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  • Cover of: I would read again

    I would read again

    175 items | Last modified May 15, 2024

    No description.

  • Cover of: Not available 《 UATF 》

    Not available 《 UATF 》

    77 items | Last modified May 14, 2024

    Found some but others still missing

    Look for un found books

    Some of these are not listed on [OPEN] nor anywhere else

    Want to read
    * Out of Her Dreams - Natalie Anderson (Blake McKay & Cally Sinclair) READ

    • ⊙Sheik's Captive - Violet Winspear - i dunno, sumptin' about that girl...

    • ⊙ Barbara Faith - Man of the World Series book#3 Lion of the Desert

    • ⊙ Ros Clarke - The Oil Tycoon and her Sexy Sheikh

    • ⊙ Sandra Hyatt - The Magnate's Pregnancy Proposal

    needs 2b in a list

    Looks like it's borrowable but it's not
    * "Cry Wolf" - Amanda Carpenter a.k.a. Thea Harrison [BOOK]

    books READ elsewhere - but not listed on [OPEN]

    Please list where was found

    • ♡Lethal Encounter - Amy Alexander (Peter Jarvis & Katie McGovern) [BOOK]
      new author, looks promising, but lots and lots of telling.

    • CEO's Baby - Barbara McMahon (Trace Williams & Cath Norris)
      Lists: scarred, boss-done,
      4☆ slightly repetitive, at times, it was like a misprint, or started reading the same page again.
      First: Cath Norris came out of the BART station into the pouring rain. The gusting wind made using an umbrella impossible. She bent her head and began walking up Montgomery Street.

    • ☆Game of Chance - Emma Shortt [BOOK]

    • The Desert Sheikh - Katheryn Lane
      1) ♡Kidnapped By The Sheikh (Akbar Al-Zafir & Sarah Greenwich)
      2) ♡Married to the Sheikh (Akbar Al-Zafir & Sarah Greenwich)
      3) ♡The Sheikh's Son (Akbar Al-Zafir & Sarah Greenwich)

    • ♡His Plain Jane - L.Nicole

    • ☆Before You - Marni Mann
      Starred b/c not my kinda genre, but wow!
      You absolutely did read this, but do not tead again... very intense!
      DNR Sarah's GR review it has the spoiler. Or Read to reveal of the twist

    ⊙ = [UATF] as of 1/24

    Not a cryptic note
    In order to be on this list - book is not listed on [OPEN ]
    Authors not listed can be listed here,
    b/c they have books not listed on [OPEN] , right?

    If book is [UATF] but listed on [OPEN]
    It's text would be in an other list and marked [UATF] and
    book (no text) can be put in this list
    Unread & unlisted - this list
    Read & unlisted - this list for the text

    you said no more cryptic notes what other list?
    I dun think there is another list,

    So to recap -
    go through books listed here that's the books w/o text...
    Go thru books, and move out of here if they have a place,

  • Cover of: Missing Or unread series

    Missing Or unread series

    172 items | Last modified April 18, 2024

    previously known as
    Missing |🙈| series

    Note there are too many <5> Bride fit for a Prince listed
    same title/diiff auth
    Sumptin' wrong about that

    Jane Porter Trilogy

    • Baraka Series - Jane Porter
      1) ♡Sheik's Virgin (Kalen Nuri & Keira)
    • Princess Brides Series - Jane Porter
      2) 1. ☆Sultan's Bought Bride (Malik Roman Nuri & Nocolette Ducasse)
    • ♡Greek's Royal Mistress (Demetrius Mantheakis & Chantal Ducasse Thibaudet)
    • ♡Italian's Virgin Princess (Leonardo Marciano Fortino & Joelle Ducasse)

    Then read

    • A Royal Scandal Series - Jane Porter
      1) ♡Not Fit for a King? (Zale Patek & Hannah Jacqueline Smith)
      2) ♡His Majesty's Mistake (Makin Al-Koury & Emmeline d’Arcy)

    Beaumont Heirs - Sarah M. Anderson

    1) ♡Not the Boss's Baby (Chadwick & Serena) [LIBBY]
    2) ♡Tempted by a Cowboy (Phillip & Jo) [LIBBY]
    3) Beaumont Christmas Wedding (Matthew & Whitney) [RAB]
    4) His Son, Her Secret (Byron & Leona) [O]
    5) Falling for Her Fake Fiancé (Frances Beaumont & Ethan) [RAB]
    6) His Illegitimate Heir (Zeb |Beaumont| Richards & Casey) [RAB]
    7) Rich Rancher for Christmas (CJ Wesley |Beaumont| & Natslie) [H]

    Billionaire Baby Club - Jasinda Wilder

    a.k.a. Billionaire Ad Series
    1) -dnf-Lizzy goes Brains Over Braun (Braun Bennet & Lizzy Stephenson)
    2) #Autumn Rolls Seven (Seven St. John & Autumn Scot)
    3) #Laurel's Bright Idea (Titus Bright & Laurel McGillis)
    Autum & Zoe sisters, do Zoe, Kat or Teddy get books?
    ugh, don't do the audio, or maybe do the first book last?

    • Big Girls and Bad Boys - J.S. Scott
      1) Curve Ball (Jake Rawlins & Maggie Jones)
      2) ☆Beast Loves Curves (Ian Campbell & Abbie Wright)
      3) Curves by Design (Devon Richards & Molly Whitney)
      4) A Dangerous Bargain
      A.K.A. Curves for the Billionaire (Demon Zachary Winston & Kat Larson)

    Billionaire's Obsession - J.S. Scott [BOOK]

    1) ♡The Billionaire’s Obsession (Simon Hudson & Kara Foster)
    2) ☆Heart of the Billionaire (Sam Hudson & Maddie Reynolds)
    3) -dnf- Billionaire’s Salvation (Max Hamilton & Mia Harrison/Hamilton)
    Or mebbe skimmed? TBR eventually
    4) ♡Billionaire’s Game (Kade Harrison & Asha Paritala/Kota/Paritala) scar
    5) ☆Billionaire Undone (Travis Harrison & Ally Caldwell)
    ♡Billionaire's Christmas - read here for chrono
    6) ♡Billionaire Unmasked (Jason Sutherland & Hope Sinclair)
    6.5) #Mine for Christmas (Simon & Kara)
    7) ☆Billionaire Untamed (Tate Colter & Lara Bailey)
    8) -dnf- Billionaire Unbound (Gabe Walker & Chloe Colter) scar
    Colters & Lawsons
    9) ☆Billionaire Undaunted (Zane Colter & Ellie Winters) scar
    Severe trigger warning, but hell, blonde & brainiac...
    Please read only the bad reviews on GR before reading
    9.75) Summer (Simon & Kara) (Sam & Maddie) (Helen & Michael)
    best to read "Unknown" , "Unveiled" and "Unloved" in order
    Trigger warnings continued for all three
    10) ♡Billionaire Unknown (Blake Colter & Harper Lawson)
    11) ♡Billionaire Unveiled (Marcus Colter & Dani Lawson) scar
    12) ♡Billionaire Unloved (Jett Lawson & Ruby Kent)
    ?.? ) #Billionaire Unwed (Zeke Conner & Lia) (from Jett & Ruby)
    13) -dnf- ♤Billionaire Unchallenged (Carter Lawson & Brynn Davis)
    3/4 into it (actually NOT) - boring as hell, re-reading "Unattainable"
    14) ☆Billionaire Unattainable (Mason Lawson & Laura Hastings)
    15) ♡Billionaire Undercover (Hudson Montgomery & Taylor Delaney)
    16) ♡Billionaire Unexpected (Jaxton Montgomery & Harlow Lewis) scar
    17) ♡Billionaire Unnoticed (Cooper Montgomery & Victoria/Torie Durand) scar
    18) #Billionaire Unclaimed (Chase Durand & Savannah/Vanna Anderson) ⊙[UATF]12/2022 does Wyatt get a book?

    Sinclair Series - J.S. Scott [BOOK] here
    0.5 ♡Billionaire's Christmas (Grady Sinclair & Emily Ashworth)
    1. #No Ordinary Billionaire (Dante Sinclair & Sarah Baxter)
    2. #Forbidden Billionaire (Jared Sinclair & Mara Ross)
    3. #Billionaire's Touch (Evan Sinclair & Miranda Tyler)
    4. #Billionaire's Voice (Micah Sinclair & Tessa Sullivan)
    5. #Billionaire Takes All (Julian Sinclair & Kristin Moore)
    6. #Billionaire's Secrets (Xander Sinclair & Samantha)
    6.5. #Only a Millionaire (Liam Sullivan & Brooke)
    Walker Brothers Series -J.S. Scott [BOOK]
    1) #Release! (Trace Walker & Eva Morales)
    2) #Player (Sebastian Walker & Paige Rutledge)
    3) #Damaged (Dane Walker & Kenzie Jordan)

    • J.S. Scott Stand alone books
      ☆Dearest Stalker - J.S. Scott (Stalker & Katherine Riley)
      Note to self: you read this... twice as i recall... you know who Stalker is...
      put the book down, walk away... read something new

    Billionaire Surprise series - Emma St. Clair ⊙[UATF]

    1) #Billionaire Love Match (Colt & Casey)
    2) #Billionaire Land Baron (Roman Bennett & Jenny Abrams)
    3) #Billionaire Benefactor (Jake & Shelby Boyce)
    4) #Bllionaire's Masquerade Ball (Xander Callahan & Cynder Glass)
    5) #Billionaire's Surprise Heir (Beckett Van de Kamp & Madelinr Lott)
    6) ☆Maid for the Billionaire (Hamilton & Jane) [BOOK]
    caution these are 'sweet reads'
    Now if none are read? How 'dya know they're sweet?

    Dirty Fairytales - Lauren Landish

    1) ♡Beauty and the Billionaire (Thomas Goldstone & Mia Karakova)
    2) ♡Not so Prince Charming (Gabe Jackson & Izzy/Isabella Turner)
    Me thinks i finished it?
    3) Happily Never After (Lance Jacobs & Charlotte Dunn) ⊙[UATF] grrrr!!
    Sesrching for "Happily Never After" brings up some interesting reads

    Escape to New Zealand - Rosalind James

    0.5) Just for You (Hemi Ranapia & Reka Harata) [RAB]
    1) Just This Once (Drew Callahan & Hannah Montgomery) [RAB]
    2) Just Good Friends (Koti James & Kate Lamonica) [RAB]
    3) Just for Now (Finn Douglas & Jenna McKnight) [RAB]
    4) Just for Fun (Nic Wilkinson & Emma Martens) [RAB]
    5) Just My Luck (Nate Torrence & Allison Villiers)(Kristen & Liam) [RAB]
    6) Just Not Mine (Hugh Latimer & Josie Pae Ata) [RAB]
    7) Just Once More (Drew & Hannah) again [OPEN] [RAB]
    8) Just in Time (Will Tawera & Faith Goodwin) [RAB]
    8.5) Fierce (Hemi & Hope) novel within novel [RAB]
    9) Just Stop Me (Iain McCormick & Nina Jones) [BOOK]
    10) Just Say Yes (Kevin McNicholl & Chloe Donaldson) [BOOK]
    11) Just Say (Hell) No (Marko Sendoa & Nyree Morgan) [BOOK]
    12) Just Come Over (Rhys Fletcher & Zora Fletcher) [BOOK]
    13) Just Say Christmas ⊙[UATF]
    14) Just One Look (Luka Darkovic & Elizabeth Wolcott) ⊙[UATF]
    looking forward to September 2023

    Gifts from a Billionaire [VARIOUS]

    1) The M.D.'s Mistress - Joan Hohl (Seth Andrews & Becca Jameson) [BOOK]
    2) ♡The Money Man's Seduction - Leslie LaFoy (Cole Preston & Emily Raines) [OPEN]
    3) #Magnate's Takeover - Mary McBride (David Halstrom & Libby Jost) ⊙[UATF]
    4) #Tycoon's Secret - Kasey Michaels (Sam Balfour & Paige Halliday) ⊙[UATF]

    Hot-Blooded Husbands - Michelle Reid

    • Should be read in order
      1) Mistress Bride (Raschid & Evie) [OPEN]
      2) Sheikh's Chosen Wife (Hassan & Leona) [BOOK]
      3) Ethan's Temptress Bride (Ethan & Eve) [OPEN]
      4) The Arabian Love-Child (Rafiq & Melanie) [BOOK]
      5) A Passionate Marriage (Leandros & Isobel) [BOOK]
      2-5 are part of Hot Blooded Husband's bundle

    Hot Brazilian Nights! - Susan Stephens [OPEN] [BOOK]

    1) #In the Brazilian's Debt (Chico Fernandez & Elizabeth/Lizzie Fane)
    2) ☆At the Brazilian's Command (Tiago Santos & Danny Cameron)
    3) ♡Brazilian's Nine-Months' Notice (Lucas Marcelos & Emma Fane)
    4) ♡Back in the Brazilian's Bed (Dante Barracca & Karina Marcelos)
    These were ✔good but trigger warnings, very angsty,
    note to me only... don't read again, difficult.
    in Chapter 8 , Dante says "...experts. I used the same consortium that revived the Skavanga diamond mine in northern Europe. " does this tie into the other Skavanga diamond books?

    Skavanga Diamonds - Susan Stephens

    1) ♡Diamond in the Desert (Sharif al Kareshi & Britt Skavanga)
    2) ♡Flaw in His Diamond (Roman Quisvada & Eva Skavanga)
    3) ♡?Purest of Diamonds (Raffa Leon & Leila Skavanga) ?
    4) ♡His Forbidden Diamond (Tyr Skavanga & Jasmina al Kareshi)

    The IMA Series - Nenia Campbell [RAB]

    (Michael & Christina)
    1) Cloak and Dagger
    2) Armed and Dangerous
    3) Locked and Loaded
    4) Cease and Desist

    Knight Brothers Series - Sandra Marton

    1) Desert Virgin (Cameron Knight & Leanna DeMarco) [BOOK]
    search Susan Stephens "Uncut Bundle" page 19
    2) ♡Captive in His Bed (Matthew Knight & Mia Palmieri) [OPEN]
    3) ♡Naked in His Arms (Alexander Knight & Cara Prescott) [OPEN]

    Man Maid - Rebecca M. Avery a.k.a. Rebecca Avery [BOOK]

    1) #Maid to Fit (Ronnie Brown & Kayla Clark)
    2) ?Maid to Crave (Seth Lewis & Tori Stewart)
    Dun recall readin, it's marked 4 stars? Sleep reading again?
    3) #Maid to Love (ian Hamilton & Courtney Wells)
    4) #Maid to Order (Rusty Hawkins & Amy Carlton)

    Once Upon a Kiss Series 1-11 [Various]

    1) Prince, the Lady & the Tower - Muriel Jensen (Brandon Prinz & Angie Corwin) ⊙[UATF]
    2) Eight Men and a Lady - Elizabeth Sinclair (Mike Hamilton & Jackie Barrett) [OPEN]
    3) Wake me with a Kiss - Emily Dalton (Philip Fairchild & Aurora McBride) [HOOPLA]
    4) ☆Princess & the Frog - Lisa Bingham (Edward Babcock & Carrie) [H]
    Oh, i want to read this'n again... more time please?
    5) in Papa Bear's Bed Bed - Judy Christenberry (Rob Berenson & Jessica Bames) ⊙[UATF]
    6) ♤Catching a Daddy - Charlotte McClay (Drake Hart & Aria) [H]
    Well, that was stupid, she was a real mermaid (skimmed- not read)
    7) ♡Beauty and the Brooding Boss - Barbara Wallace (Alex Markoff & Kelsey Albertelli)
    8) Her Desert Prince - Rebecca Winters - (Rashad & Lauren Viret) [OPEN]
    9) Not-So-Perfect Princess - Melissa McClone (Alejandro & Julianna) [BOOK]
    10) Princess Test - Shirley Jump (Daniel & Carlita Santaro) [BOOK]
    11) Ballerina Bride - Fiona Harper (Finn McLeod & Allegra) [BOOK]

    Once Upon a Temptation (Various)

    1) ♡Cinderella's Royal Secret Lynne Graham (Rafiq al Rahman & Izzy Campbell)
    2 ♡Italian in Need of an Heir° (Raffaele Manzini & Maya Campbell)
    °Great! GR review°
    Feuding Billionaires - Dani Collins
    (1.)▪dnr▪♤Hidden Heir to Redeem Him (Valentino Casale & Kiara O’Neill)
    2) (2.)♤Beauty and Her One-Night Baby (Javiero Rodroguez & Scarlett Walker)
    3) ☆Shy Queen in the Royal Spotlight - Natalie Anderson (Alek & Hester Moss)
    ♡Billionaire's Royal Redemption - Natalie Anderson (Jacon Greene & Fiorella) [8 pg story]
    4) ♡Claimed in the Italian's Castle - Caitlin Crews (Benedetto Franceschi & Angelina)
    5) ♡Expecting His Billion-Dollar Scandal - Cathy Williams (Luca Baresi & Cordelia no name)
    6) ☆Taming the Big Bad Billionaire - Pippa Roscoe (Roman Black & Ellie Riding)
    ♡Rumors Behind the Greek's Wedding - Pippa Roscoe (Loukis Liordis & Celia/Célia d’Argent)
    Scandalous Brunetti Brothers - Tara Pammi
    1.) ♡An Innocent to Tame the Italian - Tara Pammi (Massimo Brunetti & Natalie Crosett)
    2.) ▪dnr▪♤Deal to Carry the Italian's Heir - Tara Pammi (Leonardo Brunetti & Neha Fernandez)
    ? does Vincenzo get a book ? Yup! Flaw in His Marriage Plan
    7) (3.) ☆Flaw in His Marriage Plan - Tara Pammi (Vincenzo Cavalli & Alessandra Giovanni) 30-47
    8) ♡His Innocent's Passionate Awakening - Melanie Milburne (Luca Ferrantelli & Arte Bellante)

    Passion in Paradise - [Various]

    1) ☆Wedding night Reunion in Greece - Annie West (Christo Karides & Emma Piper)
    2) ♡Scandalous Midnight in Madrid - Susan Stephens (Alejandro/El Duque de Alegon & Sadie)
    3) ☆His Shock Marriage in Greece - Jane Porter (Damen Alexopoulos & Kassiani Dukas)
    4) ♡Prince's Virgin in Venice - Trish Morey (Vittorio & Rosa)
    5) ♡Awakened by the Scarred Italian - Abby Green (Ciro Sant’Angelo & Lara)
    6) ♤Consequences of a Hot Havana Night - Louise Fuller (Cesar/César Zayas y Diago & Kitty Quested)
    7) ♡Passionate Reunion in Fiji - Michelle Smart (Massimo Briatore & Livia Esposito Briatore)
    8) ☆Innocent's Forgotten Wedding - Lynne Graham (Lorenzo Tassini & Brooke Jackson / Milly Taylor)
    8) ♡Italian's Pregnant Cinderella - Caitlin Crews (Cristiano Cassara & Julienne Boucher)
    1. ♡Crown Prince's Bought Bride - Maya Blake (Remirez Montegova & Maddie Myers)
    9) 2. ♡Kidnapped for His Royal Heir - Maya Blake (Zakary Montegova & Violet Barringhall)
    10) ☆His Greek Wedding Night Debt - Michelle Smart (Theo Nikolaidis & Helena Armstrong)
    Spanish Secret Heirs - Kim Lawrence
    11) 1.♡Spaniard's Surprise Love-Child - Kim Lawrence (Rio Barclades & Gwen Meredith)
    does Roman get a book? Yes
    2. ♡Claiming His Unknown Son - Kim Lawrence (Roman Barclades & Marisa Rayner)
    Heidi Rice - trilogy
    1.♡Claiming My Untouched Mistress - Heidi Rice (Dante Allegri & Edie Spencer)
    12) 2. ♡My Shocking Monte Carlo Confession - Heidi Rice (Alexi Galanti & Belle Simpson)
    3.♡Redeemed by My Forbidden Housekeeper - Heidi Rice (Renzo Camaro & Jessie Burton)
    13) ♡Bride Fit for a Prince? - Susan Stephens (Luca Fortebracci & Samia)
    14) ♡Scandal Made in London - Lucy King (Theo Knight & Kate Cassidy)
    Prequel to...
    Lost Sons of Argentina - Lucy King
    1) ♡Secrets She Must Tell (Finn Calvert & Georgie Wallace)
    2) ♡Invitation from the Venetian Billionaire (Federico/Rico Rossi & Carla Blake)
    3) ♡Billionaire without Rules (Max Kentala & Alex Osborne)

    Sheikh Tycoons - Sandra Marton

    1) ☆Sheikh's Defiant Bride (Tariq & Madison Whitney)
    2) ☆Sheikh's Wayward Wife (Kahlil & Layla Addison)
    3) ☆Sheikh's Rebellious Mistress (Salim al Taj & Grace Hunter)

    Those Sexy O'Sullivans - Kathleen O'Reilly

    1) Shaken and Stirred
    2) ☆Sex, Straight Up
    3) Nightcap

    Wedding Auction - Myrna Mackenzie

    1) ☆Simon Says ... Marry Me! (Simon Cantrell & Emily Alton)
    2) ☆At the Billionaire's Bidding (Gideon Tremayne & Caroline O'Donald)
    3) ☆Contractually His (Logan Brewster & Rebecca Linden)
    4) ?Bought by the Billionaire (Ethan Bennington & Maggie Todd)
    5) Billionaire's Bargain (Dylan Valentine & April Pruitt) [UATF]
    6) Billionaire Borrows a Bride (Spencer Fairfield & Kate Ryerson) [UATF]

    Winner's Circle - Pippa Roscoe

    1) ♡Ring to take his Revenge (Antonio Arcuri & Emma Guilham)
    2) ♡Claimed for the Greek's Child (Dimitri Kyrakiou & Anna Moore)
    3) ♡Reclaimed by the Powerful Sheikh (Danyl Al Arain & Mason McAulty)
    Suggested reading order of book 3? Chapters 2,4,6,8,1,3,5,7,9 to end.
    Otherwise you'd get whiplash from flashbacks, neatly fitted to chapters.




    Some other series (me thinks)

    see collections list

    • At His Service (1-6) Jennie Lucas [See Bookmarks]
      i think the clue here is Nine-Months to redeem him
      1) Powerful Italian, Penniless Housekeeper India Grey (Lorenzo & Sarah)
      2) 4. ♡Nine Months to Redeem Him (Eduard & Diane)
      Is this the one where Eduard was the bad guy from previous book?
      5) An Enticing Debt to Pay - Annie West (Jonas & Ravena)
      5) The Consequences of That Night - Jennie Lucas (Cesare & Emma)
      5) [New]Claiming Virgin's Baby (Alex & Rosalie)
      ♡Penniless and Secretly Pregnant(#6) (Daisy & Leonides Niarxos)
      7) ♡The Housekeeper's Awakening Sharon Kendrick (Luis & Carly)

    ’ ’ ⊙[UATF] checked 3/22

    someday get in here and cleanup this page
    Move passion in pardise to collections, lol and move the books, too!!