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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Glen Coulthard, 9 books
Sarah Hutchinson-Clifford, 8 books
Timothy J O'Leary, 7 books
Linda I O'Leary, 7 books
Philip J. Judd, 7 books
Ruth Maran, 7 books
Iris Blanc, 7 books
H. Albert Napier, 7 books
Susie VanHuss, 6 books
Donna L. Woo, 6 books
Marie L. Swanson, 6 books
Thomas J. Cashman, 5 books
Katie Layman, 5 books
Microsoft, 5 books
Jennifer Duffy, 5 books
Connie Forde, 5 books
Misty E. Vermaat, 5 books
Gary B. Shelly, 5 books
Dorothy L. Jones, 4 books
Sally Preston, 4 books
Timothy J. O'Leary, 4 books
Linda I. O'Leary, 4 books
James S. Duncan, 4 books
Carol M. Cram, 4 books
Dan Gookin, 4 books


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