOOKS
      1) Sunset Surrender- Charlene Sands (Logan Slade & Sophia Montrose)
      2) A Real Cowboy - Sarah M. Anderson (Robert Bradley & Thalia Thorne)
      3) Beguiling the Boss - Joan Hohl (Marshall Grainger & Jennifer Dunning)
      4) In the Rancher's Arms - Kathie DeNosky (Eli Laughlin & Victoria Anderson)
      5) Texan's Contract Marriage - Sara Orwig (Marek Range & Camille Avanole)
      6) His for the Taking - Ann Major (Cole/John Coleman & Maddie Gray)

    • Texas Twins - Sara Orwig
      1) ♡Tempting the Texas Tycoon (Noah Brand & Faith Cabrera)
      2) ♡Marrying the Lone Star Maverick (Jeff Brand & Holly Lombard)

  • Cover of: Conversation


    by stillme
    25 items Last modified January 28, 2024

    We talked. I listened.
    You walked away lighter
    I still carry your burden

  • Cover of: Authors i have loved

    Authors i have loved

    by stillme
    66 items Last modified July 9, 2023


  • Cover of: Again!  Again!

    Again! Again!

    by stillme
    39 items Last modified May 15, 2023

    Bennett Family☆Kelly Hunter☆sooo good

    1) ☆Wife for a Week a.k.a. Trouble with Valentine's
    (Hallie Bennett & Nicholas Cooper)
    2) ☆Bedded for Diamonds (Tristan Bennet & Erin)
    3) ♡Maverick's Greek Island Mistress a.k.a. Taken by the Bad Boy
    (Pete Bennett & Serena)
    4) ☆Untameable Rogue (Luke Bennett & Madeline Delacourte)
    5) ☆Red Hot Renegade (Jacob Bennett & Jianne Xang-Bennett)
    2&5) Single Girl Abroad

    Billionaires of Blackcastle - Olivia Gates [HOOPLA]

    srsly, read these Again!
    1) ☆From Enemy's Daughter to Expectant Bride (Rafael/Numbers & Eliana)
    2) ☆Scandalously Expecting His Child (Raiden/Lightning & Scarlett)
    chapter 7, Raiden... was a virgin? Seriously, read it twice.
    3) ☆Pregnant by the Sheikh (Numair/Phantom & Jenan)
    4) ☆Claiming His Secret Son (Richard/Cobra & Isabella) [RAB]
    5) ☆Billionaire Boss, M.D. (Antonio/Bones & Liliana)
    6) ☆His Pregnant Christmas Bride (Ivan/Wildcard & Anastasia)
    Is a book coming for Jacob Wolff/Brainiac, or Cypher?

    Duke Brothers Series - Kate Carlisle

    1) ☆Millionaire Meets His Match (Adam Duke & Trish James)
    2) ☆Sweet Surrender, Baby Surprise (Cameron Duke & Julia Parrish)
    3) ☆How to Seduce a Billionaire (Brandon Duke & Kelly Meredith)

    House of Kolovsky☆☆☆Carol Marinelli

    1) ☆Expecting His Love-Child (Levander Kolovsky & Millie)
    2) ☆Billionaire Doctor, Ordinary Nurse (Iosef Kolovsky & Annie Jameson)
    3) ☆Knight on the Children's Ward (Annika Kolovsky & Ross Wyatt)
    4) ☆Last Kolovsky Playboy (Aleksi Kolovsky & Kate)
    5) ☆Devil Wears Kolovsky (Zakahr Belenki & Lavinia)

    Irresistible Sicilians☆♡☆Michelle Smart

    1) ☆What a Sicilian Husband Wants (Luca & Grace)
    2 ) ♡The Sicilian's Unexpected Duty (Pepe & Cara)
    Ugh, a hero called Pepe AND redheaded! No, just NO!
    3) ☆Taming the Notorious Sicilian (Francesco & Hannah)

    Missing Manhattan Heirs - Susan Meier [HOOPLA]

    1) ☆Cinderella's Billion-Dollar Christmas (Nick Kourakis & Leni Long)
    2) ☆Bodyguard and the Heiress (Jace MacDonald & Charlotte Fillion)
    3) ☆Hired by the Unexpected Billionaire (Danny Manelli & Marnie Olsen) [BOOK]
    First i tried to read all 3 at once
    Then i dilly dallied b/c i never wanted these to end
    Please do not read epilogues until all 3 are finished

    Reasons for Revenge - Maureen Child

    1) ☆Scorned bt the Boss (Jefferson Lyons & Caitlyn)
    2) ☆Seduced by the Rich Man (Max Striver &Janine)
    3) ☆Captured by the Billionaire (Gabriel Vaughn & Debbie)

    Rich, Ruthless and Renowned ☆ Miranda Lee

    1) ☆The Italian's Ruthless Seduction (Sergio & Bella)
    2) ☆The Billionaire's Ruthless Affair (Alex & Harriet)
    3) ☆The Playboy's Ruthless Pursuit (Jeremy & Alice)

    The Wests☆☆☆Kelly Hunter☆

    0.5) ☆The Night Before Christmas (Boyd Webber & Jess Turner)
    1) ☆Flirting With Intent (Damon West & Ruby Maguire)
    2) ☆Cracking the Dating Code (Poppy West & Sebastian Reyne)
    3) ☆What the Bride Didn't Know (Lena West & Trig Sinclair)
    4) ☆The Spy Who Tamed Me (Jared West & Rowan Farrington)

    Wherever You Go Series - Robin Bielman [Hoopla]

    1) ☆🎧Talk British to Me (Mateo Gallagher & Teague)
    2) ♡🎧Lips Close to Mine (Lev Pierce & Harper)
    3) ☆🎧Too Hard to Resist (Elliot Sax & Madison)
    Abby (and Zoe) - widow nexr door
    Kane - hot guy, Brook - friendzoned date
    Auggie, Drake, James - coworkers
    Wakim - Madison's investor
    💖🎧Anything narrated by Oliver Clarke🎧

  • Cover of: ❤

    by stillme
    26 items Last modified May 7, 2023

    ❤Hooker and the Hermit - L.H. Cosway (Ronan Fitzpatrick & Annie Catrel) [BOOK]

  • Cover of: 💔🌡451°🔥💔


    by stillme
    6 items Last modified January 1, 2023

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